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All over You Before Sienna was devoured before Lucas was consumed they were all over each other Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants from everyone but one person that is so when he meets the wardrobe a

Before Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other .Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants from everyone but one person, that is so when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired to work his band s newest video, he s got to have her From the moment Sienna first obediently whispers Yes, Mr Wolfe , he knows she s perfect for him ThBefore Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other .Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants from everyone but one person, that is so when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired to work his band s newest video, he s got to have her From the moment Sienna first obediently whispers Yes, Mr Wolfe , he knows she s perfect for him Three days And he ll have her stripped down and bound to his bed.Set two years before the events of DEVOURED, ALL OVER YOU is the story of Sienna and Lucas s first encounter.

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All over You

  1. Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the DEVOURED series 2012, 2013 and TIDAL 2012.

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  1. I need to devour you Those words manage to knock the air right back out of my lungs, and my head spins as one of his hands skims around my body He splays it across the small of my back, pulling me closer to him, and leaning over until his lips are a centimeter from my collarbone Sienna he growls, and I murmur to acknowledge him I m going to taste you This was hot And intense This short novella is perfect for all who fell in love with Lucas in Devoured There were so many sexy quotes that I had pr [...]

  2. Reviewed on 12 January 2014 Re read December 2013 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lucas Wolfe All Over You is the story of how Lucas and Sienna meet for the very first timeWhat they thought about each other, what they said, how they reacted And how it ended.Lucas is a famous rock star and in the middle of making a music video Sienna is a wardrobe assistant, hired to work with the band during it s production This gorgeous novella gives a wonderful insight into our hero and heroine s characters and made me fall, [...]

  3. I was sooo happy to get this novella of how Lucas and Sienna met and for free no less The first book, Devoured, left me with a lot of questions especially what exactly had happened between Lucas and Sienna and now we get to find out If you re interested in this series, you will definitely get a taste of how yummy and domineering Lucas is I love how Sienna effects him and makes him want something I always love that story line Unfortunately, there is some drama and my heart goes out to Sienna It [...]

  4. I want you hot and sweaty in my bed, fucking me I need to taste every inch of your body I need to I need to devour you.

  5. I liked this short prequel better than the full book, review to come This book is a brilliant prequel to Devoured The build up, the tension had me sitting on the edge of my seat I loved the two different POV S I didn t rememeber the tension between the brother and sister team being so filled with hate Did this somehow get remedied in the second book or in between I just don t rememeber.All I know is that I am now hanging out to reread Devoured Maybe this time things will make sense to me and I [...]

  6. 01 03 17 Reread.4.5 STARSSet two years before the events of DEVOURED, ALL OVER YOU is the story of Sienna and Lucas s first encounter.I initially did not care for Devoured, but was curious to read the prequel, All Over You It was a great book to the start of 2013 I loved it and so glad I read it I could not put it down The minute I finished it, I wanted to reread Devoured and I did Devoured was 100 times better after I finished it the second time around The reason All Over You brought you closer [...]

  7. This is prequel to Devoured This is the story of how Lucas and Sienna met I came across these books at the same time and I was told to read All Over You first All Over You is the story of how Lucas and Sienna met and it s written from Lucas and Sienna s POV I really didn t like Lucas I hated the way he treated Sienna, kicking her out half naked without an explanation I m hoping his attitude changes and I hope Sienna stays true to herself and doesn t give into him She seems a little weak around h [...]

  8. A novella written in dual pov of Lucas and Sienna s first meeting If you loved Devoured, you will love this A quick read, makes me excited for Consumed to come out I want Lucas Wolfe D

  9. So many five and four star reviews S What is up with people Doesn t anyone see what a bastard this Lucas guy is He degrades other women, all the time, even Sienna Well, he did convert after St Sienna didn t jump his bones the minute he showed up After a couple of pages they do end up in bed but he tells her to fuck off because she didn t wanted to get handcuffed haha He changes his mind but a little too late Sienna disappeared and he s like I m never going to find her Oh, what should I do now Wh [...]

  10. Back in early November I read and reviewed Devoured by Emily Snow I so desperately wanted to LOVE this book because alpha male rock stars are most certainly my obsession I looked forward to sinking into this story and devouring it completely However, at the end of the day, it was just okay I didn t hate it, but I didn t love it It was just okay and I rated it two out of five stars on Here s the review I wrote at the time When it comes to alpha male rock stars, I m in, all the way in, in like fli [...]

  11. 3.5 stars All over you A dirty, sexy love song about a one night stand that had the potential to be so much Funny, because that pretty much sums up the entire story One thing though that I really liked is how the author showed and detailed his need for her I was able to relate to Lucas than Sienna Like devoured, I m still not so sure as to what the big deal is with Sienna, but I ll run with it, it s his choice just wish I know what it is about her that s so special All over you, definitely ser [...]

  12. Ugh.I think many people are confusing love with lust This book and the subsequent one do just that.Also, Lucas is an asshole.

  13. I kinda think, that if this book came out first, then I might have understood and enjoyed Devoured 1 a lot .

  14. Hot, Rocker, hmmm yes please Short novella that is a great start to the Devoured series This novella is told in dual chapter pov s between our two main characters The hot, rocker who comes across as total bad ass, and sometimes full of himself, and the sweet, innocent, wardrobe worker who catches his eye This novella is intense and hot Sienna Jensen, is in college and interning as a wardrobe girl She catches the eye of Lucas Wolfe, the lead singer of a rock band during a photo shoot He instantly [...]

  15. Find This And Other Reviews At Craves The AngstPER HOT and FAST a perfect beginning.Hot Quote Pick You dropped your panties, Lucas says in a low growl LucasGulp Hellz yeah I did One of the hottest meet ups EVER All Over You is a short novella, about 57 pages long, that explains Sienna and Lucas s first meet before their story begins in Devoured I liked Devoured but it left me with a lot of questions as to why there was so much hostility from Sienna, even though the book hinted on what originally [...]

  16. First off, a few have commented on what order to read these books I think that Devoured should be first then All Over You I think you need the angst of Si Lucas from Devoured so you can draw your own conclusion before getting an insight into that night they almost shared 2 years prior If I had read this first my instincts would have been completely different while starting off Devoured And now I need so much of this story I thought this would hold me over it just made me want so much I adore E [...]

  17. I was hoping for from All Over You I finished Devoured the other day and it was just okay for me, but I was hoping this novella would fill in some of the things I thought were missing in the first book It didn t I still don t know the details about why Lucas ex wife is out to destroy him, or why he puts up with it I don t know why he insists on handcuffing his women I don t know why he acted like such an asshole with Sienna I can t figure out why he even likes her He sees something in her, but [...]

  18. I was at home and well l ll let the next image give you an idea And then I was browsing GR, some tumblr and watching Criminal Minds when I found this little novel in hundredzeros and I said well it s for free let s see and the guy in the cover reminded me of Lucas from Easy well All Over You has nothing to do with Easy other than the guy has tattoos and is named Lucas.Anyway, I m rambling now So I said, this is a short novella, and I have a couple of hours to spare before doing some stuff so I r [...]

  19. I really enjoyed Lucas and Sienna in Devoured and to find out there was a novella with their beginning had me doing a lil jig And wow did i love this Lucas is a complete ass but oh so fuckable He doesnt do relationships but one night stands are his game He want Sienna to play a round of fuck em and leave em She s very hesitant but like all women Sienna caves Lucas goes all out for her and in the end completely fucks things up and now Sienna is no where to be found I know how their story ends but [...]

  20. I m so glad I came across this before I started Devoured, because I can tell this was a necessary evil in truly grasping what happened between Sienna and Lucas two years ago He s a cocky, self absorbed asshat , but lordy did he ever have me melting over his sexy self He s oh so gifted with the dirty talk, and it just had Sienna completely lost in him before she could even blink But he s clearly got a past that s biting him in the rear, and it royally messed with any chance he had of rocking Sien [...]

  21. Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookCute little back story on how Lucas and Sienna met and their first date together It is a definite must to read if you have read Devoured and are waiting patiently or not patiently, like me to read Consumed Devoured 2 that will be released mid January, 2013.I give All Over You 4 Stars The story was short, only about 46 pages long on Smashreads but it was fun to read and FREE

  22. A short story telling Lucas and Siena s story before everything happened.I loved having Lucas POV I could finnaly see what that man thought.P.S By the way he treated Sienna, no wonder she didn t want anything to do with him Jerk.

  23. OMG I read this whole series according to purchases June 2014 and NEVER rated them Wth is wrong with me I come across my mistakes often than not thanks to friends writing reviews, I discover it

  24. Wow just wow for a short story this book grabed me from the get go.I am so glad I read this first before Devoured this is a must read OMG Lucas what an arrogant HOT rock star

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