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Roxanna Slade Not since Reynolds Price s award winning bestselling novel Kate Vaiden has he told a woman s story in her own voice Roxanna Slade is this woman Roxanna begins her story on her twentieth birthday a da

Not since Reynolds Price s award winning, bestselling novel Kate Vaiden has he told a woman s story in her own voice Roxanna Slade is this woman Roxanna begins her story on her twentieth birthday a day that introduces her to the harsh realities of adulthood and changes the course of her life forever From this day on, Roxanna is quick to share with the reader the intNot since Reynolds Price s award winning, bestselling novel Kate Vaiden has he told a woman s story in her own voice Roxanna Slade is this woman Roxanna begins her story on her twentieth birthday a day that introduces her to the harsh realities of adulthood and changes the course of her life forever From this day on, Roxanna is quick to share with the reader the intimate details of ninety years of life in North Carolina Her beguiling tale is one that boldly reflects the high and low moments in the development of the modern South and the nation as well as the inner strength of a woman possessed of a piercingly clear vision, forthright hungers and immense vitality.

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Roxanna Slade

  1. Reynolds Price was born in Macon, North Carolina in 1933 Educated at Duke University and, as a Rhodes Scholar, at Merton College, Oxford University He taught at Duke since 1958 and was James B Duke Professor of English.His first short stories, and many later ones, are published in his Collected Stories A Long and Happy Life was published in 1962 and won the William Faulkner Award for a best first novel Kate Vaiden was published in 1986 and won the National Book Critics Circle Award The Good Priest s Son in 2005 was his fourteenth novel Among his thirty seven volumes are further collections of fiction, poetry, plays, essays, and translations Price was a member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and his work has been translated into seventeen languages Photo courtesy of Reynolds Price s author page on

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  1. It is difficult to achieve what Price has here Open this book to any line and you will find a music in that sentence which is rich and thoughtful, deep and life changing And therein lies the problem This is tough book to get through To be sure, it is well worth it, but it takes an exorbitant amount of time and concentration.It s about Roxanna Slade, a no nonsense, get to it kind of woman from North Carolina She has led a self proclaimed unremarkable life, and yet every thought she has is remarka [...]

  2. This is my second go round with Roxanna Slade I wanted to do it justice, so I read it again Though Reynolds Price is one of my favorite writers, the experience was no better the second time This just isn t up to some of his other books Roxanna is an interesting character, but she comes across badly regarding her mother in law If Olivia is a monster, Price hasn t fully shown it The events in the novel unfold languidly, with the exception of the beginning Price s writing is as beautiful as ever He [...]

  3. An ordinary woman with an ordinary life sounds dull, but she had many of the same crisis that we face a cheating husband, a bout with her torment, a mean mother in law, a daughter who got pregnant at 13, and the satisfaction of complete love I ve never read a description of depression as full and deep as this Reynolds Price captures the subtleties of aging perfectly and for a man to be able to speak in a woman s voice so well is genius.

  4. Ugh It took me a really long time to read this book the public library can attest to that I read it on the suggestion of my 11th grade English teacher, Ms Allen, whom I loved dearly She was a huge Reynolds Price fan.

  5. Reynolds Price is one of my favorite southern fiction authors His prose flows smoothly, and he captures the facets of growing up in the south perfectly His stories are heavy and sometimes difficult to read but each one makes me think, which is why I love his work.

  6. Well written.but a little slow in paceThe New York Times wrote that reading Roxanna Slade is like sitting through a long and languid NC evening and listening to an intimate summing up of a hard life That is exactly the feeling I had, only I also had to take a nap every once in awhile.

  7. This was our community s one book selection I try to read these and attend the events because I believe in reading as a way to bring us together and help us understand each other Initially, I despised this book The main character seemed whiny and lazy I persevered and ended up glad I did I didn t end up liking the character or the writing style very much, but I feel like I gained some empathy and understanding about the insipid racism I feel around me here Glad I read it, and glad it s over.

  8. Roxanna was a very slow and deliberate read I enjoyed it very much on some levels I enjoyed the lyrical tone of the writing and the subject matter in places I did not like it some levels it was tedius and sometimes confusing, requiring several re readings, sometimes still refusing to give up meaning to the reader.

  9. Fictional story from the 1920 s of a couple who marry after his brother drowns The sentence structure the author used made the story a slow read The book had its high and low parts Hard to believe it was a best seller.

  10. I am a huge fan of Reynolds Price, but for some reason this book took a bit longer for me to begin feeling connected to the characters It wasn t until the last 1 3 of the book that I began to really get interested in the storyline.

  11. Very few novels have moved me in such a way Reynolds Price wrote this exceptional story with an uncanny depth and breadth that I found lyrical and haunting and thoroughly gripping.

  12. I live in central Virginia and occasionally want to do something that connects me to the South Well, it couldn t be politics and it couldn t be religion The South is hopeless for me on both counts But reading Southern authors is something that I can do now and then So, when my daughter in law mentioned a past connection with Reynolds Price and that he had just died, I asked her to recommend a book by him This book, Roxanna Slade, is one she suggested I have already read and reviewed Clear Pictur [...]

  13. This book was hard for me to get into, but in the end I was completely moved by Price s writing His portrayal of postpartum depression and the ensuing difficulties so beautifully and painfully described the experience.

  14. Journal of a whiny women who ages to 90 Let me go in the back yard and eat worms Also I hate the writing very cold and technical.

  15. Interesting read following Roxanna Slade s life from her 20th birthday to age 90 in rural North Carolina Written in 1st person, at times she yields to stronger characters around her, at times she holds her ground Very intelligent and observant, Roxanna doesn t always follow convention Sometimes her bahavior, such as her early reaction to her brother s friend, Larkin, is not well explained.The rather large cast of characters are well developed The book touches on sibling, marital, inter generatio [...]

  16. This read features Roxanna Slade, who lives a normal and unremarkable life in North Carolina As the narrator, she shares her thoughts, experiences with a wayward husband, depressing times that take so much from her, and encounters with a mother in law whose goal is tormenting her Her daughter becomes pregnant at age 13 but during Roxana s long life she finds love and happiness The tale covers her life from age twenty into her middle nineties It s a story that is told with emotion and depth and t [...]

  17. I found this an enjoyable read, and even one I might re read Yet it was an odd book, too There were, in fact, a couple of plot points I really couldn t buy Likely these plot turns were effects Reynolds counted on to make the story unique, or even just a bit shocking In the end, though, these did not bother me I was slow to warm to Roxanna, but I did in the end Reynolds writing is enough to keep me reading His turn of phrase brings high delight at times, and the cadence and description so very tr [...]

  18. For reasons that I cannot really explain, I hated this book I understand that many people loved it and it is popular, but I hated it I could not empathize with Roxanna Slade or her various circumstances over the course of her life I could not understand her train of thought or her emotional responses to various crises I understand from others that it is probably the author s style of writing that I am having trouble with That may be the case, but this book is partly responsible for why I stopped [...]

  19. This story is told from the point of view of a 90 yr old woman from North Carolina and was written by a man She tells the story of her life starting at the age of 20 in 1920 It covers her first love, her marriage, her children, her mom dad and her in laws and her bouts with depression and shows what life was like in that area of the country when there was separation between whites and blacks but also how dependent they were on each other Rather a slow read and a bit of a downer Even so, the auth [...]

  20. Great book This is not a book that you can sit down and plow through in an afternoon This is a very slow read as you really have to absorb and marinate on what the author is telling you It was a great story, and at times I felt like I was listening to someone like my grandmother speak, and tell me a story Additionally the author, Reynolds Price, did a great job of telling this story from an old southern woman s point of view Very good book.

  21. Written by a North Carolina native The story is a narrative in Roxanna s own words following the course of her life from her 20th birthday through her late 90s The story starts off with a tragedy of youth the rest unfolds very very slowly Price doesn t miss one single detail of Roxanna s life, which unfortunately makes for a tedious read at times The story does capture the rural South and gives the reader a great picture in their minds eye.

  22. I really liked it.I feel silly to have had Price at Duke when I was there and not taken a class from him.Convincingly written from a woman s point of view.Roxanna Slade tells her own story from her 20th birthday through her 90 s in the 1990 s.It contains a very human depiction of marriage, family relations, and depression told through a fairly ordinary life.You get an interesting view of race in rural NC, away from the the dramatic actions we ve all read about.

  23. I read this book because I found it at a book sale The character of Roxanna draws you in with the events that unfold in her life The character of Olivia Slade truly shows the relationship of a mother in law not ready to let go of her son, something that would be usually hard to capture in a book Roxanna tells the events of her life with a voice that comes across as true and weathered.

  24. Some reviews suggested that this novel would provide a sweeping view of the changing South Hmmmt so much Roxanne Slade wrote down her story because she mostly liked her 94 years of life I found both the style and the content difficult to get into This novel is a 2.5 star for me, but I rounded it up on the basis a few nicely worded insights.

  25. I only finished it because I very, very rarely abandon a book It just dragged, and I didn t really like the main character A friend told me that she saw Reynolds Price speak, and he said he writes about mothers the way he does because his own mother was not a good mother to him I guess that s a good explanation, but it just wasn t a great book anyway.

  26. This local author was recommended by the local library and is featured on NPR occasionally It is insightful about the area and I thought rather daring in it s topics for the conservative rural North Carolina area The writing is descriptive I feel like I know my new neighborhood a bit better.

  27. beautifully written i enjoyed reading in depth about an ordinary woman, neither heroine nor villain, a living breathing flawed human i kept thinking of people who might like it so i could pass the book along to them when i finished

  28. The prose is beautiful, but I couldn t give this four stars because it made me want to shake the narrator and say Get to the point already It was both as lovely and as maddening as sitting on the porch listening to your Great Aunt.

  29. The author does a wonderful job of making readers feel what his main character does depressed I m going to finish this to see if it gets any better, but I can t wait to move onto something uplifting.

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