Abel Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages Nellie Gamboa s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot box

Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse No promises No demands Just pure unrestrained passion.Abel s training for the biggest fightComing off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse No promises No demands Just pure unrestrained passion.Abel s training for the biggest fight of his career He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship So this arrangement couldn t be perfect A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires no strings attached What can he ask for As the lines between lust and something much deeper, begin to blur, Abel finds himself in an even bigger fight The fight to regain control of his now demanding heart.

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  1. When i first saw the coverWhen i saw that Abel s story comes out sometime this year That pretty much sums up how i m feeling right now xD _____________________________________________________________________________ Finally I read it And wished i didn t What the freak All i got from this was blahblahblah RRRRIOUSLY

  2. FREE on US today 4 15 2015 BLURB Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse.No promises No demands Just pure unrestrained passion.Abel s training for the biggest fight of his career He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship So this arrangement cou [...]

  3. Okay, last CR book for at least a few days The binge is over heading back to the land of other genres now.3.5 stars Anyone else feel like moving within a block or two of the 5th Street gym after reading this series Show of hands Anyone Welcome to Cougar Ville 5th Street where the guys are hot and the fights aren t the only form of action happening.Seriously What is up Ms Reyes I wasn t expecting all of the sex that there was I mean, I knew there were sex scenes in the prior books, but this timeI [...]

  4. What I liked A sexy fighter having casual sex all the time with a sexy heroine What s not to like Abel and Nellie have known each other for a while through friends and family We actually start to feel and hear the sexual tension in the previous book Abel is a womanizer and a serious fighter He is approaching one of the biggest fights of his career, so he doesn t want any distractions including a serious relationship Nellie went through a horrible divorce two years ago and is still recovering She [...]

  5. I love an Elizabeth Reyes story and Abel was one I had been really looking forward too.When you read a series about a group of guys that that work at a gym in 5th Avenue LA you get to read about some hot, alpha men.Abel was always the one that intrigued me the most, dark, good looking and quiet, the one that was just waiting in the background to have his story toldOnce again an enjoyable read even with the lack of communication and misunderstandings between him and Nellie Abel was a perfect and [...]

  6. Abel was the perfect example of why I m an Elizabeth Reyes fan She creates characters that I ve fallen in love with and stories that I can relate to In this book, Abel and Nellie s chemistry was off the charts hot and I loved watching them finally give in to their attraction to each other But, I also loved their journey getting there I can say without a doubt that this was my favorite book in the series I usually start with the guy, especially when I have a strong attachment to the character, bu [...]

  7. 3.5 Gimme jealous heroes stars it would have been a 4.5 star read easily but that long ass misunderstanding irrated me like no other i hate those stupid type of misunderstandings which are dragged through out the whole book, when they can easily be solved by some confrontation or easy talk C mon you potrait them as 25 or 31 yrs old adults yet they behave like some egoistic teenagers

  8. Mine, he whispered Welcome back to 5th Street Abel is the fourth instalment of Elizabeth Reyes 5th Street SeriesAbel and Nellie have an undeniable attraction for each other They have been fighting it for the past 3 books Abel has no time for a relationship, especially with an older woman He is in his prime, training for the biggest fight of his career When the gang head off on a cruise, Nellie propositions Abel I m game if you re game Abel can t believe what he is hearing He has no business gett [...]

  9. I like this contemporary trope between Abel and Nellie about friends with benefits or fuck buddies or a no strings attached relationship Of course, it then leads to feelings than each expects Ever since Noah, we ve had glimpses of the tension between Abel and Nellie We also have seen them grow as characters After a scandalous divorce, Nellie is no longer that broken, insecure woman Abel has also changed Back then, he came off as a cocky, immature high schooler but I must say that times are a ch [...]

  10. 3.9Superb tension throughout Typical Elizabeth Reyes alpha hero though she broke the mold with Romeo , great story, and Reyes style HEA.I liked the brothers relationship a lot Great characters beside such as well.Enjoyable read for me

  11. I cannot wait to read this book When is the release date I m DYING to read it That may be a bit dramatic but oh well Do you hear that Elizabeth People are DYING

  12. My Thoughts Abel wasPhenomenal, Breathtaking, Romantic, Sexy, and Pure Perfection As usual Ms Reyes places the bar so high, that it s impossible for most books to be at the same level The 5th Street Series has become a favorite of mine In fact, I have the whole series in ebook format, and also paperback on my bookshelves Ms Reyes writing puts a spell on me, and for the life of me, every time I read one of her books, nothing gets done Cleaning, laundry, errandsl get put on hold The only way I wou [...]

  13. Let me start this review SCREAMIN out loud something I hope Eli can hear all the way to wherever she might be right now I FREAKIN LOVE EVERY SINGLE BOOK YOU HAVE WRITTEN Actually, I would love anything she writes.Even if it would be her grocery shopping list I would read it.I ve been thinking all week on how to write this review so I don t end up spoiling the fun To be honest, anything I could write to praise Elizabeth s work is not enough She s the absolute cherry on top that any avid romance r [...]

  14. Ro s Take on this JourneyI want to start by saying, Eli, give me some Abel That guy is gorgeous, delectable, tender, kind, one of a kind, loving, sensitive, full of fire, still able to show his vulnerability, and all man He blew me out of the water Not only does he know how to treat his woman, but he loves his Mama LOL Gotta love that guy Abel, by Elizabeth Reyes is the topper on the cake of the 5th street series I didn t think that Eli could top Hector, but somehow she did it I still haven t co [...]

  15. Visit READING, EATING AND DREAMING for reviews by MORGAN AND DANAOne of the first books I ever reviewed on Reading, Eating Dreaming was Forever Mine The Moreno Brothers 1 by Elizabeth Reyes Needless to say, Elizabeth and I go way back In fact, I m pretty sure I ve read every single one of her books Yep I just checked and I ve officially read every single one of her books Obviously I m a big fan of her writing, her characters, and her stories While I haven t enjoyed The 5th Street series quite as [...]

  16. ABEL AND NELLIEThis is Abel and Nellie s story Both of them have featured in the previous books Abel and Nellie have had a connection for a some time While on a family cruise they get together, they both agree this is to be a one off thing, no strings.But then when they return home the sex with no strings continues Nellie having been married previously, is not too keen on getting involved, a free spirit is what she wants to be Abel feels pretty much the same way But the longer this arrangement c [...]

  17. I have waited a long time for this book and I have to say that it did not disappoint one bit I absolutely love Abel I also really love Nellie Since reading about Nellie in Noah, I wanted desperately for her to have her happy ending Nellie, I felt deserved it than anybody I m so happy that she had found it in Abel Nellie is such a sweetheart but I thought she was too forgiving In Noah we find out Nellie has a sister who was having an affair with her husband and then winds up pregnant If I was Ne [...]

  18. Great to be back with the boys on 5th Street I m not a fan of boxing per sebut the fear and adrenaline present in the story was captivating.Nellie, is Ronni s friend and just out of a bad marriage Taking a chance on another serious relationship is the last thing on her list, let alone wIth Abel, who is preparing for his big fight and trying to sty focused Being open about your true feelings leves you exposed to rejection, holding back is not the solution either Nellies her reasons to tread cauti [...]

  19. Abel has just surpassed Noah, who has always been my favorite 5th Street guy The teasers leading up to the release had me chomping at the bit for this book, and it did NOT disappoint I laughed, I cried, I couldn t put it down There were times that I couldn t even sit still, and I was yelling at the book with my children looking on with wonder I won t give any spoliers, so I ll just say it was the PERFECT story for Abel and Nellie There was every kind of emotion you can think of in this book from [...]

  20. Abel gets what s coming to him He scoffed at Noah and his older love, and here he is attracted to Roni s Noah s girl best friend Nellie Nellie, like Roni doesn t think this is a good idea She s divorced from a man who took her love and betrayed her every which way She has no use for relationships Abel is about to change all that The boy is a heart throb and a kickass boxer able to get any girl he wants, and he wants Nellie Try their story, you ll be glad you did The 5th Street series is awesome [...]

  21. Abel, Abel, Abel He is definitely my favourite guy on Fifth Street First the cover had me swooning and then reading the book I fell inlove with him.There are a lot of twists a turns and curve balls thrown at Abel and Nellie that kept me hooked This was also the book that had me crying for the characters than I did with the other three books in the series.Elizabeth Reyes is surely making her way to becoming my favourite author.

  22. Full review ABEL Blog Tour CLICK HERE to Enter The Signed Giveaway ends 08 25 13 STARS I feel like we have waited forever for this book and with Elizabeth being such a tease and giving us teaser after teaser it drove me crazy insane, all I wanted was to be brought back to the 5th Street Gym and hang out with the guys that we have all grown to love But like the saying goes good things come to those who wait and is that ever true when it comes to this book Abel lived up to my every expectation and [...]

  23. I have been waiting for Nellie and Abel s story since I finished Noah I knew these two would make a fantastic pair and I think this one was the most intensely dramatic and emotionally endearing of the entire 5th St series With Nellie still recovering from a brutal divorce caused by infidelity and Abel gearing up for the fight of his life neither person was looking for anything serious and both agreed on a no strings sex only relationship This book left me speechless and became my top favorite ou [...]

  24. Wow A wonderful story Abel is definitely fighting his way to the top to rival Noah for my favorite 5th Street boxer I couldn t put it down Summary Nellie Gamboa has vowed to let loose and have fun to make up for the neglect her ex husband treated her to, and the heartbreak her divorce caused her It could be said it was the worst divorce ever with equally disastrous consequences for those involved Finally ready to move on, Nellie uses the months of building sexual tension between her and Abel Aya [...]

  25. My Review Abel by Elizabeth Reyes was a total KNOCKOUT This book captivated me in so many levels I have read all of Ms Reyes books and I love them all, but ABEL had my heart racing from the start until the very end I am officially declaring that ABEL is my favorite book from all the series combined by Elizabeth Reyes I always say that when I finish one of her books, but this time he absolutely stole my heart Prepare yourself for a good dose of swoon and romance Warning Have a box of tissues read [...]

  26. See of my reviews at girlbooklove Elizabeth Reyes is one of my favorite authors Top five, for sure I can count on loving every book that she writes So far she has three series The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street and Fate I LOVE all of them and highly recommend them Abel is book 4 in the 5th Street series This series focuses on a group of friends in East Los Angeles They all work, own and hang out at the 5th Street Gym Up until now, Noah was my favorite Now he s a close second, right behind Abel Abe [...]

  27. I liked Abel even than I thought I would, which is saying something because I went into the book expecting to love it Abel follows up very well on a number of plot points that are started in Noah Actually, until I reread Noah in preparation for writing this review I did not even realize how perfectly this book follows the first book of the series.Nellie is introduced in book one as Roni s BFF and her marriage problems and divorce play out in real time throughout that book Abel and Nellie have a [...]

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