The Perdition Score

The Perdition Score Sandman Slim returns in a stunning high octane thriller filled with the intense kick ass action and inventive fantasy that are the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey The re

Sandman Slim returns in a stunning, high octane thriller filled with the intense kick ass action and inventive fantasy that are the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey.The request from Thomas Abbot, the Augur of the Sub Rosa council, couldn t come at a better time for James Stark, aka Sandman Slim For a man who s most recently met Death and deathSandman Slim returns in a stunning, high octane thriller filled with the intense kick ass action and inventive fantasy that are the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey.The request from Thomas Abbot, the Augur of the Sub Rosa council, couldn t come at a better time for James Stark, aka Sandman Slim For a man who s most recently met Death and death s killer a few months of normal life is than he can handle He needs a little action, and now Abbott wants Stark and Candy to investigate the disappearance of a young boy and help uncover council members who might be tied to Wormwood s power brokers.Stark s plans change when he meets a dying angel who gives him a vial of a mysterious black liquid that could be a secret weapon in the ongoing war between angels who want to allow human souls into Heaven and rebel angels willing to die to keep them out When one of Stark s closest friends is poisoned with the black liquid, Stark and Candy have to go to the only place where they might find a cure Hell.But standing in their way are the damned souls who, even after death, still work for Wormwood The secret deal they ve struck with the rebel angels is darker than anything Stark has encountered Not only does the fate of the world hang in the balance, but also the souls of everyone in it Stark has to find a way to break the stalemate in the angel war, score the Perdition cure for the black poison,

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The Perdition Score

  1. Richard Kadrey is a writer and freelance photographer living in San Francisco, best known for his Sandman Slim novels His newest novels are The Everything Box, released April 19, 2016 and The Perdition Score Sandman Slim, 8 , released on June 28, 2016.

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  1. 5 Stars The Perdition Score is a good summer read Sure it is lesser Sandman Slim but I still love James and enjoy every moment spent with him The Getaway God could have concluded the series but thankfully for us Richard Kadrey is not finished with James and neither are we This is the 8th book of the series and I could easily read 88 Life is a bucket of shit with a barbed wire handle All of my favorite characters are back again James Stark, Candy Chihiro , Kasabian, Vidocq, Mustang Sally, and ma [...]

  2. Upfront admission I m a Sandman Slim fan Did not really care for Stark s whining, but his position on the Sub Rosa council, and the special role given him by Augur Abbot to see what the Wormwood sect is doing sets the stage for this 8th book in the series A dying angel shows up to give Stark a mysterious black liquid, and he immediately contacts Vidocq to help analyze it We are treated to some backstory on his centuries old friend Vidocq, as well as further developments in several love lives Sta [...]

  3. I am a Sandman Slim fan all along, and was happy to discover I had not one but two books to dive into, after thinking the series was done with Killing Pretty I obviously really liked this come back, the dialogues, the sarcastic and violent take on life and everything around it that James Stark has but his existential angst was a bit too much for me Also, I really, really missed the Room of 13 Doors I mean, it is bad enough that I have to go around a big although not as big as LA city every day [...]

  4. This is book 8 in the Sandman Slim series If you have got this far you know what to expect The author does throw in enough background that catches you up on what you might have forgotten or for new people you could jump in here, but I would strongly recommend starting at the beginning of the series James is one of those great flawed characters that is trying his best to do the right thing and get a somewhat normal life The problem is nothing is normal where he is concerned As usual he just can t [...]

  5. What can I say I feel that James and I are on friendly terms I accept him for the monster that he is This one had a little less of Sandman Slim and a little of James Stark It was an enjoyable, fast paced, journey from LA to Hell and back But then, James is always going to Hell Not for the reasons one would think either This is book 8 folks Read Sandman Slim, you have to start from the beginning If you have read this far, well you are just as sucked in as me See you on the other side If there is [...]

  6. More kick ass fight scenes that have kept me coming back to this series again and again A fun, summer time, kill em all and let God sort em out kind of read Good times Love the great imagery and catchy quotes from Richard Kadrey, always makes me wish I was listening with a pencil and paper handy Then it would be super easy to decide on the name of my next blog, or what to name my kiss ass ukulele.

  7. Thanks to a Giveaway I had an opportunity to read this book before it was released.My guess is if you re reading The Perdition Score you re already well acquainted with Jim Stark AKA Sandman Slim and his world If not, set Perdition Score aside and begin this wonderful, unique series with Kadrey s 2009 Sandman Slim At this point in the series there s a lot of back story, and you ll be lost without all of that under your belt But if you are familiar, then you know what to expect, or less, this ti [...]

  8. This was an excellent continuation of the Sandman Slim series I felt like this book was in keeping with earlier books in the series It does start a bit slow, but once it finds its stride the book was very hard to put down This book did a great job of starting a newish storyline for Stark I feel like the last few books have kind of been a bit wandering and transitional Stark does spend some time whining and bitching in the beginning of this book, but he does hit his stride again as the story con [...]

  9. I love this series, I ainttttttttt going to lie, I put things down to read a new Sandman Slim book It s like old school noir books crossed with Dresden files tossed into a bag with Iron Maiden albums and old Thrasher magazines and shook up till everybody smells like old beer, apple fritters and sweat.That glowing review aside, this isn t my favorite of the serieseven not being the fav child still beats the brakes off most urban fantasy out today It s fun from front to back and I want posters mad [...]

  10. Sandman Slim doing what he does best Nice addition to the series, just not enough It seemed like the ending was somewhat abrupt.

  11. hmmmmmmmm pretty much all of the other reviews are super positive is that because the people who are reading 8 are the hardcore fans the the story is about Stark s domestic life, his relationship with Candy one of those manic pixie types who continues to just bug me , him dealing with his problems the story just keeps slowing down there s less quippy banter, less action a lot of things happen Just Because I feel like the world and the characters have already been established enough that Kadrey [...]

  12. I love Kadrey s books and I love this series I ve listened to most of this series narrated by the awesome Mcloud Andrews Sandman Slim kicks so much ass Sure, I can t listen to it when the kid is in the car but that just makes it better.

  13. And the Devil makes eight Eight novels, that is, in Richard Kadrey s Sandman Slim series I ve gotten to the point where I pick these up on sight and kudos to HarperCollins for making that easy by giving these books a consistent and eye catching design, credited in this volume to one Paula Russell Szafranski they re a little shorter and wider than most books, with vivid colors and bold lettering on their spines to make them stand out.The Perdition Score shows us James Stark enmired in what may be [...]

  14. A real testament to Kadrey s talent, The Perdition Score has moving parts than The Big Sleep, yet they all tie together beautifully in the last 10 or so pages I ve loved seeing Stark grow and change since his eventful return to the LA, never so than in this book In fact, everyone perhaps with the exception of Vidocq has done some growing up From Carlos unwillingness to cover for Stark, to Candy s honesty about what she wants, everyone has to deal with their truths, no matter how difficult, and [...]

  15. I keep thinking that I am gonna get tired of sandman slim stories I keep thinking that at this point with all of creation thoroughly broken that to go any further with his story can only be totally jumping the shark I just can t believe that each time I still love every bit of each story and when it ends I find myself wanting to hear I think that The Perdition Score is the weakest sandman novels yet but I still loved it I will just have to look forward to the next book in the series if Richard [...]

  16. I love Sandman Slim This is one of the best series ever Kadrey comes up with great stories every time This one has a great cliff hanger at the end All of the characters are unique and easy to care about.

  17. This series has become my favorite series to date The only downside is waiting for the next book to be published.

  18. Book 1 Sandman Slim Book 2 Kill the Dead Book 3 Aloha from Hell Book 3.5 Devil in the Dollhouse Book 4 Devil Said Bang Book 5 Kill City Blues Book 6 The Getaway God Book 7 Killing Pretty

  19. I love the Sandman Slim series of books Each one is filled with the action, backstabbing, grunt brute force you d expect from our anti hero and gang I actually liked this latest installment What I could have done without was the 2 3 pages worth of corn maze hallucinations and the ending that I feel relates to cheap writing when an author runs out of what to do for shock value next I mean, it s not like it hadn t happened before, but I guess having to wait to find out how Slim comes back from thi [...]

  20. I just love these books.Part of what I love is the genre bending Supernatural noir Splatterpunk mystery Urban fantasy satire All these, and .This one was better than the last couple, too I miss Stark having the Room, but it s also kinda nice to see him be frustrated about that lack, having to drive around like a normal schmuck.This one also has some really wonderful passages Apart from the story, the prose is excellent Fantastic turns of phrase It s an admirable use of language.Richard Kadrey is [...]

  21. As with all the Sandman Slim stories, I couldn t put it down Working for the new augur Stark finds he s not cut out for this normal kind of way of life, but he and Candy aka Chihiro have found a new level of honesty and Stark decides to give it a go However Wormwood s latest profiteering plans, the ongoing War of the Angels and a ghost from the Vidocq s past soon mean another trip to Hell, but this time via the back door With the help of Candy, Wild Bill and an Angel sent by Samael, can Stark de [...]

  22. Publisher is still putting on book cover shoots, like action packed, explosive, strong language, etc It is kinda a not a trueth Starting with 5th, series slowly degrading to mild soap opera action with some protruding language At that last in series, Sandman s role went down to observing no magic, no action, no good and strong enemy, a lot of blah about saving the world one time Sandman is still opening cars with black knife, which he gave up to grey people three books ago Boring

  23. You can never go wrong following Sandman Slim s exploits.Another Stark escapade into the dark realms of hell to keep the war between the two opposite forces from destroying us mortals You always feel fulfilled at the end of one of Kadrey s stories in this story, but this one ended in a cliff hanger The next one was just released, so I m going to be saving my pennies to get it Please keep the series alive.

  24. I don t like Kadrey s depiction of Hell, death, or double death don t really even care for the last concept, even If you do, power to you Might even enjoy this a lot than I did.It was a bit rushed after page 300, but had an interesting twist at the end, so I m sticking with 3 stars Maybe as high as 3.5, but we ll see, if I ever get around to reviewing it properly.

  25. Kadrey s Sandman Slim 8 continues the saga of badass former Lucifer full time nephilim Stark as he struggles to keep the world relatively safe The story here overlaps quite a bit with the big bads from 7, as Stark digs deeper to stop the conspiratorial madness, which includes a bloody visit Downtown aka Hell.Man, I love these books.

  26. DAMMIT SON OF A % _ p %% % % % CLIFFHANGER And the next release.June 2017 Not cool Mr KadreySpoilersFor my future referenceblack milk destroyed.Checkkandy may want to date a chick again.CheckStark stabbed through the heart by a special blade and dead againkWandering hell k

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