Finding Emma

Finding Emma For the last year Emma Owens has been quietly detached from everything and everyone Desperate to escape the demons that chased her out of her hometown she s learned that life here in Milwaukee is ju

For the last year, Emma Owens has been quietly detached from everything and everyone Desperate to escape the demons that chased her out of her hometown, she s learned that life here in Milwaukee is just less complicated and less tragic when it s a one woman show.In the span of one week, everything about her carefully orchestrated solitude comes crashing down Then again,For the last year, Emma Owens has been quietly detached from everything and everyone Desperate to escape the demons that chased her out of her hometown, she s learned that life here in Milwaukee is just less complicated and less tragic when it s a one woman show.In the span of one week, everything about her carefully orchestrated solitude comes crashing down Then again, she can t really ignore the scratching coming from her patio door or the hungry, pleading grey eyes reflecting in the moonlight Those four little white paws and that tiger striped fur thaws some of the ice keeping her heart on lockdown and she s attached before she knows what hits her Emma doesn t have any better luck ignoring another pair of eyes, and her new neighbor, Finn Matthews, with his shy persistence and a painful past of his own, slowly chips away at the rest of the ice trapping Emma in her insecurities and her loneliness.Taking a chance on her new roommate and her next door neighbor opens a door she d previously slammed shut the door to a new lease on life and the right to forgive, to fight back, and to heal And the craziest part about it It all started with a stray cat She was lostd he found her Finding Emma is a full length, standalone contemporary romance Due to language and some sexual situations, this book is not intended for readers under 18

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Finding Emma

  1. K Ryan lives in the Green Bay area with her crazy supportive boyfriend and the best decision of her adult life, a not so stray cat named Oliver When not writing, she s either binge watching something on Netflix, running, reading, or cheering on the Packers.Follow her on Twitter and Instagram authorkryan and Facebook or visit her website, for updates and news.

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  1. This review was first posted on For The Love of Fictional Worlds as part of the Blog Tour hosted by Indie Sage PR.Disclaimer I don t usually post spoilerish reviews, but I am making an exception for this beauty of a book.HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD That s the exact reaction I had, when I finished this book Exact same one, verbatim, at my workplace, where I was sneaking in some reading time because I couldn t complete this book the night before when I should have been completing my paperwork Didn t r [...]

  2. As a voracious reader, you do find yourself clicking better with some books than others as some you fall in love from the first page, whereas others can take a wee while to get into and for me Finding Emma was one of those reads where I struggled with the book We first met Emma when she gets home and she is reading a text from her brother Noah, whom we can guess from the interaction she tries to avoid From this part, we can guess that Emma has had an awful experience from her growing up with the [...]

  3. I received an ARC of Finding Emma in exchange for an honest review.The beginning starts out with a girl having an internal battle with helping a stray cat She seems terrified to open her screen door and let a stray cat in her home, or essentially, into her life The girl is in a self inflicted exile from her co workers, hometown, even her family.Eventually we learn that the lonely girl is Emma, running from her humiliating past.Then we meet her new neighbor Finn Finn is recovering from his own h [...]

  4. Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.4.5 5 starsfull review can be found at mignon mykel reviews on 10 27I absolutely loved Emma and Finn I loved her fear of cats, and Oliver s insistence on loving on her I loved her caring brother who tried to keep tabs on her in the big city which, I suppose next to her small town you could sneeze in and miss, Milwaukee is big, but I wouldn t necessarily go big city I loved Emma s need to find a way for herself after a fairly big scand [...]

  5. The message this book sends is so fucking on point SO FREAKING GOOD I can t talk about it without being spoilery but Emma s journey is hard, challenging, and life altering Her world has literally been destroyed and her ability to trust has been demolished She s timid, aloof, skittish and skirting on the outside edges of life for a damn good reason When a stray cat climbs his way into her life, she feels hope for the first time in over a year Which terrifies the ever living fuck out of her But it [...]

  6. 4.5 starsEmma left her home town because of the demons She is know in Milwaukee working at a diner Emma gets home and gets a text right away from Noah, she regrets giving him her schedule She finds out from her neighbor that they are going to be getting new neighbors Emma comes home from work to find a big truck blocking the way to the building Later she is sitting by her screen door talking to her cat, there was a knock at her door and it was her neighbor inviting her over to the tailgate and h [...]

  7. Those eyes they were thieves Stealing my breath, stealing my resolve to keep my distance, stealing the axis my world rested on and tipping it sideways.I absolutely love the idea of this book To be honest, I have not read anything like this at least the last time I checked I m amazed in how K Ryan managed to write this piece of awesomeness Anyway, this book focuses on Emma Owens she s desperately running away from the demons that chased her out of her hometown For the past year, has been detached [...]

  8. Got a rec for this book from the KA forum and am SO GLAD I did I m not sure if it was all the references to the Packers the Lambeau scene was spot on and Water Street where I ve spent an evening or ten , or if it was the depth of emotion that was practically bleeding off the pages, or if it was that adorable cat hell, it was all three And it made this former Milwaukee girl s heart so happy, I would give it 12 big stars for you know who I m missing home, but I m happy A definite re read

  9. This book was very interesting and I love the theme of ethics of cyber civil rights along with cyber bullying which explain the moral, social, political, moral and educational which can start debates The heroine created a bond with the readers on her journey of growth, maturity, and learning to accept herself The reader will have a lot of emotions with laughing, crying, cheering, and cursing.

  10. I have been a fan of K Ryan s for some time now and Finding Emma met and surpassed my expectations I find all of the author s characters to be relatable and complex Love the story

  11. This book was something else I struggled reading it I liked the main characters Emma and Finn.The book started out so slow The detailing of Emma s adopting the stray cat and getting to know Finn was for me slow You know that something bad happened to Emma and that s why she is the way she is Same with Finn I kept reading and was over whelmed by the emotional end of the book.It was such a shock and when I read the last word I was in tears This author did an amazing job dealing with some intense i [...]

  12. It has been a long time since I ve read a book that, when I finished it, I want to drop everything and post a review I literally finished this book less than 30 minutes ago It s also rare for a book to be on my mind this much There is just so much I want to say about Finding Emma While Finding Emma is a romance at its core, the book goes way beyond that This is the just a fluffy romance As I read the book, I went through a lot of emotions happy, sad, angry and not necessarily for the reasons yo [...]

  13. This piece of literature was very interesting and contained excellent social, educational, political and moral debates around the ethics of cyber civil rights The writer creates characters who are well drawn out and with a three dimensional consciousnesses of the central protagonists Unlike many contemporary twenty first century writers, Ryan suitably uses the first person to create a provocative and emotive appreciation of the heroine For me, as a female reader, I certainly appreciate and respe [...]

  14. Finding Emma by K Ryan is a story about a woman named Emma who moves from her home town to be alone Emma enjoys being under the radar, especially after her horrible past Emma soon meets a cat who changes Emma s lives Who knew so much love could come from a cat, and I am talking about way than just the cat s love Emma meets a young man named Finn He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Emma and she is actually happy again But can he handle her past Finding Emma is not your normal love [...]

  15. This was an excellent contemporary romance I had a hard time putting it down and ended up flying through it in just an afternoon There s so much emotion that pours off the pages of this book It s a wonderful story and it pulled at my heartstrings The way the characters respond to each other and open up with one another was really beautiful.Finn and Emma first meet when Finn and his roommate move into the apartment across the hall from Emma Emma is pretty much a recluse and is hesitant to have an [...]

  16. Okay this is one of my favourite books of the year This is a book about life In life they re some things that are hard and some that are easy Emma s life has been harder than most but easier than others I really liked that the story is technically a true story well Oliver is and I love that , even though the story is quite similar to the authors, I like that Emma s past didn t happen to the author but it happened to a celebrity and that s how she got the inspiration to write this story Finding E [...]

  17. A real problem in USAI won t tell you what the story is about but it is about a real issue happening in our world today I really liked that at the beginning you are kind of guessing what happened to the character and when you find out it wasn t what I thought happened I like that the character learn on her own to be strong in herself.

  18. Nice, easy contemporary read with a great message Not a lot of Romance, drama or angst, the message that this book tries to tell and succeeds at doing so is definitely the authors priority here.

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