Skip Beat!, Vol. 32

Skip Beat Vol Ren s trademark cool is beginning to crumble under the strain of maintaining his various personas And the sudden manly attention being directed at Kyoko from fellow actor Kijima and a newly determined

Ren s trademark cool is beginning to crumble under the strain of maintaining his various personas And the sudden manly attention being directed at Kyoko from fellow actor Kijima and a newly determined Sho aren t helping matters Will Kyoko s good luck charm keep him in check, or will the beast chained inside him destroy them all

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  1. Yoshiki Nakamura is a Japanese mangaka She was born June 17 Nakamura made her manga debut with Yume de Auyori Suteki in the manga magazine Hana to Yume in 1993.

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  1. What a volume This has to be one of the most tension filled volumes of the series so far So much happens in this volume in such a short time WARNING SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ PREVIOUS VOLUMES STOP NOW.In this volume we get a lot of Sho once again GAH, I hate him Arrogant jerk so Sho actually has the nerve to kidnap Kyoko and goes off on here and questions her big surprise right then he pushes her to say that she has no feelings for Ren He then tries to use this information to get [...]

  2. LOVE this manga It is my absolute favorite At times, it is crazy, but it is so entertaining Romance, comedy, some paranormal if you look very, very closely Basically, just a great read

  3. Warning SpoilersThis series continues to be one of my favorites Kyoko is a character with just the right amount of naivet , crazy, modesty and determination She never fails to keep me amused.This volume opens up with Sho waiting for Kyoko at the gate to her school With the assistance on one of her schoolmates, Sho abducts Kyoko so he can talk to her Sho is angry and disappointed in Kyoko because he believes she let Mr Kijima flirt with her because she let him dress her up for the Dark Moon wrap [...]

  4. Hehehe, there may not have been many moments that I broke out laughing in this particular section of Skip Beat but there were sure moments that I thought I might die inside Things aren t looking up for young love in this novel and poor Tsuruga seems to be steadily losing his mind I hope things go well in the next novel I really, really do.

  5. 4 Stars.The Heel Siblings arc is just such a delight to read The drama and laughs, along with the fantastic character development is just really wonderful.

  6. More great Kyoko Ren Sho drama As I have said before, I love it when Sho goes Kyoko crazy and does stuff like stalk her at school, kidnap her, and go crazy when her phone is turned off It serves him right, after the way he treated Kyoko when she was in love with him.Interestingly, it seems that Kyoko is at least partially aware of her feelings for Ren It s pretty obvious when Kyoko says she ll never let herself fall for Ren because she knows if she does, she ll fall deeper in love than she ever [...]

  7. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Skip Bit 32 is the volume we ve been waiting for when things are finally going to get intimate between Kyoko and Tsuruga.In this volume, Sho decides to meddle with poor Kyoko again Fuwa fans will love the artwork in 32 and draws out a denial that she would ever be interested in Tsuruga Unbeknownst to Kyoko, Sho makes sure Tsuruga knows what she said It ll all come to a head when they don the Heel siblings personna that night and Tsuru [...]

  8. Skip Beat is my favorite manga, but I waited quite awhile before reading the latest volume Just as well Now I have less time to wait before the next volume comes out September, I think.In some ways, each volume of Skip Beat lately has been of the same Basically tons of romantic tension This is somewhat frustrating It s annoying that I m reading the same plot over and over with a few details changed, but on the other hand, books tv shows movies are almost always better before the happy couple ge [...]

  9. Das musste ja passieren, Sho kann es einfach nicht gut sein lassen Er ist mal wieder zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort und bringt Ren dadurch vollkommen zum ausrasten Wir bekommen eine ganz neue Seite an ihm zu sehen und diese richtet sich diesmal gegen Kyoko Die Szene im Hotelzimmer ist einfach gro artig, ich wusste das sowas kommen w rde.Ein eifers chtiger Ren ist unbeschreiblich und er kommt immer h ufiger zum Vorschein Die Grenze zwischen dem Spiel und den wahren Gef hlen von Ren und Kyoko w [...]

  10. 3.5 5 starsNot sure how I feel about this volume I liked it, but I m not sure I m going to like where this arc finishes At this point I m annoyed at both love interests as well as Kyoko I wish this series would pick up a bit and that the author doesn t make me hate Ren If he continues acting the way he has in the last few volumes I might start shipping Kyoko with herself I also wish Kyoko would stop dealing with Sho and allowing him to manipulate her It s getting old I d like this particular arc [...]

  11. gue rasa nggak banyak manga yang sebagus Skip Beat ini.rata rata manga yang aku koleksi akan flop ceritanya di beberapa volume seandainya serinya hingga lebih dari 10 volumebil contoh Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, atau Ouran High School Host Club, atau juga School Rumble.Skip Beat adalah tipe manga yang akan dicintai sampai kapan pun tiap volume nyau mungkin berkat usaha dan kerja keras Yoshiki Nakamura sensei yang punya ide ide super gila dan kocak untuk menyajikan cerita manga inilute

  12. Just of the same As long as I don t expect much from this series, it s fun enough On a side note, my husband says I ve been really down on manga series lately s because I m finally catching up on series that aren t on my A list, so it shouldn t be surprising that I m not going to gush over them If they are gush worthy, I will gush I am probably a little harsh, but I set a high bar when it comes to graphic novels.

  13. la relaci n etre Cain y setsuka se vuelve cada vez m s interesante Por otro lado los verdaderos sentimientos de kyoko y ren se estan mostrando de manera muy sutil Me pregunto como sera su relaci n una vez que todo termine Me muero de ganas por saberlo adem s aun no ha aparecido sho algo me dice que traera muchos problemas Esperando ansiosamente por el otro.

  14. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG THE ENDING GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH There is one volume left to read until I have to wait until who knows when to finish this series I have a feeling I m going to be very angry when I finish reading volume 33 pOMG I CAN T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  15. i really am not enjoying the dudes in this volumelike for real, a lot of male faces are asking to be punchedkyoko mogami is a treasure and a joy, how dare you treat her this wayi hope the next arc takes us away from ren s dark side plot and back to the glorious world of kyoko winning over every woman she meets3 stars

  16. This was such a hilarious series Kyoko was such a quirky character and was always doing stuff to get into trouble I liked the transformation of her character throughout the series and how she found out that instead of having to rely on a boy she could make it on her own There was a love triangle that I also enjoyed very much.

  17. I think I saw that things are starting to wrap up Or at least with this Oh, can t wait I love this series, and it s awful to feel that way I am greatly looking forward to seeing how this series will continue to evolve and wrap up Both would be great haha

  18. Nakamura never fails to please Her art, especially the character s eyes, is phenomenal and has maintained quality over the course of the series The characters continue to grow, and the plot remains strong.

  19. AHH As soon as I finished this one I realized I needed the second one right then and there I was worried that all I would get is Sho and no Kyoko, but the end was all Ren and Kyoko so I was happy.

  20. Sho continues to be a pain, and Ren continues to be annoyed by it Kyoko makes a promise that I m sure will come back to haunt at some point Pretty much same thing we ve seen Then comes the last page HOLY WHAT Well played Nakamura san, well played

  21. The cliffhanger at the end of this volume is crazy I m so glad I have volume 33 ready to read immediately, otherwise I d be pulling my hair out from waiting I have an idea of what s actually going on, but I could be wrong.

  22. I know it s because I prefer Kyoko Ren, but every time Sho shows up it feels like it s solely to act as an impediment to their budding relationship That said It got us Kyoko straddling Ren on a bed, so I m really not complaining that much.

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