Breaking Her

Breaking Her From internationally bestselling author R K Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt the pages tension and all consuming angst It s love it s war and it s Scarlett and Dante s story DESTRUCTION

From internationally bestselling author R.K Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt the pages tension and all consuming angst It s love, it s war and it s Scarlett and Dante s story DESTRUCTION BETRAYAL RUINATION TRUE LOVE.Breaking HerBook Two in the Love is War Duet This is the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante s storyARLETTHe had done it again Ravaged me.From internationally bestselling author R.K Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt the pages tension and all consuming angst It s love, it s war and it s Scarlett and Dante s story DESTRUCTION BETRAYAL RUINATION TRUE LOVE.Breaking HerBook Two in the Love is War Duet This is the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante s storyARLETTHe had done it again Ravaged me Burned me Broke me Given me air, only to leave me gasping, writhing.But then something changed Something that terrified and excited me both Something that utterly destroyed me Something that made me whole again DANTEOur love was cursed from the start She didn t know it but I did All she knew was that I d lied to her, betrayed her Done unforgivable things Unavoidable things Yes, I had broken promises as surely as I had broken her heart But, just as every war has casualties, and every lie has consequences every bastard has his reasons.

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Breaking Her

  1. R.K Lilley has been a writer since she can remember, but has held down some interesting jobs to pay the bills For several years she was a first class flight attendant, and she always swore that she just had to write a book about it Mixing her love of romance and all things BDSM, the Up In the Air Trilogy is her debut into the world of contempary romance and erotica She is currently working on the final installment in the series.You can contact R.K at Authorrklilley gmailVisit her Facebook page to keep up to date on what she s working onfacebook authorrklilleyAnd check out her website rklilley R.K also writes urban fantasy under the pseudonym Rebecca K Lilley

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  1. Breaking Her, book 2 of 2 The conclusion to Dante Scarlett epic love saga derailed by lies, deceit, secrets sabotage Waiting on the other side of the door Books in Love is War duet should be read in order Book 1 Breaking HimBook 2 Breaking Herin Breaking Him, book 1we followed the toxic and addictive love between businessman and heir Dante Durant and flight attendant and aspiring actress Scarlett Theroux Slowly alternating between past and present we followed an unlikely friendship blossom into [...]

  2. 4 starsThis was one hell of a ride It s not a secret that the Tristan and Danika series are one of my favorite series of all time And this series didn t disappoint either In fact, I loved it About the story I m a huge fan of ex lovers turned enemies novels so it s not surprising that I loved this series so much Both of the books were extremely engrossing I knew that this series would be super angsty but I didn t know the story would be so mysterious And I loved the mystery I loved how the author [...]

  3. 3 STARSI loved the first book and I was expecting this story to continue like the first one Unfortunately it didn t reach my expectations I found the plot to be confusing at times, as well as weird in others Moreover, there were moments that the story was too over the top for my taste And this ruined the story in my opinion The story is between the past and the present But in the first part, the present is so slow that I was waiting patiently for something to happen The past was interesting As [...]

  4. 2.75 StarsI don t know what is going on with me but it seems, me and contemporary romance might need to break up or something Lately, most of my reading experiences are on the wrong end of the scale and I just end up frustrated, annoyed or indifferent And, honestly, I hate rating low and giving a shitty review so maybe I need a break because maybe it s not the books, it might just be me I really enjoyed Breaking Him and I ve been looking forward to this one, but unfortunately, it was just too ov [...]

  5. 3 stars You re a lioness, not a lamb, and you don t need to apologize for it You re overprotective and fiercely loyal None of those are bad qualities They re your strengths and I ve always admired you for embracing them So, I m going to sound a bit like a parent on this one I m not angry, I m just disappointed in this book Breaking Him was one of my top favorite reads of 2015, I loved it so much and I loved Scarlett and Dante so much So maybe my expectations of this book were too high, but after [...]

  6. Okay so I devoured this in a day but I m a little conflicted about how to rate it It s about quite a few questions I have that were left unanswered or swept under the rug too quickly None of them have to do with safety gang details just questions I was waiting to be answered So I generally enjoyed the story but I felt like something was lacking in this book compared to book 1 The first book had the perfect mix of suspense, angst, and romance where as this book fell a little flat for me.I m goin [...]

  7. 4 Second Chance Stars This second and final installment finally bring us the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante s story After so many secrets, so much pain and sacrifice it comes a time where the truth must come out Some sacrifices are made out of love, but when all it s said and done, second chances don t come easy How much are you willing to forget the hurt and the past and open your heart for a love than only brought you pain before I can honestly say, this was one of the sequels I was waiting [...]

  8. Outstanding read I adore this author to pieces In my opinion R.K Lilley can do no wrong and each and every time I read one of her books, I m a goner Breaking Her is not a standalone It is the final book in Love is War Duet This conclusion reached and surpassed all my expectations After reading Breaking Him I was left with so many questions and I got all the needed answers From past to present everything came out and when I learnt the actual truth that was slowly unveiled my heart seriously broke [...]

  9. Life Before Scarlett Life With Scarlett Life After Scarlett This is the duet to Breaking Him, which MUST be read first I immediately dove into this one as the first ended in a big cliffy Ms Lilley calls this duet Love Is War and it couldn t be aptly named Wanting her Needing her Having her Losing her I d been mad for her since we were ten years old and she gave me her first conspiratorial grin, the one that told me we d be giving the world hell Dante s love for Scarlett has consumed him since h [...]

  10. WHEW This is me after going thru some hell of an angst fest imgsrc Breaking Her is the 2nd book in R.K Lilley s Love is War Duet I loved the 1st book, Breaking Him book show 2 and I was so looking forward to the follow up I so wanted to like this onebut sadly I did not.Dante Scarlett s intense and shaky relationship continues in this book s become even intense fact, it s overflowing with over the top angstdid I say angst YES Each encounter between these two seems to end in angry sexturn page.t. [...]

  11. I give this SERIES 4.9 stars out of love , because of the fact that my heart was broken over and over and million times over So, I ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for Breaking Her, but this series was completely different from any other contemporary novels That is why I love this author so much She is willing to cross the line and go where no other author is willing to cross If you haven t read this series yet, well then, you are lucky to be deciding to read it now I had to wait months before Bre [...]

  12. You learn about someone when you re fighting them than you do loving them Things you can only learn from war I really wanted to like this and I ve actually been eagerly waiting forever for its release, but this book did not make sense to me.I was getting bored out of my mind because the story just kept bouncing back and forth between past and present to the point where the story wasn t even moving or going anywhere, which just made things even confusing and slow I felt like Breaking Him did a [...]

  13. 1 Breaking Him I always thought I was too strong to be broken by anything I always told myself that, at least But love changes you No matter how strong you are, it makes you stronger No matter how weak you are, it makes you weaker No matter how hard you are to conquer, it will bring you to your knees Since Breaking Him left off on a huge cliffhanger, I knew it would be impossible for me to stay away from this story for too long.Scarlett and Dante are at it again with their second chance romance [...]

  14. I am mind blown Damn Can you truly recover from your first heart break This is a story of second chances, one true love and redemption Yes I do love you as much as I hate you I say this every time, but this is the exact reason why R.K Lilley is one of my favorite authors Love is war is one of her best works Emotional turmoil at its best I do love some good ol love hate relationships Love really is war So many secrets, lies and revelations Imagine a strong bond between two people They love as muc [...]

  15. My heart is screaming pounding out of my chest.RK.Lilley has again blown my world.Everyone knows RK Lilley is my one click author I die over her books, she creates the most beautifully heart wrenching stories I m going to try to review this the best I can, because, everything about the 2nd book in the Love Is War Duet, is a spoiler everything When Breaking him came to a close I think we all had question after question I finished that book and thought where is everything going I need answers Rest [...]

  16. 4 s At the end of Breaking Him, Scarlett and Dante are not in a good place and we re left with a whole lotta questions Fortunately, I m happy to say that we get all the answers to our questions and ybe even a bit than we wanted I had an idea of the direction the book was taking but then it veered left into something totally unexpected and creepy as hell UghI really wish that hadn t happened but it does explain a heck of a lot Still not a fan of going back and forth between the past and the pres [...]

  17. Breaking Her is the conclusion to Dante and Scarlett s story Here, we get all the revelations in the past that torn their relationship apart I like that we get to hear Dante s point of view and understand his side Their past was complicated than I thought as they re both manipulated with lies As much as they hated each other, the love remains and worked on their issues However, the war isn t over because someone wants to destroy it again and they re going to make sure it won t happen again.My r [...]

  18. I need to be honest this took a completely different direction than I anticipated I need to sit on this one and think this through Breaking Her picks right where we were left off I had so many questions, I can say everything was answered and some of my theories were even correct However, where the story didn t settle for me was the believability I realize this is fiction but it was entirely too over the top for me And it had a different overall vibe that didn t gel with me I hate that I felt thi [...]

  19. My emotions r al over the place it made me dizzy There is so much drama goin on in this book an I luvd it Scarlett is still sassy sexy beautiful as ever an she could cut u where it hurt with a single word an I luv her she as gone through so much shit as a young girl her grandmother was so mean the the kids at school were so horrible the only people she had was Dante an his Gram everyone else could go to hell they were al she needed but like normal life wasn t was easy for her Dante family were a [...]

  20. 3.5 4 StarsThis was THE MOST ANTICIPATED sequel ever I loved the angste love hate relationshipe mystery behind their issuesd the angry sex in Breaking Him In book one, Scarlett had my sympathies and I despised how callously Dante broke her heart This couple s story was an emotional roller coaster as they destroyed each other, tying me in knots RK is an excellent writer She certainly knows how to build a roaring fire of sexual tension and angst within a plot And a master at twirling my emotions w [...]

  21. 3 STARSWHEW That was one hell of an angsty ride.The conclusion to the Love is War series was brimming with over the top angst It was everywhere every corner, on every page, in every sentence and even in every page break Did I love that, though Kind of I think if you ve read new adult contemporary romance by RKL, then you know to clear your schedule because it s gonna be a heart ripping angst fest This was emotional than the first book where we were constantly left saying, what the fu k is going [...]

  22. 4 stars I hate cliffhangers I really hate them with a passion But I forgive Miz Lilley, because THIS BOOK was worth the wait Every single thing I wanted to know comes out R.K Lilley delivers a tragic but beautiful love story of two hearts facing impossible odds There are so many twists and turns Some I predicted Some knocked me over and punched me in the gut I absolutely loved Scarlett and Dante They have the best love hate relationship So intense I felt the sadness, angst, happiness, longing, s [...]

  23. 5 Amazing stars Move over Mr BeautifulHulk Dante just invaded Wow just wow I loved this book It was angst heaven This was an incredible journey of fierce loyalty and invincible love Scarlett and Dante s story is one that will stay with me forever

  24. 4.5 stars He s the best I ever had And the worst thing that ever happened to me True love is a bitch.R.K Lilley reveals shocking answers to the questions and insecurities that plagued the explosive relationship between Dante and Scarlett Theirs was a relationship first rooted in safety and protection, physical and emotional connection, but then one that ran wild with pang of desperation and betrayal They needed each other, hated and loved each other fiercely.Yes, I do love you as much as I hate [...]

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