Bound by Spells

Bound by Spells Aidan Montgomery hadn t been prepared for Amelia Bradbury to walk in and then out of his life He also hadn t expected to find the powerful magic hidden deep within him for the last nineteen years but

Aidan Montgomery hadn t been prepared for Amelia Bradbury to walk in and then out of his life He also hadn t expected to find the powerful magic hidden deep within him for the last nineteen years, but he s embracing it finding control and answers every day Now, with the help of Amelia s best friend, Bethany, Aidan is on a quest to understand his destiny andAidan Montgomery hadn t been prepared for Amelia Bradbury to walk in and then out of his life He also hadn t expected to find the powerful magic hidden deep within him for the last nineteen years, but he s embracing it finding control and answers every day Now, with the help of Amelia s best friend, Bethany, Aidan is on a quest to understand his destiny and find Amelia.Amelia decided to stand by her duty, which meant walking away from her first chance at love Trapped in Cresthaven at the Queen s mercy, she spends her days with Micah an ally she still holds at arm s length struggling to manage her heartbreak while keeping her mind focused on the task at hand As she continues to unlock the secrets of the Keeper power, Queen Julia s true motives reveal themselves, forcing Amelia to decide, yet again, how much she s willing to sacrifice.Will Aidan get to Amelia before it s too late, or will the very power that sustains them keep them apart

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Bound by Spells

  1. Stormy Smith is the author of the number one bestselling Bound series She calls Iowa s capital home now, but was raised in a tiny town in the Southeast corner of the state She grew to love books honestly, having a mom that read voraciously and instilled that same love in her She knew quickly stories of fantasy were her favorite, and even as an adult gravitates toward paranormal stories in any form Writing a book had never been an aspiration, but suddenly the story was there and couldn t be stopped When she isn t working on, or thinking about, her books, Stormy s favorite places include bar patios, live music shows, her yoga mat or anywhere she can relax with her husband or girlfriends.

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  1. Okay people hold onto your hats My mind has been blown away on this one I got this book before you did because I am cool like that Okay, fine Sorry for the snarkiness My alter ego comes out at night and that is when I am writing this Sorry, but this one is a little long I really liked the first one, and generally the first book in a series is the best for me Not so this time around Honestly, this book was a good two and a half times better than the first one And that is saying a lot because the [...]

  2. Check out my review of Bound by Spells by Stormy Smith at Books Equal Awesomeness Last year, I read Bound by Duty and it was freaking fantastic This series isn t really known about, but I think that everyone should read it This book was just as great as the first one Bound by Spells is from a dual point of view, so in this book, we got to read what happens from Aiden s point of view, and boy was I happy about that Aiden s perspective was really important in this book because he undergoes a lot o [...]

  3. Originally posted on my blog Miranda s Book BlogThis is the second book in The Bound series and it was equally as magical and suspenseful as the first one The plot was absolutely amazing, then low and behold a whole new twist gets thrown into the mix I honestly didn t think the plot could get any better, then BAM I m blown away In the past I haven t been a big fan of alternate POV, but I think it may be my new favorite thanks to the author Stormy Smith Each POV was perfectly balanced, I felt lik [...]

  4. You always worry starting a sequel will be any good as the first amazing book in the series you had read So when reading Bound by Spells I was scared but I really didn t need to be it was incredible of course when reading Bound by Duty the ending won t spoil it for you but your left with your mouth hanging open from the out come The moment your like I NEED THE NEXT ONE NOW Amelia is just as badass and brave as the first book you find yourself pining for her and her relationships cough Cough you [...]

  5. Pulled from the blog joint review with my blogging partner in crime, Jennifer original review with extras can be viewed here bookwormcoalition.wordpress.cI feel like any book starts off with a line like, I woke up naked again is going to be something special I feel as though I needed to be there for him, just can t have him waking up all naked with no one around I volunteer as tribute wait, wrong book, it s okay, I ll still watch over him In this case, I was definitely right Bound by Spells took [...]

  6. An excellent follow up to Bound by Duty This second installment picks up right where the first left off I was fortunate enough to have this next book handy, otherwise the cliffy from book 1 may have been a lot painful I always appreciate when the sequel just gets right to the point, no dawdling or lengthy recaps, just a head first dive into the heart of the story So major kudos to Stormy for that I absolutely LOVED the dual POV Hearing Aiden s thoughts and following his story line as he struggl [...]

  7. This is one of those books that when I finally got the chance to sit down and read it, I didn t want to put it down I should be studying for a major test so I can graduate, but this clearly wouldn t be put off First, I LOVE how Stormy switched between Amelia s and Aiden s POV I loved hearing what was going on from both sides of the situation, let s start with Amelia.The book starts with Amelia saying an incredibly heartbreaking goodbye to Aiden, my heart seriously broke the first time I read tha [...]

  8. If you enjoyed Bound by Duty, you will absolutely love Bound by Spells Bound by Spells had me spellbound Bound by Spells continues the gripping tale of Amelia and Aidan journey to restore order to the immortals.I enjoyed how the author alternates the point of view, it creates a storyline that allows the readers to experience the characters as the story unfolds I enjoyed getting to learn about the back story and in depth look at the characters I feel that this was a wonderful continuation of th [...]

  9. Recommended by Serena Chase at USA Today s Happy Ever After blog Featuring a cast of mages and shapeshifters with unique magical abilities, one destiny shaping prophecy, a genocidal megalomaniac, and a budding, heated romance or two , this book is paranormal gold Read the first book in the series first, of course, but once you finish this one you re sure to be salivating for the next release in this not to be missed romantic paranormal series Full review usat 18WZfQD

  10. This series continues to captivate and surprise The Queen Just when you might feel a little bit of compassion for her, bam Right out the window This book is told from Aiden and Amelia s perspectives There is so much that goes on that you find it hard to put the book down Next book can t come soon enough.

  11. 4.5 stars Another beta read There was so much I loved about this book, but I think the thing that really raised it above the first book is the addition of Aidan s POV And not just b c we all love Aidan b c come on, we all do But the nature of the story as it left off in Bound By Duty demanded that 2 separate stories be told, and it would have been a terrible loss to not have that other half of the story I ended up learning so much about the prophecy, the AniMage s, the history, just from what A [...]

  12. Bound by Duty, the first book of this series, was fantastic This second book, Bound by Spells Even better With the excellent writing continuing on, the storyline becoming deeper and intense, and characters that continue to grow, evolve and surprise us there s no sopho slump to be found here In fact, Stormy Smith has quickly found her way to the upper echelon of my favorite paranormal authors list with her enchanting stories and the ability to just snatch me out of my everyday life and set me do [...]

  13. Two words that ending As most know, cliffhangers are never my favorite, but besides the point, I LOVEEEEEEE this book There was so much suspense and I just wanted This book definitely pulled me in than the first in the series, so I was very happy with this one.We learn so much about this world, the abilities that the mages and shapeshifters have were so fascinating, I was intrigued by all of it especially Amelia We all know that she s capable of so much , but she still has so much to learn, e [...]

  14. Bound by Spells takes everything that was established in Bound by Duty and amps it up 20 notches I cannot get over the character development all around It is rare that I like a sequel better than the first book, but Bound by Spells surpasses the first for me Both Amelia and Aidan have come into themselves in a way that I never thought that was possible Julia is as evil as ever, and even her rule gets a bit of an explanation that we didn t get in the first novel This book is all about the interna [...]

  15. I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Amazing book Stormy s imagination goes to new heights in this new book in the bound series I couldn t put it down for a second as I was glued to the edge of my seat the whole time.The magic and the intrigue in this one was amazing You really got to know the evil queen in this one as well and man is she one scary bitch Well done Stormy Evil does not even begin to describe her You really got to delve into the Animages as well and [...]

  16. Loved Loved Loved I waited impatiently for book 2 in the Bound series, and it was definitely worth the wait Told in alternating views, we get to see exactly what both Amelia and Aidan are going through during their separation I loved that their voices were distinct I didn t have to look at the chapter heading to see who was talking We go deeper into the Queen s mind to see why she s done what she s done and Amelia tries to work with her Keeper powers Great follow up to Bound by Duty and now I wa [...]

  17. This book was amazing and so much , I LOVED it It was such an amazing sequel to the first book and answered so many questions I had from the first one We get to see Aidan s point of view in this one and it s nice to see how he sees things I love how devoted he is to Amelia and how we finally learn about his past and where he comes from Amelia also grows so much in this book and I can t wait to see where this journey takes her and Aidan

  18. So, so good The magic, the love, the connections are amazing Now to wait for the next instalment I loved reading Aiden s pov and how it felt to shift, to pick up all his emotions, all his fears, his love for Amelia, his protectiveness for his pack, the dominance in him, the alpha that shines through, loved it all Seriously, can not wait for the next book.

  19. Received a ARC in exchange for review.Omg I am so in love with this book The author has a way of bringing the magic and emotions of the characters to life I defiantly have a book boyfriend in this series I am in love with Aiden Don t forget to go pick up your copy You wont regret it

  20. I couldn t put this book down was actioned packed no down moments at allI am so happy for Dillon, i also love how wise Dillon actually is Onto the third book im so excited

  21. To start off, I would like to say that if I could give this book half star ratings or a percentage rating it would look better Also if there is typos I am sorry Star Rating 3.5Percentage 85%I was one of the give away winners held on here by Stormy Smith and this is my review.Spoiler Free for now I really enjoyed the concept of the world in this novel The world seemed to be really thought out and it was completely whole and thoughts that made up the world In the first book there was a lot of worl [...]

  22. I purchased this book and audiobook because I so enjoyed the first one We are drawn further into the world of Mages here We learn of the Mage magics along with the Hunters and their abilities This story is from the POV s of Aidan and Amelia Both are in different places in this book Both are learning different things Though much of what we learn here solidifies the ideas we had from book one and gives details of those impressions, along with uncovering additional troubles for Mages FULL REVIEW [...]

  23. Note I received an advanced reader s copy ARC of Bound by Spells in exchange for an honest review.What a blast Bound by Spells, the second instalment in the Bound series by Stormy Smith, picks up where the first book, Bound by Duty, left off The opening chapter is a powerful one with interesting, even slightly scientific but enjoyable, descriptions of Aidan s transformation.Also narrated from the first person, the second book alternates between Aidan s and Amelia s viewpoints, each being in a di [...]

  24. Stormy Smith has blown my mind once again I had the pleasure of ready Bound By Duty Book 1 and absolutely loved it to pieces Bound By Spells picks up just where Bound By Duty leaves you heart broken and wanting to scream The struggle between the heart and mind is relentless What lengths would you be willing to go to in order to keep those you cared mose for in this world safe How would you cope with the reality that you have been lied to your entire life and are just a pawn in a game larger than [...]

  25. This is a interesting book Like the first I didn t really connect well with Amelia She was not a bad character but just at times distant, other times petulant and very stubborn She sometimes seemed to think she knew and was superior to others because she was the keeper.She didn t realize that people were risking everything to help her especially Micah Her sometimes indignation and disdain to him over his actions were too much at times He was going against his mom and that isn t easy This second [...]

  26. This was better than the last one and when I mean better it ll be difficult to put down the book once you ve start reading.It continues from the ending of Bound by Duty wherein Amelia left with Micah while Aidan is with Betty looking for Cole, in order to save Amelia Nothing turns out as you least expected The author will keep you guessing and the secrets that I ve been wondering from part one was mind blowing Although not all of it have been revealed yet.I m still not sure how I find Amelia, I [...]

  27. This review was originally posted on my blog, Hiver et Cafe I received an e ARC as part of the blog tour and in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion in any way nor was I compensated in any way in exchange for this review.If y all haven t read Bound by Duty yet, I sincerely urge you to do it It was one of my favourite books of last year and it s so super under rated I want people to learn about this book and read it and love it too Guys GUYS Stormy Smith has done it agai [...]

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