Broken Silence

Broken Silence Four years after Oakley left for Australia the trial is ready to begin After coming to the decision that she needs to face her abusers to finally be able to move on Oakley and her family return to E

Four years after Oakley left for Australia, the trial is ready to begin After coming to the decision that she needs to face her abusers to finally be able to move on, Oakley and her family return to England to give evidence in person.Oakley s love for Cole never faded, but after four years apart how will Cole react to her being back Can they put the past behind them in oFour years after Oakley left for Australia, the trial is ready to begin After coming to the decision that she needs to face her abusers to finally be able to move on, Oakley and her family return to England to give evidence in person.Oakley s love for Cole never faded, but after four years apart how will Cole react to her being back Can they put the past behind them in order to get their happy ending

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Broken Silence

  1. 1 New York Times Bestselling Author native Natasha Preston grew up in small villages and towns She enjoys writing contemporary romance, gritty Young Adult thrillers and, of course, the occasional serial killer goo VsxKPkFacebook goo vAAGsBTwitter goo JGrC4b

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  1. The book, Broken Silence , was by far one of the best, realistic books I ve ever read The story is about a girl who grew up being sexually abused by her dad and his friend, from the age of five to thirteen Through those years Oakley was completely silent and would not talk to anyone until it finally stopped The story starts in Australia where Oakley, her mom, and her brother, Jasper, moved from England after Oakley had finally gone to the police about the situation at 16 It s four years later n [...]

  2. Thank you for giving survivors of sexual abuse a voice As a survivor of family sexual abuse myself, I really connected with this story it was written so well It seems that the author was writing from personal experience If not, she really did her research although Oakley s thoughts would be difficult to emulate without personal experience So glad these books were written shows that anything that doesn t kill you, makes you strongerd that even from those bad experiences, good can happen Thank you [...]

  3. I just I really don t want to be negative, but I found this even frustrating of a read than the first book The timing was really I don t know how to articulate it time just seemed to skip ahead in a jarring jerky sort of way There was poor grammar and quite a few typos, and I could feel myself getting annoyed with the way things played out.There was a lot of melodrama around the court case, where it could have been effective to show the emotions in a different way It really got to me how Oakl [...]

  4. Broken Silence was just not as good as the first book Silence In Silence you had the layer of Oakley not speaking to anyone Well since she spoke at the end of the first book there wasn t that aspect It was just the trial and Oakley and Cole trying to figure things out Really the book seemed like a lot of Oakley and Cole hanging out and a lot of Oakley worrying about the trial But what if they get off What if they don t go to jail I know there is a ton of evidence against them, but what if that i [...]

  5. Natasha Preston has become one of my favorite authors ever I actually love Broken Silence than Silence It goes in depth of Cole and Oakley s relationship Crazy how much you can love someone.

  6. Sadly I was not impressed by this sequel Silence itself was a frustrating read for myself, concentrating on day to day events and rushing the main issue Unfortunately nothing has changed in this book.Far too much concentration on Oakley and Cole s feelings for one another than on the trial which should have been the priority The relationship between the two main characters do not reflect the 4 year gap, it reads exactly like the previous book I did skip over many pages because of this, and I did [...]

  7. I thought that this was a fast, ok read but it was just nowhere near as good as the first book in the series Maybe that is because in Silence there was intrigue as to why she hadn t spoken in over a decade and the book was addictive because you wanted to find out what the secret was Although this was a quick interesting read, it was obvious where it was heading It was clear that she view spoiler was going to move back to England, end up with Cole and that her dad and Frank would be found guilty [...]

  8. When I finished the first book, I wasn t sure whether to read this one The I thought about this book, the I really did want to read it This is such a beautiful yet sad story It is not one of those stories where you wish you were that character It s like, you wish you had that support and, of course, Cole Cole was the best part of the story and quite instrumental to Oakley s recovery And spoiler alert for those who never read the first book despite Oakley leaving for four years to Australia, I [...]

  9. Love it soooooo muchThis book is so good I could not stop reading it At the beginning of this book I was so entertain she went back to England then in the middle I thought I was going to explode with anxiety they kept making wonder if Frank and max are going to get sent to prison or not Then the end no words just writing this and thinking about the end makes me cry How Cole gets arrested and every one supports him soooooo much then for a couple minutes I thought that Oakley was going to move bac [...]

  10. O O O O O OH my And I thought the first book was good But now it is whats the word O O vverrr Over There is another book, but it isn t from Oakley or Coles point of view So that leaves me like this and from me to Natasha Preston and my overall pain but all the tears every one every drop full of happiness not sorrow full of this view spoiler THEY ARE GONNA HAVE A BABY oH MY glOB they will make the perfect little family hide spoiler My only problem is that it still bothers me absolutely nothing ha [...]

  11. This follows on from Silence which I quite enjoyed and to be honest this is a good follow up It s a YA series and a bit predictable and cheesy but it s an easy read that requires zero concentration There are two books in the series which I will read at some stage.

  12. This book broke my heart, but also taught me how love can help people find their voice In the first book, Silence, the story is about a young girl named Oakley who was sexually abused until she was 13 years old Due to the abuse, she stopped talking in general, so she communicated by shaking her head and nodding.In this book, it has been 4 years since she left for Australia She is returning to testify at we father and his friend s trial after she confessed that she was abused She has to face Cole [...]

  13. Just like the first book in the sequel, Broken Silence by Natasha Preston is an amazing love story with a big twist This book is about the trial of Oakley s dad and his friend for sexually harassing Oakley when she was little This book is quite different to the first one, as Silence book 1 was written around Oakley and Coles thoughts, whereas this book is focused around what is happening and direct speech.The book starts of with Oakley with her mom and brother in Australia after they have just [...]

  14. I just found the whole thing a bit daft im afraidoakley and cole seemed to still be acting like they were 12, professing they loved each other but then not getting round to actually getting together for hsaf the book why then there was no duscussion of what would happen after the trial, even though cole was buying a house spoiler alert when the evidence came to light after having just been mentioned, I cringedally hiw cheesy can you get and cole being arrested was so unrealistic that even the au [...]

  15. This book is the best book I have ever read in my entire life I am a person who doesn t enjoy sappy love stories where the girl gets the boy etc But this book blew me away in ways I never expected The story of why Oakley never speaks can t say why or it will ruin story and how much her best friend Cole proves his love to her I would sit and read this book and hours and hours would pass and I wouldn t even realize how much time I ve been reading It was so easy to get wrapped up in this book, it w [...]

  16. Individual adultsA big disappointment of mine was not reading the first book of this.How to describe this book The book conveyed a lot of maturity from the lead characters.I fell in love with the book, every girl should have a guy like Cole.It was just about pure and utter love, amazingly beautiful.I was so impressed I am about the same age and buying a house is definitively not on my priority list right no ha Definitely for summer readingYou ll love it

  17. Awesome sequel Overall, again I really love this story Extremely loved the first book, and this 1 absolutely gave Oakley s story a happy ending I really wish there weren t so many typos, grammatical, spelling, and context, but they were somewhat easy to ignore I look forward to amazingness from Natasha Preston

  18. A little slower and not as intense as the first book but I really enjoyed seeing where Cole and Oakleys journey would lead them I am happy with how the story ended I gave it 4 stars just because the book was a little slow, but I enjoyed the story overall.

  19. O.M.G I finished this book in a week, and I simply couldn t put it down It was soooooooo good, and I would recommend anyone that loves thrillers and mystery books However, I feel Like there is to end I would still like to know how Oakley and Cole end up with the baby, her reactions to Frank leaving prison, and so many

  20. Perfect Book 2 This was a perfect book 2 in the series I enjoyed every bit of it Character development and details were right on point

  21. I read the book Broken Silence by Natasha Preston I thought that this book was okay It seemed to drag on in some parts I really liked the love story that it had I liked how we got to see Oakley and Cole reconnect after four years of not seeing each other Plot This book started out with Oakley and her family living in Australia They had moved out there after they found out what Max had did to her Oakley spent the beginning of the book preparing for her trial She was terrified to see her dad again [...]

  22. Personal response This book was very enjoyable to read Every chapter I loved and had meaning I liked that the book switched from Oakley s point of view to Cole s view while staying on track with the time I had to get used to reading Cole as one of the main characters At first I saw it and thought of my brother since that was also his name Thankfully, after a chapter or two, it was easy to see him totally different Most of the characters were very relatable I made connections with many of them, s [...]

  23. I think I m being generous by giving this book 2 stars because it was so boring and annoying to read through I think I rolled my eyes in every chapter because of how repetitive everything was First off, 4 years Is it normal for that amount of time to go by before someone goes to trial That seemed weird I m glad that the abuse was finally described somewhat and that the trial ended well Cole getting arrested was really dumb I thought it was really unnecessary, in fact, I laughed out loud when the [...]

  24. While I still prefer the first book, Silence, compared to this sequel but damn it Like what the first book in the series had done previously, the sequel has also and yet again tugged at my heart strings and not to mention messed up all of my emotions And so did the author s characters Damn it They really messed me up in this one Haha But in the best possible way of course.But look, while the book has some grammar mistakes in it etc and while there was a lot of melodrama in this particular book [...]

  25. Wow Like the first book this one had me hooked I love reading about Oakley and Cole and all their family.This series covers a very hard topic which some may find hard to read but I think Natasha did this well is not written in lots of detail but I would say that it has been written well and not just brushed over You get a clear picture of what Oakley went through during her childhood but without making it too hard to read It is an awful topic and Oakley went through hell for sure but thankfully [...]

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