Fallen Crest High

Fallen Crest High Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing They were rich and expected to attend her school Fallen Crest Academy They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them The

Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them The problem is that she doesn t care at all about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent s divorce But maybe that s a good thing MaMason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them The problem is that she doesn t care at all about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent s divorce But maybe that s a good thing Maybe change is a good thing.

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Fallen Crest High

  1. Tijan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fallen Crest High book, this is one of the most wanted Tijan author readers around the world.

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  1. OH.GOD screeches Loved this book to fucking bits Kade brothers Why the fuck haven t I seen it before and read it earlier is beyond me it pisses me off I loveddddddd this book like toooooo much It was amazing I usually judge a book by its cover, But don t do that here This book is like a hidden gem.Not your usual love romantic novel Its got a tiny tinge of dark to it too Samantha, WOAH I d go lesbian for her Loveddddd her Her guts, boldness and frankness phew fell in love fast and hard heheI love [...]

  2. 1 2 Fallen Crest High, book 1 of 7 The slow brewing lustful romance between Sam town heartthrob Mason Kade Mason moved back and whispered as his lips teased my skin, You re going to ride me long and hard tonight I grinned against his neck It was what every girl wanted to hear Books in Fallen Crest High series should be read in order Book 0.5 Mason can be read after book 1.Book 1 Fallen Crest HighBook 2 Fallen Crest FamilyBook 3 Fallen Crest PublicBook 4 Fallen Fourth DownBook 5 Fallen Crest Univ [...]

  3. FULL OF ANGRY AND BITTER CHARACTERSTHIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS BE WARNED DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DON T WANT TO KNOWSam s mother has been cheating on her husband, she is now moving Sam and herself to her new fianc s house But all is not well as said fianc has two sons Mason and Logan, who despise Sam s mother on sight As they have accurately summed her up as a gold digger.Sam s boyfriend has been cheating on her for two years with her best friend while Sam s other BF covered up for them Maso [...]

  4. Honestly I don t think I ve ever been so confused in my whole life I wanted to like this book I really did but well for one I couldn t get an image of what they looked like all I got was a hair color and height of everyone so I was imagining pretty blank faces This book really just seemed to drag on and on with no point And you know what I still don t get the point It just wasn t making any sense at all to me and wow these characters I wanted to punch all of them but Sam like wtf why is everyone [...]

  5. Incoming the rantings of one crazy person.Fallen Crest High was entertaining as hell But stillYeah, it might just be that I m getting too old for this shit.No, I m not talking about YA I ll never be too old for YA There are far too many great books with fascinating stories out there that the adult market just isn t able to do up the same way What I m talking about getting too old for is stupid drama and the romanticizing of character behavior that is downright scary and appalling Rarely, does a [...]

  6. SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Mature YAI have a new obsession and they re BROTHERS Their names you ask Mason and Logan Kade Are they HOT Heck yeah they are ReviewSeventeen year old Samantha Sam finds her life flipped upside down when she comes home and finds her mother Analise sitting in the midst of boxes She wastes no time letting Sam know that they are not only moving out, but that she is divorcing her dad Oh and to top that off she al [...]

  7. SPOILER ALERT It started out really good, but then it got so confusing.It s about Sam, her parents split up and now she is forced to move in with her mom, her moms new man and his sons Sam is struggling to find herself when she s thrown into a very different world than she is used to, all thanks to her new brothers The Kades.This just wasn t a book for me I didn t get what the point, or the message this book was supposed to send out It seemed like a lot of different messages were put out there, [...]

  8. Do you have a trashy reality TV show you watch that you know you shouldn t enjoy, but you just can t help yourself Where the drama is so ridiculous and eye roll worthy you just sit there snickering because of it all but refuse to turn it off That is exactly what this book was for me The drama was absolutely, over the top, absurdly immature The writing was kind of odd and certainly something I am not used to reading The high school mentality and situations were so unrealistic I couldn t help but [...]

  9. This book was very strange.let me start off with this though I enjoyed the beginning, when the main character Samantha was moving into a new house with a new family her mother was planning on marrying into In comes the two hot boys who are supposed to be her new step brothers, only the picture isnt so perfect because they all dislike each other and spend a lot of time in the beginning completely ignoring each other There is some sexual tension between one of the brothers and Sam, and I was very [...]

  10. 4 stars People are snakes, you just have to figure out their different colors, but they re all the same Everybody wants something I read Fallen Crest for the first time over four years ago and felt the need for a refresher I never finished the series and wanted to get back to it, but needed to start from the beginning again This is about teenager Sam whose mom dumps her dad and gets a newer richer man The downside of this is Sam moves in with two stepbrothers who hate her, and who dictate all th [...]

  11. Karla and I plan to one day write a combined review for all three books in this series To say we are ADDICTED is an understatement GUILTY PLEASURE READ AND NOTHING MORE This authors is my ADDICTION My CRACK My ESCAPE My EXCEPTION I can t get enough of her books Her stories all of them will ALWAYS be 5 star reads for me because I don t read them like I do other books They have become my escape, my guilty pleasure, my one exception They encompass EVERYTHING that would normally drives me bat shit c [...]

  12. And here i thought it couldn t get worse than Fallen Too Far Turned out i was wrong Fallen Crest High is our winner Actually, they are pretty similar Step brother romance love hate dumb meets dumber relationship cringe worthy love interest The word fallen in the title and blah blah blah.I actually managed to finish it But i wish, oh, how i wish, i wouldn t have bothered This was insanely stupid I ve laughed while reading countless times, but I ve never, EVER, actually laughed at the book before [...]

  13. I couldn t stop reading this book Once I started it, it was non stop reading couldn t put it down So much drama But I loved it Samantha parents are divorcing She moves in with her mom s new boyfriend, and his infamous son s Mason and Logan Kade Samantha goes a private school that her dad coaches at Although the Kade s are very wealthy, they choose to attend public school for the football team Sam has issues with her mother, not only does she have drama at home, but also at school Her boyfriend o [...]

  14. Angry, ranting review incoming This story was absolutely murdered by horrendous spelling and grammar errors Spelling mistakes, missing words, incomplete sentences, complete sentences that made absolutely no sense, lack of understanding of how to properly use pronouns that caused all sorts of confusion as to who was speaking or being spoken to about I read a lot of self pub indie books, and errors are part of the deal Usually, I can just ignore them as I read, but I just couldn t do it with this [...]

  15. I ve given myself whiplash Two days of a mother bugga book funk I have started and stopped so so many books and I never got passed this book within the series so I m going to have a Tijan marathon, if this doesn t send me on a non book funk journey my life is doomed Oh Becky your pricelessAnyways, I m happy that he likes you Last year I wouldn t think you had any balls I mean, look at who you were You had two sleazy best friends and an even sleazier boyfriend They were all sleazy together behind [...]

  16. 4 STARS People don t know what they re made of until they re tested Wow This book was really something There was so much drama I didn t know what to expect next And I honestly have no clue how to even begin to review this becausewellSo Much Happened Since there are already an abundance of detailed reviews out there I will keep this one short.Sam is a teenaged girl who s entire life seems to be turned upside down Her mother is divorcing her father a man that coaches the football team at her priva [...]

  17. Well, I am officially naming this series my book crack of the year LOL The worst thing is that I have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying all of this teenage drama I m not sure what exactly that says about me, but I really don t want to think about that too hard To sum up this book is actually really easy DRAMA That is really all there is to this book but it is written in a way that will hold the reader captivated from start to finish I couldn t put this book down, and when I absolutely had t [...]

  18. This bookis author.This storyese characters.In a wordSPECTACULARA toast is in order for this author because her words are laced with crack I can t put it DOWN These characters are LARGE and in your face However they are also flawed and small at the time but they will grab you and draw you in quickly This book is quick and active flows FAST minute this is happening and the next BAMMMMMMMMWe have moved on and you are like WTF just happened The BEST part of this book is Mason and Logan Kade.GOOOOOO [...]

  19. Wow I can t find words to describe how amazing this book was Tijan s got herself a new fan This was me throughout the whole book This one gave me a really bad book hangover sigh It s a little hard to review because So Much Happened.Sam is a seventeen year old girl, who has just found out her mother cheated on her dad and is getting divorced She got kicked out, so they are moving to live with her boyfriend, James Kade, who happens to have two sons Mason and Logan are the bad boys of Fallen Crest [...]

  20. FREE HEREIf you haven t read any of Tijan books, then I m here to tell you, stop what you are doing and pick one up Yep, just do it, go put the word Tijan in your search box on and then do your one click thing, b c you will get your money s worth and then some.Oh I should warn you, this review will be filled with major fan girl moments Do I have a crush on Tijan Maybe I would like to take this moment to thank all the people that have pushed me to read this book I even had an author bestie tell m [...]

  21. I didn t get the fascination with this book.The plot is confusing The writing is horrible I couldn t tell what was going on half the time in the book because alot of it was going on at once and it didn t make sense The main characters were weird and seriously, describing someone having a hyena laugh does not make that guy gorgeous I didn t understand Mason and Logan Honestly, I thought they were creeps ad bullies They tortured people and bullied good guys like Adam and the author went around and [...]

  22. I just can t Fallen Crest High has been on my tbr for a long time I have a free subscription to Kindle Unlimited for the next three months, so I thought why not knock some of these from my tbr Wowza The writing was disjointed and confusing the dialogue stilted, and the editing just sad.Writing aside, I love some good drama when it s done right Instead, I got cliche one dimensional characters, and absolutely no development in anything A hot seventeen year old girl lives her life in high school wi [...]

  23. Oh my Gosh I can t even talk about what i have just read That was fuckin amazing Extraordinary Unbelievable That book rocks I don t know from where to start I just love everything about this series, but of all i loved with all my heart the awesome threesome No, no, no Foursome Sam, Mason Logan, and of course Nate Well, let me take it from the beginningSam s reality changed, when one day from nowhere her mother announced her that she s getting divorce from her father and that they have to move w [...]

  24. 4 Awesomely screwed up stars The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this book is that these characters are completely messed up And considering the amount of books I read and the amout of crazy characters with whom I cross, that s saying A LOT Nonetheless, I just couldn t put it down.Samantha has a screw up life She has a shitty cheater boyfriend and cheaters girl friends And to top that her mom suddenly resolves to divorce her father and go live with another man But nooooo, no [...]

  25. Holy High School Drama When Samantha s parent s divorce, she finds herself moving in with mom s new finance and his two sons, Mason and Logan Kade Samantha attends the local private school and the Kade brothers are gods at the local public school They are worshipped for their performance on the football field as well as being every girl in towns dream guys.Samantha faces a lot of drama amongst her friends and boyfriend Jeff as well as coming to terms with a lot of bombs mom repeatedly drops on h [...]

  26. I m a FALLEN CREST HIGH official fanSON KADESAMANTHAThis is one to feed my Stateside fixation of American High school and I got my lot and Do not be fooled by the blurb and front cover this story is amazing from start to finish.Drama, tantrums, trouble, cat fights, parties, mummy issues, daddy issues, mean girls, bad boys, love scratch that lust, best friends , fallouts, make up s, break up s the list could go on BUT to top it ALL off the author kindly gives us the Kade Brothers double sigh and [...]

  27. 1 5 starsI enjoy reading nice, easy, entertaining, NA books and thought this was going to just be that but I quickly found out how wrong I was.I disliked the characters, I HATED the relationships romantic or not , and even though I didn t mind the writing it was only okay nothing special Most importantly, this book made really uncomfortable 90% of the timeThis book is just a no from me.

  28. This book was awesome Boy, was it filled with so much drama and I was riveted to it all I m so glad I did not go to high school with these people They would just rather eat you up and spit you out.I started this book with some false assumptions that had me doubting the real reasons behind a few actions That made me hesitant about some of these characters until I realized I was wrong I loved Mason, Sam, Logan and Nate Their loyalty to each other is what I truly love to read about.Mason is the sil [...]

  29. I m putting this down for a while I m just finding the right mood because I can sense there s going to be a lot of dramas ahead I need patience or elseI might throw a lot of F Bombs.

  30. RE READ July 8th, 2017It fuckin never gets old One of the best ANGSTY YA NA dramas I have ever read One of the best complexed H h I have ever encountered in a book Yeah, MASON KADE is one of a kindOriginal review Hell on wheels There was so much drama that I started passing out at one pointi had to get some air to clear my head, then take out my notebook to write everything down by following the basic questions of journalism who, what, where, why and howis was angst high, like drug highI couldn [...]

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