Jerkbait Even though they re identical Tristan isn t close to his twin Robbie at all until Robbie tries to kill himself Forced to share a room to prevent Robbie from hurting himself the brothers begin to fee

Even though they re identical, Tristan isn t close to his twin Robbie at all until Robbie tries to kill himself Forced to share a room to prevent Robbie from hurting himself, the brothers begin to feel the weight of each other s lives on the ice, and off Tristan starts seeing his twin not as a hockey star whose shadow Tristan can t escape, but a struggling gay teen terriEven though they re identical, Tristan isn t close to his twin Robbie at all until Robbie tries to kill himself Forced to share a room to prevent Robbie from hurting himself, the brothers begin to feel the weight of each other s lives on the ice, and off Tristan starts seeing his twin not as a hockey star whose shadow Tristan can t escape, but a struggling gay teen terrified about coming out in the professional sports world Robbie s future in the NHL is plagued by anxiety and the mounting pressure from their dad, coach, and scouts, while Tristan desperately fights to create his own future, not as a hockey player but a musical theatre performer As their season progresses and friends turn out to be enemies, Robbie finds solace in an online stranger known only as Jimmy2416 Between keeping Robbie s secret and saving him from taking his life, Tristan is given the final call sacrifice his dream for a brother he barely knows, or pursue his own path How far is Robbie willing to go and importantly, how far is Tristan willing to go to help him

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  1. Mia Siegert received her MFA from Goddard College and her BA from Montclair State University where she won Honorable Mention in the 2009 English Department Awards for fiction Her debut JERKBAIT made Best YA of May 2016 Siegert has been published in Clapboard House, Word Riot, The Limn Literary Arts Journal, as well as a few other small presses Siegert currently works as an adjunct professor and a costume designer She enjoys training horses and watching hockey.

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  1. 1.5 stars.Spoilers.Ridiculous This book was completely ridiculous And I want to say that I believe the author is a good writer and it s likely me who just didn t enjoy this I would probably still try something else by this author, but this really didn t work for me.This book should ve been called Every Bad Thing To Possibly Happen to a Gay Teen Happens to TristanAdmittedly, I liked this at first First few chapters weren t perfect with the forced conflict between brothers It was really only just [...]

  2. I m honestly not the person to write negative reviews, but in this case I feel like it s warranted After reading a few reviews on before the release, I was really excited to read this book I m always looking for good LGBT novels and this one seemed interesting in regards to it dealing with homophobia in professional sports I m not even sure I can express how severely disappointed I am.This may seem over exaggerated and blunt but I honestly felt like I was reading a first draft of someone s reall [...]

  3. 1 New Release in Teen Young Adult LGBT Issues Fiction on 3 New Release in Teen Young Adult Gay and Lesbian Fiction on The JERKBAIT Playlist is featured on Books and Ladders Check it out and listen on Spotify.What Others Have to Say about JERKBAIT Updated 3 19 16 Every athlete, parent and high school kid, gay or straight, will see some of themselves reflected in Jerkbait s teammates and families So will every ally who wants to see change Jerkbait is gutsy, urgent, raw and hopeful Brian Kitts, Co [...]

  4. You know how there are books that are impossible to read passively Instead, the whole time you re reading you re going a little crazy because you want to leap into the pages and actually interact with the characters JERKBAIT was like that.I wanted to hug Robbie and Tristan because I was so sad for them, and shake their parents for screwing up so horribly, and slap Heather for well, you should probably read and find out for yourself Tristan, the narrator, is smart, funny, and overall a good guy B [...]

  5. Terminei de ler Jerkbait e me sinto exausto Aqui n s acompanhamos a hist ria de dois irm os g meos um h tero apaixonado por teatro musical e um gay apaixonado por hockey Logo de cara eu fiquei empolgado com a escolha da autora de quebrar os esteri tipos e mostrar os conflitos da rela o desses dois personagens Mas a cada cap tulo que eu lia, meu amor pela hist ria ia morrendo e no final eu estava desesperado de tanta raiva Existem in meras coisas que eu odiei nesse livro, ent o decidi fazer uma l [...]

  6. Jerkbait reminded me why I still read and love YA Fiction The writing was superb and the characters were all complex and believeable I loved everything about this story Please buy it and read it.

  7. JERKBAIT is one of those novels that tackles a TON of very serious and very dark subjects teen suicide, bullying, homophobia, abuse, internet predators but does so without ever becoming a depressing read On the contrary, this novel, about two brothers struggling to find themselves in the face of intense pressure to match up to others expectations, is filled with hope and humor The twins at the heart of the story both evince an incredible amount of courage as they fight to define and embrace what [...]

  8. Glee has so much to answer for UPDATE I ve re read this book and am changing my review by a whole star sorry this reads so badly on a second pass through and bits I either blanked out or skipped over are so bad the whole end 1 4 of the book I have bumped it down Don t bother with this book for better books see the end of my review END UPDATE This book could have been interesting and well developed yet it sadly suffers from some of the worst gay related tropes I have read for a while This book ha [...]

  9. I m very pleased with how much I ended up liking this book Tristan was a really likeable main character, and I was especially fond of him because i m a sucker for wallflower protagonists who observe and rarely devote to the action or conversation unless there s a necessity to In this particular case, a story about a boy watching the unfolding drama of his twin brother coming out as gay in a sports world, it was even interesting The dynamic between Robbie and Tristan was so believable and touchi [...]

  10. So, JERKBAIT was one of my most anticipated 2016 releases And it s kind of ironic, because the main characters in the book are hockey players, and I m a Canadian who knows nothing about hockey What I was interested in were the themes in this book, especially how gay athletes are treated in this sport I wanted to see how the author, Mia Siegert, portrayed this treatment through her characters What I got was a book that s bold, brave, and unflinchingly honest A book that s also sensitive and made [...]

  11. Identical twins were supposed to share so much, but we might as well have not been related.As far as first chapters go, I can t recall a book hooking me in after a mere couple of pages like Jerkbait did This was because of how excellently Sergent illustrates the dynamics of Tristan s family life It really aided the story, even if it was just a brief introductory look at his family However it really enables the reader to get an idea of the characters and it gives the reader contextJerkbait deals [...]

  12. Well, I m a Rangers fan And you see the rating That s how great this very Devils centric book is This is essentially a very painful book about two brothers who are both trying to find themselves and come to grips with their identities To boil it down to the basics, Robbie is gay and anxious about coming out in a sports environment, and Tristan doesn t want to play hockey at all and would rather do theater They have little in common, but as the book progresses their bond really strengthens and it [...]

  13. I am weak for sibling, especially twins, stories, and weak for hockey, and enjoy YA with LGBT characters, so even if the summary seemed a bit too overly dramatic for me I decided to give it a shot.My first impression was right It s way WAY too dramatic for me Felt like reading the book equivalent of a teenage soap It s not so much the depressed, suicidal brother 3 attempts , or the slightly self centred and neglected other brother It s not the neglectful, abusive, overly focused on getting their [...]

  14. this was such a.weird book i feel off about such abusive parenting being not fully addressed and the twin telepathy thing that started happening toward the end of the book was so completely out of nowhere and jarring that i couldn t help but laugh like, what, was that it was nice enough for robbie to get a happy ending with the boy he liked but that also came out of nowhere actually yeah i think that s a running theme throughout this entire book, like, tristan s best friend heather just randomly [...]

  15. I couldn t put this book down The story of two hockey playing brothers, Tristan and Robbie, this book deals head on with the issue of gay athletes, the stereotypes associated with sports artistic endeavours This book is a rollercoaster ride, and our hearts break for the two brothers, who initially not close at all, are thrust together after a suicide attempt But should one brother be his brother s keeper And if the students in their school are bigoted, they pale in comparison with the boys paren [...]

  16. Actual Rating 4.5 One of the best things about Jerkbait was that while it was dark and raw, it was also hopeful and witty oh, and super gay I really enjoyed the look at how young sports athletes feel pressure to be The Best and To Succeed I also really liked that Tristan was trying to figure out his own shit while also helping Robbie deal with his I loved how family dynamics were shown in this one.I loved the writing style It was so easy to be in Tristan s head and understand his thoughts and al [...]

  17. I hate giving one star on a book I try and at least bump it up to two stars if it has some redeeming qualities to itbut this one really dumbfounded me The characters weren t very believable and the plot was all over the place so that by the end it felt like it was three books mashed together The characters weren t very believable, especially the parents, and even though so many bad things happened to the characters, because they were so two dimensional, I didn t feel anything for them I really w [...]

  18. This book gave me so much feels Motsly angry Angry at their parents Heather that bitch omg screw u angry at the people around them The bullies Etc etc And i was sad too Its like i want to hug Roddie and tell him everythink will gonna be okay everytime that thing happened and tell Tristan that hes the best people i know I really like when hes angry after his mom asked Robbie to say that him being gay is just a lie And hurayy, Heather deserve that lmaao Im still didnt believe she did that to Trist [...]

  19. Jerkbait could have been a really good book tackles some important issues like attempted suicide, trying to cope with coming out and letting the world know you re gay, being gay in sports Those are all really important issues that I applaud the author for trying to taking on I think the book got lost in the muddle of too many issues because there was also drama with Robbie s twin Tristan It was just to much for one book The other thing that kind of turned my nose up was the weird ass parents Who [...]

  20. I finished this book in two big sittings because I just didn t want to put it down Lots of themes deeply explored here coming out, bullying, stereotypes, and authenticity When I read the description, I was like, hm, hockey I know nothing about hockey, but this book highlights so many important YA topics and does so in a way that anyone can appreciate I loved all the musical theater stuff a lot A few odd things the ending twist threw me for a loop but over all, a great book about brothers not eno [...]

  21. Quite The Novel Idea Words from the CloudsRight now I m looking very hard for reasons why I shouldn t just give this book 5 stars and be done with it Is it flawless No Are those flaws good reasons to lower my rating Also no Because I just loved this book so very much So 5 stars it is.After a slur of disappointing and pretty good but not great books, I really needed a book that just blew all of them out of the water I needed something great I should ve known that a LGBT book would do the trick Th [...]

  22. mild spoilers Tristan and Robbie are identical twin but their twiness is that even a word stop there Telepathic thinking Nope Same interest Nope Tristan always been Robbie s shadow the high school hockey star Tristan play hockey as Robbie s winger but he always have his own dream star of Broadway And when Robbie tried to kill himself, their parent put them together in one room The message was clear Tristan have to look after Robbie But how can Tristan help Robbie if they re been stranger to each [...]

  23. JERKBAIT is a book I ve been looking forward to reading for quite a while and I m happy to report that it totally lived up to my high expectations It s a serious book that tackles a lot of very serious issues, but it is also very easy to read, which was obviously achieved by some kind of sorcery I m on to you, Mia.The protagonist is Tristan, and he s VERY likeable He s witty, a bit nerdy, and he has big dreams, so he s my favourite kind of contemporary protagonist Even though Tristan is the only [...]

  24. The book was ok, I had some small, easy to overlook, issues with the book I don t care who is saying it rainbows, unicorns, and lisps, oh my was not an appropriate way to describe another human being , but it was a relatively enjoyable story Till the end that is view spoiler 1 telepathy Seriously 2 I am tired of the way books, especially high school sports books, always make it so the one jock that the gay character is fawning over is, of course, also gay, just closeted, and suddenly, on the las [...]

  25. Very powerful book that deals with issues such as rampant homophobia and suicide, well written especially considering this is the author s debut novel and with well defined characters Sadly the story starts to drag around the middle and then becomes mostly implausible Had the author chosen to stay on the path she was on at the beginning, this would have been a sure winner As it is, 3 stars is all I m willing to give it.

  26. I received an eARC from my fellow JFP author JERKBAIT was a pleasure to read Tristan s character struggles with protecting his troubled sibling, dealing with his overbearing parents, and choosing his own path The story is an honest portrayal of the homophobia in sports and the consequences of being ostracized and bullied.

  27. HAHA I READ IT FIRST SO FU BITCHES no seriously, I did And this was posted with the full blessing of the author

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