Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half-@ssing It All Year Long

Sh tty Mom for All Seasons Half ssing It All Year Long The authors of the New York Times bestselling Sh tty Mom are back with a hilarious guide presenting common parenting scenarios with advice for getting through the year the sh tty mom way Told in the s

The authors of the New York Times bestselling Sh tty Mom are back with a hilarious guide presenting common parenting scenarios with advice for getting through the year the sh tty mom way Told in the same tongue in cheek voice as the original, this sequel is full of funny parenting tips and relatable stories for contemporary moms Sh tty Mom for All Seasons explores theThe authors of the New York Times bestselling Sh tty Mom are back with a hilarious guide presenting common parenting scenarios with advice for getting through the year the sh tty mom way Told in the same tongue in cheek voice as the original, this sequel is full of funny parenting tips and relatable stories for contemporary moms Sh tty Mom for All Seasons explores the occasions throughout the year that test every mother s patience and inspire self deprecating humor and that second glass of wine With chapters organized by season, the book will teach you how to navigate the bumpy roads of motherhood, learn to laugh at the occasional parenting fail, and maybe even appreciate your own mother Or not Sample chapters for the sh tty mom year include Fall Yes, We All Have to Be Here The Annual PTO Funsraiser Winter Mom s Real New Year s Resolutions Spring I m Running Off with the Gardner April Fools Summer Summer Reading Lists Other Great Reasons Why You Don t Home School The Emmy Award winning TODAY show producers and self proclaimed sh tty moms, Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, together with humorist Erin Clune, bring you the perfect book for mothers who don t take themselves too seriously.

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Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half-@ssing It All Year Long

  1. Alicia Ybarbo Mary Ann Zoellner Erin Clune Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half-@ssing It All Year Long book, this is one of the most wanted Alicia Ybarbo Mary Ann Zoellner Erin Clune author readers around the world.

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  1. DNF at 54% Mostly by skimming.OK, I though this would be funny, but it isn t for me It must be for other moms or dads, but the humor is not funny, and the stories are forced, and I guess I wasn t that kind of mom in any sense of the word.However, don t let that stop you from reading this book when it comes out It might appeal to you I was telling someone else about this book, and they laughed when I told them one of the stories I felt was white privileged, and a whole bunch of other things that [...]

  2. Sh tty Mom for All Seasons is a sequel to the popular Sh tty Mom The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us I really enjoyed reading the first book, so I was excited to read this one.Sh tty Mom for All Seasons is divided into four sections, one section for each season Each section has several chapters covering various topics and situations specific to the season Examples of chapter topics are visiting with the in laws, sending kids to summer camp, getting ready for school, surviving family vacations [...]

  3. Content warning As you can tell by the name of this book, there will be some off color content There will also be some in this review You were warned.I started this book fully expecting to be laughing all the way through it I laughed so hard at the first chapter I mean, what s not funny about perfect trips with kids are like vaginal orgasms Good luck with that Wouldn t spring break travel be easier if we got advice that was less like zesty Internet porn and like the sex life of a middle aged ma [...]

  4. INITIAL THOUGHTSAfter reading titles such as the Unmumsy Mum by the Unmumsy Mum and the People I Want To Punch In The Throat by Jen Mann I found that I really enjoyed this genre and found it entertaining So seeing the title of this one made me eager to read this one too.So Initial Thoughts are that I should really enjoy this book too MY REVIEWI downloaded a free e arc of this one from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review The cover is a scene on a beach The beautiful light blue of a summer [...]

  5. I like snark I like irreverence When done right it s awesome When done poorly it s just bitchy, petty, and mean.This book didn t quite get to those things but I pretty much stopped at 6% in Why I m not that much of a jerk to myself.Listen You might dig this book I didn t I honestly couldn t keep reading and if you feel up to the challenge Go ahead NetGalley read Honest review Thanks to the publishers Yada Yada Yada

  6. I received a copy of this book free from NetGalley.I confess that I normally love snarky parenting books But this one just wasn t funny A lot of listicles at the personality of different types of moms but none of them made me laugh It was just sort of kind of amusing but not really funny or new or interesting.

  7. I liked this book significantly than the first one Way less cringe inducing moments that made me question why the authors ever had children It doesn t really have much advice but I think it does the job of making moms feel less bad guilty about short comings although they seem particularly harsh to husbands and leaning into stereotypes about how useless they are Did make me laugh out loud a few times Update just realized it wasn t the exact same set of writers from the first book In my opinion [...]

  8. Started this expecting a funny read Lord knows I am not and have never been a perfect mother, and I wanted to tag along and read and nod along to stuff I can relate to as an imperfect mum.However, all too soon, the tone started to grate, to the point where it even got insensitive It read a bit too much like bashing and blaming others for all the wrongs and getting out of everything scot free while leaving a huge mess behind Bit of a trainwreck, to be honest Ended up DNF ing halfway through, as I [...]

  9. As is often the case I received this book free for the purposes of review This time from NetGalley Despite that kindness my candid thoughts follow.The nutshell on this one is that it goes through month by month describing farcical and rather acerbic solutions to everyday parenting problems For example, how to clean up vomit in the car or cope with cabin fever or Yoga moms at school This is all intended, of course, to be tongue in cheek and while you re allowed to think about following this advic [...]

  10. As you read this book and find yourself sayingwho thinks these things You ve obviously not raised the same life sucking cute little offspring that I have I laughed and laughed and often made my husband read parts I found utterly accurate to our lives I think one of my favorite lines out of the whole book is Reminder In parenthood, the main goal is staying afloat After that, the main goal is getting the kids on their own damn boat Bon voyage If you are looking for a laugh out loud, maybe you aren [...]

  11. The amount of pressure on moms these days is ridiculous Many of us work full time, are expected to keep ourselves fit, make cute pinterest worthy favors for every school party, play nice with all the other moms at the swimming pool, find new and creative ways to supplement our kid s schoolwork, and somehow manage to raise respectful children without resorting to the television as a babysitter while we squeeze in a much needed bathroom break This book points out this ridiculousness and basically [...]

  12. As a mum of 4 children I have read my fair share of parenting books I was looking forward to this one as the blurb made it sound very funny Well it is NOT what a terrible, unfunny, unimaginative book I would go as far as to say this is a painful read.This is full of stories and anecdotes about parenting but I really am not sure of their purpose They are not funny and they are not helpful some of the mothering solutions in the book are beyond ridiculous and any mother with a pinch of common sense [...]

  13. Special thanks to NetGalley, for providing a free copy from the publisher, in return for an honest review.I tried so hard to like this book, I really do Few pages in, I thought this book was kinda witty, but after that, it gets repetitive fast and the jokes all fall flat In the Ellen show, there s a segment where people can submit hilarious photos or videos of their children misbehaving called Why I don t Have Kids This book is kinda like the boring book version of that, made not for mothers, bu [...]

  14. Disclaimer I received this e ARC from net galley in exchange for an honest review This book was hilarious, from beginning to end I laughed at all the quirky, sarcastic and insane things in this book It does have quite a fair bit of swearing but if you aren t easily offended and can see humor in the things we do and think daily as mom s this book is for you I honestly let this book take me to the light hearted cynical part of parenting, the one all parents come to when they are over tired and hav [...]

  15. Some funny stuff but some stuff comes across kind of bitter Maybe it s because I m a new mom and so haven t really gotten into the thick of things yet but it has the voice of a woman who resents how much of her life is taken up by her kids and wishes she could wash her hands of the whole thing, not just when things get crazy but all the time I sort of expected it to be making fun of the super mommy unachievable ideal, and it does, but from the POV of a mom who does not give a shit Just don t ta [...]

  16. I thought this book was quite witty, reminded me of Fiona Gibsons The Fish Finger Years he me laughing out loud, told my friends to buy it as soon as its out When your having a bad day with the kids read this book you ll feel normal and not as bad straight away Hilarious would definitely recommend, fab keep them coming I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and open review.

  17. I received this book from Netgalley to review.I thought it was a funny tongue in cheek book about being a mom I could relate to many things It wasn t supposed to be serious but a fun way to look at being a mom, to not be so serious because kids will be kids Life is to be lived and not suppose to be so hard I would recommend this book to any mom who wants a good look at the funny side of parenting.

  18. This was truly a comical, funny and educational read I don t have kids but have babysat enough and run into enough of them thru my 65 years that I just laughed all the way through this book They have a marvelous sense of humor telling you if this doesn t apply to you skip ahead to chapter 74 which there isn t any such chapter and really telling the truth about raising your special little dear one Reminded me strongly of Erma Bombeck s books

  19. Although not all the situations were applicable to me YET this was a very funny look at life It is exaggerated and satire, not to be taken too seriously, but just a fun and quick read I wish I had the courage to say even 1 10th of the stuff out loud.

  20. I got this because I thought it would be a fun and funny read about the challenges we all face A bit of snark to make me giggle.I think it just took it too far on the ugly side and it came off less funny and nasty I received a copy from netgalley in exchange for a review

  21. A very funny look at the art of mothering that reminds us all that we can t take parenting too seriously.I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  22. Every Mom has lived most if not all of this book, it is hilarious and heartbreaking all at once Mom s read it to know you are not alone Everyone else read it, laugh and then know it is all true.

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