Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #6

Ms Marvel On the run from the Inventor Kamala needs all the help she can get Did someone say Wolverine

On the run from the Inventor, Kamala needs all the help she can get Did someone say Wolverine

  • Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #6 Best Read || [G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie]
    325 G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie
Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #6

  1. G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie says:
    G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #6 book, this is one of the most wanted G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie author readers around the world.

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  1. Kamala ran into Wolverine while investigating and their conversation was everything I wanted it to beif only these issues were longer _

  2. Kamala Khan running into Wolverine and fangirling is just awesome Also, I love the new art Every issue keeps me wanting to read .

  3. New Jersey s own, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, is out fighting the Inventor s robots and getting ever closer to his hideout After investigating a conspicuous hole in the middle of the street, Kamala encounters an urban myth and an unexpected hero the girl who writes Avengers fan fic as a hobby gets to team up with one of the greatest Avengers ever Right away you notice a couple of things with the beginning of the second Ms Marvel arc 1 Adrian Alphona s left aww , replaced by artist Jacob Wyatt, an [...]

  4. Oh man, Kamala fangirling all during her actionpacked meeting with Wolverine Absolutely hilarious and cute Honestly though, I d probably be the same Wow Such athletic Very claws So amaze.

  5. Over my several decades yeah, I said DECADES reading comic books, there have been very few series I have ever been really into X Men simply because of Storm and the fact that it was based on the Civil Rights movement of the 1960 s Elfquest because of the story Redlance and Nightfall being my favourite characters I loved their relationship The Walking Dead which really should be called The Michonne Show Batgirl because of Gail Simone Rat Queens because it just rocks with maximum kick ass chick po [...]

  6. I have a smile on my face every time I read a new issue of Ms Marvel In this issue, we get our first guest artist drawn issue Jacob Wyatt does an excellent job of taking over from Adrian Alphona Wyatt s artwork is excellent and compliments Alphona s art very well It didn t feel jarring switching artists at all, and the start of a new arc is a good time to do it The writing is outstanding, obviously You should know that by now Kamala s chat with Sheikh Abdullah is wonderful, and Wolvie showing up [...]

  7. I cannot praise G Willow Wilson enough This has been an amazing series and it s just getting better and better The addition of Wolverine So fun I cannot wait to see where this arch goes And Kamala fangirling LOVE IT She s just like us

  8. OMG Kamala and Wolverine Kamala telling Wolverine about the fanfiction she wrote about him Kamala worried about the alligator AWESOME

  9. Did not enjoy this artist as much No detailed backgrounds, no extra bits, Khan looks very different almost white Story still as strong.

  10. Kamala is a full superhero now, with all there is a superhero needs to have costume, secret hideout, sidekick, dastardly enemy but a theme song But she s just started her training She even may have found a mentor in the most unlikely person she could think of terrible Sheikh Abdullah He is the man that gives Kamala and all the girls looking up to her and admiring her and seeing hope for young girls in her the moral code and the guidelines to go by I am asking you for something difficult If you [...]

  11. Kamala meets Wolverine First issue of the second story arc is looking very promising I am really digging Jason Wyatt s art, so than Adrian Alphona who did the first five issues I love that Kamala is such a relatable awkward teenager she fangirls over the Avengers and writes Wolverine Storm in space fan fictions She is truly a superhero for the millennial generation.

  12. At this issue they switched artists, which is a totally legit thing that ALL comics do But it throws me off every time I m just too much of a graphic novels kid, I m used to the characters I know looking a certain way and it s jarring to me to have to readjust to new art My first reaction is ALWAYS that I don t like it, but the end of the comic I usually come around, but it throws me off first.It s official, I m following a comic series.I usually only read comics after they ve been out for a min [...]

  13. The art style has changed gasp When the student is ready, the master will appear , and boy, ain t that the truth Her mentor ends up being THE MOST AWESOME character you can think of and even then, you ll be surprised by their awesome from the beginning bonding Kamala is just so importantly normal she s a geek girl like the rest of us, and gets excited at inopportune moments, but that s what makes her so real And the villain who claims, When I want to kill you, know ll know Honestly, that always [...]

  14. Firstly, the artist changed in this issue I do not dislike the art, but it always feels weird to me to see everything in a different style, after growing accustomed to the feel a certain artist gives off.Secondly, I really enjoyed the conversation with hazrat sahib.Lastly, Kamala s interaction with Wolverine was epic mention fanfics at the first opportunity the new generation indeed.

  15. Liked the interaction of Kamala with her imam youth imam not sure what position the sheikh man was and paralleling her crime fighting almost as a way of practicing the tenets of her faith This presentation of her faith alongside her crime fighting is a great way to showcase a balance in her life that many that are either religious or not can relate to in living normal life.I also enjoyed Kamala s fangirling reaction to Wolverine because to be honest anyone who ever got to meet their superhero id [...]

  16. This series is only getting better the further along we go This instalment was absolutely epic, view spoiler particularly her fangirling over Wolverine which is completely relatable because he s awesome hide spoiler and always leaves me wanting I think it s fair to say that I m kind of obsessed.

  17. En general me ha parecido bastante tonta la manera en que est llevada la trama, especialmente c mo de pronto de encuentra con cierto enemigo La calidad del di logo en esa parte adem s me ha resultado absurda.El dibujante adem s ha cambiado y tampoco me ha gustado.Sin embargo esta grapa va con sorpresa , una muy chula y de ah que est aprobado.

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