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Straight Up They are living lives they were never meant to live Georgia Bishop a could be jazz great has thrown away her life her marriage and her talent for her drinking habit Her cousin Fairly Godfrey is

They are living lives they were never meant to live.Georgia Bishop, a could be jazz great, has thrown away her life, her marriage, and her talent for her drinking habit Her cousin, Fairly Godfrey, is living the good life in New York but wonders if deeper meaning exists beyond the superficial world in which she finds herself.It takes a Congo refugee, a soul food chef, a peThey are living lives they were never meant to live.Georgia Bishop, a could be jazz great, has thrown away her life, her marriage, and her talent for her drinking habit Her cousin, Fairly Godfrey, is living the good life in New York but wonders if deeper meaning exists beyond the superficial world in which she finds herself.It takes a Congo refugee, a soul food chef, a persistent husband, and one desperate night on the brink of freedom for Georgia and Fairly to realize how far they have come from their God given purposes When they face the most difficult choices of their lives, only the power of grace can bring them to true healing.

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  1. The Christy award winning author of nineteen books including the Women of Faith Novel of the Year Quaker Summer, Lisa Samson has been hailed by Publishers Weekly as a talented novelist who isn t afraid to take risks She lives in Kentucky with her husband and three kids.Also, published under the name L.L Samson

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  1. This review was first published on Christian Book Preview s site.A unique, gripping novel, Straight Up breaks a lot of CBA rules The main characters are Georgia a jazz musician who has neglected her gift, and Fairly an interior designer They were cousins and abandoned by their parents through death They were subsequently abandoned by their spouses Fairly s died and Georgia s found religion Both main characters went looking for love in all the wrong places Georgia found comfort in alchohol, and F [...]

  2. Interesting characters running into events that might face any of us make Straight Up an enjoyable read that leaves one wanting to know about what happens to the group of people whose lives are intertwined with two thirty ish cousins who come to Lexington Kentucky from faster paced lives on the east coast.Looking for meaning in a modern life, facing challenges and making community are themes that run through Straight Up and although spiritual themes are touched on, especially as the story come [...]

  3. I do not like this author s manner of switching narrators every few pages This book was extra annoying in that there was a character that kept appearing throughout the book that never really got fit into the story Plus, her birth mother was totally abandoned as a character I didn t like this book as much as Embrace Me by the same author I m not fond of the rotating narrator method to me, it seems like a way of distracting the reader from flaws in writing Kind of how rapid editing can make anyone [...]

  4. Did not like this book at all It isn t that it ends sadly, I found lots of other things I disliked throughout the book I found both the main characters to be mostly unlikeable, although in the end they do redeem themselves somewhat The parts where Georgia sees her Mom and grandson were long and boring I understand what the author was trying to do she needed someway to change Georgia, and since she was in a coma that she would not come out of, this was the way she did it But I hated those chapter [...]

  5. Let me first off say that Lisa Samson is probably one of my favorite Christian fiction writers Her books are real, strong, thoughtful and surprisingl features I think are usually missing in contemporary Christian fiction I wanted to love this book, but it was too raw for me I wanted to be able to recommend it without reservation, to all my friends, but I hesitate to do so without re reading it The book clips right along a fairly fast read, so I may have missed some integral points in the pace Fo [...]

  6. I m torn as to what I thought of this book It was written from three perspectives I really liked one of the stories, as the lady was learning how to not be so materialistic after her husband s death The second perspective was the story of an adopted daughter who was treated terribly by her parents This part was never fully developed And the third perspective was from a woman who SPOILER ALERT drinks herself into a coma I was confused by what kind of message this writer was making I have liked he [...]

  7. The story switches back and forth between narrators, cousins, one of whom married a guy many years her senior who has since died and is trying to cope with life without him The other cousin has great musical talent but she is dealing with a husband who went off to join a monastary and lots of childhood trauma She is squandering her life with drinking and her other relatives try to help her but she may be beyond help return This is definitely a thinking book, one that sucks you in and makes you e [...]

  8. This has to be the most amazing book I ve ever read Not only is her writing poetic, stirring and unbelievable but it deeply challenges the heart and subtly forces Christians to examine their faith in the context of their own world perspective I cried, was deeply moved and have decided that Lisa Samson is my new favorite author If you are a person Christian or not that believes it is time for the Church in America to FINALLY embrace people with the love of Jesus instead of religion then I promise [...]

  9. Can t say I loved it but I won t say I didn t like it This book just had a lot going on for me Samson switches back and forth between characters, which I usually appreciate, but there were so many characters with so many conflicts it got a little cumbersome at times I ve liked others that I ve read by Samson , but still worth the read.

  10. I did not like the way this book was written I did not care for the poetic and third person sorting all in the same story There was some characters that did not fit into the story and made no sense why they were added in It was an odd book and I could not finish it.

  11. So much incredible food for thought Two cousins one an alcoholic and how God deals with them Glimpses of the glorious future God has planned for us if we let Him have control This is a keeper for me.

  12. This book was very off course and not predictable as I had thought it would be in most Christian fiction books I ve read lately Jumping between different points of view was a little annoying, but the food descriptions made me hungry.

  13. This is the best book I have read in a long time It was just amazing It found me in just the right place and it did not hide the ugly in life like some Christian novels do I truly recommend this to anyone who is searching.

  14. Wonderful read The chapters alternate between 3 related characters What starts out as just an interesting ends as a story about finding faith and using the gifts you ve been given I d like to read of Lisa Samson.

  15. So far this is a very good book, I will update once I am finished.I was a very good book, once I got going I couldn t put it down.

  16. I LOVED this book when I began reading it, but then it got lost trying to deal with death and God and eternity It s a Christian novel, but the answers to the questions just weren t here.

  17. Love this book I need to read it once a year I had trouble keeping people straight at first, but it didn t stop me from finishing the book, which can happen Loved the ending.

  18. More great characters, also reminiscent of Thin Blue Smoke I like that Samson portrays all varieties of the Christian experience with equal affection, and non judgmentalism.

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