Embers in a Dark Frost

Embers in a Dark Frost The Fire Breathers have come The Underworld calls A choice must be made With her feared half blood and flame colored hair DEIRA D ANU is a constant reminder of human betrayal and the war that claimed

The Fire Breathers have come The Underworld calls A choice must be made With her feared half blood and flame colored hair, DEIRA D ANU is a constant reminder of human betrayal and the war that claimed the light from Innis Fail Now, darkness and frost creep across the land, strengthening the Lord of the Underworld War is imminent an allegiance with the Fire Breathers isThe Fire Breathers have come The Underworld calls A choice must be made With her feared half blood and flame colored hair, DEIRA D ANU is a constant reminder of human betrayal and the war that claimed the light from Innis Fail Now, darkness and frost creep across the land, strengthening the Lord of the Underworld War is imminent an allegiance with the Fire Breathers is vital When their champion, Balen, sees Deira, he believes she is the key to finding the light and stopping the dark frost But the Underworld calls to Deira, tempting her to turn her back on a world that never cared and betray the champion willing to sacrifice everything to keep her safe and save his world from darkness.

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Embers in a Dark Frost

  1. Kelly loves ancient history, fantasy, and mythology She dreams of one day attaining magical powers, discovering the secret to immortality, ridding her home of pet hair, and being crowned Mardi Gras queen As Kelly Gay, she writes the popular adult urban fantasy series, Charlie Madigan, for Pocket Books While she calls Raleigh, NC, home, she can also be found chatting about books and life on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I have big love for this author when she writes the brilliant Charlie Madigan books as Kelly Gay so I was excited to give her alter ego a try, especially since EMBERS IN A DARK FROST sounded like fantasy magic when I read the blurb I was a little wary when I found out that it was a New Adult novel because I ve never tried anything in this new ish genre and I wasn t sure if I was going to like it, but I generally enjoyed EMBERS IN A DARK FROST, though there are some flaws.My favourite parts of th [...]

  2. That ending THAT ENDING Why must authors continuously torture us My heart kept swelling and I kept having hope and then nope, tragic cliff hanger Overall though, I absolutely couldn t get enough of this book This is why I take a chance on indie books because you find ones like this Embers In A Dark Frost is thrilling, magical, and sexy Deira has bright red hair and it makes everyone see her as what she is a half blood She s looked down upon, told to keep her hair hidden, and is given jobs that m [...]

  3. Embers in a Dark Frost is such a captivating read All of the elements were perfectly balanced with a touch of Magic The writing was wonderful and the story was original My only gripe about this book was the ending I need endings, not just an implication It almost felt like there was to be a sequel to this book but I don t know Cover love and writingI love the cover It is dark and alluring yet beautiful The cover model fits the main character I love the background too The writing is in the first [...]

  4. See the full review at Read My MindEMBERS IN A DARK FROST introduces a world where humans have no place Deira is a half breed human and Anu which means that she is shunned and treated as a lesser person Indeed, Kelly Keaton has written of the ultimate outcast, not just because a physical feature marks out Deira as different Her heritage is seen as weakness to her kind and she lives as a servant Knowing that Keaton is the author of other books that I have enjoyed immensely, I approached this book [...]

  5. CleverKeaton sets up this story beautifully With fantastic detail, she creates two worlds out of what is truly one There s a wonderful balance of imagery and dialogue that pulls readers along for the most part Like most literary struggles, there s parts where the act of skimming over the excess details and imagery is too easy to do Regardless, her skills and craftsmanship do keep readers engaged.

  6. Embers in a Dark Frost was one seductive and enticing book Kelly Keaton created a dark and delicious novel I had no trouble devouring Complete with magic, romance, and mythology, Embers in a Dark Frost gives you a whole new world to fall in love with The world in this book was complex and intricate, basically a learning experience where you figure things out as the story moves along Keaton had the perfect balance of magic and power within this book that surrounded different houses with different [...]

  7. Embers in a Dark Frost is an entrancing read that captured my interest from the beginning Kelly draws us immediately into a world of not only magic and prophecy, but of prejudice and fear The world of Innis Fail is slowly dying, having lost their light Their magic is slowly weakening without this light They have cut themselves off from the humans and are now preparing for war But there is a prophecy unbeknownst to most of the people about how they are to get that light back, with the help of som [...]

  8. I really liked this book The story kept me captivated and the world building is truly amazing but what I liked best of all is the writing It sets the tone of the book Kelly has created a great world and stayed true to it through and through I could imagine the places, the creatures, everything has been described with such detail and I loved that This is my first book by the author and now I will be reading all her books Deira was always looked down upon because she has human blood in her veins a [...]

  9. Je m attendais certainement mieux Le d but va trop vite, les v nements s encha nent d une fa on peu naturelle On commence avec une sc ne d exposition maladroite pour nous pr senter le personnage principal on sent vraiment qu elle sert nous dire voil Deira, voil qui elle est Puis on passe directement un grand repas et Deira se fait remarquer, et Deira se fait embarquer vers son destin Je crois que c est le contenu du premier chapitre C est tr s court, beaucoup trop, alors quand on arrive aux d ci [...]

  10. BORING.It started off slowd stayed slowIt was only mildly interesting in the beginning, but it never went anywhere I thought, at first, that maybe this would have gone a different direction because of this line I should ve been grateful for their charity, but I wasn t I was angry So I was expecting a darker read, not some bullshit impossible romance that you know is not so impossible after all There was no originality to this plot Average looking girl meets awesome Adonis they have a rough start [...]

  11. I ve read the Beautiful Dark series by Kelly Keaton and I really liked it, so I was thrilled when I found that she released another book I read this one with fairly high expectations and while I did not like it as much as the other series, it was definitely an engrossing read.It has all the right things going for it, a strong, compassionate yet vulnerable heroine, a noble hero and a villain shrouded in mystery It did drag a little in the middle but not for long, thankfully Diera is a reluctant h [...]

  12. I feel like I have read something else by this author before if I did, I am sure I loved it, because I loved Embers in a Dark Frost I bought this book along with Reviving Bloom and let me tell you, boy am I glad that this book didn t suck as bad as the last one did In fact, this book was Reviving Bloom s polar opposite Where Reviving Bloom was torture to through, Embers in a Dark Frost finished before I knew it and had me wanting I only had one complaint about the book, so lets start with that [...]

  13. Keaton did a great job of creating a world that is slowly dying.It took me a few chapters to understand the gods, and the role they play in the lives of the characters Also, some of the names were difficult for me to pronounce, but I didn t let that take away from the story I just shortened those names to something easier for my mind to process.I felt so awful for Deira She s thrust into this new role and doesn t know how to accept it She went from being a shunned servant to being a part of some [...]

  14. Embers in a Dark Frost is the first in a new 2 part series by Kelly Keaton This is not a Young Adult book I would put it in the New Adult Fantasy genre It follows a young woman named Deira, who is a half blood She is shunned because of the human blood that runs in her veins She leads a sad, lonely life of a servant and doesn t realize how wonderful she really is.The world building is wonderful The world of Innis Falls is slowly dying, and the author does a good job of capturing that The writing [...]

  15. Embers is a really interesting new type of series and I am looking forward to getting the next installment My only hope of difference That there is not so much detail in it Don t get me wrong, you don t have any problem trying to picture the scenes in this book because Kelly gave very vivid details on it BUT, it seemed like than half the book was nothing but details UGH I normally skip over too much details , however, Kelly really pulled it off in this one I barely skipped over anything because [...]

  16. What first drew me to Kelly Keaton s Embers in a Dark Frost was that it seemed to walk the line between YA and Adult fiction I ve recently discovered that this is New Adult YA at heart, with older characters and even some sex I have to say, I rather liked this I quickly settled in for the read Keaton sweeps the reader away into a land rich with myth and magic There are elements of Celtic legend here, wrapped up in a world on the brink of being lost I loved that Deira s life wasn t perfect Caught [...]

  17. I ve had Kelly Keaton s Gods and Monsters series on my TBR pile for a while now But I decided to skip over that and go for her self published book Embers in a Dark Frost is the first of a two part book series.Flame haired Diera D Anu has been shunned all her life As a half blood she is half human she is feared and hated The humans stole the light from her world, Innis Fail Now darkness and frost take up and of that lands When the Fire Breathers leader, Balen sees Diera he believes she is the k [...]

  18. Interesting new series touching on of beginnings of the Fae and races of people who have mastered fire and other elements with some celtic mythology thrown in for good measure Some steamy moments between Balen and Deira but the focus is on their acceptance of each other and forging a relationship despite the roles they have to play in making the prophecy come true The world building was great and I especially liked the character War Raven and it s relationship with Balen The pace was slow at ti [...]

  19. Great first book in this series Deira D anu is half human, something she cannot hide from her people due to her bright red hair a human trait Her people treat her horribly, despite her being the daughter of a high priestess When she is discovered by the Fire Breathers, she is bartered to them in trade for troops The fire breathers actually see Deira as a prophecy and savior of the land that is losing light and power.Deira hates the way she has been treated for her entire life and is not sure she [...]

  20. 3.5 stars Just a few thoughts to throw out there This was mostly entertaining, however the heroine was annoying at times with what was excused as her sheltered upbringing and the hero of the story was off somehow I think it was that the author tried to make him too perfect and instead he ended up feeling like a daddy figure The idea of fate and freewill is touched upon, but the heroine is mostly in her head for much of the story I ll definitely read the sequel, but I ve seen better from this aut [...]

  21. I was thrilled when I found out that Kelly Keaton AKA Kelly Gay had penned another book As a self published title I felt that the editing and story telling were really quite good I really enjoy how the author creates new worlds and develops her characters This story was certainly no exception to that I loved reading about the journey of Deira and Balen and their quest to find the Lia Fial and I am anxiously awaiting to download the second half to their story.

  22. Very fast read I was surprised I went through the 800 and something Nook pages so quickly The book starts quickly, keeps pace and ends just as quick I ve not read many fantasy fiction books like this so I don t have much to compare to, but I thought it was a good read My only negative comment is that who ever does the Nook editing for e books has to do a better job There were a few times I had to go back over and re read and insert forgotten words.

  23. On the one hand, kinda liking the story On the other, the formatting in the Nook is distracting, and I m getting tired of being clobbered over the head with the same information over and over again sigh Made it about halfway through before I gave up The concept is good The story is interesting The writing just couldn t hold me.

  24. I love Keaton s books whether she is writing as Gay or Keaton Unfortunately, I really hate love triangles, and villains who appear to have an excuse for being evil That said, Embers in a Dark Frost is very well written and an entertaining, if dark, read.

  25. Fantastic An original story with a great cast of characters I am totally hooked Deira and Balen are so sweet You have to wonder if something is going to happen with Nox though.I can t wait for the next one

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