Joint Tenants

Joint Tenants alternate cover for B JGI NEKWhen two people cannot agree on what love means not all goes as planned Curvy girl Jasmine Winslow is madly in love with Wade Montgomery But he has one obstacle He canno

alternate cover for B00JGI5NEKWhen two people cannot agree on what love means, not all goes as planned Curvy girl Jasmine Winslow is madly in love with Wade Montgomery But he has one obstacle He cannot utter those three little words she longs to hear I love you Further, becoming joint tenants in a home was not developing into the commitment she anticipated.

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  1. Deborah was born and raised in California She loves to write stories about teens and horror Romance with twists of suspense Erotica is a sideline that can be quite delicious.Her romances run along the lines of a Lifetime Movie For Women Grab a cup of tea or even a martini , sit back and enjoy the ride.

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  1. A Great Chick Read to Curl up To I have read several books by author McClatchey I loved the Romantic tryst in this one I really felt for poor Jasmine and getting into a relationship with a man who does not give back what she had expected I didn t blame her for running into the arms of another guy who wooed her As for Wade well, he s got some big issues A great chick read to curl up with If you like Lifetime movies for women then this is the book for you

  2. Emotional Read.I ve read other Romance books by writer Deborah McClatchey and have enjoyed all of them In this deeply emotional book, Jasmine and Wade are the couple dealing with their feelings She wants him to exclaim his love for her But he has problems doing so The plot is compelling and the characters are fully fleshed out.

  3. What makes lovers tick Deborah McClatchey casts an insightful gaze on a pair of lovers, and the value of three magic words, I Love You in her new novel, Joint Tenants When two people move in together, with differing expectations, a simple story blossoms into a tale of the best and worst of love Curvy Jasmine Winslow loves Wade Montgomery, who can t bring himself to say those magic words of commitment, but will move in with her as joint tenants of a home From there on, expectations are shattered, [...]

  4. Joint Tenantsby Deborah McClatcheyThe story Joint Tenants is all about the love nicely written and clever story.Jasmine needs to hear those three little words but Wade like most guys struggles to hit the notes.A book that will ring true with most highly entertaining read Loved it 5

  5. A lovely story Riveting, flowing, compelling, with light humor and deep emotional dilemmas wonderfully interwoven Did did it make me root for Jasmine and read deep into the nights

  6. So far I have been reading gems And this book is no exception Joint Tenants by Deborah McClatchey is sweet and unique Definitely recommend reading this great story.

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