Wuthering Heights, Agnès Grey & Villette

Wuthering Heights Agn s Grey Villette Dans le froid et sombre presbyt re du petit village de Haworth Angleterre il y avait vers le milieu du si cle dernier trois jeunes filles et un gar on priv s de m re et tous promis une existence br

Dans le froid et sombre presbyt re du petit village de Haworth Angleterre , il y avait vers le milieu du si cle dernier trois jeunes filles et un gar on priv s de m re et tous promis une existence br ve Comme pour prendre de vitesse l ange de la mort qui allait les saisir en quelques ann es, ces enfants dou s crivirent au sortir de l adolescence quelques chefs d uvreDans le froid et sombre presbyt re du petit village de Haworth Angleterre , il y avait vers le milieu du si cle dernier trois jeunes filles et un gar on priv s de m re et tous promis une existence br ve Comme pour prendre de vitesse l ange de la mort qui allait les saisir en quelques ann es, ces enfants dou s crivirent au sortir de l adolescence quelques chefs d uvre Dans Agn s Grey 1847 , Anne Bront met en sc ne des sentiments et un bonheur qu elle n a pas eu le temps de vivre Dans Villette 1852 , Charlotte r v le un bonheur qu elle faillit conna tre au prix du scandale Il revenait Emily Bront d crire avec Wuthering Heights 1847 un livre t n breux et orageux dans lequel on reconna t, sous le diabolique Heathcliff, leur fr re Branwell , le roman de la fatalit et du d sespoir, un r cit pouvantable et beau que l on n attendait pas sous la plume d une jeune fille de vingt cinq ans.

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Wuthering Heights, Agnès Grey & Villette

  1. Emily Jane Bront was a British novelist and poet, now best remembered for her only novel Wuthering Heights, a classic of English literature Emily was the second eldest of the three surviving Bront sisters, being younger than Charlotte Bront and older than Anne Bront She published under the masculine pen name Ellis Bell.Emily was born in Thornton, near Bradford in Yorkshire to Patrick Bront and Maria Branwell She was the younger sister of Charlotte Bront and the fifth of six children In 1824, the family moved to Haworth, where Emily s father was perpetual curate, and it was in these surroundings that their literary oddities flourished In childhood, after the death of their mother, the three sisters and their brother Patrick Branwell Bront created imaginary lands Angria, Gondal, Gaaldine, Oceania , which were featured in stories they wrote Little of Emily s work from this period survived, except for poems spoken by characters The Bront s Web of Childhood, Fannie Ratchford, 1941.In 1842, Emily commenced work as a governess at Miss Patchett s Ladies Academy at Law Hill School, near Halifax, leaving after about six months due to homesickness Later, with her sister Charlotte, she attended a private school in Brussels They later tried to open up a school at their home, but had no pupils.It was the discovery of Emily s poetic talent by Charlotte that led her and her sisters, Charlotte and Anne, to publish a joint collection of their poetry in 1846, Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell To evade contemporary prejudice against female writers, the Bront sisters adopted androgynous first names All three retained the first letter of their first names Charlotte became Currer Bell, Anne became Acton Bell, and Emily became Ellis Bell In 1847, she published her only novel, Wuthering Heights, as two volumes of a three volume set the last volume being Agnes Grey by her sister Anne Its innovative structure somewhat puzzled critics Although it received mixed reviews when it first came out, the book subsequently became an English literary classic In 1850, Charlotte edited and published Wuthering Heights as a stand alone novel and under Emily s real name.Like her sisters, Emily s health had been weakened by the harsh local climate at home and at school She caught a chill during the funeral of her brother in September, and, having refused all medical help, died on December 19, 1848 of tuberculosis, possibly caught from nursing her brother She was interred in the Church of St Michael and All Angels family capsule, Haworth, West Yorkshire, England.

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  1. I was disappointed with Bronte s Wuthering Heights Almost everyone that I spoke to about this book hailed it as an instant classic I found the plot boring and long winded, which is typical of most Victorian writers However, Cathy and Heathcliff s on again, off again, psycho dramatic relationship nearly put me to sleep Despite my best efforts, I struggled with this book Certainly this book has some merit The atypical Victoria descriptive prose has its highlights, and for those who are searching f [...]

  2. spoiler alert I finally read Wuthering Heights, after my obsession with everything Wuthering Heights began by hearing the song by Kate Bush Instead of being disappointed as I suspected I might be, I was actually really impressed with it.To begin with, the events do not play out like they do in your average book One of the main characters dies halfway through the novel, and the other really main character is an unlikeable though I think a rather relateable character who lives his life basically t [...]

  3. So I really only read Wuthering Heights, but for some reason they don t have that novel by itself on shrug This novel was kind of a disappointment to me It s hard in my mind to separate the Bronte sisters from each other, so I found myself comparing this story with that of Jane Eyre Both had a dark brooding atmosphere, but Wuthering Heights was just pitch black for me Though Emily spends plenty of time giving characters many a soliloquy, there were still some things unexplained Catherine and Hea [...]

  4. I had never in my life read characters so devoid of sympathy, so docile compliant to the point of utter helplessness The audacity of one man on a vendetta izing so many by merely acting outside of convention is sheer brilliance This book should be in the self help section for people who simply cannot make a decision to change their thought processes I loved this book for it s imagery, it s lyrical ways, it s development of a family caught in a deserved downward spiral, and it s eventual release [...]

  5. Wow.Holy dark and dastardly soap opera batman Again, my Emily Bronte copies are from 1943, so I may have had to trudge through a couple archaic words, but I still think the story transcends the evolution of language and was a fairly easy read Not generally my kind of story so I was reading it just to know to those in literary circles were talking about if it were ever mentioned.Some days it was hard to keep reading and others it was hard to put down A soap opera of never ending dramas For each t [...]

  6. I read this book back in 2005, I knew it was a classic but being English my second language, I was a bit afraid to read it in English The name in Spanish for this book is Cumbres Borrascosas, a great title too I read it in English and I actually understood everything, even Joseph s strange speaking manners It was a very fast read and I loved the moors mood The characters are spectacular, of course my favorite is Heathcliff If I ever decide to re read books if there weren t that many books out th [...]

  7. I had to read this book when it was mentioned in New Moon I know, I know it is sad that I started reading the Bronte sisters after Twilight but I just never heard of them before Never took any courses that required it and my friends never spoke of them if they had read from them I love everything that they write Such smart women The vocabulary was a treat I love when I highlight some word that is unfamiliar or a great quote My book looked like I was studying for a final I just read it for fun Wi [...]

  8. This is one of my all time favorite books and has been since middle school Of course, then I would skip the first few chapters and start reading around chapter 5 This is actually how I would recommend reading it the first time you do It gives you a chance to meet and understand some of the characters and their past before you take them on present day.Yes this book can be long winded and confusing You just have to take into consideration WHEN it was written Also, at the end of the day, it is a be [...]

  9. I probably should have read this book years ago, like back in high school Yet I never got around to it After reading a couple of books that referenced this book and Jane Eyre, I decided it was time to get to it While I think can see the merits of this book, I don t think I m a huge fan of the gothic genre Let s just say it is a little much drama for me At least I now have a good definition of melodrama So even on my most emotional days, my emotional extremes will never match those of Catherine o [...]

  10. Team Heathcliff I so thoroughly enjoy the loosening of tensions in this novel It s such a relief to see the drastic honesty of real human emotion, rather than a haughty squabble over class connotation, style, and wealth I m not a fan of Victorian era novels, but Emily Bronte won me over with Wuthering Heights Also, finishing it just before visiting the Bronte Parsonage and wandering the moors was an experience I ll likely never forget It s hard to understand how the landscape ties into the chara [...]

  11. Wuthering Heights is not only a novel but a book heavily influenced by the writer s life, an autobiography of a sorts The reader experiences an interplay of emotions as one progresses through the story Bronte manages to keep a strong hold on one s attention by confusing the mind, by playing with our thoughts I would suggest this book to all those who are fond of classic literature, but also to those who are looking for a read that offers an insight to their own lives.

  12. Wuthering Heights Ugh How unpoetic of me to say I seem to be in the minority here when I say I couldn t even finish this novel and certainly didn t like it Don t get me wrong, I enjoy the language very much but I just couldn t take the darkness any longer The ranting and moping just got to me I did want to know the outcome of the drama so I did read the spark notes online but I just couldn t buy into it I quit on page 190 of 389 so I gave it a fair chance

  13. I couldn t read this one I tried I really did However her characterization of some of the key players as well the setting was so well done and dark it actually did the opposite as her intended effect It turned me off.

  14. This was a strange story I am only giving it three stars because really Emily did a great job with the drama It really was dramatic and it kept me turning the pages although I wouldn t necessarily recommend it to everyone.

  15. Uggh Couldn t get into this book or beyond the surface Maybe I m shallow, but I really didn t like the feel of the book Too dark Who knows.

  16. It was a dark and stormy night I know not from this book but I always think of this kind of mood recalling this story My first Emily Bronte read You really must read this book.

  17. I had mixed feelings about this story It was disturbing in so many ways, but I couldn t help but to keep reading.

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