EXOSKELETON II Tympanum The thrilling sequel to s Techno Horror Sci Fi masterpiece EXOSKELETON Stadler an experimental physicist by trade effectively uses his background working in government and defense labs in painti

The thrilling sequel to 2012 s Techno Horror Sci Fi masterpiece, EXOSKELETON Stadler an experimental physicist by trade effectively uses his background working in government and defense labs in painting vivid, appropriately clinical looks at the very base concept of torture He spins it, however, into a horrifying tale of supernatural vengeance, one wrought with compThe thrilling sequel to 2012 s Techno Horror Sci Fi masterpiece, EXOSKELETON Stadler an experimental physicist by trade effectively uses his background working in government and defense labs in painting vivid, appropriately clinical looks at the very base concept of torture He spins it, however, into a horrifying tale of supernatural vengeance, one wrought with complex questions of faith, spirituality, and the after life Chris Hallock, CHIZINE a cleverly executed blend of science fiction, suspense and horror a certified dark journey into madness David Gammon, HORROR NEWS EXOSKELETON utilizes several science fiction and horror tropes the medical experiment gone horribly wrong, the malevolent secret government organization that will stop at nothing to achieve its aims, vengeful spirits against which the fleshbound have no defense, still Stadler never lets the story devolve into cliche, but instead uses these tropes with originality and energy Tracie McBride, EXQUISITE CORPSE Synopsis Freed from the Red Box, William Thompson finds himself at the center of a geo political conflict spawned from a secret history of scientific and militaristic operations, setting in motion a deadly chain of events that threatens the world.

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  1. Shane Stadler is an experimental physicist He has worked at numerous government research and defense laboratories, and is currently a professor of physics at a major research university EXOSKELETON is his first novel.

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  1. I enjoyed this as much as the first book Will Thompson is a scary guy, especially when pissed off I like how he s become adept at separating from his body for longer periods of time and can do all kinds of crazy shit seems as if he s evolving This book took an unexpected direction and it becomes clear why he and the other inmates at the Red Box facility were experimented on There were a few twists and turns I didn t see coming and I hope there s an Exoskeleton III and a movie.

  2. I am really enjoying this series I hope the third book is coming out soon, this is just one of those stories where you want to find out what happens next This is an international thriller, a tale of corporate intrigue and hideous medical experiments dating back to the very beginnings of the third reich A program has been developed to separate the human soul from its body a project with one success case read the first book, Exoskeleton to learn those details but the process has an endgame no one [...]

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Exo and was both surprised and delighted to see a sequel Until I read it Some good ideas here, but unlike the first, it s skimpy on action, real character and a sense of immediacy Will Thompson, who learned to separate his soul from his body under an horrendous torture experiment conducted through the CIA, now finds that the clandestine program destroyed at the end of the first book is part of a larger conspiracy going back to the Nazis It s also tied in to a myste [...]

  4. This book started out with a decade long secret and took off from there There were are a lot of elements going with this book and if you can t follow divergent threads, you might want to skip it The action is there, but it s not the in your face type, as stated earlier there is a mystery that spans decades, there s espionage, murder, death, horror, torture, and even romance The characters were well developed and seem to work well together and there are several cliff hangers Read it with an open [...]

  5. I really really hope there s another one to this, so many questions left unanswered, as I said about the first one not my usual type of book but really loving all aspects of it.

  6. Having read Exoskeleton, the first in the series, I was really looking forward to where Mr Stadler would go with the series I wasn t disappointed I actually really enjoyed it, even so than the first, and it left me eagerly awaiting the next instalment Well recommended.

  7. If you are at all squeamish about blood, dentistry, violence, or the paranormal, then you should not read this Mr Stadler begins this book right where Exoskeleton left off Will is recovering and trying to move on with his life But the world has other plans for him And so does the author This sequel is well written It has a lot of characters to remember and new ones to learn Because the setting is a global stage, above and below ground, there is room for confusion at times I found the plot to be [...]

  8. Tympanum picks up almost immediately where exoskeleton left off You could look at exoskeleton as an origin story and Tympanum expands the story exponentially The only minor complaint I have is Mr Stadler could have spent a little time developing the characters Aside from Will, the main character that you get to know very well in the first book, the other characters seem to be there just to advance the story But what a story it is, where the mystery keeps unraveling until and through the end The [...]

  9. Cliffhanger Read this directly after finishing book one This one is not so much a horror book as a detective thriller with mystery, supernatural and history thrown in for good measure.About half way through I couldn t see the need for another instalment but , my goodness I am now in breathless anticipation.Can Will save the world, how will that work Are we doomed or is the judgement going to let us start again I know its fiction but I am gripped Book 3 PLEASE

  10. Building for something biggerAmazing read, a little slower than the first book Seemed like a book you need to read to understand the next book By how this one s ends I believe the next book will be very interesting indeed.Downfall to this kindle book was the amount of mistakes Badly edited sentences that you had to make sense of No fault to the author of the story but was badly processed onto kindle

  11. I was blown away by the first book in this series and had no idea that there was a second book out until I began to read it I found it to be very slow moving I also thought that it jumped around a little too much Even though I didn t necessarily enjoy this book, I will most likely go on to read the 3rd one.

  12. Solid work, bad editing I thought the book was well written with an intriguing story that begged you to continue turning the pages The pain and suffering that resulted from the lack of proof reading was truly remarkable The book for me was a 4 star for story 1 1 2 star for editing.

  13. OutstandingThe first book was excellent and this sequel had everything Playing on history, science, religion, the occult and a fear of the unknown, all interwoven into an amazing read Can t wait for the next in the series

  14. Better than the first.Exoskeleton, was a great book, so when I saw it had a sequel, I had to read it This book is the real story, book 1 was just an introduction Shane Stadler, my hat is off to you sir What a great story Thank you.

  15. Certainly one of the original tales I have read in recent years, the chilling horrors of the first book suffered by protagonist Will now sees him enmeshed in a tight international thriller with a sci fi twist Anxious to see what awaits our protagonists in the next book

  16. Great follow up to Exoskeleton I really enjoyed this book Action packed and moves at a very readable pace Great mix of history and science Looking forward to from Shane Stadler.

  17. Not a bad book but things get a little silly Even for a main character that can separate from his body, things get a little silly Glad I got to the end but if there s a third book will I read it Probably but I m not particularly excited about the idea.

  18. Read this book.Blimey A lot to take in Is it possible Who knowsThis book is terrifying and clever Can t wait for book three.

  19. Amazing So much fun from start to finish had no idea this is where it was heading from book one and has left me hooked for the final instalment

  20. Not the ending I expected but still a fantastic book, cannot wait for the next installment It has ended leaving me wanting .

  21. Excellent sequelI love the first book and was happy there was a sequel This book holds up to the first book I can not wait for the next book.

  22. CaptivatingRead the first book almost non_stop, and then moved to this one Wasn t disappointed at all Great plot and full of action Can t wait for book three

  23. Stumbled across this book and it predecessor a few days ago and could not put them down Great read can t wait for the next instalment.

  24. Takes a bit too get goingbut finishes well Quite enjoyed the first one This improves on it a good bit Takes a little bit too get going, but the second half is much better.

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