Atlantis: The Autobiography Of A Search

Atlantis The Autobiography Of A Search None


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Atlantis: The Autobiography Of A Search

  1. Attended Rutgers University and received a Master s Degree from the University of Iowa Founder of the The Violet Quill literary group with his parter Michael Grumley.Died of AIDS in 1988 a few months after his partner, Michael Grumley.

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  1. On February 27, 2016 a group of 5 assembled on Bimini to dive the Bimini Atlantis Road Wall On December 21, 2012 at the dawn of B ak tun 13 of the Maya calendar, on Tikal s Pyramid of the Sun we consulted Morton s List, which gave us the Quest Lost Atlantis charging us with investigating the lost continent Our Quest lead us to Bimini, following in the footsteps of this book s authors 47 years later to the day Thus, the account of their journey was of primary interest to us and this book invaluab [...]

  2. Since the first read was nearly 20 years ago, I decided to read this book again before writing a review on a distant memory So, with a fresh read on my mind, here s the scoop The story is reported to be true Witches in Italy Dream interpretations Fortune tellers Guidance from the written seances of Edgar Cayce A powerboat to take from New Jersey to Bimini The writing was straight forward, but my credibility meter was going Beep , Beep , and BEEP The two writers are certainly loaded with whimsy A [...]

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