Tidal Now that Willow Avery is out of rehab she s got one chance left to prove herself before she s officially on every producer s shit list At least that s what her parents and agent are claiming She doe

Now that Willow Avery is out of rehab, she s got one chance left to prove herself before she s officially on every producer s shit list At least, that s what her parents and agent are claiming She doesn t really give a damn if she never makes another movie or not she just wants to get on with her life, get back to her friends, and find her next escape But Willow is brokNow that Willow Avery is out of rehab, she s got one chance left to prove herself before she s officially on every producer s shit list At least, that s what her parents and agent are claiming She doesn t really give a damn if she never makes another movie or not she just wants to get on with her life, get back to her friends, and find her next escape But Willow is broke And whether she likes it or not, acting is the only job she knows how to do.When she accepts the lead in a beach drama, Willow finds herself in Hawaii And in Hawaii, she finds Cooper, the gorgeous surfer hired to train her for her new role With the bluest eyes she s ever seen and the sexiest Australian accent she s ever heard, Cooper s different from the men she s used to He doesn t want to use her And he refuses to let her fail But when an old friend re enters Willow s life a friend whose toxicity she s been drawn to time and time before and whose presence brings about the painful memories she s tried so hard to suppress Willow will have to choose between the girl she was and the person she s becoming The lifestyle that helps her forget the pain and the guy she s falling hard for.

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  • [PDF] Tidal | by ☆ Emily Snow
    357 Emily Snow

  1. Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the DEVOURED series 2012, 2013 and TIDAL 2012.

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  1. My Willow and Cooper You take the nightmares away, I wanted to tell him Because I don t fucking know you but when I m with you, I want to feel again I don t need pills or noise or distraction From the begining of the book it is than clear that main character has some serious problems Willow, 20 years old famous actor but victim of crazy life style in Hollywood She is grumpy, unhappy and vulnerable Moreover, she is just out of rehab, where she spent last six months Miraculously, she is offered a [...]

  2. I was so honored when Emily asked me to beta read for Tidal I seriously had to do thisYou know that whole you talking to me Well to say I loved this book would be an absolute understatement I FREAKING ADORED THIS BOOK The complexity with Willow s character and her emotional state at times just ripped my heart out You know hiding behind the parties, drugs and the I don t give a rip attitude was a hurting girl who needed LOVE I wonder is she thought it would ever come in the form of one hot as hel [...]

  3. Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookMaybe the Tidal I read by Emily Snow isn t the same Tidal that everyone else has read I seem to be in the minority of my opinion over Tidal I was ecstatic to read Tidal and purchased it the day it was released I had become a fan of Ms Snow after reading Devoured this year, so of course I bought Tidal to read.Tidal is about a 19 year old washed up celebrity Willow, who is right out of Rehab for the millionth time Willow has landed the lead of an 80 s re [...]

  4. Loving this cover Review to come 4.5 stars What a surprise read this was I enjoyed Devoured, but this was sooooo damn good Personally, I think it s better than Devoured.

  5. 4.5 Stars God, why where all the good looking ones complete jerks We don t think we could have picked out a perfect book to read while we were snowed in Stupid Milwaukee Lately, we ve been reading some pretty heavy stuff, and this trip to the beach was EXACTLY what we needed Although Tidal was filled with a lot of angst and emotion, it was a fun, quick read that completely swept us away Both of us had stupid grins on our faces the whole time The world would feed off my downfall, savoring every [...]

  6. 4.5 stars I love you Willow, but I can live without you I just refuse to It was a pleasure to receive an ARC of Emily Snow s Tidal in exchange for an honest review This is a book of multiple layers The main characters, Willow and Cooper have both experienced tragedy and heart break and are scarred These are mental and physical scars They serve to remind them of their histories In Willow s case they remind her of her poor choices and indiscretions in Cooper s case, his inability to have controlle [...]

  7. This book was just OK A washed up young movie star straight out of rehab has one last chance to make a come back While training for her movie she falls for her enigmatic surfing coach I have to admit that I had my doubts from the very beginning, if only because I couldn t get the image of Lindsey Lohan out of my head EEK I found the love story a little lack luster and at times unconvincing I think this is because at first their relationship is based on so little and has no substance, although it [...]

  8. I finished reading this around 2 in the morning, to be honest reading the few chapter of this book caught me off guard I didn t expect the ending will be touching and I even cried at the end This kind of problems really happens in everyday lives Willow is very depressed, a addict meth and feels very lonely in her life Knowing her secret in the end of the chapter make me shiver I know she s to young to have a baby at 16 BUT still Emily Snow it really surprises me that at the end of it with the he [...]

  9. After some very troubling times and a stay in rehab, Willow, a young actress, sets out to clean up her act As luck would have it, she s heading to beautiful Hawaii There she meets Cooper, a gorgeous surfer, who has been hired to teach her to surf Cooper takes his job seriously, along with some self imposed duties It s a good story that tugs at your heartstrings, serves up some great chemistry, and ends with a superb epilogue

  10. This review has been posted on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Emily Snow is an author I can rely on when I need a quick, welcome break from all of the heavy books out there Her characters are real and complex, and the romances are sexy and fun Devoured, was of an erotic romance but Tidal, as a new adult romance, was quite innocent in comparison.Willow Avery is a famous actress that went off the deep end 3 years ago and has just recovered from Rehab, to film her next big movie in Haw [...]

  11. Tidal was an emotional story about a girl who grew up in Hollywood, with pressures from her parents, agents, producers and friends I really felt like I got a true look into what being a Hollywood starlet would be like Where does the script end and the reality begin Who are your real friends Is what the press says about you true Can you go to the grocery store without getting your picture taken I really felt like I was there with Willow, feeling her confusion and pain.Willow is just coming out of [...]

  12. Wow This was another surprise for me I really wasn t sure how much I was going to like this I think my brain kept conjuring up Lindsay Lohan every time I read the synopsis I couldn t have been wrong I loved Willow What she went through, and the struggles she had because of it completely broke my heart She was much stronger then she thought she was And Cooper swoon Talk about the perfect package I loved how protective he was of Willow and how loyal It was hard for me to remember that they were s [...]

  13. I loved this book so much It did start out a bit slow, but I stuck with it and am I glad I did It s one of the better books I ve read lately.It s a really sweet story about a girl finding herself again after some pretty tough things she went through I liked Willow so much, she s easy to relate to and my heart kept breaking for her I just wanted to give her a pep talk and hug her.She s strong, despite everything she s determined that the person she was before wouldn t define her now even though i [...]

  14. Ay mi patata, lo que ha sufrido con este libro.Realmente no esper is la historia del siglo, es algo normal Tiene sus dramas demasiados hacia el final, en mi opini n , sus momentos rom nticos y sus toques de humor Pero no s si es por la forma de estar escrita o por la personalidad de la protagonista es una puta ama , que he conectado con la historia y me ha tenido enganchada totalmente.Willowes una protagonista at pica Es borde, ego sta, egoc ntrica y acaba de salir de un centro de desintoxicaci [...]

  15. Rarely am I tempted to give a 3 star rating It almost breaks my heart to do so AND I m being generous in this case I have no idea what happened here I loved Devoured The story reminded me so much ofcoughBritney Spears disaster when she went nuts and basically any other post rehab court ordered stay star out there Its too much It got on my nerves It was like my browser was stuck on Perez Hilton s web page and I couldn t X out of it Perhaps this book will appeal to those who enjoy a star falling o [...]

  16. Loved it Willow is fresh out of rehab and along with everyone else around her, is expected to fail and end up right back there She meets Cooper, her surfing coach for her new movie and she starts to believe Fantastic story, tugs at the heart strings, has you wondering who is going to try and ruin Willow s happiness, but never has you doubting the sincerity of love Loved the epilogue too P.S Cooper is my new book boyfriend, Kellan Kyle may have some competition

  17. I m Cooper Taylor I m a Scorpio I enjoy women, long walks on the beach, and my roommate says I use girly shampoo Oh, and I generally hate anyone in the film industry because they re total assholes Guess you could say I m you Pai Mei Willow Avery Actress, Cancer, and according to my team, on my last leg before porn I totally and utterly adored Tidal and the characters within They were damaged they were charming, witty, and utterly lost as they navigated the unknown of life surrounding them Each c [...]

  18. Just seeing the cover of this book has had me excited to read it for weeks Willow Avery is an actress who has been through some hard times She just got out of her last stint in rehab, for being only 19, she has had a rough life with a lot of pressure from her parents and hollywood She is staring in a new movie remake Tidal where she needs to learn how to surf Enter Cooper Taylor, her surf instructor They are both obviously attracted to each other, but there relationship starts out a little confu [...]

  19. 4.5 stars I don t want to let you go, Wills I don t want you to let me go For a short book, this packed a punch, their story got under my skin, I wanted to scream scream at everyone Willow always kept me on the edge, not allowing me to get too comfy in the moment, no matter how sweet and protective Cooper would be.I really didn t expect much from it, I really thought it was going to be just another YA book, but I was wrong Willow was a broken actress fresh out of rehab and Cooper, the Australian [...]

  20. So I think I like this better than devoured In fact this was just so what I needed after my last disaster romance readAnd I even admit the end had me all fuzzy happy and grinning like a foolCute and fluffy with great smut makes this an awesome awesome romance Me and romance are back on being on good terms Yeay

  21. Jointly reviewed for totallybookedblog Gitte 3.5 starsJenny 3.5 starsGitte I really enjoyed this story Jenny I think it was just what I needed after some heavy emotional reads Don t get me wrong this one sure did have high emotions and angst However, Emily s writing made this journey a quick, sweet and easy read I have to say I was really hooked in this story as well as pleasantly surprised as I don t have an affinity with the celeb world at all.Jenny I did eventually enjoy this story and yes, i [...]

  22. Rating 4.0 starsthebookentusiastEmily Snow author of Devoured has written another great book I was drawn into this book within the first few pages I love when that happens I also found it hard to put it down so I did some multitasking and sat in the hairdressers chair and read, read, read while I got a cut and color and of course shamelessly gushed about Tidal and Devoured because I love, love, love Emily Snow and you will too How could you not like a book that centers around the beach, the sun, [...]

  23. Fist off I would like to Thank the Lovely Emily Snow for being kind enough to letting me be one her beta readers I am extremely honored This is A MUST READ by EVERYONE Tidal is a non stop wave of emotions, no pun intended When we meet Willow we are taken for a ride immediately She is a washed up actress, who has recently been released from rehab She has a history of substance abuse and self destruction The day of Willow s release from rehab, she is told of her upcoming film role, in the movie Ti [...]

  24. Heartbreakingly Perfect I loved Tidal so so so much.First, I would like to point out to anyone who doesn t know, that Tidal was recently picked up by Touchstone, an imprint of Simon Schuster So the cover you see here will not be the cover on GoodReads etc Congratulations to Emily Snow because this book deserves to be in the bookstores Second, Tidal is to me what New Adult is all about To those who think New Adult is simply sexed up YA , I give you this book and my middle finger Kidding Truly I b [...]

  25. Another book by Emily Snow that I truly enjoyed I was glad I picked up her first book Devoured on a whim and enjoyed it so much that I thought hey her 2nd book is coming out soon I should make myself a note to buy it.I did and enjoyed it all From page 1 to page 200 I really found myself engrossed in Willow s story I actually enjoyed reading that a female rather than a male is struggling with addiction issues and what not Afterall most stories center around a man with the problem and the woman be [...]

  26. 5 starsI had quite interesting read since last two days ago and it got me hook until I finished with it And, I am doomed Got me close to shed tears Even though I am unlikely to read a book with one POV, monologue but I think I liked it in this one I liked Willow I could handle her thoughts I found myself connected to her and she s one of my favourite heroines that is not annoying and depressing to read.Willow s life was really messed up She was trying her best to stay out of trouble She wanted t [...]

  27. Willow Avery s is a washed up actress drunkeness, drug usage and sex has lead her into a path of destruction and now after 8 months of rehab she s free to go Lucky for her her agent has landed her another role Its a remake of movie that was done way back when and in order to get into her new role her director has hired Cooper to teach her how to look like a surfer Cooper isnt what he seems He may be Willow s trainer but theres so much to him So many secrets that he has yet to reveal Willow and [...]

  28. 3.5 starsPoor Willow is surrounded by the most frustrating and selfish bunch of people including her friends and parents Really, it is no wonder she has a seasons pass at rehab It seems as though everyone wanted a piece of her when all she wanted to do was put the pieces of her life back together Meet Cooper the surfing instructor with the hot bod and the Aussie accent He is successful and must seem to Willow to be so put together Their attraction is delicious and steamy I loved Cooper s friends [...]

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