Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard An ambitious intern A perfectionist executive And a whole lot of name calling Whip smart hardworking and on her way to an MBA Chloe Mills has only one problem her boss Bennett Ryan He s exacting

An ambitious intern A perfectionist executive And a whole lot of name calling.Whip smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem her boss, Bennett Ryan He s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate and completely irresistible A Beautiful Bastard.Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family s massive media busineAn ambitious intern A perfectionist executive And a whole lot of name calling.Whip smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem her boss, Bennett Ryan He s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate and completely irresistible A Beautiful Bastard.Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family s massive media business He never expected that the assistant who d been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative completely infuriating creature he now has to see every day Despite the rumors, he s never been one for a workplace hookup But Chloe s so tempting he s willing to bend the rules or outright smash them if it means he can have her All over the office As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they re willing to lose in order to win each other.Originally only available online as The Office by tby789 and garnering over 2 million reads on fanfiction sites Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re release.

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Beautiful Bastard

  1. Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long time writing partners besties soulmates brain twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels Their books have been translated into 31 languages Some of these books have kissing Some of these books have A LOT of kissing We don t respond to private messages here, so please contact us via twitter seeCwrite for Christina and LolaShoes for Lauren or our site Thank you

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  1. OK, Where do I start with this one First, I won t be rating this book I simply don t know how to do it It s totally and utterly ridiculousbut I still laughed like crazy through most of itThe sad part is, those scenes weren t funny I don t know what s worse, the writing or the story Well, since the story is non existent, I guess the writing wins The dialogues between them Oh Lord I cried actual tears by how much I was laughing XD I m kind of sorry this was an ARC and I m not allowed to post any q [...]

  2. Thoughts before reading this book I wonder what this book is about Thoughts while reading this book Holy hell, Batman Thoughts after reading this book J QIOFAIFJDSLK% UQ This review was not paid for nor endorsed by the authors In fact, they d probably rather it not exist at all.

  3. Adult review for erotic content.Hoo boy This is going to be one rambling review Prepare yourselves because we re going in 1.5 stars Do I lead off with the fan fiction talk Okay, sure Let s go back to the beginning I think that I might have had this book confused with something else when I requested it Anyway, it turns out that Beautiful Bastard is fan fiction Twilight FF, no lesst I d heard this was actually one of the early ones pre FSOG, I think This story was originally titled The Office Yes, [...]

  4. ARC courtesy by Gallery Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review oh yeah i m starting this baby right now this is me before starting thisthis is me while reading thisOMG I DON T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START THISI honestly did not expect this Really I mean REALLY ok let me just say something in the beginning This book is UNRATABLE Honestly in the beginning i wanted to give it 5 stars only because i can t remember when was the last time I actually cried from all the laughing while reading a [...]

  5. Ahhhhh I have been waiting for this book for so long I am so excited My official blurb for this book The perfect blend of sex, sass and heart, Beautiful Bastard is a steamy battle of wills that will get your blood pumping S.C Stephens, bestselling author of Thoughtless

  6. Initial reaction In a word No Just no This is going to be the second of two long reviews I pen this year that explain the myriad of problems that plague a work on a number of levels Beautiful Bastard had many, and I don t know how it left the cutting room floor without anyone seeing them or for some readers not to be angry or upset I was very much the latter at some of the content this book has There s much to cover, so I ll let my full review expound upon it further.Full review When I started p [...]

  7. I read Beautiful Player first and then Beautiful Bastard BECAUSE I ve heard so many negative opinions about this book But I was completely surprised about this book And I actually really loved this story And yes Chloe and Bennett s story was steamy but it also was funny, sweet and romantic I adored Miss Mills and Mr Ryan so much, and I loved their sarcasm and their fights and their romantic moments Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Bitch Je ne regrette rien Bennett Ryan

  8. I have come to a very important conclusion that has been a while in the making It may be a controversial opinion amongst some but I stand by it It is impossible for a writer to take their fan fiction and make it original You d think this would be a relatively sensible conclusion to come to, and yet we are now in an age where pulled to publish fan fiction, mainly that of the Twilight brand, has become the new normal Of course, we ve got Fifty Shades of Grey to blame for this, but it s not the sol [...]

  9. 1 StarI can t be a person who doesn t tell the truth about a book, about my experience reading a particular story I just can t be that person If I love a book, you know it I don t hesitate to get effusive with my praise and love and sickening adoration If I don t like a book, I try my best to not be a total raving witch about it, and I hope that comes across when people read my reviews This review is going to sound harsh, butI really don t know any other way to say what I feel needs to be said I [...]

  10. 3.5 stars how I hated her, how much I craved her I feel like I have to run and hide after I say this but, in all honesty, I was a lot less wow ed by this book than I was expecting to be.It wasn t bad at all, I just really didn t feel anything for it or the characters I mean, okay, maybe a LITTLE, obviously, I mean I did care for the characters, but nothing that made the story stay with me or make me overly attached to them.I m still giving the book a 3.5 4 star rating because while nothing jumpe [...]

  11. 4.5 ENTICING BENNETT RYAN STARSWellwellwell, this turned out to be a really good book I have to say I m surprised It started out roughly and crazy to say the least and my first thoughts were There s no denying it s really hot and steamy but I felt somehow disconnected from the story in the beginning I m not sure what it was the way the plot unfolded so quickly was just strange Mr Ryan and Chloe start out in the beginning of the book H.A.T.I.N.G each other I mean they literally want to beat each [...]

  12. NOTE Apparently, some people weren t able to view the review correctly the fs If the problem still persists, please let me know.WARNING This review includes content that is not appropriate for those sensible to sexual situations Read it at your own risk.FUCK THIS BOOK AND THE PAPER THAT WAS MADE WITH Okay, I didn t mean that literally Ew.Okay, what s with the trend of pulling fanfiction, publishing it, and pass it off as something original First Cassandra Clare, then E.L James and suddenly, an e [...]

  13. HELLO Mr Ryan wink, wink This was not everyone s cup of tea, but I LOVED it The start of the book was great mean boss, hardworking assistant and a boardroom full of chemistry literally , nothing grabs me than a book about two people who dislike each other BUT are unable to resist The story did have a predictability factor, but hey ho it s what I signed up for The book most certainly was a romp FEST, I m not sure a chapter went by that didn t include some sort of bodily fluid exchange , and yes [...]

  14. Calling all ye SMUT FANS I have a new book boyfriend to add to my list Meet Bennet Ryna, a beautiful bastard who will make your panties drop if he doesn t rip them off first He s cocky, a stud in the bedroom and absolutely divine What could a girl ask for then Did I mention the fact that he s gorgeous too I grudgingly admitOne of the few heroines that I loved reading it about She an alpha female, but she and Ryan make it work I could harp on about what else I like about her but that s not how I [...]

  15. My Rating FAIL The characteristics of a 1 star book include the story failed to hold my attention it didn t have interesting characters the storyline was trite or contrived and or their was extremely crude behavior language I would not never recommend the book to anyone.Book Description An ambitious intern A perfectionist executive And a whole lot of name calling Discover the story that garnered than two million reads online.Whip smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has onl [...]

  16. Overall Rating 4 stars Story Rating 3.5 stars Performance Rating 5 stars STORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEW A genuine hate to love story, and lots of sex in between Chloe Mills, an intern and MBA student, has been close to the Ryan family since she started working in their company a few year ago The only one she can t seem to get along with is her current boss, Bennett Ryan, who recently moved back from France As handsome as he is, she has no desire to ever jump on the Bennett Ryan wagonuntil one encount [...]

  17. 2.5 3 starsPretty standard romance erotica But jeez, the idea of all that LaPerla getting ripped every single time annoys the shit out me especially for sex that doesn t really seem to be worth it.

  18. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I have no words to describe this horrible thing, so I ll do what I do best and use pictures There s simply nothing good to say about this whore of a book.I decided to take a break from Mystic River being that it was Valentine s Day and maybe a selection that makes a person want to stick their head in the oven wasn t the best choice if my husband was looking to score I had downloaded this one a week or so ago when it popped up as a Recommended To You option [...]

  19. 3.5 stars Well, call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed this one If this is their worst book, I m going to love this series After glancing through friend reviews, which was very entertaining, my expectations were set very low My experience with these authors is from their other series, Sweet Filthy Boy My friend reviews are mixed on the Sweet Filthy boy as well, even my closest, most compatible friend doesn t understand my love of Ansel sniff I just like the writing style of these authors, and the [...]

  20. Attempt 1 1 star.So I got these 13 NA audiobooks for free and since I don t really sit and listen to audiobooks but rather while surfing the net writing or whatever, there s no harm in listening to a genre I no longer enjoy My only wish it to give at least 1 book 3 stars Beautiful Bastard was boring and offered nothing new Moving on to the next one

  21. Not sure where to start with this one It was entertaining and funny, and there were some hot scenes We start with Miss Chloe Mills, an intern getting her MBA Her boss is Mr Bennett Ryan Chloe has worked for Bennett for about 9 months She has worked for his father s company for much longer than that, and is friendly with the Ryan family Except for Bennett They work well together, but they don t really get a long Mr Ryan is seriously good looking, but also an ass If only he would keep his mouth sh [...]

  22. When will this stop When will publishers and readers and the world realize that publishing fanfic is wrong When will we realize that these stories are using the success of another writer to make money without giving these authors any of what they ve earned by creating these characters and creating the popularity that these fanfic stories are capitalizing on I have no problem with fan fiction What I do have a problem with, though, is capitalizing on another author s work and using it to make mon [...]

  23. Primero, no suelo leer novela er tica y puede que por eso sean las dos estrellitas Segundo, algo que me ha molestado bastante, es que nos vendan una idea y que est se voratelice a la segunda p gina En serio, no puedes decir que l es un bastardo, que lo odias, que llevas siete o nueve meses aguantando su malhumor, y a la siguiente p gina dejes que te meta mano por muy novela er tica que sea.

  24. DON T JUDGE ME I heard it in the faint wind Calling all smut lovers I answered the call Holy hot as hellhow do you review a book like this Answer nice visuals measured in panty ripping waves of epic hotness Meet myBennett RyanHe had a face that any male model would kill for and the most incredible hair I ve ever seen on a man Freshly fucked hairHmmmm he is beautifuleven if he s a lady panties hoarder in a non creepy wayDelishhhhhhh I want you to remember what you do to me I understand the review [...]

  25. Warning 75% of this book is graphic erotica Brain cells could be lost What makes up the other 25% In depth revelations about tortured childhoods and abusive exes Uh Heart pounding, bad guy slaying action Definitely not Daytime soap opera office drama Bingo Then why the hell would I rate it five stars Maybe this reviewer is just a perv who enjoys the boardroom table, cafe bathroom, elevator, parking garage, office desk, anywhere but a bedroom sex Really, this story is just boners and wet spots on [...]

  26. I really don t know what to say about this oneMaybe I ll start with the positives I really liked the cover of this book It looked cool and graphic and hinted that perhaps this book would be a witty mind F that would knock my socks off I also dug the first scene where Chloe leaves him in a rather needy state I had pretty high hopes for this one Alas, things descended into a rambling, panty ripping mess A mess with no plot to speak of YIKES Onto some BIG negatives The 2nd sex scene just really irr [...]

  27. For a pre order Giveaway, pop over to Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews this week.After reading all the early reviews, I ve come to the conclusion that this book is like Marmite you either love it or you hate A couple of reviewers I hold in high respect haven t enjoyed it but I like Marmite and I really enjoyed this book For me it had a kind of Pride Prejudice or Bridget Jones vibe going on.Holy Ripped PantiesChloe Mills has been working for Bennett Ryan for some months since he returned from Paris to [...]

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