Fables of the Reconstruction

Fables of the Reconstruction Secrets fantasies and desires mingle as an author and her lover explore new depths of sexual intrigue through sensual pleasures Part Victorian steampunk part contemporary erotic discovery Masquera

Secrets, fantasies, and desires mingle as an author and her lover explore new depths of sexual intrigue through sensual pleasures Part Victorian steampunk, part contemporary erotic discovery, Masquerade will leave you craving .

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Fables of the Reconstruction

  1. Jez Jones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fables of the Reconstruction book, this is one of the most wanted Jez Jones author readers around the world.

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  1. It seems odd to write your own review, any way here goes Fables of the Reconstruction is based on a series of dreams I wrote this book while I was under an intense amount of physical pain following Achilles tendon surgery Whether you like the book or not will depend upon your personal taste and I accept that For me, this little book has given me a creative outlet to place all the pain and fears I experienced during and after surgery Creative writing kept me from the depression that generally hau [...]

  2. Hunter wrote an excellent story filled with action and sex situated in Victorian london Although this is not the type of genre that I would normally choose for myself, I am always open to new expereinces I am glad that I chose to read this excellent portrayal of creatures that crave love and sex Being a conservative I must say, I blushed all afternoon after finishing the story Hunter is the new Gypsy Rose Lee of erotic literature.

  3. This is the first publication by Hunter S Jones, and as such it s not bad at all She has come up with an original take on the traditional zombie gore.I had no idea what to expect from an erotic tale starring zombies To my surprise I was pleasantly entertained It is both a story of lust as well as one of love, or is it possession It s wickedly short read in a jiiffy maybe a bit too short, because when it s over, it leaves you with a feeling that there should be I would say, Hunter, give us part [...]

  4. I wanted to like this book, but for a novella of 56 pages, it was all over the place Zombies in London made like an Ann Rice vampire, only they eat brains, not blood The switching of Polly s speaking from using me thinks to my dress was inconsistent to her speech patterns I am an over used word nazi and if there was ONE wink , I was going to put it down And then the whole person who everything was blamed onally It felt like the author took some of this, some of that, and mashed it all together [...]

  5. First paragraph It seemed such a great idea at the time Monsieur Pierre von Minzle quite suddenly and beautifully danced into my life He was really something Full of life and mischief was he And gorgeous he was gorgeous Such a dazzling sight to behold from the first time I laid eyes on him He either has the face of a demonic angel or an angelic demon, I am not certain which exactly, but he is beautiful He is very tall, elegant, black hair, dark eyes and the finest clothes Made me wonder what bro [...]

  6. Vodoo, zombies and WhitechapelFables of the reconstruction is an adult book And you know what I mean by adult I d never thought about the possibilities of a forked tongue before but I loved the atmosphere of the novel, set up in the Whitechapel of the Victorian era, and although it s a rather brief book the only downside of it it manages to capture the seedy underworld of the Whitechapel of the time, where the rich and the poor interacted and everything was for sale Although not a social comment [...]

  7. Hunter S Jones has delved into the dark side of Victorian London and created a zombie erotica the likes of which not even God could have imagined The God here being a Creole Zombie Deity who looks after women of the night These women, Mary and Poppy are prostitutes servicing the needy both rich and poor, both becoming trapped by the seductive pair of zombies Jean Paul and Pierre The sex is steamy in the extreme, well written and intoxicating Every sexual act imaginable is explored with equal vig [...]

  8. I started reading this book as a recommendation from a friend and am so glad I did Hunter S Jones takes the erotica genre and mixes it with zombie horror It s exciting, fresh, and extremely steamy I never would have thought of zombies as sexual beings, but in Fables of the Reconstruction all things are possible I loved how the author combined the idea of voodoo zombies with horror film zombies and created a whole new sexual monster Back up vampires Zombies are the new thing I highly recommend th [...]

  9. This was so unusual to me I don t even know how to describe it there are zombies in it but not the kind of conventional zombies you find all over tv and in literature right now there is a lot of erotica in the story but it is neither tacky or boring this is, as far as I know, unique for the sheer invention of it, voodoo, horror, zombies, erotica, I would give it five stars It has a wild and untamed imagination to the quality of the writing and in the content of story itself, but my favorite part [...]

  10. Racy and imaginative storyline with compelling elements of history and intrigue Definitely not just another sex romp The characters in this book leave you wanting to know about them There is a distinct notion of a sequel or two, perhaps Let s hope so I can imagine the story being developed into a mini series or movie.

  11. A well written short story Not the kind of book I would normally read This is fast paced and takes you to foggy London for an erotic tale with supernatural influences If you like zombies and erotica, this is something a bit different and definitely worth a read

  12. I really like this book It had an original and intriguing story that was steaming hot The only reason it doesn t get 5 stars, is that it felt a bit rushed It could easily have been much longer I m certainly going to check out the rest of the authors books.

  13. This is definitely for the mature reader and not for younger readers, but if you like edgy historical fiction and zombies, this is definitely an ambitious book that pulls it off This is unique and captivating, an enjoyable read if you don t mind the graphic content.

  14. Life being so beautifully tiresome, we read to be free to be the alive And when to read is not enough we write, o how we write and write and write, because the tyranny of instincts insists we create to reconstruct its universal dream o fwhat it is to be anew within this primacy of primes alive.Hunter S Jones Fables of the Reconstruction bit my neck and ate my brains I shall be reading it again.A gone wrong honey badger of a novella, FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION MAKES no apology for not wiping i [...]

  15. Fables of the Reconstruction by Hunter S Jones is NOT for everyone maybe not even R.E.M But if you re not offended by explicit human sexuality and sexual activity that is very well written libraries still carry Lady Chatterley s Lover don t they ,you should find this novella great fun Well, as long as you don t mind a surprise side trip into Zombie Land the treatment here is acceptable to those of us who aren t into the whole Zombie thing Fables also is much satisfying than much of the erotica [...]

  16. If you re in the mood for truly almost nothing but sex and a ton of winking then this is your book.There is a plot here where zombies are mentally mixed with dracula, but it didn t do enough to distract me from the repetitive winking This is no joke, a character winks every single page, sometimes than once.The writing style and nice descriptions of the sex scenes were nice and they hint that there may be a better tale from the author, but this is not it.

  17. I heard Hunter S Jones had re released Fables for the second anniversary of it s initial release She s changed Pierre s last name to Minxle I like that and it is so appropriate This is such a stylized fable It s full of history, sex, and surprises Imagine if Tarantino made a movie set in Victorian London This is that story.

  18. Short story about Zombie creatures in London with a craving for brains Erotica scenes were ok The grammar and such needed some addressing The ending seemed off is the best description I could explain I would normally rate a book like around 2 to 2.5.Won this book during a Facebook contest with Tina, thank you.

  19. The dark side of Victorian London, Hunter has created a zombie erotica Although I am not a great fan of erotica this book drew me as I read on and left me in amazement not expecting a great ending Recommended to fans of erotica reads.

  20. I really enjoyed reading this erotic novella I could not put it down or even take a break when I started reading I loved how the story played out The characters were great Well written A definite must read for a very hot novella Recommended

  21. I couldn t quite finish it There were some switches in language that threw me off and the characters seemed a bit too wooden to me I has potential though 2.5 5

  22. Jones re leased this short book for the second anniversary of Fables of the Reconstruction s initial publication After reading the blurb, I knew without a doubt that I had to read this story What I thought might turn out to be a fun erotic romp set in Whitechapel London during the time of Jack the Ripper, wasn t that at all It was so much better I m a reader who really loves a dark edgy tale, and that is exactly what Jones delivers And what a great, unique premise Sex survival in the worst part [...]

  23. This book just proves that all erotica is not created equal Hunter Jones is a mistress of her craft Whether it is erotica, rock romance, poetryyou name it, she can write it I loved this rather dark but very edgy book Keep writing Ms JonesI ll keep reading

  24. Recommend by author as domme femdom Mary is a prostitute, first scene is her being bound and f %k d Apparently she remains strong despite being usedMmmmm, not quite what I was looking for.Unrated as sampled only.

  25. What I have to say about this story Ummmm, what the hale went on in the story, was she dreaming What happened to Polly and Jean Paul I didn t get the story, interesting take on zombie s I think lol

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