Shoofly Pie

Shoofly Pie Forensic entomologist Nick Polchak a k a the Bug Man is hired by thirty year old Kathryn Guilford who is terrified of bugs to solve her friend s death When Polchak stumbles into the mystery of how K

Forensic entomologist Nick Polchak a.k.a the Bug Man is hired by thirty year old Kathryn Guilford, who is terrified of bugs, to solve her friend s death When Polchak stumbles into the mystery of how Kathryn s husband was killed years earlier, the action kicks into high gear and Polchak finds himself on the run with his client from someone who will do anything to keeForensic entomologist Nick Polchak a.k.a the Bug Man is hired by thirty year old Kathryn Guilford, who is terrified of bugs, to solve her friend s death When Polchak stumbles into the mystery of how Kathryn s husband was killed years earlier, the action kicks into high gear and Polchak finds himself on the run with his client from someone who will do anything to keep a secret This fast paced murder mystery is than the typical Christian fiction it is good clean fun on a thrill ride Biblical values are implicit rather than explicit, and its fascinating elements provoke thought on a conscience, consequences, and world views But mostly, this book is a sizzler of a story that will not let you go.

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Shoofly Pie

  1. Tim Downs is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University After graduation in 1976 he created a comic strip, Downstown, which was syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate Calvin Hobbes, Doonesbury, The Far Side from 1980 to 1986 His cartooning has appeared in than a hundred daily newspapers worldwide Tim has written seven mystery suspense novels Shoofly Pie, Chop Shop, PlagueMaker, Head Game, First the Dead, Less than Dead, and Ends of the Earth PlagueMaker was awarded the Christy Award for the best CBA mystery suspense novel of 2006, and Less than Dead was a finalist for the 2009 Christian Book Award in suspense fiction Tim lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife Joy They have three grown children.

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  1. What a fun and different kind of read Here we meet forensic entomologist Nick Polchak a k a the bug man Remember the original CSI Grissom he always was fascinated with bugs and doing all sorts of tests with them too Well, Nick is very much like Grissom in that respect At the beginning of this book we have 3 teenage boys competing with each other for the attention of Kathryn all taking place in a small town in North Carolina Now, all grown up one of Kathryn s friends has died They tell her he com [...]

  2. One of the best forensic mystery novels that I have read I have limited knowledge about forensic entomology from lectures from such people and from my friend who is pursuing a career in forensic entomology, but from what I have learned this book got it right There were moments when I was like Hey I remember learning about this, and then feeling smart that I remembered such things This book was full of awesome facts relating to bugs and just multiple fields of forensics Going into forensic pathol [...]

  3. I really liked this book If you re a fan of CSI, like I am, you ll find that the main character Nick will remind you very much of CSI s Grissom.This book drug on a bit in a few sections, but overall it was a very gripping read and I loved the mystery.I m so glad I discovered this author and I look forward to continuing the series.

  4. I hate bugs I m talking scream my head off if I see a creepy centipede kind of hate In fact, this might be one of the few things I chat with God about when I get to heaven why he needed to make bugs He could ve done something different He s God With that kind of preface, it took my buddy s eye teeth to get me to crack open the cover of this book It s a BUG man novel Sheesh But loyal friend that I am, I said I d read it I meant I d read the first page or two and call it quits Boy, was I stupid, C [...]

  5. This is one of the only one suspect mysteries I have enjoyed When there s only a single viable suspect, then the mystery will stand or fall on the qualities of either the villain, the victim, and the detective Here, the villain and the victim are both fairly pedestrian, so everything is left on the shoulders of the detective, but he carries the burden quite well.The detective is Nick Polchak, a professor of entomology at the University of North Carolina He s legally blind, afflicted with extreme [...]

  6. I knew I would probably like this series because it s all about forensic entomology I am pretty much fascinated by anything that has to do with forensics and if I weren t a very busy full time mom right now, I would consider devoting a part of my life to the study of forensics I really liked the main character from the start He s cynical but funny After I had gotten into the book I realized his personality was strikingly similar to House s from the TV series, except this guy came before House He [...]

  7. This is one of those books that you read while you should be sleeping, that stays glued in front of your nose as you make a mess of doing your chores and almost run into that open door oops , making dinner or burning it , and when you are talking to your mom on the phone and your responses are limited to uh huh.uh huh I have not declared a favourite author since the days when I was obsessed with Brian Jacque s Redwall series back in middle school.Let me pause for a moment.Alright, here it comes [...]

  8. I began this one last night I m having difficulty with the constant shifting of pov, which is distracting Major or tiny, minor character, the pov switches constantly I m not entirely convinced by the dialogue either I ve never heard a person in real life exclaim, What is the meaning of this It doesn t ring true In the very first chapter the forensic bug expert is at the scene of a crime, while the victim s husband is still present He immediately realises the man is lying about the discovery of t [...]

  9. I picked up this novel and 2 in the series, Chop Shop, in an omnibus version at the library after been introduced to the series in book 4 Less Than Dead The main character in each book is Dr Nick Polchack, an extremely quirky forensic entomologist who would far rather be helping police with their investigations of days old corpses whether or not they want it than teaching class at the university where he unwillingly works to pay the bills There are certainly a lot bugs in Shoo Fly Pie, I guess [...]

  10. Nick Polchak is a professor of entomology at North Carolina State by day forensic entomologist by night almost In this case he is spending the summer in a Quonset hut in Holcum County, NC that is the university s research facility.Kathryn Guilford is grieving the apparent suicide of a dear, lifelong friend Only she isn t so sure of the suicide In fact she is steadfastly determined to prove it wasn t a suicide She goes to Nick, whose reputation as a forensic entomologist precedes him, for help To [...]

  11. Dr Nick Polchak aka the Bug Man is sent to rural North Carolina as punishment and he sets out to do some simple research However, Kathryn Guilford has just learned of the death of a friend and one time suitor, and she asks the Bug Man to help her investigate The only problem is that Kathryn has a pathological fear of insects you ll learn why in the opening chapter, which starts with a horrific auto accident Tim Downs is the rare Christian author who doesn t evangelize through his novels There s [...]

  12. Ever read what you think might be the most perfect book ever Well I just did and it is this book This was a classic murder mystery thriller, with a hero Nick that is a bug man , he literally studies the bugs of the dead In that regard, he reminded my of the Jefferson Bass character Bill Brockton from the Body Farm series he studies the bugs that form on the dead, he lets it tell the story of how a person lived and died If you are a CSI fan, love forensics, or reading books by Jefferson Bass, Pat [...]

  13. I LOVED this book I think I might also love the bugman Have already started the 2nd book in the series, and so far it looks like it might even be better Shoofly had the best opening chapter of a book that I can remember It was super intense The bugman himself, is a lovable, sarcastic, snarky love machine ok, maybe I am fantasizing about the love machine part I can t wait until I get to know him better I think this might be a series that I finish all in a row and that NEVER happens

  14. 42 chapters 371 pagesStart Finish 5 1 12First let me begin this review by saying that I read this book back in 2012 However, after I read a book, I always try to write out my feelings on the story when I finish Sometimes, I m moved to write a great deal to type up later Other times, I just feel up to writing a very basic review I never intended for it to take me almost six YEARS to get it on my GoodReads account, but it has Obviously, by now, I don t really remember much about the story, though [...]

  15. First night reading and I m on page 51 Every page is just as engaging as the one before it I m loving this whole subject of forensic entomology what a cool niche field Thanks for both educating and amusing me, Mr Downs Oh, and by the way, the descriptions don t gross me out but then I m not actually dealing with decomposed bodies, just reading about them Hey, it s a fact of life God has a very efficient manner of returning bodies back to the stuff they re made of the earth It s best we accept it [...]

  16. This is the first in the Bug Man forensic mysteries by Tim Downs, Christian author, speaker, and syndicated cartoonist Downs manages to combine forensic details the character teaches entomology at NC State , subtle humor, a quirky but believable cast of characters, and mystery sometimes revealed early in the story note this, if you read to figure out the solution without resorting to excessive profanity, sex, or violence Well, they ARE murder mysteries and Nick Polchak does describe the effects [...]

  17. Finally, a book that made me turn pages until I finished Where have you been until now, SHOOFLY PIE Loved the mystery, loved the bits of humor, love Dr Nick Polchak, the Bug Man In Book one of the Bug Man series, Dr Polchak is exiled to a remote county of North Carolina because he can t keep his nose or his tweezers out of crime solving He works for a University as a forensic entomologist, for crying out loud, not a detective He s supposed to be studying bugs on corpses and giving expert testimo [...]

  18. Mystery This was my first Tim Downs book and I was wholly unprepared for the amount of detail, the familiar territory we live in North Carolina at the moment , and the laughs Wow I am so impressed with this first offering that I cannot wait to read the next one already I do want to forewarn those who are sensitive, there are a number of descriptive passages about insects and bodies decomposition in particular that is not for everyone It is not gory for shock value, but scientific although I wil [...]

  19. Blame it on Darlene, I got sucked into this one despite my better judgment Turns out reading about bugs isn t near as bad as actually letting them crawl on you Well done mystery Other than a series of uncharacteristic mistakes he makes that conveniently ratchet up the action to theater of the absurd levels toward the end, Nick Polchak is a slovenly, scientific amateur detective with a mind of steel and a stomach to match I didn t think the novel had enough false suspects but it made up for some [...]

  20. I loved this book The Bug Man Nick kept me laughing throughout the book despite the seriousness of the plot I learned so much about bugs and crime investigation The descriptions are pretty graphic, but fascinating I will definitely read the rest of the Bug Man books.

  21. I liked Nick, I found him to be very funny I liked learning about the bugs I ll be continuing the series, hopefully soon.

  22. In a small town it s hard to keep secrets So when local Jimmy turns up dead in a field with his gun in his hand and a hole in his head, everyone assumes the troubled guy finally just had enough The Sheriff and the medical examiner who is the local ice cream shop pharmacy owner decide an autopsy isn t even necessary and close the case But Kathryn has known Jimmy her whole life and she has a gut feeling something isn t right about his death When she hears that the Bug Man, Dr Nick Polchak is in to [...]

  23. An enjoyably suspenseful novel without the coarse language and salacious details There were a couple of times when I really had to suspend my disbelief, for example the dimwitted deputy On the whole, however, I really enjoyed reading a book that didn t make me cringe because of sex and language I will add that it wasn t really an overtly Christian novel, although it did contain scripture and portrayed Christianity in a positive light It is fun to read something that can contain grit and yet does [...]

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down The hero was quirky and different and extremely intelligent while having some mild handicaps that prevented him from fitting in anywhere in normal society It moves at a good clip, it held my interest throughout the entire book, and I am glad that I read it It did have some surprises in it for me, although I did figure parts of it out before the reveals happened I did not figure out how it was going to end, though, so that was goo [...]

  25. Shoofly Pie was an enjoyable contemporary suspense mystery novel The mystery was fairly easy to figure out this was a group read, and we all agreed on the who done it and why long before the end , but the detective also figured out the who done it at about the same time Their problem was finding the proof that would stand up in court while surviving the ever increasing body count So the suspense was sustained throughout the novel.The characters were fairly complex Nick was enjoyably quirky thoug [...]

  26. I am a big fan of all forensic sciences And having watched CSI Las Vegas in which one of the main characters, Gil Grissom, is a forensic entomologist a bug man , I couldn t help myself and I simply had to grab up this book and try it out.This book is the first in the Bug man series Other books in the series are Chop Shop, First the Dead and Less than Dead all of which I hope to read Nick Polchak, the book s main character, is a forensic entomologist, and I liked him right away I read several rev [...]

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