Adventure Time Vol. 2

Adventure Time Vol The all ages smash hit of the year is back with algebraic adventures in the Land of Ooo The all ages hit of the year is back with a new volume collecting even algebraic adventures What happens when Fi

The all ages smash hit of the year is back with algebraic adventures in the Land of Ooo The all ages hit of the year is back with a new volume collecting even algebraic adventures What happens when Finn the human and Jake the dog get a hold of Princess Bubblegum s time machine and travel to go to the future Find out in this second volume Collecting issues 5 9 oThe all ages smash hit of the year is back with algebraic adventures in the Land of Ooo The all ages hit of the year is back with a new volume collecting even algebraic adventures What happens when Finn the human and Jake the dog get a hold of Princess Bubblegum s time machine and travel to go to the future Find out in this second volume Collecting issues 5 9 of the smash hit ADVENTURE TIME comics series by Ryan North

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Adventure Time Vol. 2

  1. Ryan North Shelli Paroline Braden Lamb Mike Holmes says:
    Hi, I m Ryan I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1980 and since then have written several books You can read my page for , or check out my author site at RyanNorth I m the author of the webcomic Dinosaur Comics that s the comic where the pictures don t change but the words do, it s better than it sounds and I ve also done crazy things like turn Shakespeare into a choose your own path adventure, write a comic for Marvel about a girl with all the powers of a squirrel, or mess up walking my dog so badly it made the news.I m working on stuff as we speak, hopefully it s good

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  1. Finn and Jake have a time travel adventure, and it is totally goddamn amazing and hilarious and I love Ryan North so much The alt text cracked my shit up nearly every time Once again, North proves that he is THE perfect choice for an Adventure Time comic, keeping the same sensibility as the TV show but using many gags that would only work in this medium Plus, I applaud Kaboom s decision to include all the variant covers for every issue in the trades because, man, they are great.

  2. I m finding Adventure Time to be a weirdly mind easing sort of read The author makes lots of notes at the bottom of pages, that I will occasionally read as I go along The art is vibrant, and I find that I like it a bit than the show The story is pretty easy to follow, which is always nice I don t know, I just really kind of like it I m really happy that our oldest son is into the comics, because I was having kind of a Down Day and this cheered me up surprisingly well.

  3. I love these comics they re so bubbly and funny and this one was extremely meta and weirder than usual, which I loved

  4. Stuff I Read Adventure Time Vol 2 ReviewSo after the events of the last volume, this new adventure takes Finn and Jake on a quest through time itself Yes, time travel, the old trope of science fiction shows, which is what Adventure Time really is Not set in a fantasy world really but in a distant future where humanity is on the verge of extinction, it s almost surprising that time travel hasn t featured into the television show But it arrives here in full force as PB builds a time machine and F [...]

  5. Cute, Creative, Time Travel Characters 3.5 5Setting World Building 3 5Plot 3 5Enjoyment 3.5 5Artwork 4 5Average 3.4Continue the Series Yes

  6. This is the second installment of the Adventure Time comic series and this issue we go traveling through time Ryan North has done a really good job in not detatching this from the TV show as this really feels like an episode in the tv series In some ways it s better because it feels like the stories go on for longer than the 15 minutes it s usually condensed into.The story starts with Finn and Jake fighting over who will eat the delicious cupcake BMO has made The adorable BMO challenges them to [...]

  7. I picked this up along with Volume 1 because Adventure Time is most excellent and I wanted to read them both.This volume tells the story of the time Finn and Jake ran into a hero from far away that lives an oddly similar life to their own, with some bizarre twists, and then a journey through time and a horrible robot apocalypse.I thought this volume was even better than the last They story was exciting and the content even amusing than the last During the time travelling portion of the story, t [...]

  8. This issue is so ridiculous And also so great There was a darkness to this issue that I didn t expect, which started with the creepy crawly feeling that BMO was up to something Very Not Good in making the Finn and Jake robots That feeling only intensified the I read, and it didn t even entirely fade once everything had been resolved.I did love the focus on Princess Bubblegum s intelligence herein, and the blatant reference to her relationship with Marceline , as well as the alteration in her re [...]

  9. So it s official that Princess Bubblegum is the best In this volume anyway, where the other princesses were sadly not featured But, Bubblegum is awesome in that a she always knows what s going on even when encountered by Jake Finn sent from the past and b when evil robots attack time travelling Finn Jake she has a whole arsenal of lazer read the book and you ll understand the spelling weapons to fight them with And tank legs for Finn And the robot suit BMO makes for her is pretty epic.Also, this [...]

  10. Continuing on from Adventure Time Vol 1, Volume 2 presents us with another standalone story collection of issues about our favorite hero pals in the Land of Ooo The time bending adventures are great, and the puns are really off the bat Mr North, you have outdone yourself I applaud you I hollered and happily frolicked with our favorite fistbumping pals as they were sent careening through adventures and space time Great book, plenty of laughs, and lots of ADVENTURE TIME

  11. Time travel stories are tops blooby These comics have the ability to spend time on a story than a 15 minute episode would allow, and it makes for great arcs With this volume we get to see alternate timelines, something that the show has proven very popular and great references to its animated counterpart It s light on minor characters but it s full of great moments with BMO and Princess Bubblegum Also it has killer robots.

  12. This book was SO SO SO SO AWESOME Time travelling, Evil Finn and Jake robots, Queen Bubblegum Queebles and A MASSIVE ROBOT WAR This book was so good and my favourite part was when Finn and Jake travelled back in time to their first piloted episode and Finn stole piloted Finn s sleeping bag My fave characters are Finn, Jake and Peebles Princess Bubblegum or PB

  13. These comics are math I thought that this one was even better than the last one I love all of the little details, like the little notes ate the bottom of pages The humor in this series is excellent Also, in this issue you get to see possible adult warrior Finn, Jake, and PB QB , and they look awesome.

  14. This was a fun read as we travel with Jake and Finn on an adventure which sees them time traveling and fighting robots The art work is colourful and the dialogue amusing inline with the other Adventure Time graphic novel I have read and the hit TV show If you enjoy wacky, fun stories then I would recommend this to you.

  15. Adventure Time and Time Travel Ryan North pushes the envelope so much that he s burst from its bottom and come out of the other side with a tale so outrageous it didn t belong anywhere but Adventure Time.

  16. It was better than the first one I have no idea how to feel about this book I had mixed feelings for it Although,it was confusing at times, I found this graphic novel way entertaining than the first one.

  17. Algebraic This book about Finn and Jakewas the best book to take I admit, I didn t payas much as I would on another day.Tell a frog, tell a snailI got this book on sale.

  18. Time travel always seems like a good idea at the time y know But then at the same time, but later whah That could have gone better So you do.

  19. Well there is a lot of time travel, so that was really fun I felt there were a lot of plot holes though.but totally worth it for that kiss XD

  20. I ve just finished 6 on the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge which was Read an all ages comic For this one, I chose Adventure Time Vol 2 by Ryan North I didn t actively choose volume 2 of a series, since I am pretty obsessive about reading things in order However, it was destiny that I read volume 2 because I requested it twice from my library and twice they sent me volume 2 Why fight it, I thought I went into reading this comic cold I know less than nothing about comic books Aside from reading o [...]

  21. Princess Bubblegum invents a time machine that s so incredibly math, Jake can t help but have some fun with it However, that fun leads to disaster Finn and Jake must struggle through the future and past to return to the Ooo they know.Another comic from the Humble Bundle, this collection was even better than the first It has some of my all time favorite Adventure Time moments view spoiler Queebles and BMO in giant mech versions of themselve hide spoiler Yes, please Just an entire book of this it [...]

  22. This was part of the TBR I had for GettingGraphic and I very much enjoy the whimsy and madness of this series This continued in the same vein as the first in the series which was great as I loved the first one Once we re in the weird but wonderful Adventure Time world, but now we see a bit of it I definitely still enjoy this a whole load, I just didn t feel like it quite lived up to the awesome colourific madness of the first for me, but it was still a solid 4 read.

  23. Really really digging these comics Reading them through Hoopla on my kindle If you decide to try them, don t miss the stuff at the bottom of the pages.

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