Angelopolis A stunning follow up to the best seller Angelology Part historical novel fantasy love story thriller and mystery It s a must read Booklist starred review A New York Times bestseller and global sen

A stunning follow up to the best seller Angelology Part historical novel, fantasy, love story, thriller, and mystery It s a must read Booklist starred review A New York Times bestseller and global sensation, Angelology unfurled a brilliant tapestry of myth and biblical lore on our present day world and plunged two star crossed heroes into an ancient battl A stunning follow up to the best seller Angelology Part historical novel, fantasy, love story, thriller, and mystery It s a must read Booklist starred review A New York Times bestseller and global sensation, Angelology unfurled a brilliant tapestry of myth and biblical lore on our present day world and plunged two star crossed heroes into an ancient battle against mankind s greatest enemy the fatally attractive angel human hybrids known as the Nephilim With Angelopolis, the conflict deepens into an inferno of danger and passion unbound A decade has passed since Verlaine saw Evangeline alight from the Brooklyn Bridge, the sight of her new wings a betrayal that haunts him still Now an elite angel hunter for the Society of Angelology, he pursues his mission with single minded devotion to capture, imprison, and eliminate her kind But when Evangeline suddenly appears on a twilit Paris street, Verlaine finds her nature to be unlike any of the other creatures he so mercilessly pursues, casting him into a spiral of doubt and confusion that only grows when she is abducted before his eyes by a creature who has topped the society s most wanted list for than a century The ensuing chase drives Verlaine and his fellow angelologists from the shadows of the Eiffel Tower to the palaces of St Petersburg and deep into the provinces of Siberia and the Black Sea coast, where the truth of Evangeline s origins as well as forces that could re

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  1. Danielle Trussoni is a bestselling memoirist and novelist, with books translated into over thirty languages.Her new book, forthcoming in September 2016, is THE FORTRESS, a memoir about the disintegration of her marriage in the South of France.Trussoni wrote the award winning memoir FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH 2006 about her relationship with her father It was chosen as one of the Best Ten Books of the Year by The New York Times.She then went on to write the NYT and Internationally bestselling novels ANGELOLOGY 2010 and ANGELOPOLIS 2013.

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  1. Angelopolis is a disaster of a book It begins well, with our hero from book 1, Verlaine, and his meeting with Evangeline Evangeline is taken by Eno, an evil Emin angel, which is the start of our adventure to Dullsville Trussoin spends an incredible number of pages dedicated to what each type of angel looks like, and what they do Equally, the dedication to Noah and his seed catalog is tiresomely drawn out What is lacking from Angelopolis is a point Verlaine MUST get Evangeline back because he fee [...]

  2. Ugh Where to begin I was always in two minds about Angelology On the one hand I really loved the concept of the world, and had a fondness for the main characters Evangeline and Verlaine, but a rubbish ending when there was no promise of a sequel to follow made me feel it was just overall poorly executed.Then I read this and redefined my idea of what poorly executed means.It s as if this wasn t edited at all Like the publishers received a terrible manuscript and thought what the hell, it will sel [...]

  3. It has been four long months since I read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni it was a book that I needed a week to recover from, I needed my mind to sink back into real life and to tear it s self away from Characters that I had fallen in love with or grew to hate.Today I read a short extract from the sequel Angelopolis , reintroducing us to Evangeline who was on the way to see her Great Uncle back in France It has been three years since we last saw our heroine, but in just these few short pages it [...]

  4. In June 2010, I read Angelology in virtually one sitting After finishing it, I would periodically check to see if there was a publication release date for a sequel So, after three years of anticipation, I eagerly began the sequel Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed Though I never felt lost in the sequel, it left me rather unsatisfied The first book, in my memory at least, was a lushly written, layered novel that blended different periods in time with different narrative styles to create a un [...]

  5. Note I read the Chinese translation of this book, and I will merely run a simple list about the pros and cons of this novel 1 The research and the mythology are awesome at least it seems awesome enough to me 2 The story takes us to different parts of the world, and the description of different landscapes is nice 3 My rating of angel related series including YA, Japanese manga and novels for adults Angel Sanctuary Daughter of Smoke and Bone series Angelology series Angelfall series Mercy series U [...]

  6. I really really wanted to love this book I consider Angelology one of my favourite books however this sequel was left short for me because WHERE is Evangeline She was my absolute favourite character and I found her presence in this book or less lacking I did not understand why spoiler Evangeline surrendered to the Enim angel when she would surely know what would happen to her The author claims it was to signal to Verlaine that she was not an evil angel, however only pages previously Evangeline [...]

  7. I thought Angelology by Danielle Trussoni was wonderful The minute I reached the last page, I was impatient for the next book I can tell you that it was well worth the long wait for book II in the series, Angelopolis According to her own tweets, the author went to a convent to do some research on writing about a nun as a character She left there instead, with the idea of writing a book about angels I can tell you that I am glad she did This series is rare in its sophisticated and well researched [...]

  8. I was waiting for this book Angelology, although not without faults, had an interesting premise, or less coherent storyline and a cliff hanger I was curious what s next Next turned to be a major disappointment The storyline is convoluted, choppy, new characters are introduced, then dropped like hot potato, they advance the plot somehow, and we never hear of them again the writing is really clumsy, virtually everyone in the book speaks in exactly same, wooden, let me give you a lecture style The [...]

  9. 5 5Aunque es casi la mitad de peque o que el primer libro, supo c mo superarlo con creces.Rese a eternamenteentiniebla

  10. I think this was okay, but only if you don t really pay too much attention to detail You know, facts that are wrong or sentences that make no sense or things that are mentioned once but later seem to be forgotten completely, even if they had something to do with the plot supposedly Then again, I am very sure that most people that read this are neither as old and cynical as I am, and that they read this a lot faster with less attention to details than I did Since I read this due to a project at s [...]

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  12. Like the first book in this series, this one has a lot of action and plenty of conspiracy theories plus a dash of romance From Paris to Moscow to Bulgaria and finally Siberia the Angelologists chase their enemies and do battle all while a conspiracy is outlined that runs from the time of Noah up through the Romanov Tsars of Russia and into the present day Archeology, Faberge eggs and a real life Panopticon are involved It is an entertaining mix of action and conspiracy but it doesn t quite come [...]

  13. I read Angelology when it came out a few years ago It was different, not super great amazing, but ok and not that memorable because I recalled NOTHING from it when starting my e galley of Angelopolis I m probably around page 100 and I ve quit It s boring and I m actually avoiding reading it because I still have no idea what is going on The names are familiar, that s about it I m sure if you loved the first one and or have a fascination with angels but portrayed as human hating evil beings who wa [...]

  14. I so hope that this will come out sooner than expected I loved Angelology and I WANT to know WHAT HAPPENS next 2012 is sooo far away Edit 14.2.2013 It s still unpublished, but OH MY GOSH That cover It s so damn AWESOME and CUTE Fab, now I have to wait .

  15. Opini o do Blogue Chaise Longue girlinchaiselongueDesde os seis anos que Danielle queria ser escritora e, se a sua primeira experi ncia falhou, vinte anos depois o seu primeiro livro foi publicado e foi nomeado como um dos melhores livros de 2006 sendo o in cio de uma carreira que apesar de pouco prol fera j tem dado que falar Para al m disso, escreveu artigos para diversas revistas, tem um bacharelato em Hist ria e Ingl s e um MFA em Escrita Ficcional.Angelologia, publicado em 2010 deu lhe a fa [...]

  16. The Watchers are still captured and in the safest place possible for the humans who walk the earth The angelologists are in locations across he globe doing their very best to stop the dark angel groups one by one And the incredible Verlaine, the most gifted angelologist of all time who has been searching for his beloved Evangeline for a decade, is working hard to make sure that the right side continues to win However, when he finds himself standing over the body of a woman who has been attacked [...]

  17. How I Came To Read This Book A free copy showed up in my mailbox to review.The Plot Ugh I m really annoyed because I wrote a review then of course, GoodReads deleted it when I hit submit Anyway This book picks up 10 years after the first one Verlaine hasn t seen his partner in crime, the nun that s than she appears, Evangeline, since that day Since then he s become an angelologist under the tutelage of Bruno The story picks up with the two of them in Paris, where a series of events has finally [...]

  18. ANGELOPOLIS, BY DANIELLE TRUSSONI Book 2 of Angelology I read the first book in this series, Angelology, a few years ago, when it was first published Honestly, I didn t like it enough to re read it, but I thought I d give the sequel a chance, especially since it ended in a major cliffhanger.Synopsis Ten years after the events told in Angelology, Verlaine is now an accomplished angelologist, and Evangeline hasn t been heard of One day, she resurfaces, gives him one of the missing Faberg eggs and [...]

  19. GIVEAWAY Enter to win a SIGNED copy of Angelopolis at Your Urban Fantasy I received this book for review though I hadn t read the first book, Angelology The beautiful cover drew me to it like a moth to a flame, but it was the story kept me in the fire This definitely presented a different feel than your typical paranormal urban fantasy After reading it I can certainly understand the Da Vinci Code comparisons, revealing deeper meanings behind countless important figures and artifacts throughout h [...]

  20. I much preferred this book to the first in the series 10 years have passed and Evangeline is the most desired creature on the planet She is not like other nephilim, she is pure She is hunted by the badass Eno and twin brothers of her grandfather Percival who were cloned from him I think I probably could have given this book 4 stars, but several things were just not done well enough to my liking view spoiler The biggest one was on the train to Siberia, Sneja and the twins just happened to get a [...]

  21. I read the first book in this series Angelology 3 years ago Unfortunately, I don t remember that much about the book I liked it, I remember that I remembered that it ended on a cliffhanger which bummed me out Now, years later, I am reading the sequel Angelology.The story kept me going a little Da Vinci Code like in the movement of the plot I wish I could remember who all these people are But that is not the author s fault I think I remember liking the first book better.There is still a war betwe [...]

  22. So the first one was imaginative and entertaining, not without its flaws, but fun to read This one was not like that at all There were pages and pages of info dump that had very little relevance to the story and which seemed to make the most random and overreaching connections Chanel, really Whatever This was punctuated by bits of fast paced action, which was pretty good I was interested to see what happened to the main character from the last book, but didn t get to see much of her however the [...]

  23. 2.5 Na za tku Tvoje krev Modr Na konci M krev ervenou, ne modrou Hust Taky bych b hem n kolika dn cht la um t zm nit barvu svoj krve Takov r ov by byla v n stylov.Ano, bylo to o n co lep ne Angelologie, ob as jsem se i bavila, ale tolik nep esnost a navz jem se pop raj c ch informac jsem pohromad snad nikdy nevid la O ividn i sama Trussoniov se do toho sv ho bl bolu p kn zamotala.

  24. I read an except this morning of Angelopolisloved it I read Angelology last year and immediately wanted , and had successfully tamped down my enthusiasm knowing that I would have to wait until 2012 before the next book came out.Now that I ve read the excerpt, I m all worked up about it again I definitely recommend Angelology, read it first so you re ready for Angelopolis too

  25. I read the first book, Angelology, a few years ago so when I found out the second was out, I was happy to get back into Evangeline s storyline I like the over all concept of the world Trussoni created it s not your typical take on this type of story For the most part, Nephilim don t have a romantic take to them, and a small group of Angelologists are fighting to eradicate them from earth There were also really good historical references where the Nephilim were integrated seamlessly into historic [...]

  26. Review available on Mina s Bookshelf minadecaro 2013 0 existed on hearth as well as in heaven The Bible refers to them as Sons of God Genesis 6 1 4 in terms as controversial as cryptic, we are told that at some point during the ante deluvian era, God s heavenly creatures saw the daughters of men, took them as wives in an act of rebellion to the Maker, and gave origin to the Nephilim, an hybrid offspring of humans and fallen angels Whether a symbolism of the union between dynastic rulers and comm [...]

  27. Reader Review Angelopolis Angelopolis takes wing and soars with great gusto through the skies of vivid imagination buffeted by the winds of a thrilling tale As the sequel to predecessor, Angelology, Angelopolis picks up ten years after the events of the first novel Proceeding after Angeology the main protagonists Verlaine and Evangeline find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that has raged for thousands of years between the children of Man and the children of Angels Together their stori [...]

  28. This book wasn t quite what I was expecting I adored Angelology, mainly because it was so unique and new It seemed like a cross between really good urban fantasy and excellent religious fiction with a twist of the biblical scholarly type book thrown in Well researched and thought out, Danielle Trussoni had taken the apocryphal ideas of the Watchers and the Nephilim from the Bible and the Book of Enoch and turned it into a brilliant fictional account of a girl who wasn t what she thought she was. [...]

  29. Well, it was much better than the first book.It kind of read like a Dan Brown book, in that they cover a lot of ground literally there s a nice section where they re traveling on the Trans Siberian rail all in pursuit of clues to some esoteric and ancient mystery involving the Watcher angels and Nephilim I was pretty intrigued by it, even if much of the dialogue seemed very expository.One of the reviewers noted that there was very little character development, and I have to agree with that I als [...]

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