Uncommon Sense: A Common Citizen's Guide to Rebuilding America

Uncommon Sense A Common Citizen s Guide to Rebuilding America In this collection of essays Stephen Palmer challenges freedom lovers to do than march on Washington he challenges them to reform their own hearts Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom

In this collection of 43 essays, Stephen Palmer challenges freedom lovers to do than march on Washington he challenges them to reform their own hearts Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it Thomas PaineIn 1776, Thomas Paine s Common Sense showered sparks on the tinder of revolution With the signingIn this collection of 43 essays, Stephen Palmer challenges freedom lovers to do than march on Washington he challenges them to reform their own hearts Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it Thomas PaineIn 1776, Thomas Paine s Common Sense showered sparks on the tinder of revolution With the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Americans formally claimed their rights, and that tinder exploded into a new age for mankind.But than 200 years later, the flames of freedom are dying We cry that Washington has failed us, but that is not where the blame lies.With our rights, We the People were given the duty to maintain them We the People are the problem And We the People are the solution Our republic will be restored not through political revolution, but through a revolution of the soul not as we point fingers upward, but as we turn inward.In an age of blame, this is uncommon sense And it s precisely what America needs to rekindle her light.

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  1. Stephen Palmer is a writer and entrepreneur devoted to unleashing human greatness and moving the cause of liberty.He is the author of Manifest Destiny Choosing a Life of Greatness and Uncommon Sense A Common Citizen s Guide to Rebuilding America.He is the founder of Life Manifestos, a Strongbrook business owner, and a book ghostwriter.He co authored the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Businessweek, and bestseller Killing Sacred Cows Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity He is also the co author of The Conscious Creator Six Laws for Manifesting Your Masterpiece Life and Hub Mentality Shifting from Business Transactions to Community Interactions.Stephen and his wife, Karina, are raising their four children in southern Utah When he s not writing or spending time with his family, you ll find him reading, gardening, or canyoneering in Zion National Park.

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  1. This book was truly amazing It s a short book and a super easy read, but it is filled with wisdom.As he says on page 100, It s precisely common ness that will save us commons sense from common citizens who rise to their responsibility and take back the country from the corrupt experts and privileged elites This book is a guide for those common citizens who want to bring back freedom and morality to our country This book is not about republicans and democrats, it s not about parties or platforms [...]

  2. I cannot express in words how excited I am to have bought the new edition of Uncommon Sense yesterday I started reading my copy of the first edition again yesterday and have had my fire and passion restoked Life can get in the way if you lose focus and as of late that has happened to me I know without a doubt I will have my current copy finished before bed this evening pregnant mommy fell asleep putting children to bed ooops, so had to finish early this morning and will be anxiously awaiting the [...]

  3. In the opening pages, Stephen Palmer explains why the US is primed for a French Revolution scenario Anger and frustration exceed reason and preparation We desperately need a populace that gains wisdom through self education Without that, we are doomed to dig deeper into our trenches of bipartisan bickering, while our sociopolitical situation continues to crumble.It s easy to see the problems facing our generation and the next immense personal and national debt, constant warfare, broken families, [...]

  4. This is one of the best books I ve read in a while I love Stephen s style of writing and I love how clearly he expresses his ideas Reading this book reignited passion in me and reminded me that the small and simple things I do on a daily basis to educate myself, love and serve my family, and work on my own self improvement really do make a difference He brings everything to the home plate and I feel I ve been given an arsenal of specific, direct action steps things that I CAN do to make a differ [...]

  5. Highly recommend Only 2 criticisms, 1 A story noting personal responsibility a man who s truck broke down, so rather than ask for a ride from his son who worked in the same town, he opted to get up at 4am and use his tractor to get to work so he wouldn t have to rely on anyone else I just can t see this as a great example, for it speaks of pride There s always the 3rd possibility of maybe the car broke down so he could plug into his son s life Carpooling can be a pretty good idea I m simply not [...]

  6. I ve heard over and over to be the change you want to see in the world, and if you don t like what is going on in federal government, start making local changes While I supported and believed those statements, I didn t deeply I wanted federal government to stop the insanity NOW and I did feel helpless After reading this book, I am now patient and at peace that the only way to change the corruption of federal government is to be the change I want to see Then, to reach out and help others I am al [...]

  7. At first glance this appears to be a very quick and easy read To be honest, for the average reader it probably is For me, after reading for just a few minutes, I realized that it was going to be one of those books that I wanted to take notes from and ponder A few messages that I especially enjoyed It s not enough to just be mad, we must also be wise Fixing ourselves as individuals is what fixes the world It s critical to remember our heritage No one tells stories about those who gave up The spir [...]

  8. Author reminds us to be the change that we want to see through living a life with principles and knowledge.Quote from book We must stop trying to tear down and get rid of various politicians Rather, we must tear down the walls in our own faults and eliminate our own fear, anger, selfishness, ignorance, and apathy I would have given the book stars if it had substance, like examples from history and or quotes from political thinkers The feel good message was nice and encouraging, but the text wa [...]

  9. I thought this book was going to be about personal liberty and creating that for yourself and your family It did have a lot of that and I enjoyed it immensely I agree with a lot of what he is saying here but I do have some doubts and disagreements with what I see as a way of thinking that will lead down a bad rabbit hole It did help me clarify what I believe is a problem with the way people think about government I wrote loads of notes in this one and will be writing about it in a blog post la [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this book Basic fundamental ideals that explain what is a stake in citizens learning and preserving our freedom the way it was meant to be as started with the founders We need to invigorate around us to be educated and stand up for what is right and for what is needed Stephen Palmer explains how we throw around terms like democracy and progressivism without knowing their real meaning or consequences of their worth.

  11. Uncommon Sense is a series of essays that rise above the din of Democrat vs Republican to provide the insights needed to rebuild our country There were parts that I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with I found myself in deep thought examining my own thinking on several topics presented Stephen Palmer has challenged and expanded my thinking, as well as inspired me to be true to my goals and dreams If you see that we need change in our country, this book is a must read.

  12. Stephen Palmer s book offers much needed direction to the many Americans rising up in favor of a restoration of liberty in the US His book is simple and inspiring, suggesting real solutions to the complex problems in our government, homes and businesses Starting with principles and taking us through practical solutions, Palmer doesn t avoid challenging freedom loving Americans to do the difficult things that matter most His writing is thoughtful and comes from a place of true conviction.

  13. This was a good book It is a compilation of essays written by Stephen Palmer I liked the topics of all the essays I liked how he wasn t for one political side or the other, he was very neutral I really enjoyed the article having to do with learning form writings from people on every side whether it be democratic, republican, socialist, or libertarian.

  14. An excellent read that every American who wishes to make a change should read I learned much in Palmer s explanations and stories I loved the quotes shared throughout the book The message most powerfully taken is how to make the change beginning in your own home and community.

  15. Great introduction to the principles that will get us moving in the rite direction Having read Olliver Demille some of it was repeated, but it is always refreshing to hear in new perspectives the truth that we must become entrepreneurs again.

  16. A Book full of wisdom about how to get our country back on track took me a while to read but I highlighted everything that I thought was of relevance to me personally and how I can help change the country

  17. One of the best call to arms book of freedom I ve read Short, simple and to the point This book does than teach the proper role of government It teaches the proper role of citizens.

  18. This is a great book about leadership A quick, easy, inspiring read that I will refer to again and again as I form my own ideas about and search for solutions to the problems our country faces.

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