The Humans

The Humans Body snatching has never been so heartwarming The Humans is a funny compulsively readable novel about alien abduction mathematics and that most interesting subject of all ourselves Combine Douglas

Body snatching has never been so heartwarming .The Humans is a funny, compulsively readable novel about alien abduction, mathematics, and that most interesting subject of all ourselves Combine Douglas Adams s irreverent take on life, the universe, and everything with a genuinely moving love story, and you have some idea of the humor, originality, and poignancy of MatBody snatching has never been so heartwarming .The Humans is a funny, compulsively readable novel about alien abduction, mathematics, and that most interesting subject of all ourselves Combine Douglas Adams s irreverent take on life, the universe, and everything with a genuinely moving love story, and you have some idea of the humor, originality, and poignancy of Matt Haig s latest novel.Our hero, Professor Andrew Martin, is dead before the book even begins As it turns out, though, he wasn t a very nice man as the alien imposter who now occupies his body discovers Sent to Earth to destroy evidence that Andrew had solved a major mathematical problem, the alien soon finds himself learning about the professor, his family, and the humans than he ever expected When he begins to fall for his own wife and son who have no idea he s not the real Andrew the alien must choose between completing his mission and returning home or finding a new home right here on Earth.

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The Humans

  1. Matt Haig was born in Sheffield, England in1975 He writes books for both adults and children, often blending the worlds of domestic reality and outright fantasy, with a quirky twist His bestselling novels are translated into 28 languages The Guardian has described his writing as delightfully weird and the New York Times has called him a novelist of great talent whose writing is funny, riveting and heartbreaking His novels for adults are The Last Family in England, narrated by a labrador and optioned for film by Brad Pitt The Dead Fathers Club 2006 , an update of Hamlet featuring an 11 year old boy The Possession of Mr Cave 2008 , about a man obsessed with his daughter s safety, and The Radleys 2010 which won Channel 4 s TV Book Club public vote and was shortlisted for a Galaxy National Book Award UK The film rights to all his adult novels have been sold His next adult novel is The Humans 2013.His multi award winning popular first novel for children, Shadow Forest, was published in 2007 and its sequel, The Runaway Troll, in 2009 His most recent children s novel is To Be A Cat 2012.

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  1. In August 2012 my brother committed suicide In the dark days and weeks immediately after his death I read almost incessantly I couldn t sleep because when I closed my eyes all I could see was his body I had to go to the mortuary with my father to formally identify his body When I was awake I read so I could bear the raw grief ripping at my heart I believe that it s thanks to books I survived those days, I m not sure how I d have coped without books giving me a respite from my at times overwhelmi [...]

  2. I know that some of you reading this are convinced humans are a myth, but I am here to state that they do actually exist For those that don t know, a human is a real bipedal life form of midrange intelligence, living a largely deluded existence on a small waterlogged planet in a very lonely corner of the universe Encountering the AlienThis must be one of the most muted and personal alien invasion stories that you will come across As the narrator admits, this is magical realism than science fict [...]

  3. Firstly, I could not finish this Although I did not hate the book there were too many aspects of the story that just annoyed me no end The Humans is the story of an alien who is sent to Earth to eliminate all traces of the newly found proof of the Reimann hypothesis, which is said to be too powerful and dangerous knowledge for an immature species as us The alien possesses the mathematician who proves the hypothesis, a professor at a prestigious university, who is also having a lot of family prob [...]

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  5. The world is divided into those who have read this book and those who have not Those who have read this book are shaking their heads in the affirmative right now.It is not so much the story, but read it for that It is not so much the characters, but read it for that too It is for the statement it makes on the flawed yet wondrous nature of humans This book will resonate with you long after you read it if not, we can t be friends You will be convinced the author himself is from another world, sent [...]

  6. This book is a wonderful, funny, and insightful look at humans from an alien perspective I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it I appreciated it even after reading the author s acknowledgments at the end of the book.UPDATE 01 03 18 It s been four years since I read this novel and it still remains one of my all time favorite books It s original, imaginative, and profound I highly recommend it Hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me over the years.

  7. THERE IS HOPE IN HUMANITY.Told through the romantic and curious perspective of an unnamed alien, Matt Haig s The Humans is an honest and mostly optimistic view on humanity, showing that hope and greatness could be found in our imperfections as individuals and as a whole.Let this book help you rethink about life and see its beauty Give it a moment and you would not regret it Humans, as a rule, don t like mad people unless they are good at painting, and only then once they are dead But the definit [...]

  8. Oh what a perfect book In this deceptively simple story, an alien takes over the body of a mathematics professor in order to destroy any evidence his victim has found about an important and game changing mathematical theorem It is a simple task, except that he falls in love with the very idea of humans.It s not sufficient to call this book heart warming it is funny, insightful, wise, and inspiring Haig s observations on modern human life make the reader consider her own priorities and want to go [...]

  9. If you can t overlook scientific inaccuracies or take a step out of your belief zone, this book is probably not for you I decided not to look too deep into the technicalities and to focus on the deeper message and as a result found I enjoyed this story The unique perspective of an alien who goes through a range of human emotion adds depth to some of the issues and imperfections of our kind He discovers, learns, loves, makes mistakes, and finds his way in this complicated world I liked the dry hu [...]

  10. Premise A socially awkward alien lands Earthside, naked on a Cambridge street And for a while, as Matt Haig builds from this premise, it s funny The Humans begins quite wonderfully with the arrival of an alien who can barely disguise his contempt towards humans and believes clothing is optional The humor works because of our extraterrestrial narrator s terrific voice, which is matter of fact and superior For example, the first piece of literature he reads is an issue of Cosmopolitan, which leads [...]

  11. I don t mind taking a gamble on Audible Daily Deals they re usually only a couple of quid and if they don t work out then it s less than the cost of a cup of coffee wasted I usually know quite early doors if a book is going to excite me, bore me or simply get on my nerves This one was of the last variety I m sure this is a great book for the right person its ratings are high everywhere, so it s obviously floated a few boats But for me it just became irritating, very quickly.The basic set up here [...]

  12. Read my Interview with this author 2read interview with matt haig he chats on writing,his life,and an adaptation.My ReviewHumans,the divine comedy they represent,with all their delusions,with all their fictions,with all their religious beliefs,with all their sex, drugs and rock and roll,with all their technological advancement,with all their moral decline,with all their race and class differences,with all their love for money and fame,with all their lies and truths,with all their war and peace,w [...]

  13. I absolutely loved the premise of this story so my expectation were sky high Unfortunately that lead to a whole lot of disappointment on my part as this story turned out to be a distinctly average read The humor fell just a bit flat and I never really connected with any of the human characters on an emotional level The alien host who stole Andrew Martin s body was actually the biggest success He was suitably alien and I did enjoy how he grew to appreciate that humans had some good aspects as wel [...]

  14. Advice for a human.81 You can t find happiness looking for the meaning of life Meaning is only the third most important thing It comes after loving and being.82 If you think something is ugly, look harder Ugliness is just a failure of seeing I liked this book it was funny and smart At some point it got on my nerves but overall I enjoyed it.It seemed to me that the writer wants to show us earth and life on it are beautiful no matter what Advice for a human86 To like something is to insult it Love [...]

  15. I loved this book from the very first page to the very last It made me laugh out loud, cringe with embarrassment, ache with loneliness, radiate with love.It made me want to go and watch my children sleeping, while I still can.It made me want to hold my loved ones close and smile at strangers as if we shared this simple secret That everything we are and everything we do has it s own fascination That however broken we think we are, we are still beautiful Messy, but beautiful.And it did so without [...]

  16. Yeri gelmi ken belirteyim, D nya da bir grup insan n bir araya gelip i g d lerini bast rmas n n sonucuna medeniyet deniyor Asl nda iki hafta nce ba lad m ve g nde bitirdi im, acayip ak c ve iyi yaz lm bir kitap bu sadece ben siteye girmekte biraz tembellik ettim Neyse Olur yle.Kendimi bildim bileli ki bu ok eskiye uzanmaz hep unu d nd m G ndelik ya ay m zdaki tonla ey asl nda ne kadar da anlams z Tencere tutaca anlams z, yiyip i tiklerimiz o unlukla anlams z, ahlak kavram hepsinden anlams z Din, [...]

  17. Brilliant An alien s perception of the human race His view is initially very cynical, but as the alien becomes familiar with humans his perception changes as he becomes human himself Eventually the once emotionless alien sheds a real human tear and learns to love He says I felt blue with sadness, red with rage and green with envy I felt the entire human rainbow This book is an amalgam of mathematics, science fiction, philosophy, poetry and is also very, very funny.

  18. Wow It has been way too long since I ve been on Life gets busy, and now that I have joined modern society and finally own an iPhone, my life seems to be distracted and less time to read.So, back to books I really wanted to read something edgy and different and something I m not used to So, when looking for a book as such I was encouraged to read The Humans by Matt Haig I was told it s content, style, and point of view are unique and captivating This lead me to read reviews that were all general [...]

  19. 4.5 stars rounded downI was picking up a book at the library when my eyes noticed The Humans on a shelf nearby I remembered somebody told me it was one of their favourite books of all time, so, I checked it out.I was taken, transported, mesmerised with the writing from the very beginning It s so playful, original and oh, so smart There s snark, irony, sarcasm and wit, especially in the first part Then it becomes a bit too sentimental, so my enthusiasm waned a bit, but not for long, it won me bac [...]

  20. So we come to The Humans Anyone who has read my blogpost How a book speaks to you see lizlovesbooks will know that this book is now a very big part of my life One I will read again One I will use to get me through the tough stuff And isnt that amazing And it could work for you but lets leave that behind us for now and talk about the book as a book As entertainment, as fiction as an amazing read and one that will absorb you entirely into its pages Because it will This story will amaze you It will [...]

  21. La pas genial ley ndolo Muy ameno, divertido y no carece de momentos profundos que hacen de la lectura algo m s que entretenimiento Desde el principio me atrap su premisa un extraterrestre llega a la Tierra en el cuerpo de un famoso matem tico y encuentra aborrecimiento en cada persona que ve, esto es debido a su concepci n de, para ponerlo, ir nicamente, en t rminos matem ticos universo humanidad destrucci n As se desenvuelve una historia sobre el descubrimiento y posterior exploraci n de nuest [...]

  22. I came across this gem rather by happy coincidence, and really had not expectations of what I would get I m not big on anything sci fi, so the idea of an alien essentially telling the story was not immediately enticing However, the cleverness and beauty of this book lies in this very fact By being a non human creature, Andrew Martin a.k.a the host body sees all the good things in humanity I should backtrack a moment and say that he, in alien form, was sent to earth to inhabit Andrew Martin s bod [...]

  23. What are humans What is the human condition This wonderful, entertaining story looks at humans from a new angle the perspective of totally alien character The alien has come from a distant planet to Earth, to destroy all memories of the proof of the Riemann hypothesis For humans are advancing their technologies faster than their societies, and the proof of the Riemann hypothesis, in the hands of immature humans, would lead to the destruction of life across the galaxy.Professor Andrew Martin, of [...]

  24. Una din cele mai emo ionante pove ti de dragoste ale anului, dragoste fa de semeni, fa de persoana iubit , fa de familie, fa de ceea ce ne nconjoar , sau cum poate deveni un extraterstru n r stimp de doar c teva luni mai uman dec t umanii Mai multe, pe FanSF wp pz4D9 2wI.

  25. A funny, clever, and unusual book, The Humans, explores what would happen if an alien came to earth and inhabited the body of an earthling and reacted to our life styles and rules for society A lot of things would seem absurd and this is what the author taps into The alien comes to love the puny, delicate, mortal human wife and son he has inherited by killing their husband and father and taking his place Some of the best passages are between him and the dog, Newton He heals Newton of his arthrit [...]

  26. To paraphrase Coach Carr from Mean Girls Don t do Math Because it will piss the aliens off, and then you ll die Don t talk about math, don t solve any math problems just don t do math, promise But Professor Andrew Smith in fact does solve a major math problem, and guess what He dies Even worse, the aliens decide to send an alien imposter to take over Smith s life to make sure nobody knows about his math solution Where at first the Alien finds everything on earth confusing and strange, he slowly [...]

  27. a philosophical treatise on what it means to be human in prose.Matt haig had infused his novel with plenty of warmth, in fact there were passages that were almost too sweet with humour a couple sentences had me laughing out loud and with insight.if I hadn t read Heinlein s stranger in a strange land I probably would have added another half star or star to this title yet as blatant as Heinlein s tale was bordering almost on preachy but not in an annoying way Haigs book is even less subtle.he waxe [...]

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