Another Girl

Another Girl The sequel to the novel Undiscovered Gyrl which became the feature film Ask Me Anything starring Britt Robertson Martin Sheen and Christian Slater

The sequel to the novel, Undiscovered Gyrl, which became the feature film Ask Me Anything, starring Britt Robertson, Martin Sheen, and Christian Slater.

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Another Girl

  1. Allison Burnett grew up in Evanston, Illinois, the son of a clinical psychologist and a Northwestern University professor After graduating from Northwestern, he was a fellow of the Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Program at the Juilliard School His novels include Christopher a finalist for the 2004 PEN Center USA Literary Award , The House Beautiful, Undiscovered Gyrl, and Death By Sunshine.His newest novel is The Escape of Malcolm Poe, published by Writers Tribe Books, Fall 2014.Allison s essays, stories, book reviews, and poetry have appeared on various websites and in various publications.Allison s screenwriting credits include Red Meat, Untraceable, Resurrecting the Champ, Feast of Love, Underworld Awakening, and Gone.

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  1. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in Author of Undiscovered Gyrl, Allison Burnett, inspired me to quote Michael Corleone, after reading the sequel novella Another Girl because yes I was pulled right back into the addictive world of the internet and of Katie Kampenfelt This sequel is only 138 pages in length but, it is a power house of emotions that leaves the reader breathless, confused, intrigued and conflicted, all at the same timeAs in Undiscovered Gyrl, the format is genius in [...]

  2. Great novellaThe only problem is it leaves a lot questions then answers is amy katie a real.female.or.a male piece of shit murderer and what happened to elle

  3. Totally freaking brilliant but what else do we expect from the amazing Allison Burnett Totally fulfilling in an unfulfilling way it is perfection He s done it again

  4. I ve just finished reading this book, it is very short, I bough it today and I read it in a couple of hours but it is all worth the money I played for it.If you re reading this just to find some answers, don t do it ll just mess up your mind even SPOILER ALERT READ THIS ONLY IF YOU ALREADY FINISHED THE BOOKMy brain is working hard trying to figure out what happened at the end , but mostly if there really is a connection between this book and the first one I actually think the end it s pretty cle [...]

  5. I was taken with Katie Kampenfelt from the second I picked up Undiscovered Gyrl I loved Burnett s ability to write a character who was so realistic, raw and funny, I didn t want her story to end So I was extremely excited to see Another Girl come out, and let me say, it didn t disappoint This novella jumps right in with a dark edge that will have you speed reading till the end Burnett has a spooky ability to blur the lines between fiction and reality, playing tricks on your mind throughout A ver [...]

  6. super quick read where we are reintroduced to an older Katie and a lonely, depressed girl seeking a friend predictable, but liked the way the author again blurred reality and fiction and had me questioning, who REALLY are we talking to on the internet.

  7. When you don t listen to your inner voice, the universe punishes you without mercy I liked this book, but didn t love it Quick and interesting but also creepy and predictable Some people are struggling with how it ends without answers again , but I think it is super obvious what happens to Elle Totally worth the read, esp if you liked Undiscovered Gyrl

  8. This may contain spoilers, but not really Lol.After reading Undiscovered Gyrl , I needed to figure out what happened and downloaded this book immediately At first, I was disappointed it wasnt continued in Katies point of view, but those feelings diminished the second my curiousity peaked and O M G I finished this book in like an hour, and let me tell you I HAVE THE CHILLLLSSSS Like okay, yes it is obvious what happened to both Katie and Elle, especially considering the ending of Undiscovered Gyr [...]

  9. Quick read with a twist ending I loved the first novel, and this novella was a great way to continue the themes.

  10. I just couldn t get out of my mind the fact that the author is a middle aged dude, not a mid 20 s girl I admit I ve not read the 1st book, just seen the film.

  11. A short novella, yet a truly captivating and frightening story Having read Mr Burnett s prequel novel Undiscovered Gyrl a few months ago and having been left with a troublesome and unanswered cliffhanger ending, I decided to read this short sequel I am so glad that I did Another Girl effortlessly picks up where the first novel left off and neatly and chillingly fills in all the blanks.Through blog post communications between Katie and the chosen few of her many followers, Mr Burnett does an exem [...]

  12. BoringBook was boring and left with question than answers The format was confusing as all No originality with storyline.

  13. Undecided.This book didn t wow me like the first one It was still a really interesting read I still want to know what happened even though I have a good idea of what did happen.

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