The Goddess Chronicle

The Goddess Chronicle From internationally bestselling crime writer Natsuo Kirino comes a mythical feminist noir about family secrets broken loyalties and the search from truth in a deceitful world In a place like no oth

From internationally bestselling crime writer Natsuo Kirino comes a mythical feminist noir about family secrets, broken loyalties, and the search from truth in a deceitful world.In a place like no other, on a mystical island in the shape of tear drop, two sisters are born into a family of oracles Kamikuu is admired far and wide for her otherworldly beauty small and headsFrom internationally bestselling crime writer Natsuo Kirino comes a mythical feminist noir about family secrets, broken loyalties, and the search from truth in a deceitful world.In a place like no other, on a mystical island in the shape of tear drop, two sisters are born into a family of oracles Kamikuu is admired far and wide for her otherworldly beauty small and headstrong Namima learns to live in her sister s shadow On her sixth birthday, Kamikuu is chosen to become the next Oracle, serving the realm of light, while Namima is forced to serve the realm of darkness destined to spend eternity guiding the spirits of the deceased to the underworld.As the sisters serve opposite fates, Namima embarks on a journey that takes her from the experience of first love to the aftermath of scalding betrayal Caught in an elaborate web of treachery, she travels between the land of the living and the Realm of the Dead, seeking vengeance and closure.At the heart of this exquisitely dark tale, Kirino masterfully reimagines the ancient Japanese creation myth of Izanami and Izanaki A provocative, fantastical saga, The Goddess Chronicle tells a sumptuous story of sex, murder, gods and goddesses, and bittersweet revenge.

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The Goddess Chronicle

  1. NATSUO KIRINO, born in 1951 in Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture was an active and spirited child brought up between her two brothers, one being six years older and the other five years younger than her Kirino s father, being an architect, took the family to many cities, and Kirino spent her youth in Sendai, Sapporo, and finally settled in Tokyo when she was fourteen, which is where she has been residing since Kirino showed glimpses of her talent as a writer in her early stages she was a child with great deal of curiosity, and also a child who could completely immerse herself in her own unique world of imagination.After completing her law degree, Kirino worked in various fields before becoming a fictional writer including scheduling and organizing films to be shown in a movie theater, and working as an editor and writer for a magazine publication She got married to her present husband when she turned twenty four, and began writing professionally, after giving birth to her daughter, at age thirty However, it was not until Kirino was forty one that she made her major debut Since then, she has written thirteen full length novels and three volumes of collective short stories, which are highly acclaimed for her intriguingly intelligent plot development and character portrayal, and her unique perspective of Japanese society after the collapse of the economic bubble.Today, Kirino continues to enthusiastically write in a range of interesting genres Her smash hit novel OUT Kodansha, 1997 became the first work to be translated into English and other languages OUT was also nominated for the 2004 MWA Edgar Allan Poe Award in the Best Novel Category, which made Kirino the first Japanese writer to be nominated for this major literary award Her other works are now under way to be translated and published around the world.

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  1. Natsuo Kirino, Japon korku gizem edebiyat n n en yetkin kalemlerinden bir tanesi Daha nce T rk ede k isimli ba yap t n ve Grotesk isimli ba ka bir roman n okuma f rsat bulmu tuk Bir ba ka nemli eseri olan Real World un yay mlanmas n bekliyor iken, ans z n Tanr a G nl ile kar la t k, ok g zel bir s rpriz oldu.Bu eser, Kirino nun bibliyografyas nda farkl bir yerde konumlan yor Zira Tanr a G nl sipari zerine yaz lm bir roman 1999 senesinde Canongate Mit Serisi ad alt nda, d nyan n farkl yerlerinden [...]

  2. A human life means nothing to a god and can be taken away at will But for you you re human, and that makes you hesitate Gods and humans are different My suffering and yours are different Then, Izanami sama, why do you suffer , I asked, without thinking Because I am a female god This book put me under a spell I loved it so much it hurts, seriously.I ordered it for the English language section of our bookstore which is slowly but surely overtaken by English translations of Japanese authors coughs [...]

  3. Roman Japonya da kutsall k atfedilmi bir adan n yk s ile ba l yor Her zaman adalarda ya anan mistik olaylar n i leyi ini merak etmi imdir o y zden b y k ilgiyle okundum kinci k s mda roman Japon yarat l mitine ba lan yor.Bundan sonra cinsiyet ayr m , cinsellik, intikam zerine sorgulamalara neden oluyor yazar Ama bu sorgulamay yap tarz biraz rahats z edici buldum Baz yerlerde olaylar gereksiz a klay p okuyucuya buray siz atlars n z ben yazay m da atlamadan okuyun havas vermi ti.Ama yinede be endi [...]

  4. The set up for the main plot is slow, at times boring and too repetitive The action, once we get to, can also be repetitive I kept thinking please give the reader some credit though I m willing to speculate that perhaps some of the fault is with the translation The bland prose doesn t fit such an emotional story and the exposition seems as if it was written for a young audience While I understand what she was trying to get at with the ending, it seems forced and I m not sure it makes much sense. [...]

  5. Kad nlar n kad n zanami l m ve arzular n tanr as ve ilk ba larda her eyi yaratan tanr a O kadar zor ki bu kitab yorumlamak Kitap 3 y nden anlat l yor Birincisi Namima, ikincisi Namima ve zanami ve sonra zanaki Ya am Tanr s Her iki kad n da bir ihanet do rultusunda bir ekilde bir araya geliyor.Ve kad nlar n yaratma g c n ve istedi inde neler yapabilece ini mitolojik olarak ona hizmet eden bir l kad n n g z nden anlat yor zanaki, taraf ndan anlat lan k s m ise cidden duygusal bir k s md Ama Kirino [...]

  6. This is a really good retelling of the story of Izanagi and Izanami, with a dual thread of story where a young woman s life echoes that of the goddess as she finally goes to serve her The translation seems to capture the flavour of the original, a sort of tone that seems to be as distinct to Japanese stories as there is one I find distinct in Russian stories It s mostly simplistic language, which maintains that fairytale feel.I wasn t a big fan of the narrative voice, though Sometimes it s first [...]

  7. It s an outstanding retelling of the Japanese Creation Myth of Izanami and Izanaki The myth of Izanami and Izanaki is a powerful myth, it is related strongly to the most primitive human conditions and emotions birth, love, betrayal, grief, the death of a beloved wife and mother, the struggle of life and death, a man s helplessness before the fear of death, etc I like the story of the twin priestesses on the small island and how the twin s story is later being related to the tale of Izanami, orig [...]

  8. Bu kitaba d n ba lad m bu gece de kitap bitti Japon mitolojisi konusunda pek bir bilgim yok ancak bu kitap zanaki ve zanami adl di i ve erkek iki tanr n n zerine kurulu yarad l mitolojisinin yeniden yaz m Feminist bir bak a s ndan yaz lan kitapta, kad n do urganl n n ne denli b y k bir mucize ve ayn zamanda da b y k bir lanet oldu una dair bir i g r var Hayat n devam ettiricili i g revini stlenmi olan kad n, l mle de kutsanm durumda ayn zamanda Ba ta tahmin edilmesi zor sonras nda katmanlar tahm [...]

  9. 2read review the godde There is always poison You can be certain of it So long as there is a day, there will be night And where there is a yang, there is a yin To every front, a back No white without black Everything on earth has its opposite, its mate Should you wonder why, if there were only one there d be no birth In the beginning there were two, and those two were attracted to one another and drew together, and from there we have meaning Or so it is said What a enjoyable tale I found this to [...]

  10. I am a fan of the Canongate Myths series and I am a fan of Natsuo Kirino who has this way of slipping into the heads of her characters so exactly and so seamlessly that it s almost a surprise when you, the reader, resurface in the real world and realize that the people you have been reading about are characters and fictional So to say I was looking forward to reading The Goddess Chronicle would have been an understatement The premise is so fascinating and though I am not very familiar with Japan [...]

  11. Originally posted at reallifereading 2017 05 3 And so it came to pass that sisters who had been the best of friends were forced to follow separate paths Separate is not quite the right word Our paths were distinctly different, as if she were to follow the day and I the night or she the inner road and I the outer, she to traverse the heavens and I the earth That was the law of the island that was our destiny.It feels like a bit of a gamble for Natsuo Kirino, best known for her crime mystery nove [...]

  12. I actually go and read about the Japanese myth of Izanami and Izanaki because of this book It was interesting to read the re telling version from the author Kind of out of the usual Natsuo Kirino, this one is historical and sort like a fantasy.I love how it goes from the start of how Namima telling story about the great land of Yamato, her island and its surroundings, the Oracles and yin yang of their family root to her destiny and after life.It was sad somehow revenge and betrayal, grudge and [...]

  13. Extra star for a homoerotic love suicide Good old Japanese literature and its homoerotic love suicides coming at you from all directions Why don t you kill me and see if that makes a difference Yakinahiko was shocked Why would I kill you Because something might happen Let s die together and see what happens Death should we both succeed would be a happy outcome I m ready I will gladly give my life for you Unashi urged Takinahiko on with such adult assurance it was difficult to believe he was just [...]

  14. It s always difficult to review a translated work, because when you come across either brilliance or lack of lustre, it s difficult to assess whether that boon or bane is attributable to the author or the translator.Such is the case with The Goddess Chronicle, by Natsuo Kirino, translated by Rebecca Copeland The story is a retelling of an original Japanese creation story I suspect the original work by Kirino is a charged, tight story Copeland s translation, however, lacks passion, and certainly [...]

  15. The reason this book has three stars is that it isn t terrible nor is it anything remarkable The story was readable yet bland Brutal yet boring Odd combinations, I know.The premise was very good, interesting even Two sisters on opposite sides usually makes for interesting conflict I think the main reason that the story came off so bland was this lack, the conflict lasted at most two pages and was over as soon as you realised what it was There was no buildup for this conflict, and when there was [...]

  16. kirino ok yetenekli bi rahats z ama hikayesini m mk n oldu unca derinle tirmesi gereken bi yazar bana g re yetene i bu ekilde al yor tabii bu havada kalan ufak tefek k s mlar metnin g rece k sal n n m yoksa zahmet edip kitab orijinal dilinden evirtmeyen do an kitap n m mahareti bilmek asla m mk n olmayacak umuyorum ki bir g n yay nevleri okurlar na, m terilerine biraz sayg duyup 230 sayfal k bir kitab orijinal dilinden evirttikten sonra 23 tl talep eder.

  17. I first came across Natsuo Kirino s novel when I read her most famous crime fiction, Out It was a very intense read and I was not surprised at all that it received the Grand Prix for Crime Fiction, Japan s top mystery award and was a finalist in translation for the 2004 Edgar Award Her other novels, Grotesque and Real World were published subsequently and they received good reviews too, though Out is still considered her best work due to the thrilling and disturbing plot It is no doubt a masterp [...]

  18. Nu har jag l st tv b cker av Kirino OUT, en brutal thriller om n gra fabriksarbetande kvinnor som genomf r och d ljer ett styckmord och The Goddess Chronicle, en m rk och feministisk vuxensaga som bygger p japansk mytologi lskar b da tv lskar Kirino.

  19. I wound up reading the Goddess Chronicle by chance when I came across it in a friend s library The description on the jacket intrigued me and I decided to borrow it It s an interesting journey into the Japanese mythos with the Shinto gods Izanagi and Izanami featuring as two of the main protagonists You can almost call it a retelling of that legend of old that works as a parallel to Namima s story of love and betrayal It feels very much like a fantasy novel most of the time, set in a nondescript [...]

  20. This novel was a exquisite retelling of the Japanese creation myth with focus upon the tale of Izanami and Izanagi Despite my interest in world mythology I m not that familiar with Japanese mythology apart from being aware that there was a female sun goddess, Amaterasu In the course of this tale I learned that Amaterasu was one of the children of Izanagi, created after his Underworld confrontation with Izanami One of the many strengths of the Canongate Myths series of presenting world myths penn [...]

  21. A mesmerizing journey into the under world of a lonely and bitter goddess whose sad story intertwines with that of Namima, a little girl who lives on a strange island where people s lives are governed by strict rules and the ever lasting fear of disobeying the gods If you are familiar with the Japanese legends and horror movies, you know that the spirit of a tormented woman hardly ever finds peace Natsuo Kirino invites the reader to discover the gloomy realms of this torment She does it with sim [...]

  22. I have to clear my head a bit before writing a full review, but oh my God What a book It s been so long since I read a book that made me feel such deep melancholy and sadness for the fate of being a woman This novel is an allegory, and it should be treated as such, even though it reminded me of the fairy tales that I used to read as a little kid I will write about it, but for now, this is all I can come up with TO BE CONTINUED

  23. This book is different from her other work such as Out and Grotesque but this proves that Kirino has great range in her writing Part fictional and part mythology, The Goddess Chronicle explores the humanity and the emotions of all beings Mesmerizing.

  24. If the official description isn t enough to make you want to read this then I m not sure what else to say except that it exceeded my expectations I was not disappointed at all.More than just a retelling of Japan s creation myth, it is a story of mortal people caught up in the conflict between the male creator deity who lives in the light of the overworld bringing forth life and the female deity who gave birth to the world but now dwells in the underworld realm of the dead bringing about the end [...]

  25. In Japanese mythology, Izanaki The Male Who Invites and Izanami The Female Who Invites were amongst the original gods who were the creators of Japan and its gods For many centuries myths like these would have been transmitted orally in Japan, until around 712 A D when a written version the Kojiki Records of Ancient Matters , was compiled for the Japanese imperial court The tales in the Kojiki tell of the creation of the world, the origin of the gods, and the ancestry of the Japanese emperors, wh [...]

  26. This author is just too good The novel is a retold myth and creates a world of a cruel island people who harvest sea snakes and whose fates collide with a terrible split between two gods It is an exotic, epic tale which was such a page turner I pretty much finished it in a day Highly recommended to mystery lovers everywhere.

  27. This is a wonderful book And it has helped me to understand why people might knowingly accept defilement, if it is considered to be their station but, also, why they might resent defilement if it is not In America, we have always had an influx of immigrant, willing to accept defilement cleaning our toilets and plucking our chickens for a place at the table not necessarily our table If immigrants thereby improve their lot, then such immigration is a good thing If, however, we make them clean our [...]

  28. nc de c nd a ap rut la editura Polirom, n 2013, romanul Cronica zei ei colec ia Biblioteca Polirom, seria ACTUAL, traducere din limba japonez i note de Florentina Toma, 256 de pagini al scriitoarei japoneze Natsuo Kirino a exercitat asupra mea un fel de fascina ie combinat cu admira ie i curiozitate fa de stilul de scriere i de povestea inspirat din mitologia japonez Iar acum, n urma unei mici excursii la biblioteca local , am avut ocazia s m pierd n paginile acestei c r i i s mi dau seama nc o [...]

  29. The Canongate Myth Series has recruited some of my favorite authors, and I have been eagerly waiting to get my hands on this installment from Natsuo Kirino The myth she has chosen is one of dualities the darkness and the light, the pure and the not pure When Namima is still young, her beloved sister, Kamikuu, is taken to live with her grandmother Namima doesn t understand why, but the two are forbidden to interact and everyone begins treating Namima very differently It is in the second half of t [...]

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