That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen

That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen Il est des fran ais g niaux qui b n ficient d une r putation internationale alors qu on ne cite quasiment jamais leurs noms en France Fr d ric Bastiat le Pape du lib ralisme est de ceux l qui souf

Il est des fran ais g niaux qui b n ficient d une r putation internationale alors qu on ne cite quasiment jamais leurs noms en France.Fr d ric Bastiat, le Pape du lib ralisme, est de ceux l , qui souffre probablement de la trop grande clart de ses crits Peut tre pr f re t on, en France, se perdre dans des conversations ou des discussions sans fin plut t que se r f rerIl est des fran ais g niaux qui b n ficient d une r putation internationale alors qu on ne cite quasiment jamais leurs noms en France.Fr d ric Bastiat, le Pape du lib ralisme, est de ceux l , qui souffre probablement de la trop grande clart de ses crits Peut tre pr f re t on, en France, se perdre dans des conversations ou des discussions sans fin plut t que se r f rer simplement des th ses lumineuses et pragmatiques.A une poque o l on ne peut s affirmer lib ral sans se voir traiter aussit t d ultra , il nous a paru important de r habiliter la pens e de Fr d ric Bastiat qui d fend la libert de l individu face toute autorit.Il crit en 1850 Il y a trop de grands hommes dans le monde il y a trop de l gislateurs, d organisateurs, d instituteurs de soci t s, de conducteurs de peuples, de p res des nations, etc Trop de gens se placent au dessus de l humanit pour la r genter, trop de gens font m tier de s occuper d elle et ajoute L tat, c est la grande fiction travers laquelle tout le monde s efforce de vivre aux d pens de tout le monde Fr d ric Bastiat nous rappelle que la pens e lib rale, si elle est videmment conomique, est galement une pens e philosophique, juridique et politique de la lib ration de l homme.Mais l homme occidental moderne est il vraiment jaloux de sa libert

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That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen

  1. Claude Fr d ric Bastiat 29 June 1801 24 December 1850 was a French classical liberal theorist, political economist, and member of the French assembly.

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  1. Frederic Bastiat is one of my heroes When France, just out of anarchy, was testing new governments and leaning towards socialism, he bravely stood up and tried to warn them of the dangers and sophistic reasoning of such a government type What is seen is so perfect to help you understand the failure of government subsidized farms, business, and even art It explains how free enterprise becomes horribly shackled by government subsidies which actually limits an individual s spending saving power tho [...]

  2. I wish someone would have offered me this book before my degree.It would have saved me a lot of trouble

  3. Truly a brilliant work Written over 165 years ago and so applicable and relevant to today s economy and political situation Understanding that this is an English translation of a French work written and translated with somewhat archaic terms, it is still very clear and understandable Bastiat makes all his points with sound reasoning and clear logical defense in the most succinct way The book is a quick read and would benefit anyone who wants to better understand government, political economy and [...]

  4. It is amazing how much this book only 46 pages can be applied TODAY Mr Bastiat was a native of France who lived from 1801 1850 Everyone should read this EVERYONE He speaks on the disbanding of troops, taxes, theatres, fine arts, public works, the credit, frugality and luxury ect Some favorite quotes, Your arguments are fashionable enough, but they are too absurd to be justfied by anything like reason Don t you love that Love it Other phrases quotes I liked But let us get to the root of the matte [...]

  5. A great explanation of how a free market is effective, efficient, and just than government attempts to protect jobs This should be required reading in high school, and Bastiat s The Law in college The public would no longer be duped into believing that the economy is stimulated by destroying property ie, Broken Window Fallacy, e.g Cash for Clunkers , by providing subsidies for certain industries farming, green energy , or through tariffs on foreign goods.

  6. Dopo il primo saggio, che da il titolo alla raccolta, non ho trovato qualcosa di altrettanto interessante La logica di Bastiat tenera, ma inossidabile Lungi da me voler dare torto o ragione alle idee espresse d altronde, il vecchio Galbraith una volta ebbe a dire che l esistenza delle previsioni economiche rendeva l astrologia una scienza rispettabile Per induzione, lo stesso potremmo dire delle teorie espresse dagli economisti tutti Anche se sulla presunta superiorit del liberismo potremmo aver [...]

  7. That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen accentuates the unanticipated consequences of government spending where Bastiat distinguishes between what is seen and unseen.Excessive government spending is typically viewed only as prosperous, for the only perception is beneficial where the positives are seen while the unseen is forgotten or unnoticed Basically, the seen and unseen ramifications fundamentally can be described as opportunity costs nobody thinks about what they are foregoing in opt [...]

  8. The content of this book is great Bastiat is a great writer and economist The biggest quarrel with this book is that it s extremely repetitive You have it figured out within the first two or three chapters The content of this book, however, is EXTREMELY important and valuable This is a good book to give to people who are interested in delving out of mainstream economics or making the people who are interested in mainstream economics a little bit weary of everything they ve been taught Bastiat ma [...]

  9. Un libro fundamental Escrito con asombrosa claridad desmonta las f bulas que nos cuentan para justificar la rapi a estatal y demuele el keynesianismo 25 a os antes de que naciera Lord Keynes Accesible a todo el mundo sin necesidad de conocimientos previos de econom a Es decir, que hasta Krugman podr a entenderlo, si quisiera H gase un favor a Ud.mismo y lealo para comprender porqu el Plan Renove, las Viviendas de Protecci n Oficial y la inversi n p blica no son sino trampantojos para esquilmar a [...]

  10. Two very different masters teach him this lesson experience and foresight Experience teaches efficaciously but brutally It instructs us in all the effects of an act by making us feel them, and we cannot fail to learn eventually, from having been burned ourselves, that fire burns.I should prefer, in so far as possible, to replace this rude teacherwith one gentle foresight For that reason I shall investigate the consequences ofseveral economic phenomena, contrasting those that are seen with those [...]

  11. This is great stuff I love the clarity of thought I love encountering book written long ago that remains relevant today.

  12. Quand une d pense publique est propos e, il faut l examiner en elle m me, abstraction faite du pr tendu encouragement qui en r sulte pour le travail, car cet encouragement est une chim re Ce que fait cet gard la d pense publique, la d pense priv e l e t fait de m me.A set of examples of how arguments that various things are good for the country are not once you consider opportunity costs and other unintended consequences.There are cases where public spending can have a multiplier effect that doe [...]

  13. In this economics book Bastiat does not only convince you of his opinions His wit and plane style makes you root for him, and you very well may think of his opponents as ridiculous fools after you put Bastiat away.Bastiat analyzes economic problems in two ways He either presents the conflicts as those between free trade and protectionism by painting up absurd extremes of the opposing opinions For instance suggesting that we treat the sun as a hostile foreign exporter who destroys the domestic ca [...]

  14. O livro foi escrito h 150 anos, mas os dilemas e a argumenta o do autor s o t o atuais que impressiona Se um desavisado ler o livro sem checar quando foi escrito, ir logo imaginar que o autor est falando sobre acontecimentos recentes, que v m ocorrendo de alguns anos para c.

  15. Classic description of the law of unintended consequences Love the take down of the broken window fallacy Overall, Bastiat is one of the clearest thinkers ever, and should be read by everyone.

  16. Foundational for anyone who wants to properly understand, government, economics, culture, poverty, etc A similar but relatively recent book is Henry Hazlitt s Economics in One Lesson.

  17. For the longest time while listening to this via text to speech , I could not figure out what point the author was getting at via his many analyses of situations in which his point should be considered It seems that even he recognized that the reader may be having such a difficulty, as, in paragraph 1237, he what point he wants to drive home The only end I have in view is to make the reader understand that, in all public spending, behind the apparent good there is an evil difficult to discern T [...]

  18. I just got a bill from a recent surgery Though I had already paid my deductible, I was forced to pay it again because the anesthesiologist got his claim in first I pay monthly for insurance and then I pay for all my medical costs That is what is seen What is not seen is that I also pay for thousands of others to have the same medical care for free I pay taxes that then goes to pay for the hospital care of a child whose parents do not pay taxes The government would say they are providing healthca [...]

  19. Os dilemas sociais e econ micos que perturbavam as mentes do s culo XIV eram os mesmos que os atuais Assim, este livro, uma leitura intemporal e imprescind vel para entender a anatomia das rela es econ micas perturbadas pelo Estado Excelente livro para iniciantes e n o s.

  20. Ostra masakra na sto lat przed Korw Zabawne analogie i przyk ady, zgrabnie ukazuj ce ekonomiczn nieracjonalno lewicowych dogmat w, w czasach gdy my l lewicowa jako taka dopiero kie kowa a Dzi ki temu ksi ka nie jest nudnym naukowym wywodem, a bardzo przyziemnym porachunkiem z zwyk ymi ludzkimi b dami w rozumowaniu B dami, z kt rymi niejednokrotnie ka dy mia do czynienia, gdy w r nych swych mutacjach wci stanowi postulaty na ustach licznych grup spo ecznych Z zwi zkami zawodowymi na czele Zero je [...]

  21. I good quick read, though I find Bastiat a little hard to follow While his ideas are great, they only seem plausible in a vacuum Once applied to real life, with real people, things get muddied and the clarity with which he argues is lost.I really appreciate his argument, though, for that which is not seen It is definitely something that I am taking with me from reading this book I now constantly ask what is not seen What are the effects of X How does Y alter this or that A physical law came to m [...]

  22. A brilliant collection of essays on the economy The author ridicules and debunks all sorts of interventionist myths by using argumentum ad absurdum The book has dozens of pages and with are great to read I recomend this book for anyone polish wietny zbi r esej w dotycz cych gospodarki Autor o miesza i obala r nego rodzaju interwencjonistyczne mity poprzez doprowadzenie danej tezy do absurdu Ca o ma kilkadziesi t stron i wietnie si czyta Wi kszo z fragment w tej ksi ki zosta o udost pnione za dar [...]

  23. Nice, concise, clear, and very much to the point Also, somewhat simplistic For although it seems reasonable to assume, as Bastiat does, that at any given moment, every dollar can only be spent once, Bastiat largely ignores a notion such as return on investment Investment that, such as in the case of Algeria, would perhaps require a body the size of a government to fund This omission, I think, renders his reasoning incomplete, and therefore, at best, only partially correct I would reckon it instr [...]

  24. Corto ensayo donde Bastiat reune los m s populares sofismas que usa el gobierno para as explicar en cada caso las consecuencias negativas que a largo plazo contienen De aqu sale la popular falacia de la ventana rota que com nmente aplican los economistas keyenesianos.El t tulo del libro es Lo que vemos y lo que no vemos precisamente porque explica como vemos pol ticas que parecen ser buenas pero que solo funcionan en el corto plazo cuando termina agravando la situaci n en el largo plazo, Henry H [...]

  25. The premise of this short work can be summarized with this profound quote on economic policy almost always happens that when the immediate consequence is favorable, the ultimate consequences are fatal, and the converse Bastiat s parable The Broken Window , perhaps what he is most well known for, is an excellent summary of the economic fallacy so prevalent today that ignores the unseen or long term effects of economic policy in exchange for short term perceived gains Henry Hazlitt expanded on thi [...]

  26. This should be required reading for everyone It put into words what I have been feeling about the way our government has been spending like crazy with no thought to where the money is going to come from Although, I am sure they KNOW where the money is going to come from It is the people, the voters, who need to think about where the money is going to come from This out of control spending government of bail outs must come to and end

  27. The perfect explanation on the concept of opportunity cost, illustrated with real life examples It might be basic economics 101 but how people can be so distorted about such a simple concept The truth is just covered up by intended politicians who pursue their self interest and their own agenda Ordinary people are blinded by the politicians rhetoric and cheap trick Sagacious and truthful, Bastiat s wisdom illuminates the whole world.

  28. Free on , this is short enough to be considered an essay less than 50 pages I ve read about half of it and hope to finish it someday It s quite interesting, worth thinking on and then re reading If only our country were run by people who understood these basic ideas And since it isn t we d all better read up and plan to put in our two cents if this country is going to remain free.

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