Eden After enduring a horrific plane crash a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand s South Island The

After enduring a horrific plane crash, a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand s South Island.The year is 2022, and their epic journey, fraught with danger and mystery, will alter the course of human history forever.Led by charismatic Special Forces captain Noah LockheartAfter enduring a horrific plane crash, a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand s South Island.The year is 2022, and their epic journey, fraught with danger and mystery, will alter the course of human history forever.Led by charismatic Special Forces captain Noah Lockheart and his wife Evelyn, an accomplished scientist, the band of weary travelers must battle the elements along with their fears, as they race toward civilization, and their hope for rescue.Among the survivors is Mia Sinclair, an extraordinary girl who can glimpse the future Through their trials, the Lockhearts begin to uncover the girl s ability in spite of her best efforts to keep it hidden But even as Mia proves to be an invaluable ally, her gift comes at an unbearable cost Each step brings them closer to salvation and to unraveling the mystery of their abandonment But just when they think they are saved, they realize that they have never been farther from home.Eden is a bold, heart pounding page turner, told through the seamlessly shifting perspectives of the eccentric band of survivors As the thriller unfolds, so do the survivors inextricable links to one another in a plot rife with twists and turns, till the very end.

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  1. EDEN is the first novel by emerging author David Holley After a career in advertising spanning two decades, David found himself burned out and desperately in need of a change Over the years he worked across several mediums in the art world Beyond his commercial work he was also known for his street and grafitti art that spanned from New York City s Hell s Kitchen, to the Champs lys es in Paris, France Eventually his street art evolved into fine art and he showcased that work in solo shows in Philadelphia and Los Angeles It was soon after that period David decided to devote his talents to the written word.David currently resides in Philadelphia with his daughter Mia, his girlfriend Abby, and his loyal bulldog The Mighty El Toro Diablo.

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  1. I read this because it was one of Apoclaypse Whenever s Feb 13 selections It was not to my taste At all Where to start was so over the top For goodness sake, pick an apocalypse and stick with it As I say that, let me add, that I rather liked the late turn, but on top of everything else, it was a bit ridiculous Boom Then this happened Boom How will our heroes every make it out of these dire straits I found the dialogue stilted, and the description stiff throughout I actually highlighted a sentenc [...]

  2. This is my first indie book and it did not disappoint I can t believe the amount of story that is jammed pack into this novel that s just under 300 pages There is literally stories within stories in this book and they are all so fascinating and mysterious.Not to mention I love paranormal stories and this has the most unique one I ve ever read Mia Sinclair is going to be a lot of people s favorite heroines for years to come I LOVE HER What s cool about Eden is that while the story happens in the [...]

  3. I gave up pretty quickly, but I should have known I wouldn t enjoy this when the second paragraph was this Evelyn looks into her rearview mirror, and her piercing blue eyes stare back Her golden strawberry hair flows just past her shoulders, and as the steering wheel swivels to complete a turn, her hands are free to primp and powder She inspects her shimmering nails and deems them immaculate, fresh from a polish of rose colored coral She is scented in an exquisite perfume that has just a hint of [...]

  4. Really David Holley.uld you have given us 50 pages I have to say that this has taken me off guard It started as one story primal fear momentsd BANGonto something completely different And in a very good way I look forward the next book Sitting on the edge of my seat.

  5. WOW What just happened Anyone get the number of that truck that just hit me That s how I feel after finishing Eden My favorite stories are ones that always keep me guessing and where I struggle to put the book down Even though I want to so that I can prolong the magic That s what we have here So many times I kept saying to myself I m just going read a chapter and save it, but I kept finding myself reading three chapters instead Why Because at the end of every chapter you will be like Holy shit W [...]

  6. When I first started reading the book, it came across as a wilderness survival type story, even with Mia s special gift I usually don t read those types of books, but I really got into Eden It was a great story and the whole wilderness survival theme lasts for about 97% of the story I didn t get bored once.I understand how some will immediately find the story corny, implausible, convenient, etc You have a Special Forces operative, scientist, homeopathic nurse, an architect and a kid who happens [...]

  7. Whoa This is an epic page turner with enough twists and turns that I literally stayed up all night to finish it The only bummer is this is the only book in the series so far and I am practically dying with anticipation for the next installment The characters in this story are so diverse and mysterious that I am totally hooked I read this book on a whim after reading some glowing reviews and I must say this tops my list of books in 2012 If you like adventure, dystopian, horror, or even mystery yo [...]

  8. Terrible BookI did not enjoy this book at all Noah doesn t understand the difference between wooing a woman and stalking her He seems to be a combination of Jesus and Superman The rest of the characters exist to tell him how wonderful he is There are too many disasters for one story.

  9. Original review here offbeatvagabond 2013 01 indie book review eden 1 by david holleymlEden takes place in the year 2022 The United States is no It has been wiped off the face of the Earth and due to that there has been a war After the war, a man named Noah and his wife Evelyn want to go on a trip to New Zealand to visit their family But their plans are instantly changed when the plane goes down, but it wasn t an accident Someone has tampered with the plane causing many to lose their lives The [...]

  10. Impressive debut by first time author David Holley In a near future world climate change, war, famine, and pandemics set the stage for this pitch perfect dystopian novel.One of the most striking attributes of this book is the writing which I found to be superb not only for it s descriptive qualities but also for its ability to keep the reader dialed in I read this book in conjunction with another dystopian novel and I found it very hard to not want to read this book as I was reading the other.I [...]

  11. The best apocalyptic straight to ebook I ve read so far Well plotted, fast paced, and the kind of mysterious that leaves you wanting the second book to hand as soon as you re finished with the first.However, the author s choice of tense is infuriating I felt like I was reading a treatment for a movie the whole time instead of a book While there may be nothing novel about it, I like the past tense when it comes to novels If it was good enough for HomerI could have overlooked the tense issue if th [...]

  12. Brilliant Just finished this book and I m having a hard time wrapping myself around the book is it an adventure, survival, paranormal, dystopian Every 20 30 pages I had to reevaluate what I was reading but I do know I loved it I loved it because of the characters and the writing I cared about each and every person in this book, I felt like I knew them and was invested in what happened to them Twists, turns, revelationsis book had it all and I can t wait for David Holley to write another book Can [...]

  13. My only disappointment in this book was that there is a HUGE cliffhanger and the second book isn t published yet This is the first novel by an up and coming Indy writer that reads like the work of a accomplished author Some of the characters come a little close to being cliche, but not so much that it affected my enjoyment I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Sci Fi, adventure, and mystery, and look forward to reading the second book so I can find out what the heck happens.

  14. Absolutely loved it I m so glad another friend recommended this one as well as Post Apocalyptic group read The beginning of this book was very well written It provided enough action, the right amount of mystery, and just a touch of paranormal the lead up to the unexpected ending was really intriguing and kept be glued to what is going to happen in book 2 Major cliffhanger ending but nothing so terrible as to piss me offunless Mr Holley makes me wait 5 years for the next one Needless to say I am [...]

  15. I enjoyed this fast paced thriller It was a fun, quick read that left me anxious to pick up the sequel The author left a few critical details out only to reveal them towards the end of this story Yet, he left enough clues that i suspected there was to the story it made my gut churn with anticipation Great book

  16. I want to congratulate you, David Holley If this is your first book, I must say I m very impressed by your work I dont write many reviews I Find it very hard to write reviews actually.Since english is not my first language, it s even difficult But I will try write something down Atleast praise your work Couse this is very, very impressive.First off You write very well I had to look twice when you said this was your first book Your language I must say is superb I read this book without any clue [...]

  17. EdenBook OneBy David Holley After their plane goes down a group of survivors find themselves stranded in a remote area of New Zealand Through the eyes of the survivors we are shown a world that has been drastically changed after the United States was wiped off the face of the Earth because of a natural disaster that is still sending shockwaves throughout the rest of the world Eden is the beginning of the end in the year 2022 There is no way to do this novel justice with a brief synopsis, first y [...]

  18. There are a lot of themes in this book I don t want to spoil anything, but the world isn t going to end just because of one or two calamities in Eden The majority of it reminded me of the television show Lost I read it in three sittings and it had several good sprints of my captured interest I felt the author told me what to think about the characters too often, though, rather than letting me develop my own opinions of their words and actions, and the frequent, detailed to brand name description [...]

  19. As the title indicates, this is the first part of Eden so expect some unresolved issues at the close of this adventure Even so, the author did a great job of closing off this particular episode and I was able to breathe a little sign of satisfaction after reading the last paragraph I got caught up in the story from the beginning loved the adventure Washed up on a remote beach in New Zealand a ragtag group of survivors struggle across the formidable landscape in an attempt to reach civilization I [...]

  20. Easily the best book I ve read in ages Not only is Eden entertaining but there is a way deeper commentary about human compassion that I found really touching and thought provoking I cried, laughed, and literally screamed while reading this book It is a complex and clever combination of adventure, suspense, paranormal, science fiction, mystery and horror In one book In addition there are so many stories within the story that this can only get bigger with each installment The characters are intrig [...]

  21. What a read I just finished the book and where the heck did that ending come from I don t want to spoil anything but I seriously loved that end and cannot believe that I have to wait for the next story.I love the characters The main ones feel like embellished people that I know Noah and Mia are kick ass I could definitely see them in a movie.The setting of the book is really nice I think the author took the time and really thought about what the next 10 years would be like and what that world wo [...]

  22. wow view spoiler what a surprise ending I definitely didn t expect that ending i thought this book was about being lost Or like the show Lost Well, ending of the first book anyway I had no idea what this book was about Good thing too, cuz it was a page turner At the point of Mia s vision about Max in the snow in the woods, I freaked out and put the book away and couldn t fall asleep til three in the morning I did not see that coming hide spoiler Definitely read if you like a good story with a lo [...]

  23. This was a good read The writing seemed awkward at first but I got used to it The technology was a little off The US is destroyed by a huge volcano before the story begins and the rest of the world is not affected There would have been a devastating world wide winter Some of the plot lines do not hold together quite well but it is not a game breaker The encounter at the end with the I will not spoil the book here was a disappointing twist for me I will most likely read the next volume when it co [...]

  24. If you re like me, you read to escape and hopefully to be entertained Eden does that and Within just the first few pages this story it literally takes off at 100mph And by the last quarter of the book you are racing at somewhere around 300mph It s that fun My best advice to anyone who reads this is to sit back, buckle your seat, and brace for impact.I highly recommend Eden for anyone who likes adventure, suspense and mystery I m looking forward to the rest of this series.

  25. It was good enough interesting action and situations, strong main characters and unexpected twists I didn t always like the pace of the story as it would suddenly switch to memories of the past in the middle of an action sequence or some other interesting thing happening in the present The ending seemed abrupt, but I guess that was to keep us interested in reading the next book in the series I guess that works because I would like to see how the next part of the story goes.

  26. This was a great but strange book Kind of a plethora of disasters and apocoplyses That didn t stop me from enjoying this though It was a heck of a wild ride and a great inspiration as humanity was still preserved in the midst of chaos and desperation to survive, which was refreshing I was annoyed by the tense as others have commented, but it wasn t enough to detract from the story thankfully Defiantly want to read the next What a cliffhanger

  27. The writing was fine even tho it got a bit technical with some of the necessities of survival At times I felt the flashback was a distraction and not worked in as well as it could have been.The final arrival at what was to have been civilization was well done I was surprised.This is not the kind of book I usually read so take by first two sentences with a grain of salt.

  28. I really liked this book A lot And I will be reading the sequel Some of the parts of the plot have been done before, but I liked the Lockhearts and the twins, Max and Mia, and they add a different lens to the story The components of the story could have turned this story into a cheesy mess but the author makes it all work.Bottom line Read it will be worth it.

  29. What a fun read The author does a great job creating characters that you want to like from page one The story is intense and fast paced, I literally could not put the book down the closer I got to the end If you like apocalyptic stories, featuring harrowing escapes and harsh decisions, this is right up your alley Sign me up for book two

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