The Calamity Café

The Calamity Caf First in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for Aspiring chef and small town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf offering old fashioned Southern f

First in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for.Aspiring chef and small town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf offering old fashioned Southern food But her dream may go up in smoke when someone kills the competitionTired of waiting tables at Lou s Joint, Amy Flowers doesn t just quit she offers to buy the place fFirst in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for.Aspiring chef and small town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf offering old fashioned Southern food But her dream may go up in smoke when someone kills the competitionTired of waiting tables at Lou s Joint, Amy Flowers doesn t just quit she offers to buy the place from her bully of a boss, so she can finally open the caf of her dreams Amy can t wait to serve the kind of Southern, down home treats and dishes that her grandmother always loved to the kooky cast of regulars at the restaurant She knows her comfort food will be the talk of the sweet, small town of Winter Garden, Virginia.At first Lou Lou refuses to sell, but when she seems ready to make a deal, she tells Amy to come see her Showing up at the eatery ready to negotiate, Amy is shocked to find her former employer murdered As the prime suspect, Amy will have to clear her name by serving up the real killer and with Lou Lou s stack of enemies, that s a tall order.Includes delicious Southern recipes

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The Calamity Café

  1. Gayle Leeson is a pseudonym for Gayle Trent I also write as Amanda Lee As Gayle Trent, I write the Daphne Martin Cake Mystery series and the Myrtle Crumb Mystery series As Amanda Lee, I write the Embroidery Mystery series.The cake decorating series features a heroine who is starting her life over in Southwest Virginia after a nasty divorce The heroine, Daphne, has returned to her hometown of Brea Ridge to open a cake baking and decorating business and is wrestling with the question of whether or not one can go home again She enjoys spending time with her sister, nephew, and niece, but she and her mother have a complicated relationship that isn t always pleasant Daphne has also reconnected with her high school sweetheart and is pursuing a rekindled romance while desperately trying to put her past behind her.Kerry Vincent, Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show Director, and Television Personality says the series is a must read for cake bakers and anyone who has ever spent creative time in the kitchen Says Dean Koontz, 1 New York Times bestselling author, One day I found myself happily reading mysteries by Gayle Trent If she can win me over she s got a great future The Embroidery Mystery series features a heroine who recently moved to the Oregon coast to open an embroidery specialty shop Marcy Singer left her home in San Francisco, along with the humiliation of being left at the altar, in order to move to Tallulah Falls and realize her dream of owning her own shop She takes along her faithful companion, a one year old Irish wolfhound named Angus O Ruff She makes many new friends in Tallulah Falls, but she also makes a few enemies Thankfully, her best friend Sadie MacKenzie and her husband Blake run the coffeehouse right down the street from Marcy s shop, the Seven Year Stitch and Detective Ted Nash always has her back.Publishers Weekly says, Fans of the genre will take kindly to Marcy, her Irish wolfhound, Angus O Ruff, and Tallulah Falls This is a fast, pleasant read with prose full of pop culture references and, of course, sharp needlework puns Pat Cooper of RT Book Reviews says, If her debut here is any indication, Lee s new series is going to be fun, spunky and educational She smoothly interweaves plot with her character s personality and charm, while dropping tantalizing hints of stitching projects and their history Marcy Singer is young, fun, sharp and likable Readers will be looking forward to her future adventures RT Book Reviews nominated The Quick and the Thread for a 2010 Book Reviewers Choice Award in the Amateur Sleuth category I live in Virginia with my family, which includes her own Angus who is not an Irish wolfhound but a Great Pyrenees who provides plenty of inspiration for the character of Mr O Ruff I m having a blast writing this new series

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  1. The Down South Caf Mystery series is off to a fantastic start The author is Gayle Leeson, who also writes cozies under the pen names Gayle Trent and Amanda Lee It was one of her earlier books that got me hooked on the cozy mystery genre, so I was excited to give THE CALAMITY CAF a read.Amy Flowers is a budding chef with hopes of opening her own restaurant, but for now she s stuck waitressing for one of the meanest people in town When Amy offers to buy the diner, her boss, Lou Lou, flat out refus [...]

  2. Gayle Leeson aka Gayle Trent debuts a cozy mystery set in Winter Garden, Virginia A cast of appealing characters is led by a strong, independent lead female Chocked full of heartwarming moments, and a fairly easy mystery that began many years before and picks back up in the present Readers will enjoy this one.Amy Flowers dream is to open her own cafe the Down South Cafe She d like to buy an old rundown cafe from the grouchy owner, LouLou, but she refuses to sell Her son, Pete, talks her into mak [...]

  3. This is the first book in the new Down South Caf Mystery series by Gayle Leeson.Amy Flowers is sick and tired of her job as a waitress at Lou s Joint caf She was professionally trained as a chef and if tired of being belittled and bullies by her boss Lou Lou She puts in her notice and offers to buy the place, her dream always having been to own her own caf , but Lou Lou is determined not to sell When Lou Lou s son calls her and asks her to meet him and his mom at the caf to talk about a sale, Am [...]

  4. Southern hospitality, a spunky new sleuth named Amy Flowers who knows whats she wants and has to fight to over come the odds The Calamity Cafe had me hooked from the very first page The Oatmeal pie was a very interesting idea for a recipe A promising new romance with a sexy police detective that will leave you wanting with delicious food and a mystery that will leave you wondering who wanted Lou Lou, the cafe owner of Lou s Joint dead Amy Flowers is a waitress at Lou s Joint, a run down cafe bu [...]

  5. Author Gayle Leeson had me at page one I don t know about others, but for me, ever so often a book comes along, and with the very first sentence I know I m in for a wonderful read THE CLAMITY CAF is such a book I was enjoying it so much, I was a little annoyed if my reading was interrupted.I completely connected with lead character, Amy Flowers I immediately felt like she was a friend There are scene with her and several older citizens from town, where I smiled the entire time All of the charact [...]

  6. Such a fun book I was hooked from the first chapter and stayed that way through the entire story A town full of engaging characters, a very compelling main character, a hint of romantic possibility with the hunky police detective plus a bonus secondary romance behind the scenes , food to make you drool, and a case that kept me guessing all of these things put The Calamity Cafe at the top of my cozy mystery list The mystery in The Calamity Cafe is layered just enough to stay interesting but not c [...]

  7. Amy Flowers returned to her hometown in Southwestern Virginia to care for her Nana She took a job working at the local dive, Lou Lou s, and hates every minute of it Lou Lou s favorite pastime is berating her employees, second only to standing over the food with a cigarette Amy went to culinary school and has a dream of opening her own cafe With a legacy from Nana untouched, Amy decides now is the time for action When she offers to buy Lou Lou s, Lou Lou flat out refuses Amy threatens to open her [...]

  8. Dollycas s ThoughtsI started reading and just couldn t stop Love, love, LOVE this story There is a lot of history at Lou s Joint, it has been in the family forever After working there just a short time Amy Flowers knows it is the perfect place for her restaurant but if Lou Lou won t sell she is ready to start from scratch with a brand new building Lou Lou does turn her down and it totally surprised when her son calls to say sure has changed her mind and wants to meet with Amy as soon as possible [...]

  9. Really 3.5 stars, but I rounded up I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Berkley and Netgalley This title will be released tomorrow, June 7 All thoughts stated in this review are entirely my own A sound start to a new series by a tried and true cozy author, The Calamity Cafe was both enjoyable and a fast paced read.I liked the MC, Amy She was kind, and determined however, she was a bit too ready to investigate for my taste I felt she was making a huge deal ove [...]

  10. Amy Flowers is ready to follow her dream of opening her own cafe, and she s hoping to do it by buying the local greasy spoon However, Lou Lou, the owner, is not at all interested in selling Amy stops by the cafe late one night and finds Lou Lou dead in her office Naturally, Amy knows she has a good motive Can she clear her name This is a fun start to a new series The book focuses a bit on Amy starting her caf early on, but the mystery begins to be the focus as we gear up toward the logical clima [...]

  11. Amy Flowers is determined to open her own cafe rather than waiting tables at Lou s Joint She turns in her notice, and offers to buy the cafe, but her boss refuses her offer That day her boss s son Pete calls and says he s talked his mother into selling, and asks Amy to meet them at the cafe that evening.Only when she arrives, Amy finds Lou Lou dead When she hears she s on the suspect list she decides to investigate herself, to find the real killer.I would give this book three and a half stars if [...]

  12. This is the first book in the down south cafe series Amy Flowers works at Lou s Joint waiting tables and working for a horrible boss She dreams of opening her own cafe She offers to buy the cafe from her boss lout Lou Lou Lou initially refuses to sell but seems to have a change of heart when she tells Amy to come see her When Amy goes to meet here she finds Lou Lou dead in her office She immediately becomes the prime suspect Lou Lou son, Pete, wants to go into the trucking industry and tells Amy [...]

  13. If possible my actual rating would be 3.5 starsIn compliance with FTC guidelines I received this book free through Giveaways The content of this review is not influenced by that fact The feelings and opinions expressed are solely mine This is my first time trying to read a cozy mystery I am always searching for the proverbial palate cleanser type books I have found no trouble finding deep and emotionally demanding books but nobody could or should for the sake of their sanity read only those type [...]

  14. The Calamity Cafe is the first book in the A Down South Cafe Mystery series.I thought this was a great start to an interesting new series.Amy Flowers has decided to ask LouLou Holman to sell her Lou s Joint, a cafe in Winter Garden, Va When she finally gets the nerve up, LouLou flatly turns her down, but then later in the day Amy gets a call, reportedly from LouLou s son, Pete, saying that he has convinced his mom to sell and to meet them at the cafe after it closes When Amy arrives for the meet [...]

  15. So, let me apologize in advance for all of the mockery that s just my way And this book, while a nice enough read and all, just happened to contain a lot of elements that made me laugh kind of at the book s expense, occasionally at my own.3.5 starsWell, thank God I was concerned when I began this one that I would have to give my first negative review I say mean things sometimes in my reviews, but generally with a sense of fondness For me the beginning of this one wascky Those short, choppy littl [...]

  16. A good start to a new series Amy Flowers is a waitress at a local restaurant Finally one day she goes to quit and she tells her boss the owner of the restaurant that she wants to buy the place to open up her own cafe The owner Lou Lou says no, however after some talk with her son, she is coming around Lou Lou arranges a meeting with Amy, however when Amy shows up Lou Lou is dead in her office.I liked Amy and the supporting cast of characters I didn t love how much time was spent going back and f [...]

  17. openbooksociety article thThe Calamity CafeDown South Cafe Mystery, Book 1By Gayle LeesonISBN 9781101990780Author s website gayleleeson Brought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis First in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for.Aspiring chef and small town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf offering old fashioned Southern food But her dream may go up in smoke when someone kills the competition Tired of waiting tables at Lou s Joint, Amy Fl [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this cozy mystery and looking forward to from Gayle Leeson It has all the suspense of a good mystery, down home cooking, humor and romance Recipes included at the end of the book, and info on the author s other books, that sound as good as this one.From First in a new cozy mystery series featuring Southern cooking that is to die for.Aspiring chef and small town Virginia native Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf offering old fashioned Southern food But her dream may go up [...]

  19. Southern cozy mystery fans, boy do I have an entertaining new series for you to add to your reading list Welcome to Winter Garden, Virginia The Calamity Cafe is an entertaining whodunit story with a southern twist Author Gayle Leeson weaves an intriguing southern cozy murder mystery tale told in the first person narrative by Amy Flowers, who immediately draws the reader into her story when she finds herself a suspect in the murder of her mean boss, Lou Lou Holman, after finding her dead in the o [...]

  20. Thank you First Reads program and Berkley Publishing for sending me a free copy of The Calamity Cafe by Gayle Leeson I was so excited to win a first in a new series book and this one is a winner It s no secret, Cozy Mysteries are my go to favorites especially for easy and light evening readingd in Southern charm and it s an instant favorite I m going to side track here for a minuteI lived in Tulsa, OK for a time when I was young and at one of my first jobs there, I apparently screwed up somethin [...]

  21. 4.25 StarsSexual Content NoneLanguage Profanity Slang Content NoneViolent Content MinimalIt looks kind of suspicious when the owner of Lou s Joint is found dead by the same person that mere hours prior, offered to buy the restaurant and followed the rejection with a resignation from her job as waitress Amy wants the investigation closed as much as anyone, with the right person arrested for the crime, because she s still interested in buying Lou s Joint Lou Lou s son was offering to sell the join [...]

  22. The Calamity Caf by Gayle Leeson is the first book in A Down South Caf Mystery series Amy Flowers is ready to open her own caf in Winter Garden, Virginia She would love to buy Lou s Joint where she has been working as a waitress for the last year while taking care of her grandmother for the last year , but Lou Lou Holman does not wish to sell Lou Lou s son, Pete, though, would love for the restaurant to be sold and get out from under his mother s thumb Amy could build her own place, but it would [...]

  23. I love this author s writing style and have enjoyed her other cozy series written as Gayle Trent and Amanda Lee I knew I wouldn t be disappointed This is the beginning of a fantastic new series This book has everything a cozy mystery needs, a strong character, a great support system of friends and family, intriguing mystery and a little bit of romance thrown in Plus it s an added bonus that recipes are included in the book You will be entertained from page one with the way the author encircles y [...]

  24. THE CALAMITY CAF is a stellar start to the Down South Caf Mystery series Amy lives and works in a small Virginia town and it is heartwarming to find so many people rally around her after the murder and while she is trying to get her new caf up and running The regulars at Lou Lou s Joint are true characters and I especially enjoyed getting to know Homer Homer has a new hero every day, such as Henry Ford, past presidents, notable celebrities and authors, and always provides a thought provoking quo [...]

  25. This is the first in a new series, featuring Amy Flowers I received an ARC of this book via the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review This is going to be a fantastic new series This book has everything a cozy mystery needs, a strong character, a great support system of friends and family, intriguing mystery and a little bit of romance thrown in I downloaded the book and planned on reading it over the next few days, however, I could not put it down I was smitten with A [...]

  26. Amy s dream is to open a cafe in town, whether she buys Lou Lou s existing place or builds her own Just as she thinks things are starting to go her way, she finds the competition dead, and finds herself on the list of suspects The victim was unpleasant enough to provide Amy and her pals with a town full of suspects to investigate to try to clear her name.I liked Amy, her family and friends, the Down South Cafe, and just about everything about this new series If you re a fan of culinary mysteries [...]

  27. Arriving at Lou s Joint to sign purchase papers Amy Flowers was surprised to find only one car present and the cafe dark Where were the others As she enters the darkened building she heard a noise She entered Lou, Lou office to find Lou, lou slumped over in her chair bleeding from the head She called 911 for help This tale has several changes in direction that have you turning pages until the end I did guess the killer early on but the book was excellent.Disclosure I received a free from Berkley [...]

  28. Amy is determined to use her inheritance to start a caf in her small Virginia town If Lou Lou, who runs the greasy spoon where Amy has been waitressing, won t sell the place, Amy will simply have to find a new location and build her own But when she goes to negotiate with Lou Lou, the woman is dead, murdered Feeling that she s a suspect, despite the handsome new deputy sheriff s reassurances, Amy goes in for some amateur sleuthing, along with her support group, even as she buys the caf from Lou [...]

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