Consumed Now that Lucas has declared his love for her Sienna is sure the drama between them is over She s not afraid of Lucas s ex wife or whatever secret the other woman is holding over him For two blissful

Now that Lucas has declared his love for her, Sienna is sure the drama between them is over.She s not afraid of Lucas s ex wife or whatever secret the other woman is holding over him For two blissful days the remainder of Sienna s contract with Lucas they hole up in a vacation house in the mountains of Tennessee, consuming each other At the end of their stay, Lucas comesNow that Lucas has declared his love for her, Sienna is sure the drama between them is over.She s not afraid of Lucas s ex wife or whatever secret the other woman is holding over him For two blissful days the remainder of Sienna s contract with Lucas they hole up in a vacation house in the mountains of Tennessee, consuming each other At the end of their stay, Lucas comes to Sienna with a proposition his band, Your Toxic Sequel, is going on tour with Wicked Lambs, and he wants her with him the entire time Sienna agrees to work wardrobe and be his official girl.Life on the road is different from anything Sienna has ever known Not only does she have to deal with Lucas s band members, but she s also forced to be around Cilla, the lead singer of Wicked Lambs, who s clearly in love with Lucas Despite horny band mates and a persistent gorgeous rock goddess determined to sink her claws into Lucas, Sienna stays by his side.Then the threats start.Lucas s ex wife Sam isn t happy that he s moved on, and Sam begins harassing Sienna everything from threatening emails to phone calls and even fake accounts on Your Toxic Sequel message boards slamming her and spreading vicious rumors Sienna keeps this from Lucas since she knows how bad Sam is for his music.It s not until Sienna is attacked by a crazed YTS fan hired by Sam, and Sam starts to aim her verbal threats at Sienna s grandmother, that Lucas finally reveals his se

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  1. Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the DEVOURED series 2012, 2013 and TIDAL 2012.

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  1. UPDATE Sept 12, 2013 Dec 25th Jan 15th Unknown release date Summer 2013 release dateSept 17October 2013 Why The Face All I have to say is this book better be laced in gold or come with full body massages or something to make it worth the wait Ridiculous.UPDATE August 2013 Dec 25th Jan 15th Unknown release date Summer 2013 release dateSept 17I don t even know what to say at this point Is it really worth a book deal if all of your readers lose interest in the loooonnnngg, drawn out process Edited [...]

  2. Pushed another 2 months 16th Sept, 2013.I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT I AM GOING TO BOYCOTT READING BOOKS OF AUTHORS WHO KEEP PUSHING THEIR DATES Got a date July 16, 2013 So FAR _____Delayed and no date set now FML

  3. Almost 4 Because of Lucas Stars probably like 3.5 I feel a bit sad stars Consumed is the conclusion to Lucas and Sienna s story We finally get the answers we ve been waiting forSienna owes Lucas 2 days from their agreement She commits to this but will she commit to anything Will she go on tour with him Will his ex wife or Cilla ruin their happiness What is Lucas Wolfe s big secret The answers are all in Consumed you come along and make me need you I was so looking forward to this book, it had [...]

  4. The continuing story of Lucas and Sienna They ve tried to be together twice now and Lucas ex s and his secret have kept them apart Does Lucas love Sienna enough to trust her with his secret and can Sienna put up with Lucas ex s and their abuse while living the life of a rock star s girlfriend Likes Lucas Fucking Wolfe nuff said Definitely hot stuff between Lucas and Sienna and I just love how much she affects him Love when Lucas calls her Red I really like Kylieriously have to read her book Sinj [...]

  5. TEASER From Emily Snow s FB Page 3 You look like you re up to no fucking good, Red, I drawl, coming up behind her She gasps and spins around to face me, her long fingers balled into fists I grab her bare waist, and she gives me a scowl as I splay my hands out on the smooth, damp skin Thanks for scaring the crap out of me, she breathes.I can t resist grinning I know better, but even flustered, Sienna s a fucking sight She leans back against the side of the bus Strands of red hair cling to her nec [...]

  6. Well Holy Hell Batman, the unthinkable has happened It appears to be live Consumed Emily It is only 176 pages long, and is being released by Emily Snow and not her publisher, but it is now only 3.99 I may give in and read it Absorbed is free on her blog, read it first if you decide to read Consumed 4 Stars Well I am very happy to say that I was able to devour the book I ve been waiting to read for over a year, and I was consumed for a few hours I think it was a lot shorter then I could have bee [...]

  7. Nevermind my It s live comment below It s already been taken down by the publisher.Holyyyy sheeeyit It s LIVE I can t believe I just changed from To Read to Currently Reading Previous Comment I CALLBULLSHIT This book s NEVER gonna be released.Even if it is, I m not buying it Ms Snow told all of us months ago that she hit publish repeatedly and for some reason unbeknownst to her was not going live Then we were told she s getting the rights back Next it was she was DNF whatever she could to clear [...]

  8. 3 STARSI waited for this book to come out for sooo long, was beyond ecstatic the day it came out only The book was too short and the conflict resolution was weak I was looking forward to see what Sam held over Lucas and when it was revealed, I thought this is interesting and could not wait to see what will unravel next Unfortunately the way it was resolved was too easy , unbelievable and so not in keeping with the character at all The story was too rushed and lackluster.It wasn t all bad, there [...]

  9. The first one was fantastic Itching for this one already It should be required that this one is minimal 300 pages

  10. 1 11 14 Well I guess it is a good thing that I bought this when I did because it was pulled from after being up for less than a week It is still up for purchase on her blog but she states on the Your Toxic Sequel Support Group facebook page that she will be pulling it from there after the weekend until everything is resolved whatever that means Anyone know what everything is Is she still having issues with her former publisher She posted on 1 9 14 on the same facebook page that Devoured 3 Sinjin [...]

  11. 4 stars for the whole series, 3.5 stars for this book This was supposed to be 320 page or so follow up to Devoured As it turns out, we only get a half or so of that, around 175 pages, I think So that in itself was a letdown I had so many questions I want answered and I want them all answered here Well, they did of them actually But was I satisfied Fuck no We did find out about Lucas s big secret I guessed it but I was only half right I had to admit, I didn t understand why it was dragged out and [...]

  12. December cannot come quick enough, that epilogue has left a lot to my imagination Impatiently waiting, fingers crossed for an early release

  13. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.4 Consuming Stars Amazing Finale to A Great Series The Review I put this read off for a while, mostly because when I read Devoured, I was left wanting The story started off really well and I instantly loved Lucas and Sienna and I also loved the idea of what was to come, but for me, it left off with too many questions and not enough story At the time, there wasn t enough of a back story to make sense of what was happening in Devoured But thankfully, [...]

  14. CONSUMED IS FINALLY LIVE AGAIN Hey everyone I know a lot of you have been waiting on a CONSUMED update for those of you who don t know, it was temporarily available in January but had to be pulled while a few issues were resolved I ve been working hard on getting it back up, which was the reason behind the WRECKED delay I wanted CONSUMED to be up for everyone who s waited so patiently before I released another novel And I appreciate that patience So Very Much I know that it s been a long wait fo [...]

  15. OMG I read this whole series according to purchases June 2014 and NEVER rated them Wth is wrong with me I come across my mistakes often than not thanks to friends writing reviews, I discover it

  16. If I had to describe this book in a word it would be underwhelming Really it just didn t do it for me Si had no backbone Lucas kept the secret from her, yet again The huge secret comes out finally at like 86% Why stay with a man that is keeping a huge secret that involves another woman so long I just didn t buy the story I know some people have been waiting on this book a long time and have been frustrated with the wait, but really y all are not missing much.

  17. Another delay September 17 One day after my birthday and 3 months and 1 day away from today Am I the only one who is displeased Edit 2 June 3, 2014 I hope that my grand grand childern will read this book I have never seen a book been delayed for so longazon Consumed A Devo

  18. 2 4 14 Finally decided to read this and its no longer available WTF.1 15 14 Apparently this came out New Year s Eve I deleted my Facebook page the weekend before and missed the memo I still haven t read it Not in the mood to pay for it just yet I m still pissed about the run around I ve also heard its half the length it was supposed to be I ll read it eventually and posh my thoughts but not any time soon 12 15 13 I m sure you can all guess what I m going to sayNO BOOK Snow posted on her website [...]

  19. she actually has a teaser on facebook Like her on her facebook page and once she reaches 5000 likes she will post the first chapter

  20. Can not wait for this one Love love this couple What a great read A must read series for sure You will be glad u took the thine All smiles here

  21. sigh two weeks 10 15NOOOOOOOOOOOOO release date has been pushed back to 11 1 T.O.R.T.U.R.E1 3 14FINALLY its out its out Review 1 6 14BotW1 13Sooo this was well I honestly don t know I guess the best thing I can say about this is, it gave me closure on Lucas and Sienna s story But it left me wondering plenty and about the story or it s character No about the author, the publishing world and mostly why Then it also made me question about my rather awkward relation ship I have with the romance gen [...]

  22. We have all been waiting a long time for Lucas and Si s conclusion From the moment I picked up Devoured I was hooked on Lucas s dominating bad boy persona After reading the serial Absorbed I couldn t wait to get my hands on Consumed As you know there is a lingering secret that Lucas s ex wife Sam holds over his head And boy did I want to know what it could be that would make him push away true love like he did.This book starts out literally where Absorbed ended Lucas has made a video for Sienna [...]

  23. 3.5 stars I wouldn t lie if i say that i was waiting for this book mainly to know Lucas SECRET.But I had to wait till the end of the book to know itwhich was okay with me but this book has taken so much time to publish that i had thought pretty much everything Lucas secret could be.ough it was a lil bit surprising the way it came out.I m not going to reveal the secret but it would ve been better if Sienna or even Lucas has shown some reactionhell any reaction to it was kinda like Okay happened. [...]

  24. Lucas Lucas LucasAfter Lucas wins Sienna back, he still doesn t come clean What s the whole point of this Most of this book was spent with Sienna AND Lucas keeping secrets He s still keeping secrets about Sam and now Sienna is keeping her own secrets about fucking Sam Sienna was freaking weak She asked repeatedly for Lucas to tell her the story about Sam And she let him slide every timeSo she s on tour with You Toxic Sequel, they are having amazing sex, keeping secrets Cilla keeps trying to boin [...]

  25. Now that Lucas has told Sienna how he feels he knows he can t go without her again Inviting her along on tour with the band is the only way to keep her close, but it also exposes her to the lifestyle of being involved with a star and the good bad that comes with it Sienna agrees to go, although she has some obligations that will tear her away for a few days at a time But she knows if they are ever going to make this work, they need to get past the secrets now if only she could get Lucas to fess [...]

  26. I have pulled this book from my pre order list Ridiculous that it has taken this long to put out Apparently the author is too busy with other projects to properly finish the devoured 1.5, let alone book two I am done with reading trilogy type stories that don t have a remote chance of completion Too many other books on my list to mess with this kind of b.s Lost interest.

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