Snowbound A professional snowboarder A novice skier An inevitable collision Anders Vik is a force on the slopes and he knows it World number one Countless endorsement deals Looks to match But when a vicious sca

A professional snowboarder A novice skier An inevitable collision Anders Vik is a force on the slopes and he knows it World number one Countless endorsement deals Looks to match But when a vicious scandal rocks his world, everything he s worked so hard for is threatened Banished by his coach to a local ski resort, he spends his days losing himself boarding and in nA professional snowboarder A novice skier An inevitable collision Anders Vik is a force on the slopes and he knows it World number one Countless endorsement deals Looks to match But when a vicious scandal rocks his world, everything he s worked so hard for is threatened Banished by his coach to a local ski resort, he spends his days losing himself boarding and in numerous women But when she crashes into his world he s not sure which will change his life The wait for his name to be cleared, or her College senior Elena Espinosa plays by the rules Work hard Study harder Rely on no one but herself Coerced by her best friends, she reluctantly tags along on the final trip during winter break For Elena, novice skier is an understatement She never dreamed a lesson on the bunny slope would send her hurtling towards her destiny Nor did she imagine it would come in the form of a blue eyed Nordic God She isn t looking for love He doesn t do commitment But what burns between them is so strong it threatens to melt the polar ice caps What happens when two different worlds collide Snowbound is a standalone new adult contemporary romance If you like sexy snowboarders, crazy hot tension, and sizzling sex scenes, then you ll love Snowbound by best selling author CJ Mart n.Buy Snowbound and hit the slopes with Anders Vik today

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  1. CJ Mart n lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband and her adorable sometimes infuriating dog, Albert She is an avid reader and has been known to spend her days ignoring her responsibilities while engrossed in a good book She enjoys traveling and yoga Book by CJ Mart n Snowbound Oct 2015 Off Key Aug 2016 Knockout 2016 Forever Hearts 2017 Connect with her Website cjmartinauthorFacebook facebook AuthorCJMartinTwitter CJMartinAuthorInstagram instagram CJMartinAuthorPinterest pinterest cjmartnBookbub bit 2tVcO2I

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  1. 3.5 cute stars I can t help myself I knew better I fucking knew better One taste of her wasn t going to be enough My body burns for her Craves her Overall, this was a cute and light romance novel It was surprisingly well written considering it was from a debut author The hero, Vik, was sexy and broody just how I like my book boyfriends and the heroine, Elena, was very funny and very relatable There was definitely huge amounts of sexual tension, but the whole push and pull between them got old An [...]

  2. I m obsessed with most sports, but I don t watch extreme sports so I wasn t sure what to expect OMG I LOVED Snowbound CJ Martin has me wanting to take lessons from her HOT ALPHA character Anders Vik is a professional snowboarder who s a beast on the slopes He s 1 in the world, has tons of endorsement deals, and sexy with his pick of any woman he wants When he s set up by a rival, the scandal threatens to destroy everything he s worked so hard for, as his coach sends him to a local ski resort He [...]

  3. I was given an ARC for an honest review I rate this book 4.5 stars It was a very cute, light, and fun read This was an excellent debut novel Right at the beginning of the book it mentioned two things that stood out to me and I knew I was in it for the win right then My favorite movie, Dirty Dancing, and Craig s list which I m always freaking out over because hello Craig s List killer I love that this book is focused mostly in the present tense, it doesn t dig deep into their past, I think that s [...]

  4. ARC received from the author Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review 4 5 starsSnowbound by C.J Martin was an experience.It was funny, sweet, and the moments between Anders Vik and Elena had me laughing, giggling, and swooning all at the same time.Every moment between the two protagonists had me laughing and excited to see how it was going to turn out While it was kind of predictable at times, Vik and Elena still had me rooting for these two dorks to stop fighting their feelings and realiz [...]

  5. This was such a great story that sucked me in right away From the start I enjoyed the character of Elena, she was really funny and sweet And as the story went on, I fell in love with Vik with her He has a tough exterior but I loved how he melted for Elena These two find themselves in some interesting situations that really kept me on my toes I was rooting for them the whole time I was reading and the sex scenes were hot Vic just damn Elena is one lucky girl I m not familiar with snowboarding, so [...]

  6. Snowbound by CJ Martin is one of my favorite books this year I did not know what to expect and it blew me awayI could not put it down Anders and hot Pro Snowboarder and Elena a beautiful college smart girl, completely opposite of each other Elena learning how to ski crashes into Anders and it starts from there This book has it all happy, sad, romance, love and hot sex I will not give spoilers in my reviews, so if you are looking for a wonderful page turning book, here it is I did not want this b [...]

  7. Snowbound is a standalone book by C.J Martin I absolutely loved this storyline and the twists and turns that had me hooked from beginning to end The characters were well developed and had amazing chemistry I absolutely fell in love with the relationship between Anders and Gigsorable couple Looking forward to books by this new author

  8. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI LOVED this book It had everything you want in a storyElena, a soon to be college graduate, is visiting Seven Pines while on winter break As she is trying to learn to ski she has an almost collision with a snowboarder Vik is a pro snowboarder, a professional player and all around bad boy This chance meeting turns into a steamy, all consuming, once in a lifetime type of love.or does it This book was amazing For a debut novel where there is usuall [...]

  9. The nights are drawing in and it is getting colder what better way to warm you up than a book like this I cannot remember if i have ever or when i last read a book about a snowboarder novice skier So this book sounds like other romance books, but it is not so i tell you It is refreshing and features two characters that could not be different they are complete opposites But when they literally collide together that is where the fun in this book starts There is laughter,romance and sexyness and i [...]

  10. I easily fell in love with this book, I couldn t believe that this was Mart n s debut novel She delivered an amazing RomCom wrapped up in two likable characters I liked Elena from the first time she was introduce She s relatable, witty and I felt like I was reading me in a book Elena and Vik will suck you in until the last page The main characters weren t the only ones that made this book, Mart n delivered secondary characters that have me begging for another novel.

  11. I have to say that this is one of my favorite reads In Snowbound, we meet Anders Vik and Elena Espinosa The two can t be any different from each other, but somehow, through all the twists and turns, find what neither one was really looking for Love This is a must read

  12. I received a ARC in exchange for a honest review.4.5 read.I was actually really surprised how much I fell in love with the story and characters as when I first started reading I didn t know what to expect I love a good sports romance book but this sport was a new one for me so I was really intrigued with it before I even read it This is Anders and Elena s story who are complete opposites They first meet when Elena crashes into Anders and their relationship develops from then, although its not al [...]

  13. This was such a sweet story I loved the characters Anders and Elena The storyline that leads them to their HEA was well written , The friends that helped them find there way together were also a great part of the story

  14. Great story amazing character development that went well over the period of the book Cant wait for JJ s story should be good

  15. I absolutely loved this book Safe, HEA, adorable romantic comedy Characters were lovable and well written Excellent debut novel I am hoping JJ and Erika get their story told.

  16. Another homerun This is the second novel I ve read by CJ Martin and I m absolutely swept away on a tide of word bliss the story follows Vic Anders and Elena Vic gets sent away after a scandal he s an elite snowboarder and while he s moping he runs into literally Elena, who is on her school break and skiing for the first time These two couldn t be different but when they get together it s magic The cool, aloof Anders becomes this amazing guy as the book progresses.g with Elena, falling in love w [...]

  17. Elena Espinosa takes a ski trip to Colorado for winter break the only thing is, she doesn t ski She wipes out on the bunny slope when a hot shot snow boarder cuts her off and sprains her ankle The guy helps her out, and it turns out he s a competitive boarder named Anders Vic Anders has been banished to the ski resort he s at, laying low while fighting a bogus drug charge Things happen where Elena ends up with an internship at the resort and she s staying with Anders She wants him, but he s a pl [...]

  18. A fun, light hearted romance with plenty of heat Vik enjoys the rewards of being a top athlete endorsement deals, snow bunnies, celebrity status But one thing he doesn t like is being sent away while his name is cleared of something he did not do With plenty of time in his hands, Vik continues to do what he does best snowboard and women.Elena is spending her last winter break with her friends at a ski resort before starting her internship hours before graduation However, Elena doesn t ski, so sh [...]

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed Snowbound, it had me smiling, laughing and swooning in equal measure.Elena works hard and is focused She didn t want to go on the ski trip but her friends hardly let her reject the idea Left to her own devices, the bunny slopes, Elena crashes into her future in a way.Vik is sent to wait out his latest drama at a friends ski resort, he s ready for it to be over and not interested in anything but having his name cleared That is until he runs into Elena.Their initial interactio [...]

  20. I can t ski.I can t ski.I can t ski.I Am Going To Die.As I near the bottom of the mountain, my panic escalates as I realize that I have no poles I can t stop What was the instructor going on about earlier Something about pizza What to do Tuck and roll Will the skis pop off I m going to break my fucking neck I can see the headlines now Young, promising, soon to be college grad killed in freak ski accident on the bunny slope Man, this book gave me a laughing fit, especially the first part.For the [...]

  21. While this story may be set in the cold, winter slopes of Seven Pines Ski resort, CJ Martin does anything but keep the heat down with her tale of X Games snowboarder and man whore Anders Vik and college intern Elena Espinosa Martin really sizzles up the chemistry between these two polar opposites who met in one big accidental crash on the bunny slope Their immediately love hate relationship quickly develops into a friendship filled with attraction and temptation I enjoyed reading every single mo [...]

  22. So this was my first book I read by C.j Martin I have to say I loved it I couldn t put it down It was emotional and funny I m a sucker for love at first sight and bad boys.

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