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Listening for Lucca I m obsessed with abandoned things Siena s obsession began a year and a half ago around the time her two year old brother Lucca stopped talking Now Mom and Dad are moving the family from Brooklyn to

I m obsessed with abandoned things Siena s obsession began a year and a half ago, around the time her two year old brother Lucca stopped talking Now Mom and Dad are moving the family from Brooklyn to Maine hoping that it will mean a whole new start for Lucca and Siena She soon realizes that their wonderful old house on the beach holds secrets When Siena writes in he I m obsessed with abandoned things Siena s obsession began a year and a half ago, around the time her two year old brother Lucca stopped talking Now Mom and Dad are moving the family from Brooklyn to Maine hoping that it will mean a whole new start for Lucca and Siena She soon realizes that their wonderful old house on the beach holds secrets When Siena writes in her diary with an old pen she found in her closet, the pen writes its own story, of Sarah and Joshua, a brother and sister who lived in the same house during World War II As the two stories unfold, amazing parallels begin to appear, and Siena senses that Sarah and Joshua s story might contain the key to unlocking Lucca s voice.

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Listening for Lucca

  1. I grew up outside Boston in Newton, and later Natick, MA During the school year I went to Catholic school, did a lot of homework, and read a couple books a week During the summer I read a couple books a day and spent hours swimming and playing outside at our local pool or beach I was very much a planner, dreamer, and writer, creating plays and shows for my siblings and the neighborhood kids to be in and filling up entire notebooks with novels I always read late into the night and slept with a book under my pillow.I went to college in Lexington, VA at Washington and Lee, where I studied English and European History I went to grad school in New York City at The New School, where I studied Writing for Children.Now I divide my time between Natick, MA and New York Due to my frequent travels, I don t really have a typical day, but most days I spend some time writing, reading, exercising swimming, lifting, or walking , and visiting with friends I like to warm up for writing by playing computer games I do my best writing at home in my pajamas, though a lot of days I will venture out to a library to work in jeans and a sweatshirt, rather than PJ s Most days I take a nap, which I tend to do with a book on my chest, whether or not I was actually reading it before I fell asleep I still read before bed, and, now that I m older and have a big bed to myself, I slide the book I m reading under the pillow next to me rather than the one I m planning to sleep on.Because readers of all ages visit me here on , I really do like to put up a genuine record of what I read, whether it s for kids, teens, or adults The books I read are not intended as recommendations for any particular age group.

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  1. Siena and her family move to Maine from Brooklyn to help her little brother Lucca He doesn t speak, using only gestures to communicate with them Siena isn t sad to move, since she didn t have lots of friends to leave behind Maine should be a new start for all of them When they arrive at their big old house on the beach, the family gets to work fixing it up But both Lucca and Siena believe that the house is haunted by a family that used to live there Siena finds a pen on a high shelf in her close [...]

  2. I so wanted to love this book Time travel paranormal middle grade is probably my favorite genre mashup that I ve encountered Reading the description, I thought this was going to be a wonderful hearkening back to the self discovery and pure magic of books like A Handful of Time, one of my favorite examples of this genre With Listening for Lucca, the plot was there, but the character development just wasn t, and in a book like this, that s critical I never really got to know who Siena was, who Sam [...]

  3. This novel doesn t work The story is basically as follows We have 3 year old Lucca who doesn t speak, for no apparent physical or medical reason Then there is his 13 year old sister, Siena, who sees the past literally in front of her at awkward moments and fears she is going crazy She is also able to transport herself through dreams and a magic pen hello to inhabit the bodies of dead people who used to live in their house.Confused Wait There s Siena s family has moved to this old home in Maine [...]

  4. Huh What the heck was that horrible ending I felt like I was reading the script for one of the recent, incredibly lame Doctor Who episodes view spoiler I will just will myself into your body in the past I will talk to your brother after miraculously snapping him out of his PTSD like a self help author I will LITERALLY FIND THE KEY to unlocking Lucca s muteness I will get confirmation from the elderly neighbor that I have changed the past hide spoiler What started out as a standard realistic fami [...]

  5. A lovely book for young adults and mothers too Lucca is Siena s brother He is 3 years old and hasn t spoken yet The family is relocating to Maine to give everyone a fresh start Their new house is full of mystery and the parallel, fantastic story unfolds I enjoyed it very much A quick worthwhile read.

  6. You can view this review atWeaving Pages.Do you know how awesome Zoe is AMAZINGLY AWESOME, because not only is she an awesome buddy, she sent me a sweet letter and such a great book the onne I m reviewing right now just because she is such a lovely person In short, THANK YOU for being such a kind person and giving me a book I enjoyed so much I m working on sending you something soon When you read the blurb of this book above you ll get a sense of what the story is like, but however well you migh [...]

  7. SPOILERSSPOILERS.I absolutely LOVE love Aubrey, by this author Aubrey was heartbreaking and warm and strong and loving, and as a book, it was absolutely realistic and consistent I can t say the same for this one, though not surprisingly it has rave reviews here I liked Siena, and thought she was a cool enough kid I liked how she wanted to find lost things, and give them a home I thought her relationship with her parents was positive for the most part, and pretty realistic, feeling closer to her [...]

  8. More of my reviews can be found on my blog THREE AND A HALF FOUR STARS When I opened this book, I didn t quite know what to expect I d never heard of anything like it and all I was hoping for was that it d turn out as unusual as the synopsis suggested And it did Apart from providing me with a unique story, it introduced me to a number of likeable characters and, afterward, left a ghost of a smile on my lips.Since I d been reading quite heavy, complex books beforehand, Listening for Lucca was a m [...]

  9. Listening for Lucca was a sweet story There were many elements I really liked but as I sat down to write my review, I found it hard to say exactly what the story was trying to convey its message, if you will Still, I liked it and am happy to have read one of my younger daughter s favorite books Siena and her little brother, Lucca, and their family, have moved from Brooklyn to Maine in an attempt to ease tension live a relaxed lifestyle in hopes Lucca will speak again Siena has a special gift sh [...]

  10. I was so intrigued by the summary of this book and I was not disappointed Siena s family moves to the coast of Maine to a house that Siena has seen in her dreams Yes, I know how that sounds For years 13 year old Siena has had very realistic dreams in which she is in the body of someone in history She s traveled the prairie on a buggy, she s seen war, plagues, disasters, etc It s caused her to become the weird kid at school and she has no friends Meanwhile, Siena s little brother Lucca is nearly [...]

  11. Thirteen year old Siena has never quite fit in with her Brooklyn classmates, and even her best friend can t understand how much stock she places in her dreams When her family moves into a house in Maine, a house that looks just like one featured in one of her dreams, Siena hopes that her new home will provide a fresh start for her and her younger brother Lucca Lucca refuses to speak despite all his parents efforts, and as Siena is drawn inexorably to the lives of the original owners of the house [...]

  12. I loved Suzanne LaFleur s first book, Love Aubrey It is one of my favorite recent books, so I was eager to read this book by her This story is a combination of realistic fiction and ghosts time travel.The blurb describes the book as magical realism Siena middle school age has just moved to Maine from Brooklyn with her parents and 3 year old brother Lucca, who has not spoken in a year The family is hoping that a fresh start by the ocean might be therapeutic for Lucca Siena spends her summer explo [...]

  13. After reading Love, Aubrey and Eight Keys this book is just a little bit of a disappointment Don t get me wrong, the plot is really good definitely room for improvement but I liked it The main character however, Siena, seems almost a reincarnation of Aubrey and Elise They re very similar moody, difficult, socially inept They each deal with their very different problems along the same lines in the way they think, feel and communicate There was a lot of potential for Siena to be a very interesting [...]

  14. This was a Mustreadin2014 title for me My daughter is a huge fan of LaFleur and I was lucky enough to win a copy of this title in a giveaway Suzanne signed the book to my daughter and I gave it to her at Christmas She carried it with her on every holiday visit to show people and then finally sat down to read it I borrowed it from its special place on her bookshelf This is an ideal MG title perfect for readers 10 and up who are beginning to be independent in the social world but still remain ver [...]

  15. Sienna and her family move from Brooklyn to a big house along the Maine coast, hoping that it might have some effect on her young brother, who is selectively mute Sienna is obsessed with lost objects and considered odd at her school in the city, but seems to make friends of all kinds easily in her new town She also finds a pen with which she starts to write the story of Sarah and Joshua, who lived in the house years ago Somehow, she feels that this story has something to do with her brother s la [...]

  16. Thank you to the author for this review copy 3 3.75 stars.I ve listened to this on audio as well as having read it now, and I can t decide which experience I like better the reading wasn t a favourite of mine, but having it narrated made Sienna a character I could like much easily, and it helped me understand the things she faced in a way I had struggled to do when I read the book myself I love the switches in time, the mystery of the family who used to live in the house what exactly is going o [...]

  17. I won this book on Thank you to the Author for sending it to me.Siena is a very responsible young girl She loves keeping things that other people have left behind She is good at caring for her brother Lucca.Lucca is a sweet kid but he hasn t talked for over a year They have been living in Brooklyn The story starts with the family moving to a house by the ocean.Siena finds a pen in her new room But when she tries to write her thoughts, the pen seems to have a mind of it s own and writes about a b [...]

  18. Really beautiful middle grade fiction that was reminiscent of Rebecca Stead Siena has very vivid dreams, an obsession with collecting leftover items, and a 3 year old brother who stopped talking To try to help her brother, her family moves from New York City to a Maine beach town where discovers a pen that tells the story of a different girl during World War II who lived in the same house and might have a clue to finding her brother s voice I loved how her voice captured the uncertainty of a gir [...]

  19. This was not your typical story This would definitely be a book to recommend for anyone who enjoys mysteries or paranormal stories The story follows eighth grader Siena, who is struggling to fit in because of her unusual personality and collections When her brother quits talking, Siena s family decides that moving out of Brooklyn is in his best interest Finding herself in a new home and surroundings, Siena is trying to find out who she is and figure out where life will take her and her family.

  20. For such a thoughtful style, the book moved quickly I loved the appeal of of abandoned things to the protagonist, Siena And was impressed by the author s portrayal of a loving sibling relationship Great Read.

  21. Is it a ghost story Realistic fiction Historical fiction All three Whatever you call it, call it pretty darn good It s kind of a quiet story, but it s one that should not be missed.

  22. In the book Listening For Lucca by Suzanne Lafleur A girl named Siena lives with her family in chaotic Brooklyn She has a brother that hasn t spoken a word in over a year and two concerned parents Siena has a special gift She can see into the past She doesn t know how to control her ability to see into the past sometimes.Her parents decided the family should move because Siena s lack of friends and Lucca speech issue She has dreams of a house her house that she is moving into.She experiences new [...]

  23. The book is kind of an adventure and Fantasy mixed together The book is not in a book series and was about 230 pages long It was not hard but not too easy to read It is meant for kids from 10 13 A young teen girl has a different way of seeing the past Her family and her little brother ,Lucca, move out to the beach to see if that would help Luca and his condition They both have a strange feeling about the house and the lost ideas Siena has found are a piece of the puzzle to help her make her brot [...]

  24. This book is my favorite It gives you so much detail based on what the character was thinking It has a very interesting story line.The way the sister tries to fix things is what really happens when you did something wrong and you are true in fix what you did At some points it has me crying In the it is happy that I was crying for joy If you are looking for a good book to get lost in, this is the book for you.

  25. Listening For Lucca is a very fast read if you re just feeling in a bit of a slump, because it certainly got me out of it I would say this book should be read by a certain age group like middle schoolers and up, but it really just depends on your reading style and level.

  26. This book started out strong and I thought it would continue that way, but 3 4 of the way in, it started to drag I felt like the ending did not fit the story as well as I had anticipated It was almost as if the book had been rushed to end I felt like I wanted to learn about Lucca and his new adventures in life.

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