Bucking the Sarge

Bucking the Sarge Luther T Farrell has got to get out of Flint Michigan As his best friend Sparky says Flint s nothing but the Titanic And his mother a k a the Sarge says Take my advice and stay off the sucker pat

Luther T Farrell has got to get out of Flint, Michigan.As his best friend Sparky says, Flint s nothing but the Titanic And his mother, a.k.a the Sarge, says, Take my advice and stay off the sucker path The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group homes Luther s just one of the many people trapped in the Sarge s Evil Empire but he s aboutLuther T Farrell has got to get out of Flint, Michigan.As his best friend Sparky says, Flint s nothing but the Titanic And his mother, a.k.a the Sarge, says, Take my advice and stay off the sucker path The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group homes Luther s just one of the many people trapped in the Sarge s Evil Empire but he s about to bust out.If Luther wins the science fair this year, he ll be on track for college and a future as America s best known and best loved philosopher All he s got to do is beat his arch rival Shayla Patrick, the beautiful daughter of Flint s finest undertaker and the love of Luther s life.Sparky s escape plans involve a pit bull named Poofy and the world s scariest rat Oh, and Luther Add to the mix Chester X Luther s mysterious roommate Dontay Gaddy, a lawyer whose phone number is 1 800 SUE M ALL and Darnell Dixon, the Sarge s go to guy who knows how to break all the rules.

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Bucking the Sarge

  1. Curtis was born in Flint, Michigan on May 10, 1953 to Dr Herman Elmer Curtis, a chiropodist, and Leslie Jane Curtis, an educator The city of Flint plays an important role in many of Curtis s books One such example is Bucking the Sarge, which is about a fifteen year old boy named Luther T Ferrel, who is in a running battle with his slum lord mother Curtis is an alumnus of the University of Michigan Flint.Curtis is the father of two children, Steven, an ensign in the United States Navy, and Cydney, a college student and accomplished pianist His third child is expected to make an appearance in 2011 Christopher modeled characters in Bud, Not Buddy after his two grandfathers Earl Lefty Lewis, a Negro league baseball pitcher, and 1930s bandleader Herman E Curtis, Sr of Herman Curtis and the Dusky Devastators of the Depression.Curtis moved to Detroit, Michigan in January, 2009

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  1. I listened to the audiobook, which is narrated by Michael Boatman from Spin City Fabulous job with the narration I loved, loved, loved the voice of Luther in this book Funny, honest, and unique He quotes philosophers inaccurately and without credit Some of the quotes will go over the heads of many readers, but that doesn t make the book any less enjoyable As much as I liked the book, I don t quite understand one of the most important relationships Luther and his mother, the Sarge I never quite u [...]

  2. As always, Christopher Paul Curtis makes me laugh, but this book is darker and for an older audience than Bud Not Buddy Luther s mom is, not to put too fine a point on it, a slum lord Although she has arguments for why she s a slum lord, most of the movement of this book involves Luther s inner struggle to distance himself from his mother hopefully without getting beaten up by her rent a thug and make amends for some of the things she s done Luther is occasionally dim, but it s his pal Sparky wh [...]

  3. Luther T Farrell is a 15 year old boy living in Flint, Michigan, employed by his mother to run one of her group homes and clean out her run down rental houses after her tenants are evicted He is learning all the tricks of her trade, but he doesn t like it From her point of view, she is taking care of him and herself, and getting some of what s due The you know of her the horrified you become.The book is so well written it is a joy to read, even as it frightens and saddens me The humor is sharp [...]

  4. Luther has a few goals in life 1 To become a world famous philosopher, 2 to be wealthy, and 3 to win first place in his school science fair three years in a row He knows he s on his way to 1 and 2, but 3 will take some work It s hard to find time to work on his project when he s always busy doing chores for the Sarge The Sarge is Luther s mom and she s always got something for him to do Heck, she got him his driver s license at age 15 so he could help out with the family business Luther knows th [...]

  5. 16 May 2004 BUCKING THE SARGE by Christopher Paul Curtis, Random House Wendy Lamb Books, September 2004, ISBN 0 385 32307 7 ISBN Library 0 385 0159 3The nation s fifth and sixth grade teachers will return to school in September just in time to discover that Christopher Paul Curtis has forsaken them BUCKING THE SARGE is not a book that they will be reading aloud to their students in the same way that thousands of them have been reading THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM, 1963 and BUD NOT BUDDY.But thos [...]

  6. Luther had me laughing throughout this whole book Sarge, BKA his mother and her no good boyfriend Darnell were the slimiest of the slime I really can t say much without spoiling the book so I will just say read it

  7. Luther T Farrell is a tall 6 4 , awkward ninth grader, living in Flint, Michigan, who has already taken on a lot of adult responsibilities His mother the Sarge has him running her adult care facility, driving even though he s only 15 , and helping her property manager she also owns a number of houses, slums, actually, that she rents to lower income families Despite all of the work he s doing for his mom, Luther still manages to keep his grades up, win the science fair 2 times in a row, and going [...]

  8. Quite funny I laughed out loud a few times This book was a quick read The main character, Luther T Farrell was likable and relatable He had a great voice I admired his maturity and cleverness I This story would be great for a middle high school student to read on their own or adult even.

  9. Rating This book deals with complex issues in a humorous and thoughtful way Christopher Paul Curtis is great at writing memorable characters that have great depth Plot Summary Luther T Farrell is a fifteen year old boy who is very mature for his age He runs one of his mother s AKA the Sarge group homes for men, lives there without his mother, and has been driving since he was thirteen All Luther T Farrell wants is to win the school science fair for the third time But his mother has him working n [...]

  10. I listened to this one on CD while my best friend and I were working on various projects This was one of those saw it on the shelf, and it looked promising choices I had read Bud, Not Buddy, and Elijah of Buxton, and had enjoyed those This, too, was entertaining, although it should be noted that while the previous two books are for older grade school, this one is of a Young Adult book Issues of sex and sexuality are discussed, and the protagonist s mother and her stooges are pieces of work Lut [...]

  11. I gotta say I loved this book I was cheering for my main man Luther the whole time He s a smart, kind, responsible 14 year old kid from Flint, Michigan, who is helplessly bound up in his mother s aka The Sarge s shady business dealings She s basically a professional nickle and dimerd Luther goes along with itbut finds ways to maintain some sort of moral standards He and his friend Sparky are looking for a way out Luther wants a way out of his mother s control, and Sparky wants a way out of Flint [...]

  12. Luther s mother, the Sarge, is a ruthless slumlord who values money above all else While still in Middle School, Luther manages a halfway house and drives with an illegal license The Sarge doesn t pay him, but puts his earnings into a college fund that he s never seen Luther wants to win the school science fair for the third year in a row He fancies himself a philosopher, and loves to quote Aristotle and Socrates When Luther finds out how low the Sarge really is, he hatches a plan for revenge th [...]

  13. An inspiring teen novel about Luther, the son of Sarge a street smart and ambitious woman intent on getting ahead with the assistance of Luther s hard work, drive, ability and devotion to the people he cares for in the group home she runs and the slum dwellings she fixes up for rent or sale Interesting that it has to do with the hazards of lead based paint in Flint, Michigan which now has even serious lead issues.

  14. This book was about a guy who would take care of older men and his boss was the sarge The Sarge would always pay them but if they did something wrong instead of paying them she would torcher them The thing that I like about this book is that this book wasn t much about violince but it had a lot of lessons in it I would recommend this book to all the people who like books with long chapters.

  15. The book, Bucking the Sarge, by Christopher Paul Curtis, is a nonfictional book about a 15 year old boy, named Luther T Farrell, whose life consists of daily everyday adult like activities and a few moments of philosophical growth The book itself, makes you feel as if you re with Luther every step of the way It s a first person point of view and fantastic all around book that should be taken into consideration to read The book is set in a town called Flint where nothing much happens Luther T Far [...]

  16. Bucking the Sarge A boy named Luther T Farrell helps his mom take care of people with different types of disabilities or bad habits His mother raised him up alone because his dad died She is raising him so once he is old enough he can run the shelter but he does not want to do that.Luther wants to study and go to a high end school His mother disagrees with his idea he tends to try anything he can but he is scared to get on his moms bed side because he knows she will hurt him and not care at all [...]

  17. Like other reviewers, I loved the voice and humor I liked seeing a young teen being responsible to adults But the ending irked me It wasn t believable that Luther would not have connected his science project with his Mom It s like Curtis backed down at the end and didn t want him to buck the sarge offensively, only defensively.

  18. This story has confirmed that I really love the writing of Christopher Paul Curtis and wishes that he put out content But, I m happy with what I have so far A little dated in some areas, but a great story that shines through.

  19. Curtis is black and very funny, but this is full of black people who are loan sharks, con men, and shady lawyers, including the main character s mother If it were written by a white dude, I would say it was full of unflattering stereotypes Flint is the author s hometown, so I m sure he knows his stuff, but do black boys really get excited about owning a designer suit Hard to imagine It starts with an old condom carried around by a 15 year old who fears he will never get to use it If there is a g [...]

  20. Christopher Paul Curtis continually amazes me He can tell a story so wild and crazy that the entire idea behind it seems totally outlandish and absurd, completely unbelievable, yet he is so skillful at finding ways to ground his characters in the bedrock of reality that, ultimately, the story doesn t feel all that far fetched after all There is no one like Christopher Paul Curtis At age fourteen, Luther finds himself in the unpaid practically speaking, at least employment of his mother, whose st [...]

  21. It s hard growing up in Flint, Michigan and even harder when your ambition is to be America s most successful and wealthy philosopher Doing the right thing is like that, you get a strong feeling of relief, sort of like a giant rock has been lifted off your back Or like the dump you take the day after you eat the ten taco special from Los Aztecos Yet fourteen year old Luther T Farrell has dreams and ambitions, and nothing, not even his mother, the Sarge, can stop him.I kept laughing at Luther s l [...]

  22. Audiobooks are amazing but usually when I read them it is solely for the dramatic, the sad, the creepy moments that amazing narrators bring to life I can rarely recall an audiobook narrator that had me smiling and continuously laughing from dialogue and situations the character would experience It was an almost a feel good book almost This book covers a multitude of middle school issues from coming of age to understanding an impoverish society It presents two solid viewpoints Luther and his moth [...]

  23. Bucking the Sarge is the book that recently gave me such euphoric satisfaction No exxageration with that Remember the book It s one of those cheap books I bought beside the City Hall Can t believe one of them was such a literary treasure.So what s Bucking the Sarge all about It s a story of plotting your plans for running away from the town you hated most And meet its heroLuther T Farellwhose name s always mispronounced as Loser T Farell Laughs.What made the book so funny is the fact that the ma [...]

  24. Curtis, Christopher Paul Bucking the Sarge 2004 259 pp 6.99 Wendy Lamb 385 32307 7 Ages 13 Up Luther T Farrell is different from a lot of teens in Flint, Michigan For starters, he is working on his third first place medal in the High School science fair, hoping to beat his crush Shayla yet again He also has a drivers license that says he s eighteen, and he gets to drive and 80,000 van But the biggest difference in Luther T Farrell s life is his mother, or the Sarge, who expects Luther to work fu [...]

  25. I finished reading the book Bucking The Sarge a book with a Lexile range of 1000 by Christopher Paul Curtis, a Newbery Award winner This is a story about a colored teenager with a very strict mother In the beginning of the book he looses all the money in his wallet and works for his mom at an adult rehabilitation center Luther must win the science fair to get out of Flint,Michigan and become the world s best known philosopher He will need help from his friend Sparky and many .It takes place in F [...]

  26. Luther T Farrell is in the 8th grade in Flint, Mchigan and divides his time between being an excellent student at school, he won the Science Fair 2 years in a row and is working on the 3rd year and working for his Mom, who he calls Sarge.Sarge owns and rents quite a bit of real estate in Flint, runs a group home, where Luther lives and takes care of the sick men Luther calls them the Crew, and loans people money some say she is a loan shark.Luther s best friend, Sparky, envy s Luther because Lut [...]

  27. In this ALA Best Book for YA winner of 2005, Christopher Paul Curtis once again provides the reader with a very likable host of characters Curtis trademark is to portray serious subjects with poignant humor, and this book follows that standard.Unlike his other books, Curtis does not delve into historical content In this modern day story Luther T Farrell has some problems First and foremost his mother, nicknamed by him as The Sarge is an angry, mean spirited greedy woman Her tough as nails hallma [...]

  28. This YA pick was another Blind Date With a Book from the library, and it definitely wasn t my cup of tea I was actually all set to give it 2 stars right up until the end, because even though I found the characters believable, I just wasn t feeling the story for the first 200 ish pages out of about 260 The last 50 pages redeem the story significantly and were rather enjoyable, but it felt kind of rushed and incomplete I would have liked another 20 30 pages that explored the outcome of Luther s ac [...]

  29. 9 12 grade audio Fifteen year old wannabe philosopher Luther T Farrell knows a few things about life He knows the Sarge his rich, shrewd, slumlord mom is tougher than nails and that he better not cross her He knows his chances of using Chauncey, the ancient condom in his wallet, are slim to none And, he knows that despite his goal to attend Harvard, he may end up stuck in Flint, Michigan, cleaning toilets in his mom s loathsome empire Luther spends much of his time helping the Sarge run Happy Ne [...]

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