Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Bestseller Kindle Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure published Bronze Medalist Readers Favorite Book AwardsFinalist Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards TH

Bestseller Kindle Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure published 2020 Bronze Medalist 2015 Readers Favorite Book AwardsFinalist 2015 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards THE GODS ARE BACK DID YOU MYTH THEM You probably saw the press conference Nine months ago, Zeus s murder catapulted the Greek gods back into our world Now they revel in their new temples, casinos, and media empires well, all except Apollo A compulsive oBronze Medalist 2015 Readers Favorite Book AwardsFinalist 2015 Independent Author Network Book of the Year AwardsTHE GODS ARE BACK DID YOU MYTH THEM You probably saw the press conference Nine months ago, Zeus s murder catapulted the Greek gods back into our world Now they revel in their new temples, casinos, and media empires well, all except Apollo A compulsive overachiever with a bursting portfolio of godly duties, the amount of email alone that he receives from rapacious mortals turns each of his days into a living hell.Yet there may be hope, if only he can return Zeus to life With the aid of Thalia, the muse of comedy and science fiction, Apollo will risk his very godhood to help sarcastic TV producer Tracy Wallace and a gamer geek named Leif two mortals who hold the key to Zeus s resurrection Well, probably Prophecies are tricky buggers Soon an overflowing inbox will be the least of Apollo s troubles Whoever murdered Zeus will certainly kill again to prevent his return, and avoiding them would be far easier if Apollo could possibly figure out who they are.Even worse, the muse is starting to get cranky.Discover a world where reality TV heroes slay actual monsters and the gods have their own Twitter feeds Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure. Popular Books Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.If there is an award for being the most well-researched smart-ass, I think Michael G. Munz would take the prize. And I mean that with the most adoring and praise-inducing admiration I can manage. While I'll try not to polish the author's ego too much, this book quickly rose through my level of favorites with it's wit, geekiness, and careless disregard of the ever prevalent fourth walls; Zeus is Dead is clever, yet entertaining in a manner that made it hard to put down. If you like Greek Mythology, humor, and ridiculous plot lines common in stories like Monty Python or Space Balls, you might like this book. It may be a love it or hate it sort of project, but I thankfully was one of the former readers.Now that I've gushed a little bit, and possibly lost a few readers for using the term "smart-ass" in my review, I guess I should take some time to actually talk about the work. The first thing I should probably warn you is this is not a "linear" sort of story-line. If you want to go from point A to point B, this may not be the book for you. Part of the fun of this story is the careless side-trips we encounter along the way. One minute you're talking about the gods return to power, the next a clumsy, poorly trained ninja is tripping in the forest and being rewarded with glitter paper. While the main characters are important, so is some of the silly none-sense thrown in on the side. I'd liken some of the side-trips to the book Stardust; you never know what will turn out to be relevant later.This book works because it embraces the ridiculousness. Yet, there is still a story that carries you through it. There are a few moments of language and poking fun that happen that may offend a few readers, but it is a story involving Greek gods, so that may be a given in those aspects. To be honest, there were probably some jokes that went over my head at times, but I never felt to bogged down by them. It was fun, yet balanced, which is something that is pretty difficult to manage. I liked that the gods in this story were still "human" on many levels. They didn't feel fearfully overpowered, their misadventures kept me entertained, as well as their modern adaptions in comparison to their more historical counterparts. It really did bring a fresh twist to some old subject matter. And adorable kitten monsters of death. Can I keep one?This is one of those books that is less about the ending, and more about the journey along the way. I'm not sure I wanted to reach the end, to be honest. I was having a little too much fun giggling along the way.
Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Zeus king of the Olympian Gods is murdered The rest of the gods reverse his long standing decree of withdrawal from mortal affairs and make themselves known once again via a press conference Lots of chaos and adventure ensues. Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure by Jan , Zeus Is Dead is an amusing cohesive story with a narrative that parodies familiar literary tro The Pantheon integrates eagerly into modern society by garnering new worshipers, creating new monsters, and reclaiming their mantles with added celebrity status. ZEUS IS DEAD A MONSTROUSLY INCONVENIENT ADVENTURE Read a sample of Zeus Is Dead here Zeus Is Deadis full of laugh out loud moments, lashings of sly wit, moan worthy puns, and a complex, fast paced storyline There aren t very many humorous fantasy murder mysteries out there, especially not as intricately constructed as this one. Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure Audible Audiobook Unabridged Michael G Munz Author , Travis Baldree Narrator , Tantor Audio Publisher Zeus Is Dead Literature TV Tropes Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure is a comedic contemporary fantasy novel by Michael G Munz Just about three thousand years ago, Zeus, the immortal king of the Olympian gods, commanded the entire pantheon to withdraw from the mortal world That changed nine months ago when someone found a way to assassinate him With Zeus out of the way, the Olympians returned to the Is Zeus still alive Zeus God of the Sky Most people believe that Zeus, the Great Greek God is still alive They say that he is still alive and well, and we are still worshipping him Zeus is still standing on the clouds in the sky that he rules watching us Let s hope we don t get hit by his main symbol and weapon the thunderbolt However, other people say that Zeus is dead There are many theories to how he died. Zeus Is Undead This One Has Zombies Zeus Is Dead Book Feb , A master of plausible absurdity with a deep knowledge of Greek myth, Michael G Munz previously appeared on the literary scene in his first humorous fantasy novel, Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure His newest outing is, reasonably, Zeus Is Undead This One Has Zombies With a clever turn of phrase and knowing winks at his readership whom his narrative Zeus A Shadow in the Flames

  1. An award winning writer of speculative fiction, Michael G Munz was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Washington State in 1977 at the age of three Unable to escape the state s gravity, he has spent most of his life there and studied writing at the University of Washington.Michael developed his creative bug in college, writing and filming four exceedingly amateur films before setting his sights on becoming a novelist Driving this goal is the desire to tell entertaining stories that give to others the same pleasure as other writers have given to him He enjoys writing tales that combine the modern world with the futuristic or fantastic.Michael has traveled to three continents, and has an interest in Celtic and Classical mythology He also possesses what most normal people would likely deem far too much familiarity with a wide range of geek culture, though Michael prefers the term geek bard a jack of all geek trades, but master of none except possibly Farscape and Twin Peaks.Michael dwells in Seattle where he continues his quest to write the most entertaining novel known to humankind and find a really fantastic clam linguine.

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  1. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.If there is an award for being the most well researched smart ass, I think Michael G Munz would take the prize And I mean that with the most adoring and praise inducing admiration I can manage While I ll try not to polish the author s ego too much, this book quickly rose through my level of favorites with it s wit, geekiness, and careless disregard of the ever prevalent fourth walls Zeus is Dead is clever, yet entert [...]

  2. This book is unlike anything I have ever read before in my life In this story the Greek Gods are alive and well, except for Zeus, he s dead see title With the King of the Gods out of the way, the remaining Olympians reveal themselves to the 21st century.Zeus is Dead is filled with great wit and humor some of it a bit on the geeky side It revolves around Zeus daughter Tracy and her heroic quest to avenge her father s death Tracy undertakes this quest with the help of Apollo, Thalia one of the mus [...]

  3. With just under 500 pages, this book is a helluva lot longer than anything I ve read recently, but the description looked promising so I gave it a shot The basic structure is built like most books I ve read, but that s the only thing typical about it May I read your shirt in braille, Miss Gems like this one pop up throughout the book, and even at the end where many authors lose steam, Mr Munz carries his humor all the way through It s definitely not a quick read, but each chapter offers great am [...]

  4. I have been looking for other authors to fill the void when Christopher Moore does not have a new book out This guy is now on my list In his writing style with this book, the author is almost a character of its own A few times the asides were a little bit long or distracting to me which is why I give it four instead of five stars, but honestly it was such a fantastically fun read that I, a busy mom with three kids, finished the book, and was so glad I read it.In fact, I am now going to see if he [...]

  5. Beware This is a long book, something that generally doesn t concern me bring it usually If I like a book I want lots of it And this one is big 441 pages if you re counting but will feel even longer It was a book I had to slog through, which was made harder that this was supposed to be a humorous book and being a mythology fantasy nerd, I thought this would be a slam dunk for me And at moments it was but he threw it seems everything into this book There were so many grossly unfunny jokes, ones t [...]

  6. Olympus is open for Business againA huge Thanks to the author and his team for providing me a copy of the book but at the same time i am also going to apologize for the review i am going to write It feels like i have been reading this book for ages now Right now i look like a zombie in progress, with swollen red eyeballs threatening to pop out and eye bags reaching the floor.To think of it, the book was only 446 pages and i have read books voluminous than this one but nothing has induced fatigu [...]

  7. So, I came across this book initially on the wonderful imgur I was drawn in by the puns Those of you who follow me know I have a serious problem with puns It s an epundemic See Add Greek mythology on top of that This Classics minoring internet dweller was sold.Y all, this book is effing hilarious I loved the way that Munz sucked the reader in, not just with the plot of his book but with his engagement with the readers It was as though the book narrator was telling you, the reader, a story person [...]

  8. This is a very unique book Why The author is unusually aggressive about breaking the Fourth Wall aka, the separation between the reader and the characters narrator This enables a whole new kind of humor It was very cheeky For example, at one point the narration says paraphrasing Intelligent readers may be wondering if this is all a devious trick It may or may not be a devious trick We won t tell you Of course, you may say why bring this up at all if there is NO trickery involved Maybe we just wa [...]

  9. Alright, so Zeus has been murdered and the rules of the game have changed Gods freely interact with the mortal humans, and this is than with a friendly hello The gods are loving their freedom The humans are not quite sure how to handle this But no one seems to really ask, Who killed Zeus This book takes the reader on an adventure that looks deeper into the death of Zeus It follows the need for one of the many Greek gods and goddesses to help the unfolding of a prophecy while trying to keep out [...]

  10. I really wanted to love this book, but I ended up only liking it okay I m a huge fan of Greek Mythology and while reading the book I felt it read like an adult version of Percy Jackson, but less compelling While the premise is awesome, I honestly feel I only finished reading it because it was about Greek Gods Munz chose to constantly use the fourth wall throughout the book and it worked great in some instances, but then became an overused tool used lazily to fill in the blanks for narrative inco [...]

  11. Hilarious The Gods are back and their family dysfunction set against a modern backdrop is wonderful Watching the Gods struggle with the added responsibilities brought on by increased population and modern technology is fantastic We have Titans, Gods, demigods, the mortal children of Gods, Muses, Fates, Erinyes, monsters, and even some mortal humans with absolutely no genetic relationship to any Gods Munz has a wonderful sense of humor and no fear of breaking the fourth wall In fact sometimes he [...]

  12. This is a spectacular book I can t get over how well researched, knowledgeable, and downright fun this book was to read It s longd you don t want it to end The plot is a great starting point the Greek Gods return to Earth and wreak their own special kind of havoc A couple of mortals are involved, and quests are given But that doesn t begin to cover the hilarity and suspense of the book There are monsters, big and small Muses Plasma televisions The action scenes are masterfully written The slapst [...]

  13. I loved this book The Greek Gods have returned, and a couple of mostly hapless humans are caught up in forces that are mostly beyond their control It s hilarious throughout the fourth wall is shattered to dust, and yet the story remains engaging this is no mean feat, and something I really admired about this book But all other considerations aside, it s a really fun and funny book that reminded me of the best of Christopher Moore s early work Highly recommended to fans of fantasy and humor.Discl [...]

  14. The death of Zeus has removed previous restrictions placed on the Pantheon allowing them access to the mortal realm once again The Pantheon integrates eagerly into modern society by garnering new worshipers, creating new monsters, and reclaiming their mantles with added celebrity status Apollo soon receives prophetic visions that test his loyalty and makes him question the loyalty of those around him.Zeus Is Dead is an amusing cohesive story with a narrative that parodies familiar literary trope [...]

  15. This book is cleverly written, witty, and quite silly The story is a romp through the modern world with ancient characters the Greek gods are back I loved Greek mythology as a kid, so watching the gods adapt to modern mortals throughout the course of this adventure is just plain fun The plot gallops from misadventure to misadventure, dodging monsters, eluding the Furies, and trying to figure out who killed Zeus The characters are likable, the pop geek culture references make me feel smart, and t [...]

  16. Munz has done an excellent job of bringing the Greek gods into the 21st century, with an irreverent look that captures the essence of their capricious nature He excellently blends humor and plot into a delightful read Seeing how the gods interact with modern life is sure to make you chuckle A note of caution Munz does like to break the 4th wall on occasion Actually, he smashes it down and tap dances on the rubble If that isn t your cup of tea you may find this book a little unsettling But if You [...]

  17. Zeus Is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure is a humorous tale of the impact of Zeus s death on the Greek gods and modern human society The tale is rife with puns and satire, as well as humorous happenings Apollo, a TV producer, a gaming geek, a big game hunter, and some muses attempt to resurrect the lead god while fending off other gods, who like the new order, and monsters that are appearing on earth Gods in Las Vegas, on Twitter, and TV add to the confusion I recommend the novel, but I [...]

  18. Really very entertaining This ended up being a really great book It started slow and awkward The humor was a little forced at first But, it became a book I couldn t put down The story telling was spectacular and the style of humor really grew on me I highly recommend it.

  19. Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams in this farce of Greek gods returning to modern times.The idiot ball, for those who are unaware, is the bane of good fiction In any television show, movie, neighborhood play, or, yes, novel whenever a previously intelligent character does something that anyone with than badger feculence for brains would consider gut wrenchingly foolish or fails to grasp a solution to a problem so obvious it may as well be dressed in a neon green pantsuit, jumping up and down [...]

  20. Not Adams Something else Everyone wants to be Douglas Adams Why be Douglas Adams Douglas Adams was Douglas Adams Be someone else But some reviewer or flyleaf blurb writer or publicist had to go and tell me this guy was the second coming of Douglas Freaking Adams He s not And not being Douglas Adams is just fine and a good thing Except as I read, since the Adams link was asserted so loudly all I could do was compare the writing to Adams s So every injected bit of silliness seemed contrived Absurd [...]

  21. Finished reading Zeus is Dead A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure by Michael G Munz Even though it took me a while to finish it I have to admit I liked it I thought it was very good Very funny and the writing really reminded me of Douglas Adams.As it turns out the true gods of our world are the ancient Greek gods would have guessed For many years the gods didn t show their presence due to an oath the Zeus made them all swear to The other gods in the pantheon weren t happy about it and some cons [...]

  22. If you like a somewhat serious story with an off beat, rambling telling, this is it It has all the elements you need to make a great story a hero ine , gods, a quest, and monsters galore Not to mention the threat of death Because you just can t have a good quest without a threat of death It s just not how these things are done, donchaknow Oh, and there s a mystery Whodunit Inquiring readers want to know What if the Olympic gods are old were actually real And decided it was time to come out of hi [...]

  23. While I like the plot of this book, I did not like the writing style The author breaks the fourth wall on nearly every page, and that gets old really fast He does use that method to remind the reader of who certain minor characters are, but surely there was another way besides sounding like a teenage writer trying to be clever and after 34 years of teaching high school English, I know what teenage writing looks like I would have preferred development of a couple of the main characters rather th [...]

  24. Having just read the GoneGod series where gods leave mortals and almost immortals to fend for themselves, I found Zeus is Dead to be an equally interesting book dealing with the reverse situation the Olympians return to their previous stomping grounds and demand attention from mortals.I found this book refreshing, humorous and fun Some readers may dislike the repeated breaches of the fourth wall and the book is rather long at over 400 pages but I didn t mind these details.The attempts made by th [...]

  25. Zeus control over the Greek gods slips when he gets murdered Without his power to stop them, the other gods descend to reinstate their control over earthly affairs And to spread monsters But, in the case of disaster, Zeus had a back up plan One which depends on mortals, and a tenuous chance that might get him resurrected Unless the other gods manage to stop the plan I had fun with this story and enjoyed the conclusion.

  26. Excellent WeirdnessCrazy humor abounds It s completely insane and very imaginative I enjoyed the classical gods and how they were woven into modern society I liked the comments that pull you out of the narrative and have you shaking your head and rolling your eyes Great writing, except one remark that a bird was chewing Birds don t chew, they have no teeth This is a talented spoof with a well deserved nod to Douglas Adams among the puns and mythological references.

  27. This book really grew on me as it went along The plot line of the Olympian Gods returning to the modern 21st century world was intriguing, and was taken on with a tongue in cheek style reminiscent of Douglas Adams or Christopher Moore I felt like it got off to a slow start, but about a third of the way through, once all the players were on the board, it picked up speed, and I eagerly sped through the rest.

  28. This is a highly amusing tale about obviously the Roman pantheon coming back after killing their leader, who had kept them all from wandering Earth being worshiped for lo these many centuries There is much mystery, comedy and action as two mortals , a muse a god help save the world from the unpalatable of the immortals.

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