The Black Reckoning

The Black Reckoning The final book in the bestselling Books of Beginning trilogy that began with The Emerald Atlas which the New York Times called a new Narnia for the tween set The adventures of siblings Kate Michael

The final book in the bestselling Books of Beginning trilogy that began with The Emerald Atlas, which the New York Times called a new Narnia for the tween set The adventures of siblings Kate, Michael, and Emma come to a stunning conclusion when they must find the last Book of Beginning the Book of Death before the Dire Magnus does, for when all three books are unThe final book in the bestselling Books of Beginning trilogy that began with The Emerald Atlas, which the New York Times called a new Narnia for the tween set The adventures of siblings Kate, Michael, and Emma come to a stunning conclusion when they must find the last Book of Beginning the Book of Death before the Dire Magnus does, for when all three books are united, their combined power will be unstoppable Soon Emma is on a journey to places both worldly and otherworldly, confronting terrifying monsters and ghosts, and what is darkest within herself As the fabric of time begins to fray, she becomes the final piece of an extraordinary puzzle Only if she can master the powers of this most dangerous book will she, Kate, and Michael be able to save the world from the dramatic, deadly final confrontation between magical and ordinary people that the Dire Magnus has in store.

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The Black Reckoning

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.John Stephens spent ten years working in television and was executive producer of Gossip Girl and a writer for Gil Girls and The O.C He holds an MFA from the University of Virginia John and his wife have a dog named Bug and live in Los Angeles His debut book The Emerald Atlas is the first in a series of books.

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  2. WHERE IS THIS WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG EDIT It now has a title Yes And that title also makes the target and plot of this book racially ambiguous

  3. Why the hell is this taking so long to come out No cover Not even a description No publishing expectation date Come on John Get your rear in gear Edit October 9 2013 Well I see I have been corrected Hmmm We still need a cover And I love waiting.

  4. Please hurry I read the first to books and I hate waiting in suspense knowing that there s still the of the story left to read And also, I think the books should be a movie

  5. I NEED TO READ THIS NOW I need to know if Rafe turns back to a protagonist, instead of being Dire Magnus because it pains me that he s a antagonist, but since he did it out of love, he s different than all the other Dire Magnuses and therefore I hope he changes.EDIT IVE DONE MY WAITING THREE LONG YEARS OF IT Basically, I started the book I saw it on the shelf at the library and just had to grab it because I hadn t read it yet partial laziness on my part COND EDIT I finished it I m kinda surprise [...]

  6. Why is it taking so long for this book 3 to come out, I ve already read the books of beginning the first book and second book in the series and now I m waiting to read the 3 rd book in the series cause the second book ends where I have to wait for the next book and these books were really awesome and I need to find out when the 3rd book will come out and hopefully soon

  7. Great ending of the series but really sad It wasn t really a completely happy ending, but I guess that is life My favorite character died and I couldn t completely enjoy the book I am glad it was finally published, though.

  8. I love this series because it s appropriate for seven year olds and still highly entertaining for fifteen year olds John Stephen reminds me of Rick Riordan in this sense I ve been reading this series since the first, The Emerald Atlas, was released I m sad its taking so long between books, but I understand that with as long as they are it will take a while to write Eagerly awaiting the Wibberly family being reunited Please hurry, John Stephens

  9. This series honestly, I don t know what to say, I love it so much This is one of those stories that will stay with you forever So many ups and downs, so gratifying in their complexity, and so many beautiful moments of humanity and love I m sad to see it end, but at the same time the ending is so satisfying, and just as it should be Thank you John Stephens Please write lots .

  10. Zum InhaltDieses Mal geht es ohne Unterbrechung weiter und die Handlung schlie t direkt an den Vorg nger an Der gr ssliche Magnus r stet zum Krieg doch Emma, die j ngste der drei Geschwister, muss ihren eigenen Kampf ausfechten All die Wut, die sie seit Jahren in sich tr gt, spielt sie ihrem Feind in die H nde und das kleine M dchen muss viele H rden berwinden, um dem Schicksal zu entgehen und die Welt vor dem Untergang zu bewahren.Aber auch ihre lteren Geschwister Kate und Michael haben es nich [...]

  11. Jeg m indr mme at jeg desv rre ikke faldt helt s pladask for denne bog, som mange andre danske l sere gjorde Den var ikke d rlig, men jeg synes desv rre ikke at den form ede at ramme toppen Mest af alt fordi den haltede p de samme omr der som Den Rubinr de Kr nike.Jeg var ikke helt vildt med Emmas jagt p Den Kulsorte Protokol, og jeg synes den kom utrolig nemt til hende, som om forfatteren bare skulle have det overst et, s han kunne komme videre til det endelige drama John Stephens form r at byg [...]

  12. This is the final book in The Books of Beginning series and ties up the story nicely There is a lot of action and dimensional travel I ended up enjoying it a lot.Emma, Kate, and Michael need to get the third and final Book of Beginning, The Book of Death, before the Dire Magnus does However, the getting of the third book is left largely to Emma only she can journey to the Land of the Dead and retrieve The Book of Death Additionally the three siblings have found out that The Books of Beginning ar [...]

  13. When is this coming out At least give me a title and a cover I have been patiently waiting since last October, and there is still no news yet Yea There is a title for the book It sounds so cool it almost makes up for all the time it will take before the book comes out.

  14. Excited to finally learn the pub date for this sad to know that it is August of 2014 but at least now I can stop hunting the date Oh, and the name The Black Reckoning randomhousez internatio

  15. It took me quite a while to finish The Black Reckoning While it has many of the positive characteristics that I already found in The Emerald Atlas and The Fire Chronicle I must admit that I do not like it as much.One thing that I did really like and this is something I already mentioned in my review of the first two books of the trilogy though I must admit that I can only talk about the German versions is the way this book is presented A lovely cover, a nice title and an interesting summary on t [...]

  16. No surprises, and far too much time spent putting up with the brat of the family, but worth reading and an enjoyable wrap up to the series I really wanted to be able to give this four stars, but I just can t I had been looking forward to this book for ages, and over the past two days I reread books one and two so the story would be fresh in my mind Unfortunately this just cemented that the first two books were better All groundwork and foreshadowing of the events in book three were so blatant in [...]

  17. This book was a loooooong time coming after the first two in the series Which I read so long ago, I don t even have their reviews on this blog Or anywhere, really But I knew that I loved them, and waited eagerly for this oney to be a tad disappointed The most likely reason being that I just forgot the main parts of the story and had lost my real appreciation for it So, I ll try to review it in a subjective mannerEmma is a really annoying character But in an on purpose, sort of way she s the you [...]

  18. I loved The Black Reckoning The love between the Wibberly siblings was amazing And their reunion with their parents was awesome Emma was my absolute favorite and I love the way she got to end the war I cried when she said goodbye to Gabriel and again at the end when she finished her story and gave the speechish thing about love Michael s character development was amazing and I loved him being in charge of the army Kate was great, but I didn t like that she ran away with Rafe in the end of the bo [...]

  19. SooThis is one of my favourite book series now SPOILERS view spoiler RAFE IS DEAD I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT WHY AAAAH AND GABRIEL WHYY HE WAS SO KIND AND STRONG HE WAS LIKE A FATHER FOR EMMA AND MR PIM TOO MANY DEATHS hide spoiler Woah okayWhat can I say I really love all three books But the second and the third were intense I am sure that someday i will gladly re read these books

  20. This is not the ending I would have wanted it wasn t as strong as the previous two installments, but it s still loads better than most of the series fiction for middle readers that s out there I love these characters and I m sad this is the end of my journey with them I still believe this is the best American attempt at a Rowling like story series Well done Please write , John Stephens

  21. I loved this book I really liked the first two in the series but this one I loved I m only disappointed in the fact my kids are too old for me to read it to them The descriptions of the giants was soooo good.

  22. A fully satisfactory and engaging end to the trilogy There were definitely than one part that reminded me of both Harry Potter The Lord of the Rings which is why I only gave it 4 stars But the story was interesting and exciting.

  23. Es war soooooo toll Nur zu empfehlen Habe wirklich versucht es zu genie en und es langsam zu lesen und nicht wie die beiden B nde davor Ich liebe einfach die Story und wie sie aufgebaut ist Das Buch ist relativ komplex und doch versteht man alles gut.Richtig toll D

  24. While I did enjoy this last installment I definitely don t think it was as good or maybe as refreshing as the previous two books It s nothing you haven t read before, but it was cute and I thought the ending to the series was good.

  25. He stopped rambling and looked into her eyes As always happened, he was pulled into a private magical world that belonged solely to the two of them.

  26. I enjoyed this book Has a terrific message for all of us, young or old I m not giving any spoilers, but I see a sequel in the works

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