Softly Say Goodbye

Softly Say Goodbye Erin Sellers an eighteen year old high school senior hates teen drinking She and her three friends Bill her guy Shari and Jake decide to use Twitter to stop a group the Kewl Krew from using thei

Erin Sellers, an eighteen year old high school senior, hates teen drinking She and her three friends Bill, her guy, Shari and Jake decide to use Twitter to stop a group, the Kewl Krew, from using their high school as the local bar But the members of this group are just as determined to stop anyone from messing up their fun Despite veiled threats to her safety, ErinErin Sellers, an eighteen year old high school senior, hates teen drinking She and her three friends Bill, her guy, Shari and Jake decide to use Twitter to stop a group, the Kewl Krew, from using their high school as the local bar But the members of this group are just as determined to stop anyone from messing up their fun Despite veiled threats to her safety, Erin continues her crusade To make matters worse for her, the stress of school and extra curricular work mounts and suddenly, shockingly, booze fuelled tragedy strikes Erin is now under greater pressure as she spends all hours to produce a mural and other work to commemorate the death of a teen friend Bill, Jake and Shari support her in all this But tragedy lurks nearby until it s time to softly say goodbye.

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Softly Say Goodbye

  1. Born and raised in Southern California s Los Angeles basin, K.C Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in Northwest Georgia A new empty nester with her husband of than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond She s a multi genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, others in magazines.

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  1. Can you imagine going though your school years known by nothing but your initials For those people with cool initials,like FBI or CIA, that s great If you have one of those first names handed down by the family for generations, like Lucinda or Horace, you might agree too, but what if your initials weren t so great What if they spelled a word you d rather not be known as Parents sometimes don t take time to realize how detrimental names and initials can be Such is the case for poor old Alex, the [...]

  2. Book Review Softly Say Goodbye by KC Sprayberry 5 Stars and a Make Your Teen Read This Shout Out If you are looking for a book to put in the hands of your teenager, this is it The author successfully brought me back to my own days in high school and though the lingo and terms used have changed a LOT, I was able to quickly learn and follow along This is important your teens are likely to read something written in their language and hip style that they can relate to There will probably be regiona [...]

  3. Softly Say Goodbye introduces young adult readers to several incredible characters and one huge dilemma, underage drinking When a group of high school students, known as the Kewl Krew, begin filling their water bottles with alcohol, everyone seems to be turning their backs Other students fear retaliation for ratting out the offenders and teachers seem to be ignoring the growing problem One high school senior isn t afraid to share the facts with anyone who will listen Erin Sellers begins to use t [...]

  4. A great, gripping page turner KC Sprayberry s new series for teenage boys is off to a roaring start Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates is a rip roaring, gripping mystery set on a space station in the 24th century Seventeen year old BD Bradford, intrepid investigator, starts his day just like any other day working toward becoming a law officer like his dad was before he died But that Thursday, BD s life changes, and he s drawn into a mystery that includes his father s death, an attack [...]

  5. Sprayberry gives a glimpse into the pressures of teen life, both social and emotional With a mixture of tragedy and relief, Sprayberry weaves a story of strong emotions that portray real life results when underage teens mess with drinking Main character, Erin Sellers, is a tribute to strong teens who don t struggle with their identity Her support group of friends help her face the Kewl Krew, a group of teens intent on bringing down everyone around them while drinking at school All too often, rum [...]

  6. A book of engaging characters and riveting scenes, Take Chances is about finishing high school than about two incidences of school violence in Julie Bond s life Julie cares deeply about her close friends who are dealing with difficult home environments as she is and she shepherds them carefully in their last days of high school Her flashbacks of a school shooting when she was five kept me tense knowing something was going to erupt during her senior year too The book was solidly in the viewpoint [...]

  7. KC Sprayberry has done a great job of allowing the reader to see through younger eyes with a new perspective Too many of todays YA books fail to represent the youth that are responsible, moral and driven to help others.Erin and her crew aren t your typical selfish teens They see what underage drinking does to their friends and their families and they want to make a difference Taking a stand costs them all a great deal, but they have families that support them and help them stay strong What a fan [...]

  8. I found this to be a very gripping book Bradford and his team from Canoples Investigations are thrown into a day that never seems to end for them BD is just trying to make a few bucks for himself while making up with his girlfriend Cassie Wells.The past comes back to haunt BD and endangers his friends Cassie and Carl Space Pirates have arrived at Canoples Stations led by a man all thought dead If you love Sci Fi, read this book I couldn t put it down and cannot wait for Book 2 Canoples Investiga [...]

  9. Hailey Hatmaker is a great character and is Ghost Catcher extraordinaire I love the way she is determined to save her friends when their auras don t look right Hailey and the ghosties fight her nemesis, Limbo and the fire demons The story is packed with action along with some funny moments thanks to Hailey s ghost friend, Snotty Sammy A ghost every kid would love I look forward to reading of Hailey Hatmaker and the ghosties adventures Thanks, K C for a great read.

  10. Haily Hatmaker has been chasing ghosts since seventh grade Haily and her BBF, Sly, are the modern day Ghostbusters With two friendly ghosts, Haily and Sly head out to save two of her friends and to finally rid the town of Limbo, the baddest ghost ever.This story s action never stops It like a roller coaster ride I would recommend this cute story to anybody

  11. The reader sees life through the eyes of a sweet teenage girl in this realistic tale She s modern and thoughtful despite disliking her controlling mother and missing her father She longs to forget the past and enjoy her life, but a traumatic events haunts her, which warns of a similar occurrence to come The excellent writing style pulls you along to the satisfying conclusion.

  12. Wow This book brought tears to my eyes I couldn t help but cry with Erin KC has developed such real characters that I connected with them This book is about teen drinking and the problems it can cause But this story is also about love, friendship, and family Thank you for a good cry as well as a good read.

  13. Kathi Sprayberry has done it again She s created a feel good story that not only deals with strong teen issues, but has us cheering for the heroine in the end I stopped thinking of Erin as a teenager early on in the book and began loving her like a daughter Her strength is inspiring I highly recommend this book to any teen.

  14. It s a believable and heart rending YA look at teen drinking, which includes tragic consequences You might need a tissue for this one.

  15. There are times when you start a book that it takes a bit of time to get in the flow of the story, this was the initial case for me Once I hit the flow of this fabulous story, I was compelled to read it as fast as I could I was then compelled to start spreading the word about the message this book is sending teen drinking is a problem Wait, don t turn away and think I am going to preach to you about the topic, that is for another time and another place.I want you to read this review to discover [...]

  16. This book is amazing As the mother of teenagers, I can attest to having the drinking discussion You have no idea how many times I ve told them about drinking and driving Well perhaps you know since many of you are mothers as well This book is a perfect example to give to your teenager It is done in such a tasteful manner, but the message is loud and clear For every action there is a counter action and in the case of drinking and driving those actions can be disastrous The characters in this book [...]

  17. Erin Sellers, a senior at Landry High School, has the normal stresses of any Georgia graduating student She has End of Course Exams EOCs to worry about as well as a state graduation test But now, Mr Janks, her favorite teacher, expects his students to perform an art EOC by painting murals around the community in an effort to clean up a drab downtown area Erin enlists her friends boyfriend Bill, BFFs Shari and Tiana, and a few others to help with the task of painting the murals she s planning for [...]

  18. KC Sprayberry really knows how to lay it all out for everyone to read This book had me wondering when I should talk to my own children about peer pressure and drinking Although my oldest states she will never even touch alcohol I know that conversation is coming up fast Bullying and such is one thing the pressure of drugs and alcohol is quite another As of now I m just having to deal with bullying.Erin Steller s is a head strong teen against drinking, especially teen drinking If one is of age th [...]

  19. My longtime friend and fellow writer, KC Sprayberry has taken the publishing world by storm After publishing a few short stories in anthologies, her first novel, Softly Say Goodbye, released with Solstice Publishing January 2013 Since then the contracts have been flying faster than snowflakes in a blizzard Who Am I is just one of the most recent releases This e book novella is written about teens, but don t let that stop you I was up until 3 45 am reading it straight through Brooke is a relatabl [...]

  20. Softly Say GoodbyeK.C Sprayberry is a multi genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, others in magazines Softly Say Goodbye, Take Chances, Lost Scared, Inits, Where U , Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates, Canoples Investigations Versus Spacers Rule, Paradox Lost Their Path, The Curse of Grungy Gulley, Evil Eyes, The Wrong One, and Softly Say Goodbye are international best sellers Who Am I a YA novella is an [...]

  21. Take Chances is a YA novel that tackles plenty of difficult topics school violence, prejudice, abuse, and dysfunctional families The protagonist, Julie Bond, is a high school senior who s been accepted to Stanford She suffers from PTSD as a kindergartner, she survived a horrendous incident of school violence But, on her last day of school, poised to begin the next chapter of her life, the impossible happens again The aftermath is just as bad Her mother compounds the event she s a district attorn [...]

  22. Exciting and Meaningful StoryK.C Sprayberry s Take Chances blends nail biting action, realistic dialogue, and sensitive scenes to create a multilevel meaningful read Teens from various backgrounds can identify with aspects of this story Whether from a military family, a religious home, rich or poor youths have one thing in common namely parental control Ms Sprayberry s believable teen characters illustrate random acts of violence, emotionally unhealthy parents, or a combination of both can creat [...]

  23. I was handed an ARC in exchanged for an honest review Because this is an ARC I will speak nothing of any errors I may have found within this work.This had to be the cutest piece of flash fiction I ve ever read It sounds like the end of a serious and I do hope K.C will expand on it with other shorts about how the Ghosties met the other ghosts and perhaps a story for Limbo as well.I was absolutely brought to think about the Ghostbusters while I read this Only instead of it being four adult guys, i [...]

  24. This is a fun short story Hailey Hatmaker and her friends, known as the Ghosties, are teenage ghost busters They live in a town called Landry Georgia where ghosts have been haunting the dwellers for many years Most of the town including their families don t believe they see the ghosts, and they re always in hot water for creating havoc as they try to rescue their friends and foes.Hailey is adorable, and the story is delightful funny, original and a good laugh She and her Ghosties, and a number o [...]

  25. Take Chances is a young adult novel told from the point of view of Julie Bond, a high school senior who d been traumatized by a shooting in her school when she was a child Julie suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as she keeps flashing back on the childhood incident which occurred while she was in school in Europe As she tries to get through her last days of high school and lead as normal a life as possible, she is once again thrown into the impossibility of a lightening striking twice s [...]

  26. Who am I K.C Sprayberry is a professional, multi genre author Three of her books are best sellers.Cover Beautiful, the most appropriate for the story.Readability Descriptive writing, readers will enjoy spending some time with this book Messages Miracles do happen and bear in mind that you will get what you deserve.Originality In ten years I will never forget Who Am I K.C Sprayberry is a successful, multi published author I think readers will love her work.

  27. I really liked this story I can t believe how much story she was able to put into those few pages I couldn t put it down found myself gulping it down like a man who has been through the desert without water I love the way Lorelei stands up for herself, wanted to smack Chase so hard, my hands were itching, altered between wanting to shake and applause his parents Mama s Advice kept me bound from first, to last page Definitely NOT the last book I ve read by Kathi

  28. Brooke has trouble in figuring out who she is than most teens She moves around a lot and with each move she takes on a new identity This story is full of mystery and suspense Thanks, K.C for a great read.

  29. was a good bookhard for me to get intobut about 30% in and I couldn t give up I had ot know what happened.was very sad and a very touching subject

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