Masked Innocence

Masked Innocence The man was sinful It wasn t just the looks that made him dangerous it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move every touch And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package wa

The man was sinful It wasn t just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win at all costs Brad De Luca And she s starting to like it that way She gave up safe, conThe man was sinful It wasn t just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win at all costs Brad De Luca And she s starting to like it that way She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world Now that he s determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she s in danger of falling too deep and too fast But their affair begins to feel even dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mobd Brad Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake But when she s forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.

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Masked Innocence

  1. Alessandra Torre is an award winning New York Times bestselling author of twelve novels Her books focus on romance and suspense Her new release, The Ghostwriter, is available now Additional pseudonym AR Torre goo XRr5UcFacebook goo sJb5MN Twitter goo DwKuvo Pinterest goo eEJs9UVisit the POPPIN IN thread of the Shh group to find out my recent updates MY LIST OF BOOKS Series Stand alones

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  1. Masked Innocence is the continuance of Brad and Julia s story from Blindfolded Innocence This story has of everything More suspense, steam, drama, and getting to know and love these characters I was on the fence about Mr DeLuca after book one when he pulled that Vegas stunt, but now I see the big picture and I adore him Julia too she is young, but she s not dumb She is stronger than she appears and can handle some tough situations With every Alessandra Torre book I read, I get so invested in [...]

  2. Masked Innocence, book 2 of 3 Pre law student Julia s secret affair with senior law partner man whore Brad De Luca is put to the test with sex, suspense danger I love fucking you, he whispered, still moving inside me, slow and delicious, burying himself with every stroke Books should be read in order Book 1 Blindfolded InnocenceBook 1.5 The Diary of Brad De LucaBook 2 Masked InnocenceBook 3 End Of The Innocence___In Blindfolded Innocence book 1 pre law school student, Julia Campbell started her [...]

  3. 4 sexy starsSweet Mother of God, Brad de Fucking Luca, come to Momma NOW First book in this series was an OK read for me, a 3.5 stars if I was an author would I be happy with a 3.5 I would like to think so But it had a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews from friends It was a good enough read that I wanted to continue the story of Brad and Julia I didn t know what I hated , when his eyes were unreadable or when I didn t like what I read in them You don t know it, but you captured me quickly, with your f [...]

  4. MASKED INNOCENCE has been REDUCED on for a very short time Grab it This is not a conventional love story It s erotic, it pushes boundaries It s kinky lovely It takes me to another world, one I would never go to in real life, but it s fiction and I get to sample the delight through the characters, ones that have been lovingly developed until they appear as real as you or me His intense eyes, with darkness that I never could decipher, stared at me, and I saw truth in their depths In the second boo [...]

  5. 4.5 Not so Innocent any StarsI fell for the feisty, smart ass Julia that calls me on my shit But I m owned by the vixen that you become behind closed doors.If you haven t yet read Blindfolded Innocence, do not read my review There s no spoilers for this book, but there will be spoilers of book 1 You ve been warned Masked Innocence starts immediately where Blindfolded Innocence ends Julia and Brad are together, but keeping the relationship a secret Brad has taken Julia completely out of her comfo [...]

  6. 4 Revealing, Responsive, Sensual, Mysterious, Brad De Luca Stars LIMITED TIME ONLY 99 CENT SALE 09 19 09 30 2014 There are men we see they can be sitting at the bar in the restaurant where you are having a late lunch you see them and wonder why are they there and how could your life bring you to be a part of theirs These men are forces in the world they conjuring fantasies and thoughts things never spoken of or shared and they do it just by being in the same room with you.Brad De Luca is one of [...]

  7. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SEEING Expected publication February 25th 2014 by Alessandra TorreFrom December 2012 to July 2013 to now Feb literally March 2014.WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE Keeping like practically 2years gaps between books.___Agrh O Book got pushed by like 7 fucking months ANGRY ___December, Come quick DCan t wait for this sequel The first book was fantastic and had an amazing build up for this book Looking forward to this book, All hot, steamy and full of sizzle n chemistry

  8. 5 Fan freaking tastic Stars This book picks up right where Blindfold Innocence ended You know that Brad doesn t do normal He needs from sex and Julia has found out that she likes Brad s fetish The last scene in Blindfold Innocence was off the chart sizzling and Julia loved it and has now embarked on a relationship with the super sexy, super suave, super charismatic Mr DeLuca.One aspect of this book is about their relationship and how it grows Julia is young but really beyond her years She keeps [...]

  9. Devouring Brad De Luca Hot damn Masked Innocence picks up on the heels of Blindfolded Innocence If you haven t read that, stop reading as this will contain mild spoilers for that book Brad has admitted his feelings for Julia, but also his hang ups on committing to sex with one person for the rest of his life Complete monogamy is not his thingbut a bit of swinging with Julia present is perfection It s his kink and after the scene at the end of Blindfolded Innocence, Julia can definitely handle a [...]

  10. He had gone to bed last night confident, his arms wrapped around Julia, content in recognizing his future One with her A woman who had unknowingly consumed him Love, an idea he had tossed out with every other conventional theory, had tackled him unprepared This was such an amazing read for me Definitely a page turner and was pure perfection since I flipped the first page Such an amazing book from beginning to end Loved every part of this book Dorky Adorably dorky I love you, he whispered I love [...]

  11. Buy Book 1 2 now for only 0.99 a steal for this steamy read My favorite series of 2014 Masked InnocencBR with the Girls Elizabeth, Katy, Elle, Jessi, Jessica, Stephanie, Claudine5 Will You Marry Me Brad Stars IF YOU HAVEN T READ BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE, PLEASE KNOW THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS THANKS This book resumes where we left off in Blindfolded Innocence Brad De Luca, woman pleaser extraordinaire successful divorce attorney, is confused by his in ability to move on from sexy intern, Jul [...]

  12. I was honored to read an ARC of this book This book I m feeling a little speechless at the moment.I was completely enthralled with this story and these characters in Blindfolded Innocence I had my assumptions as to where the story would go in this sequel but I could not have been wrong, and I could not be happier that I was Blindfolded Innocence left off with Julia embracing this lifestyle that Brad insisted was necessary in order for them to begin to pursue a relationship together That, in and [...]

  13. Masked Innocence continues the story of Julia and Brad s relationship I love these two together.Julia gets a taste for Brad s sexual lifestyle when they are invited to a party this again was very HOT.I enjoyed reading how their relationship is progressing getting series and they start doing normal couple stuff together besides all the sex which is getting steamier.I loved the suspense element in this it had me gripped I could not wait to find out what was going to happen next.Looking forward to [...]

  14. Masked Innocence is the second installment in Alessandra Torre s erotic romance trilogy titled Innocence Masked Innocence picks up where Blindfolded Innocence left off, and has a similar writing style as it starts with a glimpse at a later scene and then slowly catches up However, a significant difference between the two books is thriller mystery elementd then a huge revelation at the end Ms Torre definitely knows how to keep her readers invested in a continuing storyline If you enjoy erotic ser [...]

  15. This series gets better and better with each book After having spent time in Brad s head The Diary of Brad De Luca , I couldn t wait to dive into book 2 to see what happens next with one of my favorite heroes Alessandra didn t disappoint with this installment Let s see Super sexy with out of the box views on sex male lead Strong willed heroine with an open mind when it comes to the super sexy with out of the box vews on sex male lead Storyline with a few great twists thrown in Hot sex Hot sex ye [...]

  16. 3.5 4 StarsI had a few issues with this one view spoiler Julia started to become a bit annoying That 21 year old needing to have her own way was starting to get on my nerves Also, I was a bit thrown by how quickly Brad fell in love with her I really didn t see what was so special between them for him to propose hide spoiler , but through it all I think I fell even in love with Brad de Luca

  17. Fucking brilliant I ve read the first book last year and liked it a lot, but there was no way I could ve thought that it would take this turn It had it all, romance, suspense, mystery, humor, out of this world hot sex scenes and even a murder My favorite combination.I m off to read the next book in the trilogy Goddamn cliffhangers I hate that I love them.

  18. 4 Solid Brad Stars for meMr Brad De Luca is backFirst of all this starts off exactly where Blindfold Innocence finishes.Brad says he doesn t do love He s happy to give this relationship with Julia a try and he s very honest with her from the startis is never going to be a conventional relationship Will his feelings change once they both become entangled in murder and Mafia crime Brad knows that maybe he will need to do a lot to keep Julia safe.What really do we know about Brad does Julia really [...]

  19. QUICK SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre Romance Erotica I m sleeping with the fucking enemy Even worse, I m in love with the enemy Julia I fell for the feisty, smart ass Julia that calls me on my shit But I m owned by the vixen that you become behind closed doors BradJulia finds herself being submerged in to Brad s world of uninhibited sex in Masked Innocence and she is LOVING it Meanwhile, the man who decided long term commitments are somethin [...]

  20. 4 I need Brad Stars Brad and Julia need to keep their relationship a secret Julia especially wants to keep it quiet, not wanting the backlash in the office with her being an intern Julia s feelings for Brad have developed to the point where she is bursting with love for him Brad is realizing that he can t be without Julia either He can t get enough of her Plus, he is enjoying bringing out her deepest, darkest desires behind closed doors I fell for the feisty, smart ass Julia that calls me on my [...]

  21. My Mr Brad Da Luca I could look at Joe the whole day Ok I think this is enough for now haha

  22. 3.5 STARS I felt like I was waiting years for this book After reading and really liking Blindfolded Innocence, I was anxiously anticipating the continuation of Brad and Julia s story So a year and a half later, gheesh I got it So was the anticipation worth it Yes and no.I liked many things about this book It s steamy but the sex doesn t take up most of the story There is an actual plot there and it s interesting in its own right Brad is an enigma He s a mysterious and difficult man He has secret [...]

  23. 5 Delicious De Luca Stars Masked Innocence begins just where Blindfold Innocence leaves off Brad and Julia are willing to take a chance to see where this relationship will go He ll be faithful when they are not sharing each other s bodies with a stranger , she ll be willing to try his sexual lifestyle But this story doesn t stay focused solely on their bedroom activities As they both navigate a relationship that can either be enough to fulfill both their desires, or be something that ruins them [...]

  24. 5 StarsThis is not your typical normal love story This will bring you to different kind of relationship that I never think possible in real life,especially to me, but gonna admit, i enjoyed reading every page of it Julia and Brad, is the same amazing couple as they are in book one I love that their relationship was established out of understanding and trust to each other Maybe because of age difference, but I like them in this book Julia is still feisty and funny at times, sometimes I m thinkin [...]

  25. 3.75 Still different but I like it Stars My FULL REVIEW of the whole Innocence series HERE review showCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

  26. 4.5 Masked Innocence Stars Masked Innocence is the sequel of Blindfolded Innocence and it picks off where it last left off Brad De Luca and Julia Campbell are back and HOTTER than ever Ms Torre took Masked Innocence to another level of sexy Brad wants Julia She wants Brad but she must be willing to let go of her inhibitions and embrace this new found sexuality Brad wants them as a couple to explore Goodbye innocent Julia and say hello to the new Julia confident, sexy, and open minded Brad is wil [...]

  27. To continue with the emoticon theme I had in my review for Blindfolded Innocence, my feelings towards Masked Innocence are best represented with Yes, fortunately, I enjoyed this installment much better than the previous one Most of the issues I had with the characters and the story in book one were gone in this one, so I was able to read without wanting to slap, scratch or punch them, which was a relief, and a proof I was right to choose to continue with the series.Julia was much likeable She s [...]

  28. I won a copy of this paperback through a giveaway and was super excited to start it Thank you to the host of the giveaway I think it was Harlequin Its always nice to win books.I really liked the first book in the series But got mixed feelings about this second book The story picked up pretty much right at the end of book 1 For the things I liked It was nicely written and there s no doubt that AT knows how to write steamy scenes Very steamy party in the first of the book.Liked the romantic suspen [...]

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