Abaddon's Gate

Abaddon s Gate For generations the solar system Mars the Moon the Asteroid Belt was humanity s great frontier Until now The alien artifact working through its program under the clouds of Venus has appeared in Ura

For generations, the solar system Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt was humanity s great frontier Until now The alien artifact working through its program under the clouds of Venus has appeared in Uranus s orbit, where it has built a massive gate that leads to a starless dark.Jim Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are part of a vast flotilla of scientific and milFor generations, the solar system Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt was humanity s great frontier Until now The alien artifact working through its program under the clouds of Venus has appeared in Uranus s orbit, where it has built a massive gate that leads to a starless dark.Jim Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are part of a vast flotilla of scientific and military ships going out to examine the artifact But behind the scenes, a complex plot is unfolding, with the destruction of Holden at its core As the emissaries of the human race try to find whether the gate is an opportunity or a threat, the greatest danger is the one they brought with them.

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Abaddon's Gate

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  1. There s a utopian idea in some sci fi like Star Trek that humanity exploring space will bring out the best in us as a species I think that anyone who believes that hasn t paid enough attention to what we are actually like That s one of the big reasons that I m loving this series It shows that people suck whether they re on Earth, Mars, a moon, an asteroid, a spaceship, or exploring an alien construct built by an ancient protomolecule This third book in the Expanse series picks up shortly after t [...]

  2. I do not think I have read a book series before which have gone from really great to really disappointing in one go like this one just did There is nothing wrong with the writing itself It is as good as before It is the content, the story itself, which is simply disappointing as far as I am concerned.Apart from Holden and his crew all the nice characters from the previous book like Bobby and the likable bitch Avasarala are gone The new ones introduced are nowhere near those that we lost in terms [...]

  3. Three and a half stars.Just for funsies, I m going to leave the last paragraph of my full review Strangely, for all the focus on theMcGuffin Ring, there s very little focus on the science, mechanics and impact of the Ring It remains a philosophical point At the finale, I felt like the book turned into an Aesop s fable, action scenes notwithstanding However, Miller s provides an excellent summation with his pronouncement, I keep warning you Doors and corners, kid That s where they get you Humans [...]

  4. I m utterly flabbergasted at all of the 5 star ratings that this book received It truly was not even close to a 5 star effort I for one am shocked at the bollocks the authors made of things in this, the third part of The Expanse.Where do I start The first two books were truly brilliant, and Caliban s War ended with a dandy of a cliffhanger with the protomolecule in full threat and Miller making his mysterious comeback With regards to taking advantage of the protomolecule threat, and all of the p [...]

  5. I ve been waiting for this book since I finished the previous book in the series I ve been actively anticipating it for the past few months I ve been hungering after it for the past week or so So, with all those high expectations, did Abaddon s Gate live up to my hopes Why, yes Yes, it did.It had everything I could hope for in a science fiction novel Great characters check Great worldbuilding check Awesome journeys through the depths of space into mysterious things check Pulse pounding, heart ra [...]

  6. I should keep this short really, I have a feeling that when people see a review of book 3 of a series they have not read they tend to find something better to do with their time and move on So I guess this review is quite a niche Ok, that should leave maybe a couple of review readers hello mum So Abaddon s Gate is volume 3 of the popular space operatic Expanse series I was not that big a fan of volume 1Leviathan Wakes, but that all changed after watching the Syfy adaptation and reading volume 2C [...]

  7. I m simply gobsmacked The first two volumes were terrific and really good respectively, but they didn t prepare me for the gut wrenching brilliance of this volume This deserves to be ranked as one of the classics of military SF, religious SF and space opera, all at once The characterization here is stunning one of the viewpoint characters is the main villain, and if there were nothing but her internal perspective, this would be some first rate writing Add on the trilogy heroes, a lesbian priest [...]

  8. Wait Wait Something doesn t make sense Spoilers If the alien computer system created a slow zone that changed the laws of physics and created a speed limit, then a Marine lobbed a grenade at an alien security thing which caused the speed limit to instantly change which lead to so horrific casualties in the human fleet because nothing could move faster than a lobbed grenade, then how in the hell is the final third of the book a huge gun battle Did I miss the part where Miller made bullets exempt [...]

  9. If humanity were capable of being satisfied, then they ll still be living in trees and eating bugs out of one another s fur Anna had walked on a moon of Jupiter She d look up through a dome covered sky at the great red spot, close enough to see the swirls and eddies of a storm larger than her home world She d tasted water thawed from ice as old as the solar system itself And it was that human dissatisfaction, that human audacity that had put her there Book three of the Expanse series offers a re [...]

  10. Book 1 5 Book 2 4.5 Book 3 4.25 Another good book in this series The major difference between this and book two were the character perspectives in addition to Holden were superior in book two I think after three books of Earth, Mars and the OPA fighting over politics book four needs to happen beyond the gate I thought with the station this might take a different story arc but it didn t.

  11. The third book of The Expanse is my favorite in the series thus far The anomaly that the protomolecule ejected from Venus at the end of Caliban s War has created The Ring a gateway to a kind of null space dubbed The Slow Zone, where all three major power players in the solar system converge to get a foothold When a UN vessel is destroyed, James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante is blamed, setting off another potentially volatile conflict.We already know that the authors Corey know how to buil [...]

  12. 4.44 A Buddy read with the Fantasy Buddy Read GroupI really, really enjoyed most of this book, until it went a bit too deep into the questions of who are we as humans, what do we strive for, what would be enough for human kind, and so on and on and on Even so, what are our red lines when it comes to forgiveness and are even the worst among us worthy of a second chance, and is there true redemption for the irredeemable I m of the opinion that it all depends on the situation and am quick to forgi [...]

  13. 4.5 Violence is what people do when they run out of good ideas It s attractive because it s simple, it s direct, it s almost always available as an option When you can t think of a good rebuttal for your opponent s argument, you can always punch them in the face After the ending of Caliban s War, I couldn t wait to dive in this book It took me however a little while to get used to the new narrators Once , we have a new cast of main players, including Bull, Anna and Clarissa The first two piqued [...]

  14. General impression a lot of combat, grouping, regrouping, splitting parties, shooting and vomiting Buckets and buckets of vomits It kinda felt like an annual top model convention.The third installment in The Expanse series has left me a bit unamused Probably if I was reading it when it was the freshest book in the series I d be possibly having quite a different feelings about it Now that I knew that there were at least four sequels and two in plans, I could barely use my empathy switch to the f [...]

  15. This series seems to be a series I am really into and it s Sci fi, which is awesome I definitely find that I struggle to find Sci fi that I can connect with and get interested in, but this series blends the big epic adventure with the nitty gritty of war, people, mistakes and I love the fact that this is one of the most diverse series in terms of representation and grey not just good bad characters, and the plots are always fun and crazy too.This particular book follows Melba and Holden and th [...]

  16. Arg this book is frustrating I enjoyed Leviathan Wakes, and was excited to see how the world developed Caliban s War I thought really delivered on that promise, introducing characters far interesting then the first book and expanding the world This bookt so much.There are two glaring issues with this book The first is Melba I can t think of another word other than obvious From the moment she is introduced, it s both incoherent with what was established in the last two books, and it s pretty cle [...]

  17. 4 Stars This one wasn t quite as good as the first in the series I think the ending really picked up, but the beginning was fairly meh It s also strange because this book has a large scope, but everything takes place in fairly close quarters It gave a different kind of feel to the book than the other two, not bad, but it made me feel less connected to the characters, particularly Melba I really loved Anna and Bull, but I feel like Bull s story was just left hanging if you know what I mean I also [...]

  18. The Full Review thefoundingfields 2013 06 There are some series that I wish could go on forever, and The Expanse is one that fulfils that category James SA Corey delivers another stunning entry with Abaddon s Gate, and therefore Book Four cannot come fast enough The Founding FieldsJames SA Corey is the penname of Daniel Abraham Ty Frank, for those people who do not already know if you ve been following the series or at least have read the first volume, then you ll know this by now Daniel Abraham [...]

  19. The mystery of the protomolecule seems to be finally unraveled at the end of book two The alien artifact hi jacked Venus to build a massive ring out beyond Uranus however, questions remain What is the purpose of the gate What does it do Earth, Mars and the OPA send what remains of their navies along with premier scientists, spiritual leaders and even artists to investigate With Holden there too trouble starts almost immediately.Clarissa Mao, the daughter of Jules Pierre Mao and the owner of the [...]

  20. Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are back and ready to save the solar system once again in another popcorn devouring, action, blockbuster style space opera.The protomolecule has built a large structure in space Nobody knows what it does but Earth, the Martians and the OPA all want a piece of it Everybody whose anybody from Governments to religious celebrities to the media wants a look see and the crew of the Rocinante is there ready to cash in when they receives an offer they can t refuse on [...]

  21. This was book 3 in the series Expanse by James S.A Corey, i have enjoyed this series so far, book 1 and book 2 were awesome and i gave both of them a 5 stars rate, the only reason that i gave this one only 4 stars is because due to the fact that it is book 3 , it feels like a transitionary book one where the authors feels the need to introduce new characters, new environments or new plots to keep the story interesting This book introduces a new concept that has the potential to change the whole [...]

  22. Summary A slingshotter takes his ship Y Que through the protomolecule ring created by Venus, near Uranus it accelerates past 99 g s and his body is splattered inside the ship but the ship doesn t come out the other side of the ring A live feed from the Y Que broadcasts the events.The Roci crew has had a propsperous year they ve made a bunch of ship upgrades including joining Naomi and Holden s rooms and and adding a rail gun Detective Miller continues to visit Holden, but he doesn t seem to actu [...]

  23. My thoughts summed up Humanity sucks, and I had a lot of fun with this one.I think I m finally warming to Holden, which means a lot considering I almost stopped reading this series because of how much I wanted to smack his cocky little head I enjoyed the new POV characters that were introduced, especially Melba and Anna They re great additions to the cast I did miss Avasarala quite a bit The writing is nothing special and the story is a fun space romp The latter half of this book opened up a lot [...]

  24. Another solid addition to the series The format of adding new POV characters while also following the core characters continues to work well and keeps the story fresh I m looking forward to the next installment

  25. ABADDON S GATE is the third volume of the Expanse and while it promises many new and interesting developments, isn t one I enjoyed as much as the previous installments That s not to say the novel isn t good but it has some flaws which made me think this series might be running out of steam I hope I m going to be proven wrong but the only way I can do that is to pick up the next volume.The premise of the novels is humanity has explored the solar system and colonized both Mars as well as the Aster [...]

  26. The Hebrew term Abaddon Hebrew , add n , and its Greek equivalent Apollyon Greek , Apollyon , appear in the Bible as a place of destruction and an angel, respectively In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a dwelling place of the dead, often appearing alongside the better known term sheol In the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon is shown as the king of an army of locusts his name is first transcribed in Greek Revelation 9 11 whose name in Hebrew Abaddon , [...]

  27. When we last left things, whatever the Protomolecule had been doing on Venus following Eros Station s crash landing appears to have come to an end The bad news Well, it sort of constructed this giant mysterious mechanical ring that drifted off into space and made its way into Uranus heh heh orbit No one knows what it is, or what its intentions are, so several ships from Mars, Earth and the OPA Outer Planets Alliance have decided to park their ships in front of it and just sort of wait for someth [...]

  28. All of the implicit promises made to me as a reader have been fulfilled and titillated and stoked to a nice fine fire I wanted something with huge scope, and while I kept thinking about Iain M Banks Culture or to the point, Brin s Uplift War, or even Pohl s Gateway series, I was thoroughly impressed with the Expanse because it kept me grounded in the multiple scales needed to fully appreciate it Sure, there s series that have galaxy wide adventure, but how does one truly draw the reader into a [...]

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