Kaijumax Season One: Terror and Respect

Kaijumax Season One Terror and Respect THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE On a remote island in the South Pacific lies KAIJUMAX a maximum security prison for giant monsters Follow doting father Electrogor as he stands up to the cruel space superhero

THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE On a remote island in the South Pacific lies KAIJUMAX, a maximum security prison for giant monsters Follow doting father Electrogor as he stands up to the cruel space superhero warden See corrupt guard Gupta manage his illicit uranium dealing empire and pay off his gambling debts to the Queen of the Moon Watch Mecha Zon battle his own programminTHE COMPLETE SEASON ONE On a remote island in the South Pacific lies KAIJUMAX, a maximum security prison for giant monsters Follow doting father Electrogor as he stands up to the cruel space superhero warden See corrupt guard Gupta manage his illicit uranium dealing empire and pay off his gambling debts to the Queen of the Moon Watch Mecha Zon battle his own programming when the monster he was created to destroy shows up on the pound These stories and will assault you from every angle in the cesspool of corruption that is KAIJUMAX.

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Kaijumax Season One: Terror and Respect

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  1. A unique concept here This story is a prison story think OZ combined with a Kaiju story Kaiju are giant monsters, like Godzilla and Mothra and the like.It s a cool idea And well executed The characters come across really well, and there are a lot of clever things to enjoy here, even for someone like me who isn t a huge Kaiju fan I really only know the term because I have a friend who is into it What s , there s some real emotion tied up in this story A really startling amount, considering the ca [...]

  2. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyThis wasn t a bad book, it just wasn t what I was expecting Mainly I wasn t expecting it to be as dark and depressing as it was I mean it s a really good story and it s interesting how they ve used the kaiju as a metaphor for real life prisons although honestly I think a lot of kaiju related references went straight over my head, suuuper casual fan over here but the whole thing is just depressing I mean I knew it was going to be serious but I tho [...]

  3. A brutal prison saga starring radioactive monsters, giant robots, cryptozoological beasts, aliens and , Kaijumax is a tremendous advert for mashing up unlikely genres With a human cast, the stories of hopelessness, corruption, and relentless struggles for power wouldn t just be grim, they d be corny, and visibly the product of a creator whose knowledge of the topic comes from watching the same shows as anyone else But make it about movie monsters in other words, explicitly about media tropes and [...]

  4. This comic series is just nuts It s Godzilla meets Oz, Shawshank Redemption meets Ultraman Kaijumax is an island maximum security prison for kaiju giant monsters who ve been dragged away for various literal crimes against humanity, like stomping on cities and eating monorails The guards maintain order with their ability to instantly transform into giant Ultraman like forms.The story is basically a prison drama, with gangs, drug dealing, corrupt guards, prisoner guard romances eww , and even the [...]

  5. The island where giant monsters are deposited after their rampages recast as a brutal prison drama a la Oz, complete with Ultraman style guards and its own grubby slang humans Squishers And it all fits surprisingly well There are rackets trading in highs like uranium and electricity, horrific incidents in the showers well, waterfalls , and gangs divided by origins and attributes One of which even has to put up with the boss son, who really isn t cut out for the life I expected this to be funny, [...]

  6. Kaiju movie skin stretched across a prison drama frame KAIJUMAX is a remote island prison for the giant city stomping monsters originating in Japanese rubber suit movies after WW2 and hailed in the classic arcade game Rampage Monsters with names like Electrogor, Mecha Zon, and Ape Whale Better yet, The Creature from Devil s Creek, and Giant Monster Terongo, Terror of Pago Pago The guards are all sweet Ultraman variants who pop into giant form whenever the inmates get out of line.Regarding the ar [...]

  7. I m not sure what I was expecting from the concept of giant monsters in prison, but somehow it wasn t this I think the issue is tone I was expecting the tone to be lighter and wackier, with the absurdity of the concept being played up But no, this is Oz than Orange is the new Black, complete with prison rape, shanks radio towers rather than toothbrushes, though , converted zealots, and lots of corruption The artwork is cartoonish, but that s really the only thing about this that is And that s f [...]

  8. Elevator pitch Orange is the New Black meets Pacific RimBy far one of the strangest and most unique graphic novels I ve read in recent memory.

  9. Well, I went into this one not sure if I d like the art style or not It s very cartoony and seemed to be light and kinda superficial I was wrong Kaijumax is just weird and funny and it works How in the heck these guys came up with this concept is beyond me, but they made it work Basically, there is an island in the ocean, somewhere that has been converted into a maximum security prison that has one purpose to hold Kaiju There are many of the standard Kaiju from the movies and anime and manga tha [...]

  10. I like Zander Cannon s work a good deal, and it has been fun to watch his storytelling chops mature from Chainsaw Vigilante through The Runaway God to here Ultimately, my complaint is that I wanted a different story than the one that I got What I wanted was a kaiju story set in prison What I got was a prison story with kaiju Think The Wire with kaiju and you re heading in the right direction For the right person, this would be a 5 star book.

  11. Let s get this out of the way up top if you re a tokusatsu or daikaiju fan and I mean fan, like, own figures and DVD box sets kind of fan this series is your people There are so many references and nods and bits that rub that nice part of your brain the somewhat exclusive I got that reference allure of being reminded of stuff that you, and perhaps few others, know exist Characters all say Goj instead of God if you know why, then this book is for you I was enraptured by how much Zander Cannon fla [...]

  12. Last year, while attending PAX West, we dropped by the Oni Press booth They had some discounted comics for sale, and since I ve only read their Bryan Lee O Malley books, most of it was new to me I picked out the first volume of The Sixth Gun and a funny little book called I Was the Cat, both of which I still haven t read, and then I asked which book he d recommend He chose Kaijumax, because it s hilarious and different from anything he d come across.He was correct This is a very odd book It take [...]

  13. Went in blind and can honestly say I ve never read anything like this before The completely unexpected mashup of genres is fresh the whole way through and Cannon takes his premise seriously enough to allow the reader to feel genuine emotion for the characters Wow.

  14. I don t know what kind of deranged madman would think to mash up giant rampaging monster movies with gritty prison drama, but thank god someone did, because KAIJUMAX is a total blast.

  15. The mix of cartoony artwork and pun filled dialog with serious and occasionally very violent subject matter is sometimes unsettling, and sometimes just awkward.

  16. This is an idea that is a lot fun in concept than execution I thought that this was a great opportunity for Cannon to riff on a lot of worn out prison drama tropes, but instead of playing with them in fun ways, he pretty much just told another typical prison drama, it just happens to be about Kaiju megafauna and machines There is a little humor to be gained from this, but it ended up just being a lot dark and gritty than I hoped it would be I really had high hopes because this is such a clever [...]

  17. Balls to the wall insane stuff a prison where Kaiju giant monsters of all kinds are kept by a staff of battle suited humans It s the Oz they send Godzilla and King Kong too.The art is cartoony, but that works with the story The plot beats of this first season are relatively predictable the new meat learns how prison life works , but with enough twisting of cliches and hints of things going on around the edges to promise that the further we get into this world, the wilder things are going to get [...]

  18. Nice surprise Was expecting something light and fluffy from the art and presentation, but it goes to some pretty dark places Think gritty prison drama with all the requisite tropes, and then layer the Kaiju concept on top of that The art is fun and definitely adds to the off kilter tone I wasn t convinced after the first couple issues, but by the end of the collection I was ready to hunt down the next book.

  19. This is what comics should aspire to be bizarre high concept mash ups of very disparate elements that somehow work far better in tandem than anyone expects If classic Toho kaiju movies and the Ultraman TV show were fused at a sub atomic level with a prison drama like HBO s Oz, then you d get Kaijumax Slipping deftly between sly satire and moments of genuine pathos and drama, Zander Cannon really knocks this odd concept out of the park in both writing and art.

  20. A little grittier than I was hoping for, but that s prison life The art looks kid appropriate, but I d say the read is probably 15 and up, because of the drugs and murders and shady dealings I like the concepts implied about the kaiju, that they rage through cities because they are iron and electricity deprived Very creative But I m not into how dark the story is, so I m not sure if I ll pick up the next season or not Either way, well executed.

  21. This is an interesting comic mixing kaiju with prison flicks My main criticism is the slang and pejoratives because they do not make any sense This comic has its own language but I can t connect it to anything Another problem is the art style, it s totally fine, but I can t tell any of the humans apart Oh and kill that doctor please.

  22. The setup is everything with this story, and the brilliance of the premise is enough to overcome a few small problems some storytelling issues, an extremely unbelievable love story and keep the interest high on every single page This is my favorite series out right now, bar none.But it is NOT for kids.

  23. Clean, colorful, bubbly art with a solid story What if Kaiju s were incarcerated by humans A mashup of monsters and beasts some victims and some villains are captured and brought to an island industrial prison complex Season one has you rooting for a dad just trying to raise his kids, he just happens to be a huge radioactive insect monster Surprisingly profound.

  24. A prison dramay the prison is an island and the prisoners are kaiju and tokusatsu, with Ultraman like guards And it s as damn fun as it sounds, though some of the art is better than the rest Lives up to its absurd premise to the point that the inmates even have their own lingo, and the writing has s lot of clever paeans to the genre that inspired it.

  25. I m not too keen on prison dramas, nor well versed in kaiju cinema, but the world of Kaijumax manages to blend both genres into one hilariously idiosyncratic vision that s equal parts adorable and diabolical, and a total riot.

  26. BCDER 86A much deeper storyline than I imagined, super max for giant monsters Chatty for a comic, but still a quick read Zander Cannon is awesome with cartoony depictions of the typical prison and very real social problems with a twist I cannot wait until season two

  27. A prison drama revolving around giant monsters It s just awesome Zander Cannon manages to be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time He makes you care much than is prudent about ridiculous kaiju.

  28. Love the genre mashup visual jokes countless references but on the linguistic side maybe a little bit problematic, sometimes I m super into Electrogor s character arc though The trials that megafauna s been through, sheesh

  29. An intimidating work of world building The art style is too cartoony for the content I keep being surprised when the story s tone isn t as fun as the images but when it s not distracting me, it can be an effective irony.

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