The Rough Collier

The Rough Collier Gil Cunningham a young notary has escaped a life in the Church to become the archbishop s questioner only to be accused of causing a man s death by witchcraft Gil and his young wife must solve the

Gil Cunningham, a young notary, has escaped a life in the Church to become the archbishop s questioner, only to be accused of causing a man s death by witchcraft Gil and his young wife must solve the mystery to save him.

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The Rough Collier

  1. McIntosh was born and raised in Lanarkshire, Scotland Having begun to write at age seven, she credits the author who inspired her to write as probably Angus MacVicar She lived and worked in Glasgow for many years before moving to the west coast of Scotland Prior to making her mark as an author, she worked as a librarian, a receptionist for an alternative therapy centre, taught geology and palaeontology, and tutored for the Open University.

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  1. This is a historical mystery set in Scotland, out in the countryside.I have not read any others of this series but I will The book zips along following the disappearance of a man who collects rents from the surrounding area on behalf of his employer There are a lot of characters to get straight but the writing is clear and the evoking of rural mediaeval Scotland is well done There is a wonderful collection of totally odd words and phrases that I ve never heard but that you work out from the cont [...]

  2. The Rough Collier is the fifth of Pat McIntosh s mysteries set in fifteenth century Scotland In this one, Gil Cunningham and his wife Alys are staying at his mother s house in the Lanarkshire countryside when a body is discovered buried in a peat bog, sparking an accusation of witchcraft against a local woman and leading Gil to begin an investigation into the identity of the corpse and the whereabouts of another man who has been missing for five weeks I really like Gil and Alys and enjoyed seein [...]

  3. I enjoyed this story, set in 1493 Scotland It avoids having characters speak foresoothly although the author does have everyone speaking in broad Scots She effectively brings in the history of the time, the relevant influences, e.g the Maleus Maleficarum the Witch hunters guide of the 16th century , and she has given no one has knowledge that was not extant at the end of the 15th century Since I am a medieval historian, things like this are I portant to me The story of the simultaneous appearanc [...]

  4. Twists and TurnsAlthough I usually feel satisfied when I reach the end of a Pat Mcintosh book, along the way I have been irritated by the pace of Gil Cunningham getting to his truth But I do love the collection of characters as they have evolved as new books have appeared, and I find the handling of the relationship of Alys and Gil very appealing and refreshing The use of the Scottish setting adds extra appeal for me, and the late medieval time frame is an era the novels have persuaded me to inq [...]

  5. It was once again a pleasure to return to this series of books, featuring lawyer and reluctant detective Gil Cunningham in book 5 of a consistently excellent series set in the unusual surroundings of medieval Scotland.In The Rough Collier Gil and his new wife are visiting Gil s mother when he s called to investigate a body that has been dug up from a local peat bog The village priest is certain it s a missing man from the nearby colliery but Gil isn t so sure, particularly when the explanation g [...]

  6. 5 Gil Cunningham mystery set in 15th century Glasgow and environs Gil and his bride Alys are off to visit his mother in the country and while there his expertise is sought when a corpse is found in a peat bog by peat cutters At first they think it s a local who s been missing for a few weeks, but later it s determined that the body has been there much longer However, Gil is curious as to why the hue and cry hasn t been officially raised about the man who s been missing some five weeks, and furth [...]

  7. Frustrating Although I enjoy McIntosh s authentic Medieval details and attitudes, lightened with a bit of modern attitude, the mystery is practically non existent It s obvious quite early who the murderer is and unbelievable that Gil is unable to decipher literally the clue that reveals the identity I, too, turned away in disgust One motive is also patently obvious, although I was surprised by the other and was unable to interpret those clues correctly, relying as they do on the Medieval mind se [...]

  8. I like this book and I like the characters and the historical sense of place in history.I have been reading the Gil Cunninham books in order, which I think is the only way to read them as the characters develop and are added to as the saga progresses It would be a good thing of there was a family tree published at the start of the book, so the reader can refer back from time to time Unless you are sitting down to read all or most of the book in one day, it becomes a bit hard to keep track of all [...]

  9. Another fine late medieval early renaissance mystery in the Gil Cunningham series Gil and Alys, finally married, are really a great couple and this mystery, involving a body found in the peat bog, a missing husband, and a witch hunting priest, is filled with interesting characters and historical facts There is a section towards the end where you may get bored, knowing who the murderer is and wondering how there can be 70 pages, but if you stick with it you will enjoy the surprisingly exciting e [...]

  10. Still loving this series and enjoying the increasing level of participation in solving mysteries by Gil s new bride Alys This one had no presence of her father who played such an important role in previous books There is a generous good will touched with loving humour as the author depicts life and peoples of rural areas in the 15th Century Suspicion of witchcraft was one element dealt with as well as many discussions and descriptions of peat all greatly amusing to me.

  11. I love that there s a mystery series set in 15th Century Glasgow Sometimes, however, I m a little disappointed with the books themselves This one was slow going it took me about 100 pages to really get hooked From there on out I really enjoyed the story, and didn t guess what was going on until very near the end Gil Cunningham is a very likeable character, as is Alys I enjoy this series.

  12. I am still liking the H H and the mysteries There was a little too much time spent on educating me about the mining of coal Once I got past that I was into trying to figure out who done it I kind of had a guess, but was still surprised at the ending Recommend the series start with the first one The Harper s Quine.

  13. A Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery While Gil and his new bride are visiting his family estates a body is found by peat cutters Gil is pulled into the mystery when a local wise women is accused of witchcraft A local man is missing but the corps seems much older Gil discovers a tangled web of deaths and coverup.

  14. I get so caught up in the characters and the world of 1400s Scotland that I forget to follow the clues to the murder s Gil Cunningham and his lady Alys are trying to solve I really love to fall into a Pat McIntosh stirt

  15. One of the best in this series of mysteries set in 15th century Scotland A body is found in the peat, possibly a man missing from the village weeks ago, possibly a long lost saint It is up to Gil and Alys, now newly wed, to find out.

  16. Good characters and a nice 1400s Scotland period piece And an interesting mystery, although I did struggle a bit with the many characters and the dialect.

  17. Totally agree with all the other reviews, the culprit was obvious from the start and the plot was simply playing catch up, not a great addition to the series.

  18. Picked up a couple of books at the Festival I ve never heard of the books or the authors but I was in the mood for a mystery and liked the cover art.

  19. This is the peat bog one, and I don t remember much of it, although I seem to recall there s some very nice Alys parts.

  20. I enjoyed this book very much all of the Gil Cunningham books are great And learning about medieval Scotland is a big plus

  21. Gil and his new bride Alys leave Glasgow to visit his mother when a body is foud in the peat The investigation follows the usual path to a surprising twist Enjoyable as usual.

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