A Dance to the Music of Time: 4th Movement

A Dance to the Music of Time th Movement Anthony Powell s universally acclaimed epic encompasses a four volume panorama of twentieth century London Hailed by Time as brilliant literary comedy as well as a brilliant sketch of the times A Dan

Anthony Powell s universally acclaimed epic encompasses a four volume panorama of twentieth century London Hailed by Time as brilliant literary comedy as well as a brilliant sketch of the times, A Dance to the Music of Time opens just after World War I Amid the fever of the 1920s and the first chill of the 1930s, Nick Jenkins and his friends confront sex, society, busiAnthony Powell s universally acclaimed epic encompasses a four volume panorama of twentieth century London Hailed by Time as brilliant literary comedy as well as a brilliant sketch of the times, A Dance to the Music of Time opens just after World War I Amid the fever of the 1920s and the first chill of the 1930s, Nick Jenkins and his friends confront sex, society, business, and art In the second volume they move to London in a whirl of marriage and adulteries, fashions and frivolities, personal triumphs and failures These books provide an unsurpassed picture, at once gay and melancholy, of social and artistic life in Britain between the wars Arthur Schlesinger, Jr The third volume follows Nick into army life and evokes London during the blitz In the climactic final volume, England has won the war and must now count the losses.In this climactic volume of A Dance to the Music of Time, Nick Jenkins describes a world of ambition, intrigue, and dissolution England has won the war, but now the losses, physical and moral, must be counted Pamela Widmerpool sets a snare for the young writer Trapnel, while her husband suffers private agony and public humiliation Set against a background of politics, business, high society, and the counterculture in England and Europe, this magnificent work of art sounds an unforgettable requiem for an age.Includes these novels Books Do Furnish a Room Temporary Kings Hearing Secret H

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A Dance to the Music of Time: 4th Movement

  1. Anthony Dymoke Powel CH, CBE was an English novelist best known for his twelve volume work A Dance to the Music of Time, published between 1951 and 1975.Powell s major work has remained in print continuously and has been the subject of TV and radio dramatisations In 2008, The Times newspaper named Powell among their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

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  1. The Fourth Movement is suffused with the narrator s study of Robert Burton s The Anatomy of Melancholy and while I haven t read the Burton, it s familiar enough for me to have enjoyed the references to it, the last of which is perfect for the ending.The narrator Nick, or Nicholas, as he s increasingly called as he ages, is the ultimate observer Any time the contortions needed to tell the stories of other characters backstories, conversations relayed by others merely threaten to turn a bit ridicu [...]

  2. It took me a year to read this entire saga Four volumes each comprising three books make up Anthony Powell s A Dance to the Music of Time, originally published as 12 books over the course of 24 years We ve gone from Nick Jenkins boyhood, in which he has memories of the outbreak of World War I, to his senior citizen years as he watches with wry bemusement the arrival of the 1960s.The Fourth Movement is a bit grimmer from start to finish It s not my favorite of the four Seasons Powell has been int [...]

  3. The First Movement is about Class, the Second is about Love, the Third is about Duty Now we re at the end, so what is the Fourth Movement going to be about except Death I have read the series several times, and I m still not completely sure about the Fourth Movement It isn t as much fun as the others, at least not at a surface level As Buck pointed out in a comment to my review of the Second Movement, it has a tendency to meander around, and the aper us are sometimes not as sharp as they were in [...]

  4. Autumn dies, winter arrives Turning the last page of the book I ve got a feeling of deep nostalgia exactly like it is shown on the famous painting by Ford Madox Brown The Last of England It was so sad to say goodbye to all the characters I lived among them so long People think because a novel s invented, it isn t true Exactly the reverse is the case Because a novel s invented, it is true Biography and memoirs can never be wholly true, since they can t include every conceivable circumstance of wh [...]

  5. For some reason I thought that the final three novels of this twelve novel cycle wouldn t be as satisfying as the earlier works I assumed, I guess, that Powell would run out of steam as his narrator, Nick Jenkins, aged But I was wrong I love the Fourth Movement as much as I love the first three and, having come to the end of the saga, I miss being in the world of the Dance.The three novels that make up the Fourth Movement, Books Do Furnish a Room, Temporary Kings and Hearing Secret Harmonies cov [...]

  6. What an excellent reading experience My rating reflects my feelings for the entire series as a whole as well as the final trilogy.full review to come

  7. The final set of three, from Powell s overall twelve.Books Do Furnish a Room 5 5I don t know if it was simply because the war books are over and done, or because it really was a strong read but this has been one of my favorite of the series Yet, it took me than twice my normal time to get through with it I don t know why I guess I had to ease back into Powell s rhythm.Temporary Kings 5 5The Dance is drawing to a close, and only the stragglers are left behind.well, and the drunks.Much like the l [...]

  8. Books Do Finish a Room great title this book focuses on reconnectingwith characters from oh several books ago, Jenkins nostalgia PostwarJenkins settles into his literary career Wicked Widmerpool continues his climb in Parlimentwhile being tortured by spouse Pamela, easily the bitch of year, shooting for the decade.Jenkins does a college reunion of sorts and many characters are re introduced.We also see again many writers who are reconnected through Jenkins publishing efforts Temporary Kings The [...]

  9. A fabulous ending to this quartet Perhaps would be useful to have a list of characters as they are so vast and many, by the end it takes a great deal of effort to recall some of the earlier obscure characters.

  10. After 4 months of listening to a remarkable audio version narrated by Simon Vance, I have finished with this There was some of it I didn t love, but most of it I found humorous, sometimes heartbreaking and always compelling Powell s musings on the passage of life are rich and eloquent, and I wish I had the book to recall these.

  11. Not as much fun as the other three volumes in the collection, and the last book Hearing Secret Harmonies was a bit too wacky for me Still, a great series altogether, and I might see if I can find some other works by Powell.When the TBR goes down a bit

  12. Having depicted your characters attempting to live day by day during the most involved conflict that the world thus far had ever known, where do you go from there Well, if you re Anthony Powell, apparently you veer headfirst into domestic drama against the setting of a post war backdrop People get married who shouldn t get married, people cheat on their spouses, explore their sexual identities, hang out in fancy places And talk about books a lot, pretentiously if at all It feels like I m among f [...]

  13. After a hundreds of pages dealing just with World War II, Anthony Powell brings us through the postwar decades with the last three novels of A Dance to the Music of Time , which tracks Nicholas Jenkins and his social circle across an enormous breadth of 20th century BritainOKS DO FURNISH A ROOM, the tenth novel, opens in the winter of 1945 46 as Britain settles back into peacetime, though not without annoying rationing and shortages Jenkins has come to his old university for research towards a b [...]

  14. Page 241 of the 12th novel e story used to haunt me I don t quite know why It seemed to start so well, and end so badly Perhaps that s how well constructed stories ought to terminate No.Let s get this straight.You can have a story end tragically, without it ending badly.This story ended badly.Powell had 12 VOLUMES of narrative, spanning entire lifetimes of the characters, to think of an ending which would be satisfying, if not happy Is it well written, yes But, there are beautiful women and men [...]

  15. This is the FINAL BOOK of the original Modern Library list that started me reading the best books of the 20th century I did it This is not a very good book, but it relies on the layers of the previous books in the series to good effect I still continue to dislike the narrator, a boring guy who stands by and judges everyone while sailing through life based on the connections everyone else provides for him.The book loops back for several of the previous books anecdotes it s interesting to watch Je [...]

  16. I ve been reading Anthony Powell s epic, 12 book A Dance to the Music of Time throughout 2014 I m reading one novel a month and will be reading the final three books through December I m posting reviews as I go Books Do Furnish A Room is the 10th book in the series but Powell hasn t lost any steam here In fact, this was one of my favorite books in the series so far Our faithful narrator Nick Jenkins is now relating the deaths of several of the characters I was somewhat surprised when Jenkins men [...]

  17. Did Anthony Powell get tired of his creation as he worked towards the close Was he some artists DO losing a stroke or two Did he find himself so out of sympathy with what Britain was becoming in the 1960s and 70 s that he lost his keenness of vision These thoughts occurred to me as I read the last three books of this long saga, feeling progressively less enthralled as I went The first volume, Books Do Furnish a Room, is terrific, as Nicholas Jenkins and many of the other characters we have grown [...]

  18. This is one of the masterworks of the English language I am awed by the ability of the author to keep a coherent story over such a long period of time and so many pages As others have noted, this is really one long very long novel Few will have the fortitude to complete the entire opus and if time is short and you have better things to do, life will go on if you don t read these books , even though the reading is not difficult True, the writing style can be a tiny bit on the opaque side on the t [...]

  19. Twelve novels in four volumes One million words in three thousand pages And fully six weeks of my life It will take time to properly digest, but the Music of Time is one of those novels supernovel might be a better term for which the tribute an actual addition to life seems to have been intended As it s consumed fully half my summer, one might suggest it s proven a subtraction from life instead But then what sort of illiterate fool would suggest such a thing, really Though containing undoubted m [...]

  20. Sustains its power, only fading in the last book Immortalises Julian Maclaren Ross and Barbara Skelton, though not as they might have wished to see themselves The coincidences may be forgiven for the pleasure of coming across once again Jeavons, Sunny Farebrother etc Interesting to read his version of a Sixties commune in the light of The Girls if it isn t that convincing, the aristocratic insouciance seems a sane reaction.

  21. Dance is one of the monuments of 20th century British literature As a monument, it is immediate, clearly chiseled, foursquare and, despite intricate carvings of angels, stark.As a monument, at least to me, it is also less to read than to have read And, as a monument, it does not clearly disclose its sculptor whether, in this case, the author, Powell, or its universal narrator, Nick Jenkins.This last movement, which includes the final three novels, takes Jenkins into his 60s, when many of his con [...]

  22. There s a scene in Hearing Secret Harmonies , the last and strongest of the three collected here, which struck me most forcefully as the sort of thing one expects to happen in old age Mr Deacon, a personally familiar and once derided painter, undergoes a critical resuscitation His works, once scattered neglected in the numerous of homes of Nick s friends, have been assembled in a gallery, fetching prices which would have seemed incredible to the artist himself Nick visits the gallery He accepts [...]

  23. While the 4 movements are great in terms of their vastness, this in itself has not made the work great in its content By far, I found the 3rd movement the most engaging, giving unusual insight into British society during the Second World War and the few years surrounding it However, no matter how long I was soaked in the society life bickering and t te t tes, I was never engrossed by them Yes, there are moments that are genuinely funny, humanely insightful, and intelligently philosophical, but t [...]

  24. Read my full thoughts on this book and hundreds over at Read.Write.Repeat.I did not dislike this series, but I did not particularly like it, either I really liked Powell s effort to create a contiguous story across decades I liked that It was good I liked seeing the same characters, mostly, travels decades Overall, though, this series felt bland to me.

  25. A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell is the most quality book series I have ever read It is a huge undertaking but so so worth it I feel I am being remiss in even attempting to give a well rounded review but let me just say that Powell creates a world where the characters feel so real I actually miss them His writing, the dialogue is an articulate masterpiece I am so happy that this was on the Time best 100 books list I learned so much about so much and I will never forget the main cha [...]

  26. The three novels in the fourth movement concludes Anthony Powell s comedy of manners masterpiece Taken altogether its massive four volumes, twelve novels, nearly 3,000 pages But the longest novel is 280 pages long, the shortest 214 pages So everything is manageable The novels are all narrated by Nicholas Jenkins and are all about his friends and acquaintances, their follies and strivings from the start of the 1900s through the 1960s Some of the best titles are in the fourth movement, with Books [...]

  27. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started these books I saw that the first book said it was a Volume One but I didn t really pay attention to it I probably vaguely imagined that there might be a volume two that I d think about reading only if I liked volume one enough Well, I did like volume one a lot By the time I realized there were four extremely long volumes, it was far too late to stop I m so glad I kept going It feels like an accomplishment so much so that in my mind it warrants [...]

  28. I have finished all 12 books in The Dance to the Music of Time I am not sure if I have read 12 books, 4 books, or 1 It has been a unique literary experience The books are a lifetime dance of different characters moving in and out of each others lives It is very much an English manners book but with a level of farce underlying the scenes.First, I am impressed with Anthony Powells ability to remind us throughout of the connections to the characters, because this book has some 300 characters over t [...]

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