Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu Star Wars fans know Lando Calrissian as the crafty ally of Luke Skywalker Princess Leia and Han Solo in their struggle against the evil Galactic Empire But before he threw in with the Rebellion Land

Star Wars fans know Lando Calrissian as the crafty ally of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo in their struggle against the evil Galactic Empire But before he threw in with the Rebellion, Lando was an interstellar adventurer, con artist and gambler of some repute As we join him, he s just won the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabacc, along with a robot he must cStar Wars fans know Lando Calrissian as the crafty ally of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo in their struggle against the evil Galactic Empire But before he threw in with the Rebellion, Lando was an interstellar adventurer, con artist and gambler of some repute As we join him, he s just won the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabacc, along with a robot he must collect on the planet of Rafa IV.The Rafa system functions as a sort of penal colony, where unfortunate convicts are forced to harvest the priceless, transparent life crystals that grow nowhere else While the crystals extend the lives of those fortunate enough to own them, the trees they grow on drain the minds of the harvesters When Lando arrives there, he picks up his robot, a five limbed, Class Two Multiphasic named Vuffi Raa But before he can track down the local sabacc game, Lando is arrested and hauled before the colony s thoroughly crooked governor, Duttes Mer Mer and his cohort, Rokur Gepta, an evil Sorcerer of Tund, will let Lando keep his ship, his liberty and his life provided he finds and brings to them the coveted Mindharp, the legendary legacy of the mysteriously vanished Sharu civilization that once populated Rafa Lando has no choice and ahead lies a treacherous, intrigued filled adventure across strange orchards of life crystals, through vast underground labyrinths, and, ultimately, into the heart of Sharu s bizarre secretL

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Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu

  1. L Neil Smith is a Libertarian science fiction author and gun rights activist.Smith was born in Denver, Colorado His father was an Air Force officer, and his childhood was spent in various places including Waco, McQueenie, and La Porte, Texas Salina, Kansas Sacramento, California and Gifford, Illinois all before he completed 5th grade and then St John s, Newfoundland and Ft Walton Beach, Florida where he graduated from high school He was editor of LEVER ACTION BBS now defunct , founder and International Coordinator of the Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus, Secretary and Legislative Director of the Weld County Fish Wildlife Association and an NRA Life Member.

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  1. L Neil Smith isn t a bad writer, and these stories aren t bad, but seemingly every decision made in their creation is totally nonsensical We are establishing Lando s background in these stories broadening his character, exploring his milieu, and giving him some touchstone adventures But while we nominally start off with Lando doing his actual thing gambling and he occasionally returns to the sabacc table throughout the adventures, the central narrative is totally foreign to Lando He doesn t know [...]

  2. I originally had this book as part of the most recent omnibus printing, but while browsing a used bookstore, I found all three of these and the Han Solo Adventures in their original edition, and I had to have them Not only did I remember seeing these books when I was a kid, but I m also knocked out by that artwork I mean, check it out How can you not like that style Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the book itself On the bright side, Aftermath is no longer the worst book I ve read in [...]

  3. Aside from the original Star Wars movies, I know almost next to nothing about Lando Calrissian All I know is that he was the previous owner of the legendary Millenium Falcon, so reading about him was something I looked forward to.Now, the story was OK Not the best, and certainly not the worst I m glad to note that the author was able to carry over Lando s style pizzazz that was depicted in the movies into this narrative Also nice to know that Lando is a thinking man Someone who prefers to use h [...]

  4. It s hard to find a paper copy of the Lando Calrissian Adventures, but after reading a not great electronic copy, I can see why The story was so so, but not really engaging It was a little confusing to follow, and fairly flat characters But it s just an adventure yarn, so I suppose I shouldn t judge it too harshly.except other adventure yarns in the Star Wars universe are just SO much better It s ok, if you want to fill in some of the gaps of Lando s background, but it s certainly not absolutely [...]

  5. More classical sci fi than most Star Wars which is understandable because it was written before the Mythos had solidified I enjoyed reading about Lando he has fast become one of my favorite characters.

  6. Probably the pulpiest of the old Star Wars novels Seems like it has in common with the adventures of old than it does with Star Wars Nevertheless, I m enjoying revisiting these older novels, as they represent a time when continuity and cannon were not taken too seriously.

  7. More sci fi than fantasy Written as the Star Wars universe was still being established, and doesn t really feel like a SW story Interesting read, if only as someone else s interpretation of the universe in the early days.

  8. When I first reread this in July 2013, I gave this a 3 5 stars I m dropping it down for the reasons below.The novel is fast paced and a little quirky, which makes sense since it was written in 83.Words that irritated me elephant, dinosaurs, satyn, Moebius chessWords that made me chuckle coffeine instead of caf Interesting thoughts Apparently droids were considered to be sapient, even before the Clone wars novels Moebius chess sounds fascinating Lando proves that even as a young man, he is good a [...]

  9. You know all those reviewers in the last thirty years who said this wasn t that good of a book They were correct It s not that good of a book Worse, it has even less to do with Star Wars than Brian Daley s Han Solo trilogy, all the disappointing since Smith had at least two Star Wars movies to work from, if not three Return of the Jedi came out a couple of months before this book, so maybe it was only two but still He had to have at least seen ESB, since he is writing about Lando As most other [...]

  10. I read this book when I was a teen and really didn t like it Re reading it almost 30 years later I find that it is not nearly as bad as I recall I think my earlier problems with it may have been that I was expecting it to be a Star Wars novel Sharu doesn t really feel like any of the other Star Wars stories before or since and my expectations may have led to a deeper than warranted disappointment.The novel takes us to a time shortly after Lando Calrissian won the Millenium Falcon in a sabacc mat [...]

  11. I have to say while I went in with low expectations I was still very disappointed by this book This was one of the earlier Star Wars novels, before there was an Expanded Universe It felt like a mediocre science fiction story that had some small changes made to it to make it a Star Wars novel Just change the name from Lando to any scifi sounding name, the name of his ship and the name of the card game and you have an okay story But trying to make it Star Wars failed on so many levels The first in [...]

  12. I ve always felt that Lando Calrissian s gotten a bad rap I mean, he blew up the Death Star, helped to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, throwing away a very lucrative career as a gas miner in the process and managed to wear this ridiculous looking cape and still make it look cool Yet he gets little to no respect in the Star Wars universe.Given this, I was intrigued to learn that there were a series of novels chronicling some of Lando s adventures prior to Empire Strikes Back, and the Lando h [...]

  13. Initially I didn t think I would like this series, but I think now I m hooked This book has a different feel than other Star Wars books, almost like if Arthur C Clarke was a SW EU writer It steadfastly demands that the reader think and imagine bizarre circumstances, environments, and creatures I felt like the author was treating me as a grown up, thinking man and expecting me to use my brain What I didn t like was the fact that Lando keeps getting attacked by the same one or two groups of humans [...]

  14. So here s another book that I had on my shelf for about 20 years I never read it I bought it when I was a rabid Star Wars fan and by the time I decided to read it, the title sounded too cheesy for words After finishing The Dark Chronicles by Cynthia Soroka, I figured it was a good time to read this one After all, how could any book be worse than the Dark Chronicles Certainly not this one It had all the typical trappings of a Star Wars novel, but stuck close to Lando s past as a con artist and ga [...]

  15. It s entertaining in a very pulp SF way which a lot of the recent Star Wars EU novels can very well not be at times You could see it being a story line in the early Marvel comics which also ran with the Flash Gordon Buck Rogers action adventure atmosphere that Lucas tried to evoke with Star Wars It isn t a brilliant book, but it s a fun, lazy day read.It just doesn t really fit Lando Calrissian s character or really work to his strengths Lando the suave, smooth con artiste as he s described in t [...]

  16. Naaaah.It tries very hard to be something like Indiana Jones in space complete with face melting after the much sought after artifact is found , but it doesn t work It s too weird, especially nearing the end.It s also not well written and the plot is a little too complicated Lando is I don t know I get that he s younger than we see him in the movie, but it still doesn t seem much like him My fave part was his droid friend, who was fun when he wasn t annoying.I think the book should be about Lan [...]

  17. Smith s style is an odd fit for this franchise, but it really clicked with me I love how much of a yuppie jerk Lando is, and that the novel doesn t artificially inflate his abilities as he s mostly rolling through the story through pure chance, which fits him as a gambler and conman The other characters are fun and colorful, the writing is sharp and witty, and while the broad sweeps of the plot are predictable, how they get there is full of interesting surprises and concepts.

  18. This book just oozes with the fact it was written in the 90 s Besides the references to boxtops there is just this feeling you get from reading it It hasn t aged well and Lando s manner of speech is kind of annoying However I like that it is a kind of smaller story than you see a lot of times in star wars It also gives off this kind of Wrinkle in time vibe towards the third act, which I kind of like

  19. This book blew me away Simple, clear, and diving deep towards a direction most Star Wars stories haven t come close to treading.Lando s conning adventures are beset by con man often as good as he isy they have the law on their side, giving subtleties to their plots that are hard to ignore When Lando lands on a mysterious world with an elusive first civilization, he quickly realized that civilization, cons, consciousness, time, and reality itself are all quite malleable.

  20. I picked up the trilogy while thrifting, mostly because the Han Solo series had been a fun, mindless read Maybe its because ol Lando simply doesn t have a place in my heart, maybe its because the plot is a pile of New Age mumbo jumbo, but finishing the first slim entry in the trilogy was a chore I won t be reading the other two, and may be done with any novels that tie in with Mr Lucas franchise.

  21. I misplaced this just after starting it for months And honestlyI wasn t concerned It hadn t grabbed my attention and I thought it could wait Well, it surfaced and I figured I should finish it since it is so short And about 2 3 s of the way into is the story actually picked up and became interesting I hope the other four Star Wars books I have that are in the same style do not take so long to become enjoyable.

  22. Oh Lando, what a treatment you got in this book I am really ambivalent here it was okay, but there was so much it could have been If you re a fan of Lando perhaps you should read it but apart from that I can t recommend it.

  23. This book was a chore to read and is easily the worst Star Wars Novel I have ever read, and I ve read a lot Cheesy in spots Like when Lando gives himself a Tarot card reading with his Sabbac cards Even if the ending was slightly redeeming.

  24. Overall the book was alright until it got closer to the end and just got silly The book has a few trapping from Star Wars but beyond that one would think it was some weird SF book and nothing Does explain where Lando picked up Vuffi Raa though so I guess that helps clear that up.

  25. Super campy look at one of the galaxy s greatest charmers, gamblers and adventurers It doesn t reveal anything you didn t already know about Lando, but I always found the stories about the secondary characters interesting than the main ones in the Star Wars universe.

  26. Nothing that happens has any logic behind it It s just a series of events to push the really weak plot forward Characters are all completely one dimensional The ending is probably the worst part We just get a terrible infodump about a really poorly thought out ancient civilization.

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