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Chop Shop Intern forensic pathologist Dr Riley McKay has noticed irregularities in autopsies at the Allegheny County Coroner s lab Suspecting foul play she seeks help from Dr Nick Polchak the bug man renowned

Intern forensic pathologist Dr Riley McKay has noticed irregularities in autopsies at the Allegheny County Coroner s lab Suspecting foul play, she seeks help from Dr Nick Polchak, the bug man renowned for his ability to solve murders by analyzing the insects on victim s bodies Nick and Riley uncover a sinister link between the lab s director and PharmaGen, a start upIntern forensic pathologist Dr Riley McKay has noticed irregularities in autopsies at the Allegheny County Coroner s lab Suspecting foul play, she seeks help from Dr Nick Polchak, the bug man renowned for his ability to solve murders by analyzing the insects on victim s bodies Nick and Riley uncover a sinister link between the lab s director and PharmaGen, a start up drug company specializing in genetic research They also discover that PharmaGen fronts an underground system to procure transplant organs for wealthy clients by finding and murdering matching donors But PharmaGen learns of their security breach and orders the couple destroyed While staying a step ahead of PharmaGen assassins, romantic attraction develops between Nick and Riley But the attraction is complicated by a tragic secret that Riley hides a secret closely tied to one member of PharmaGen s operation which propels the novel to its astonishing conclusion.

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Chop Shop

  1. Tim Downs is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University After graduation in 1976 he created a comic strip, Downstown, which was syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate Calvin Hobbes, Doonesbury, The Far Side from 1980 to 1986 His cartooning has appeared in than a hundred daily newspapers worldwide Tim has written seven mystery suspense novels Shoofly Pie, Chop Shop, PlagueMaker, Head Game, First the Dead, Less than Dead, and Ends of the Earth PlagueMaker was awarded the Christy Award for the best CBA mystery suspense novel of 2006, and Less than Dead was a finalist for the 2009 Christian Book Award in suspense fiction Tim lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife Joy They have three grown children.

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  1. A great second book in the Bug Man Series This one was very different from the first book as far as story line and plot, but it still gripped my attention and was very hard to put down.I liked that the medical field was introduced in this book because I have always found that stuff fascinating It also gave a completely different view on the main character, Nick Polchak and gave him some depth from the first book.I look forward to getting my hands on the next book of the series.

  2. Exiled once again from the University of North Carolina campus, Kolchak goes home to Pittsburg for the summer This was a good move for Downs Many mysteries benefit from a strong sense of place, from Chandler s Los Angeles, to El Leonard s Detroit, or the Upper West Side of Block s Matt Scudder books, or even Carl Hiiasen s South Florida Downs clearly has the same attachment and affection for the Three Rivers area, and while his sense of place may not be as strong as Chandler s, it was still nice [...]

  3. Chop Shop by Tim Downs features Dr Nick Polchak, aka Bug Man, a forensic entomologist who solves mysteries using his knowledge of insects He is a quirky character whose obsession with bugs leads to some rather awkward human interactions In this book, he teams up with Riley McKay, a pathologist, to solve the mystery of missing body parts and bungled autopsies An altogether satisfying read

  4. I was going to give this book 3 stars until the last 40 pages or so, when there were a couple of good twists that made me like it a lot There wasn t a whole lot of forensic entomology in this book I found that kind of disappointing But the overall story is pretty good and reminds me of Robin Cook s work excellent medical thrillers I think Cook may even have written a story that was similar in several ways.Anyways, Polchak is an enjoyable protagonist, and Riley makes a good companion sidekick Do [...]

  5. I started this series this is book 2 on the advice of my niece I m glad I took her advice I ve enjoyed the series thus far Of course, I don t always follow the science in the books in fact, I find that overwhelms the mystery part sometimes Nick is a likable character, and he has my sympathies We met his mom in this book, and I hope she is back in other books in the series Part of Nick s charm and the book s humor is his lack of social graces, so he isn t always involved in a romantic tangle That [...]

  6. Mr Tim Downs, I 3 you Christian suspense 2nd book read by this author 2nd in the Bug Man series Your books are very funny and I learn something with every book However, these wonderful attributes do not keep Mr Downs from dealing with serious issues, like genetics and organ donation, that still face us today There was also a closer look at Nick s wrestling with relationships intimacy in this novel I felt this book had an overall different feel to it, but the characteristic wit and logic were evi [...]

  7. I really enjoyed the first bug man mystery and had high hopes for this one It was pretty good but I did have a couple of issues crop up The first was the big conspiracy storyline, it was a bit interesting but pretty predictable The second was the relationship storyline.The first went about like I expected, the second followed the one from the first book and it made me sad.I was shocked at the surprise identify and the twist that it threw in the story, all of which made it worthwhile to finish th [...]

  8. Why do they call Nick the Bug Man If you didn t read the first book then you actually probably wouldn t have any idea This book has Nick as the primary character but almost all of his work is detective work with hardly any forensic entomology No worries I definitely still enjoyed it and there was plenty of twists, especially near the end, to make this book an enjoyable read I find Nick pretty funny overall Kind of clueless too.

  9. If you love the bug man, you ll love this book Personally, however, I did not love the ending Without giving anything away, just know that it s sad Very sad But hero Nick Polchak is as snappy as ever throughout the story Sarcastic, intelligent, and this time, the reader gets to view a intimate side to him.

  10. I found the first part slow going But I was unusually tired when I read those sections In the middle it picked up we learn the bad guy s identity before the protagonist does Towards the end, however, Downs delivers a JOLT a heart pounding, blood pressure rising jolt that kept me gasping to the end.

  11. This was a weird one, scrary despite an often sluggish story It centers around a couple of scientists threatened by a group in the black market trade for replacement organs It s true, there are some sorry excuses for humans out there.

  12. Chop Shop was a well written contemporary suspense mystery novel with a bit of romance It s the second book in the Bug Man series, but you don t need to read the first book to understand this one Chapter one of Chop Shop was pretty funny, but chapter two was the funniest thing I ve ever read I couldn t stop laughingd I m still laughing when I think of it.The main mystery was fairly easy to figure out, but Nick also figured most of it out at about the same time However, there was one mystery elem [...]

  13. Once again, Downs puts a good story together This one has a good feel since Nick Polchak is in his hometown in Pittsburgh and it s surrounding areas The interactions between characters are fantastic Witty and also engaging, and you start to get the feel to the background of Nick s story I really enjoyed hearing the banter, the revealing of the faults, and the sacrifice the characters have to make The forensic side of it is real fun as well.Like the first novel, we know the mystery for the most p [...]

  14. Ok, less bugs in this one then the firstI liked the first better I think the author just got away from what he does best in this one It had a Hollywood ending to this one I didn t mind how it ended, but.well, this isn t a Hollywood type of book I love how we met some of the bugman s long time friends It showed other sides to him Sides that I have been wondering about Again, I didn t care how the author dealt with themlol.hasn t the bugster my personal nickname for my love, the bugman been though [...]

  15. Too contrived, and too easy to figure out what was going to happen The writing was good and some of the characters held promise, but after the 1st book where everyone worth knowing died except our hero and his lady friend I didn t let myself get too attached Good thing, this book is even worse I also had a hard time reconciling the end of the last book with this one There was not enough of a carry over, no mention of why Nick all of a sudden is living in his moms greenhouse, nothing about why he [...]

  16. This book was distinctly better than the first It s plot was far interesting and it was very solidly put together I think my main problem with the series why it s not a 5 star , is that I can t relate to the main character Nick He s interesting, he s occasionally funny, he s weird, but I m viewing him rather like he views his bugs as a curious specimen It s not the best way to come at a novel Without that connection I m struggling to care much about the secondary characters either For once I m [...]

  17. A fun forensic mystery that explores the sordid world of illegal organ donation Nick Polchak is a bug man, a forensic entomologist who investigates two puzzling autopsy reports that reveals a criminal ring out to test the limits of utilitarian philosophy Polchak makes most of his deductions by studying the maggots, blow flies, and mosquitoes found in, on, or near the bodies while getting help from his IT guy, Leo, who sounds like he s straight outta Moonstruck as well as the beautiful and clever [...]

  18. Except for a number of minor editing faux pas, I found no errors of logic This book is a step up from the first Bug Man account Downs is maturing as a writer Great suspense I didn t see the surprise coming near the end can t elaborate, don t want to give out spoilers The story didn t end as I d wished it would, though I really wanted a particular something to happen, really wanted it, but maybe next time I, too, love Nick Polchak.I actually postponed serving dinner until I finished the story ton [...]

  19. Another enjoyable entry in the Bug Man series I think I enjoyed it even than book 1 Chop Shop, in addition to introducing a genuine love interest for Nick, also raises a slew of chewy ethical issues and if you re wondering who better to deal with such issues than an actual ethicist well, pretty much anyone, it turns out There s the by now expected unpredictable behavior from Nick, good secondary characters, strong action, and an unexpected reveal or two near the end although as in Shoofly Pie, [...]

  20. Same quirky main character I m beginning to love, but much action than the first Bug Man book I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery Learned a lot about organ donation and the ethics surrounding this sensitive issue as well In this book, Dr Nick Polchak, the Bug Man, is charmed into service by a beautiful woman Dr Riley McKay works for the coroners office Strange things are happening there She just wants to make a little sense of them and enlists the help of Nick Polchak Little do they suspect the c [...]

  21. A suspenseful tale of forensics, involving the organ donor system The bug man is as interested in the woman who hires him as he is in the mystery of murders cover ups We learn a little about Nick Polchak but enough is left out to keep me curious Overall, I wasn t as pleased with this second in the series by Tim Downs I won t spoil it, but the ending was not what I would have hoped for Also, the details of the organ donor system wasn t nearly as intriguing for me as the entomology Still it is a [...]

  22. Book 2 in the series Awesome fun Laugh out Loud from the sarcastic, humor of Nick, amidst the gruesome crime solver.Intern forensic pathologist Dr Riley McKay has noticed irregularities in autopsies at the Allegheny County Coroner s lab Suspecting foul play, she seeks help from Dr Nick Polchak, the bug man renowned for his ability to solve murders by analyzing the insects on victim s bodies Nick and Riley uncover a sinister link between the lab s director and PharmaGen, a start up drug company s [...]

  23. I liked this better than the first one the Bug Man seems to have a bit human personality this time although some awful things happen to him here that might result in personality problems in the future.Kind of creepy though totally believable premise for this book a company that claims to be developing personal medications based on people s DNA is actually in the organ stealing business An intern in the medical examiner s office suspects a problem and brings on Nick Polchak, forensic entomologi [...]

  24. Wow, not only are the characters well drawn and the plot superb, there s no gratuitous sex or profanity And it s still an adult book looooove it For those who are reading these, spoiler alert All I m going to say is that, once again, sad part It seems if you are a childhood friend of Nick s, watch out You re like the Star Trek crew member in the red shirt.Anyway, once again I learned scientific things, phenomenon I didn t realize existed, but do, in the good old U.S such as bone piles at coal mi [...]

  25. Not as great as book one, Shoofly Pie, but very entertaining nonetheless With this book, we see a different side of Nick, one that did not exist in the previous book or did, but he was hiding We know he was married once and it ended badly, but we don t know the details, all we know is it caused Nick to close down emotionally We see him falling in love in this book and its a beautiful story and perfectly written Can t wait to read the next book in this seriesxt year

  26. I love the Bug Man books incredibly intelligent and witty glimpses into forensic pathology and various ethically difficult issues in this one, organ donation and utilitarianism Probably this is a 4.55 and Shoo Fly Pie is still the best, but Pittsburgh fans will perhaps put this one first Highly recommended for a pick me up.

  27. On temporary probabtion after disciplining a student in class, Dr Nick Polchak returns to Pittsburgh and end up helping a friend in the Allegheny County Coroner s office who suspects a co worker may be selling organs on the black market.Second in the Bug Man series.An entertaining story with a little humor and romance thrown in among the clues Even though this is technically Christian Fiction, the story is not too preachy Highly recommend the series.

  28. I liked this book very much The characters are very easy to like and to dislike The main character Dr Nick Polchak is one of my favorite characters off all time He is very intelligent and has some serious social deficiencies If you like books that have a lot to do with forensics this is a great read I am a huge fan of the Bones television series and I think these books rival that show in every way.

  29. The book was good until the last couple chapters Then it took a dive The premise was interesting, and I generally like Tim Downs style, his sarcastic, quick wit and unruffled attitude But the ending of this book was horrible What a downer no pun intended It takes you into a pit and leaves you there.

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