A Question of Upbringing

A Question of Upbringing The opening novel in Anthony Powell s brilliant twelve novel sequence A Dance to the Music of Time Discover the extraordinary life of Anthony Powell captured by acclaimed biographer Hilary Spurling i

The opening novel in Anthony Powell s brilliant twelve novel sequence, A Dance to the Music of Time.Discover the extraordinary life of Anthony Powell captured by acclaimed biographer Hilary Spurling in Anthony Powell Dancing to the Music of Time available now in hardback and ebook from Hamish Hamilton.

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A Question of Upbringing

  1. Anthony Dymoke Powel CH, CBE was an English novelist best known for his twelve volume work A Dance to the Music of Time, published between 1951 and 1975.Powell s major work has remained in print continuously and has been the subject of TV and radio dramatisations In 2008, The Times newspaper named Powell among their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

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  1. 1 A QUESTION OF UPBRINGINGI am not sure why I am writing a review of this, for I feel only one hour or time period has passed out of the twelve of this Dance It is too early to say how I will feel as I am dragged along and try to keep my steps in measure The Dance cannot be evaluated yet and this first walk has not had enough time to developed into a courante either.Nothing much has happened We are at the infancy of the Dance Or may be not quite so It is youth really Public school, plus s jour e [...]

  2. What did I expect when I start reading Anthony Powell s A Question of Upbringing I might have expected a historical fiction, a memoir or even the beginning of an epic story that would capture my attention mercilessly What I did find was a coming of age story with a beautiful and flowing narration that concentrates on relationships and personalities but with no marked plot There is no tension, nothing to be solved and therefore no resolution Was the lack of a plot that failed to attract me No, I [...]

  3. Viewed from afar, Anthony Powell s 167 volume A Dance to the Music of Time appears as one of the Alps of 20th century fiction You are daunted by its crags My goodness, a 167 novel sequence stretching over 89 years It s some achievement But when you find yourself in possession of the first volume, a fun sized 230 pages, disconcerted and relieved, you realise that this is nothing than a leisurely afternoon stroll through the early years of a young toff and his posh mates, firstly in the last year [...]

  4. well of course not everyone is going to get it the point is very subtle and grows on you slowly as you progress through it needless to say nothing much happens until book three or maybe four but you realize after a while that the very absence of action is what makes it so interesting and incidents which at the time seem unimaginably dull turn out later on to have their precisely measured place in the story the sequence when Widmerpool gets the sugar poured on his head which is later referred to [...]

  5. The first sentence of your review must not ever pretend to be a newsflash The book that you pretend to be illuminating will usually be either 1 too old to require your late blooming insights or else 2 too new to be obscure, because the atmosphere of publicity which surrounds all new books these days will have beaten you to the punch by a mile or When we click on a book link on this website, or when we look up a title in a search, our main purpose is never to find out the plot Wiki for that , no [...]

  6. What is this thing in my hands fiction memoir history romance It is a little of all of these, and something a thing of beauty and a joy to discover.The Dance is an ambitious project to capture the essence of an epoch through a detailed character study and a mapping out of the relationships between actors The Dance is also a project that uses the conventions of classical music in order to tell its story there is a prelude, recurring themes, movements and changes of tempo and of soloists Arhitect [...]

  7. Description Who is Widmerpool The question that is to dog Nicholas Jenkins crystallizes as he sees the gawky figure of his schoolmate huffing through the mists on a solitary cross country run So unexceptional, unsmart even unpopular Widmerpool continues to drop in and out of Jenkins life through school, university and London in the 1920 s Opening THE MEN AT WORK at the corner of the street had made a kind of camp for themselves, where, marked out by tripods hung with red hurricane lamps, an abys [...]

  8. In this book one of Anthony Powell s 12 volume sketch of English life in the 20th century A Dance to the Music of Time 1st Movement , we are introduced to the characters Nick Jenkins, Charles Stringham, Peter Templer, and Kenneth Widmerpool And if I understand correctly, the lives of these four young men will unfold for us over the course of this vast work Their introduction, their start on this journey is inviting for the reader because they are an interesting group, varied in intellect and per [...]

  9. A Question of Upbringing is the first volume in the twelve novel, A Dance to the Music of Time In order, the books are 1 A Question of Upbringing 1951 2 A Buyer s Market 1952 3 The Acceptance World 1955 4 At Lady Molly s 1957 5 Casanova s Chinese Restaurant 1960 6 The Kindly Ones 1962 7 The Valley of Bones 1964 8 The Soldier s Art 1966 9 The Military Philosophers 1968 10 Books Do Furnish a Room 1971 11 Temporary Kings 1973 12 Hearing Secret Harmonies 1975 The books are the fictional memoirs of N [...]

  10. Imagine yourself in an art shop You see a nice painting or a sculpture or a photograph You like it so much that you can t help describing it to your spouse when you come home Or maybe, you like it so much that it reminds you of a song and you keep on humming or singing lines from that song Or maybe, you like it so much that you are inspired to write poems or stories that the painting, sculpture or photograph reminded you of.Nicholas Poussin 1594 1665 , a French painter in a classical style paint [...]

  11. A Question of Upbringing is the first book in a series of twelve volumes of A Dance to the Music of Time The book is narrated by Nicholas Jenkins, Anthony Powell s alter ego, who acts as an observer of the world of Great Britain s upper class and upper middle class Nick has a dry satirical way of looking at everything going around him He includes references to art and literature in his descriptions The book revolves around Nick s attendance at schools similar to Eton and Oxford where Powell was [...]

  12. The pages just kept turning The establishing of characters and some brilliant lines and passages throughout And some very funny incidents made me burst out laughing This is the first book of twelve Eleven of this, almost too good to be true I know they will all be brilliant, as I ve already read A Buyer s Market before I read A Question of Upbringing.

  13. This seems like a serial book which I ll enjoy in the whole, than each part Any way, 1 3 done with the 1st Movement and 1 12 done with A Dance to the Music of Time I m not sure if I ll read one book per month, or just dash through them Probably, I ll chop the baby, and read it in a season.I ll review later, once the kids are in bed, or at least off the computer.

  14. This is the first book of a series of twelve books.The story begins around 1921 and the narrator, Nick Jenkins, describes his last years at a public school, his summer spent in France and finally his going to the university.Nick also describes his friendship with Stringham and Templer Some other characters are also introduced in the narrative Uncle Giles, Sillery, Buster, Sunny Farebrother and Widmerpool.Even if some readers eventually compare with Remembrance of the Lost Time by Marcel Proust, [...]

  15. What a strange, yet pleasant distraction.I recently found this on a literary reading list frankly, I d never heard of it before I guess that s not surprising, since the series was not, apparently until the e book Kindle era , previously marketed to American U.S readers The University of Chicago not the most mainstream of literary publishing houses rolled it out on e book Kindle for folks on our side of the pond and, well, I m glad they did.Powell writes beautifully so, at least to my mind, his r [...]

  16. A Question of Upbringing by Anthony Powell A Dance to the Music of Time is a twelve volume cycle of novels by Anthony Powell, and A Question of Upbringing is the first of the twelve volumes.I ve wanted to read A Dance to the Music of Time since discovering that Julian Maclaren Ross features somewhere in the series as a character called X Trapnel Such is my interest in Julian Maclaren Ross I am, of course, assuming you have already read Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia The Bizarre Life of Writer, A [...]

  17. How delightful has been my return to this charming and fascinating series of twelve novels I am reminded of how leisurely and flowing is Powell s writing, how he concentrates on personalities and relationships, and how little there is of any marked plot no particular tension, no problem to be solved, no crisis or denouement, no resolution Life in his works just moves on and on, and reading them is relaxing yet both intriguing and even engrossing What lovely writing, above all I like his syntax a [...]

  18. Just the beginning of the 12 part saga describing England in the first half of the century just gone, and I am already enjoying it This first book sets the scene, capturing the life of the protagonist from the final school years to his university experience Taken on its own, I liked it, although especially the Oxford years were a tad over the top in particular I found the stereotypical Oxford don Sillery not very credible, nor his influence in steering the decisions of a powerful family Some par [...]

  19. I m happy to report that Book 1 is an excellent start to this series, which bodes well for the next 11 books.

  20. Dieses ist also der Auftaktband zu einem zw lfb ndigen Romanwerk, das das Leben der englischen Oberschicht ber einen Zeitraum eines halben Jahrhundert, beginnend ca 1920, beschreibt Oft ist das Gesamtwerk mit dem bergreifenden Titel EIN TANZ ZUR MUSIK DER ZEIT mit den gro en Romanprojekten des 20 Jahrhunderts, vor allem mit Prousts RECHERCHE, verglichen worden Ich denke, dass der Vergleich vor allem diesem ersten Band eher schadet als nutzt, denn EINE FRAGE DER ERZIEHUNG liest sich kurzweilig un [...]

  21. The ending of this book seemed to me like a metaphor for the complete work and possibly the series as far as it can be guessed As with the best works in literature, I can t possibly be spoiling it for you by telling you about it, so please do read on.Jenkins goes to see Stringham in London but the latter disappoints him when he says that he has to go to a party which can hardly fail to be rather fun Jenkins tells him not to worry though he gets annoyed at this treatment He decides to go to the T [...]

  22. Powell s prose is, of course, a marvel, but what most surprised me on re reading the first volume to DMT is how much of it I remember I m usually not very good at retaining the details of books for much than a month or two, unless I ve been writing about them with QU, I remember pretty much everything, so adept is Powell at creating memorable and charming characters with just a few sentences Nothing much happens here, of course, which is hardly surprising, since not much happens in the first 8. [...]

  23. I enjoyed this book very much and have now moved on to the second volume of A Dance to the Music of Time I had to get used to Anthony Powell s style with its long and leisurely sentences I did enjoy his descriptions of people, as in this instance when he had arrived for a holiday in France we climbed into a time worn taxi, driven by an ancient whose moustache and peaked cap gave him the air of a Napoleonic grenadier, an elderly grognard, fallen on evil days during the Restoration, depicted in so [...]

  24. I very much enjoyed the first book of this twelve book series I am planning to read one per month over the course of 2016 not my plan, am reading with a group, but it s a brilliant plan The writing is delicious and although it is not plot driven, I found myself looking forward to stepping into the memories of Nick Jenkins each evening In addition, it brings to mind so many other books I ve enjoyed including Brideshead Revisited, The Forsyte Saga, Of Human Bondage, the Harry Potter series So I ve [...]

  25. I think I enjoyed this re read than the first time, as I knew there wouldn t be much action and I just let it wash over me, enjoying Powell s prose and immersing myself in one experience of England in the 20s.

  26. Part one of a long series of totally awesome novels, where the same characters are traced as they grow up between the wars in London I like short novels connected together into a longer read, which is why I consider this series to be utterly awesome It approaches the outer limits of awesomeness.

  27. After a gap of several years, I have given The Dance to the Music of Time a second chance My first reading of this first book in the sequence was very disappointing the very few characters that I most identified with seemed to be those most mocked by the author I wasn t sure that I wanted to continue with snobbery for another 11 books and so the set of four volumes has languished on the shelves of several houses After speeding through St Aubyn s Patrick Melrose novels and enjoying them, I though [...]

  28. This is the first book in Anthony Powell s extraordinary 12 volume series, A Dance to the Music of Time.If you enjoy Marcel Proust, Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, you ll take to this like a Duke to Porter But if you aren t really into them, but simply like a long drawn out yarn, beautifully written, spanning a large part of the 20th century, this series will entrance you.The parallels with Evelyn Waugh s work a mixture of Brideshead Revisited and the Sword of Honour series are striking, in subj [...]

  29. Powell has his critics, and comparisons to Proust are merely unkind though perhaps Fitzgerald could serve as a reference point for this coming of age tale set among the interbellum elite The narrator is affable and literate, and, narrating in retrospect, hyper aware of his own na vete and social clumsiness I loved the feeling that the seemingly simple interactions of everyday life are actually minefields of nuance and psychological games The prose, smooth and mandarin, is a blast to read Bring o [...]

  30. Four young men schoolmates, of different ages and backgrounds develop ties of friendship Some of these ties are snapped, some are strengthened, but they all change.If it weren t for my friends, I might be tempted to cease reading this series, as the introductory book has been quite dull But, I m told the series gets better as you read it, and the dullness becomes meaningful or something like that We ll see

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