The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans Rid the humans of their humanity Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world a world in whic

How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans Rid the humans of their humanity.Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others ultimate goal How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans Rid the humans of their humanity.Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others ultimate goal the extermination of the human race.Cassie and her friends haven t seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate.

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The Infinite Sea

  1. aka Richard YanceyRick is a native Floridian and a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago He earned a B.A in English which he put to use as a field officer for the Internal Revenue Service Inspired and encouraged by his wife, he decided his degree might also be useful in writing books and in 2004 he began writing full time.Since then he has launched two critically acclaimed series The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, for young readers, and The Highly Effective Detective, for adults Both books are set in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Rick lived for ten years before returning to Florida.

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  1. I really LOVED The 5th Wave I read it in the middle of my college exams and it was the only thing that kept me sane in between studying The atmosphere was just right, the writing was engaging to me, and I thought each of the characters brought something important to the table Such love is hard to follow.When I opened this book I was both excited and nervous My expectations were so high that I knew it was dangerous And, what can I say I really needn t have worried There is something so utterly co [...]

  2. I need this book Need it I d kill for it I.Need This BookW.Rick Yancey, you better hurry up I know, I know, it takes time to write a masterpiece.But.Really Really Really I just can t whole life is waiting City of Heavenly Fire The Mortal Instruments, 6 House of Hades Heros of Olympus, 4 The 5th Wave 2 Allegiant Divergent 3 The Seeker The Soul The Host 2, 3 Lady Midnight Prince of Shadows Queen of Air and Darkkness The Dark Artifacts, 1, 2, 3 World After Penryn and the End of Days, 2 Dreams of Go [...]

  3. Not as good as book one, but i still love these characters Here s my full review booktalk with all the feels youtu O9LfR2RHY7Y

  4. I liked this book, but after the awesomeness of The 5th Wave, it was somewhat of a let down The writing, world, and characters were all fantastic, but the story was hard for me to get into, especially in the first 100 pages or so, which I felt kind of dragged Things picked up and the book definitely ended on a high note, but that didn t quite make up for the beginning I m still invested in the series and can t wait to get my hands on the final book, but I don t think this was a very strong insta [...]

  5. I think we can all agree on how much we need this book in our lives As for Cassie and BEN Why did he dare to kiss her when it should be Evan kissing her Is that his way to give the former young school girl inside of her a cookie He clearly knows no that she must ve been infatuated with him in school That just makes him seem so cocky Sigh Grunt Whatever Evan BETTER be alive And Cassie better forget about her childish school crush on Ben Come on Mr Yancey, give us a happy ending.Oh, yeah With all [...]

  6. ____________________________________________ That s the cost That s the price Get ready, because when you crush the humanity out of humans, you re left with humans with no humanity.In other words, you get what you pay for, motherfucker ____________________________________________Definitely not disappointing You can find the full review and about this book on my blog First I want to say something.Before reading this,I heard many many bad reviews and things about this book,and if you know me,you [...]

  7. zero spoilers for the first book Good morning, The Infinite Sea I m afraid I have some bad news You re suffering from a bad case of Second Book Syndrome.It s a common affliction in the YA middle child Symptoms include dragging narrative, long periods of character inertia, lack of substantial plot, and padding While it s not contagious, people reading you may experience boredom or frustration There s no known cure, I m afraid You re going to have to wait it out I d advise a year long quarantine o [...]

  8. I definitely prefer The Fifth Wave to this book but The Infinite Sea doesn t fail to deliver and is an excellent sequel.The plot isn t as engrossing as the first book, due to the unveiled mystery but this book still manages to reel you into the unwinding chaos and takes hold of your emotions.The writing is fantastic, as it submerges you into the catastrophe and fear the characters have to bear, in order to survive.The characters struggle is really felt in this novel, as all of the characters are [...]

  9. Omfg.I m completely blown away by what the first book did to me.I m going to be honest here I didn t like Evan from the start For me, it always was Cassie and Ben.I was okay with the friendship bonding thing between Ben and Ringer, but Cassie and Evan I was just sitting there like NO NO DON T FREAKIN TOUCH HER I mean, HE HAS BEEN STALKING YOU FOR HOW LONG NOW A MONTH Ew That s just creepy And come on, Rick Yancey Please don t go all Twilight on us, like Uh oh no, I am an alien, you re human, we [...]

  10. Why I DNF d this book I am so sad that this book was such a disappointment.I loved The Fifth Wave so much I mean, 5 star loved it From beginning to end, that book had me captivated So, you can imagine my disappointment when I finally decided .I m not finishing this book.Excessive, redundant, unneeded, superfluous These are the words that came to mind over and over as I was trudging through the first 2 3 of this book I was just so bored The first half of the book is filled with endless musings ab [...]

  11. Tengo que reconocer que esta parte de la historia me sorprendi bastante, aunque no tuvo tan buen ritmo como el primer libro, si tuvo mucha mas profundidad, no solo en el mundo que cre el autor sino tambi n en cada uno de los personajes principales de este segundo libro de la saga.Despu s del primer libro quedaron muchas preguntas y la mayor a de ellas fueron resueltas en El mar infinito el mundo esta cada vez mas desolado y los alienigenas nos est n ganando el planeta No hay una resistencia huma [...]

  12. Even the stars will wink out one by one and there will be no light or heat, and this is the war, the endless, futile war against the lightless, heatless void rushing toward us Impressive Reading Experience Oh, wow, the most enjoyable thing while reading this is that I m completely amazed by how perfect and powerful Rick Yancey s words are He s indeed an extraordinary writer because he never fails to overwhelm you with seemingly simple descriptions yet you ll feel the strength and emotion beneath [...]

  13. re read this book this month and it was even amazing the second time aroundI dont think anyone should or really could write a review to sum up how amazing this book is Reading it this time I noticed so many tiny things that make up so many big moments And this book again has stolen my heart and messed with my head So for now all I will say is, Rick Yancey has done it again BrilliantI just can t understand how anyone couldn t like this series Read review for this book and others on our blog sout [...]

  14. This books was a train wreck, and I really did not like it I read the 5th wave about a year ago, and whilst I didn t think it was anything special, I did enjoy myself while reading it This book however, has all of the exact same problems just to far greater extremes Let s start with the basics this books is a really poorly structured sequel The story jumps straight back into where it left off in the 5th wave, without any refresher of who these people are, what they are doing, and what the point [...]

  15. BEFORE READINGWhy can t I have this book freaking now Oh yeah That s because it comes out in like what, Augustof 2014 UGH I am SICK of cliffhangers After what Rick Riordan did to me, I don t think I can take it WaitRick RiordanRick YanceyOH MY GOODNESS The Rick s are Cliffhanger kings why, just why AFTER READINGWarning This review may contain spoilers You have been warned Don t go crying if you read something from here and you haven t gotten that far Not my fault.Ok Let s just say that this boo [...]

  16. 4.25 SILENT STARS People die Love endures I didn t love this book as much as I loved the prequel, but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless By the way, I completely forgot I still had to write this review, oops Basically, most of what happened in this one was everyone getting their bearings and it felt like of an extremely long prequel to the third book, which I honestly can t wait to read.Though the first half of this book was pretty boring, the second part was seriously awe inspiring yet again [...]

  17. The good news everyone is dying for NO LOVE TRIANGLE In fact, there s hardly a romantic component to this book at all If anything there is view spoiler a love triangle with Ringer and another soldier instead of Ben It all depends on your definition of love triangle To me, no The tryst with the other soldier is clearly a one time ordeal And Ringer and Ben were never that much of a couple anyway But that s just going with my definition hide spoiler And there s no cliffhanger Not really Nothing now [...]

  18. This is an alien invasion, right And if you had any doubts after reading The 5th Wave just how far these beings out of time and space will go in search of dominion over this planet and its indigenous occupants, the opening chapter of The Infinite Sea will erase blast those doubts into smithereens It grabs you by the throat and whispers wetly in your ear Listen Up Chump We pick up with Cassie right where book one ended She s got Sams, with his bedraggled bear, as well as Zombie and the rest of Be [...]

  19. Reread in May 2016.Rating 3.5 stars because I keep wavering between 3 and 4.Updated review In my original review below I said this book felt like filler and didn t advance the plot much Upon rereading, I actually disagree with my previous statements Reading the first 2 books back to back gave me a much bigger picture And again, the story follows the same pattern as the first book by having one group on the outside, and one group on the inside of the whole alien operation, which I feel lends a gr [...]

  20. If there s an intense, Twilight esque love triangle, I M GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING SHOOT EVERYBODY IN SIGHT I m going to cry really, really, really hard.Evan s the choice It s not Ben It never has been Ben And godmotherfuckingdammit it never will be Ben.Cassie saved Evan Evan s ALWAYS liked Cassie Therefore Evan Cassie happy book.That is all.

  21. So basically at first I was like, Eh, this book is pretty mediocre compared to the first And then as the book progressed I was like, HOLY COW THIS BOOK IS FABULOUS So yeah, I am completely and 100% in love with this book I mean is it better than the first one Hard to say, but they re pretty close SPOILERS 1 Wow, so Razor Yeah, I want one How is it that all these super attractive and amazing guys are surviving this apocalypse I would really love to know Because if this is how it s going to be dur [...]

  22. I was patiently waiting for this book all year If your not new to my Youtube channel, then you will know how much I LOVED The 5th Wave I thought it was amazingly written, creepy and I just fell in love hard with it So it s safe to say I had huge expectations for the sequel.It didn t meet them though to me.The first problem I have with it is that it s 160 pages shorter than the first book Granted the first book isn t an insanely long book, it clocks in at 460 pages but to have a sequel only 300 p [...]

  23. This book was so unfocused and jumped around all over the place The first 200 pages were unfocused and so many unnecessary things happened, not to mention if you haven t read the first book in a while you ll spend the first 100 pages trying to remember everything.However, once this book entered the last section last 100 pages and gained some focus and started progressing it got a lot better And made a heck of a lot sense.Overall, it was a kind of disappointing sequel but the ending still killed [...]

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