Bayou Shadow Hunter

Bayou Shadow Hunter HOT SULTRY DEADLY THESE ARE THE SECRETS THAT LURK IN THE BAYOU Bent on revenge Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman the witch Annie Matthews for help Her abilit

HOT, SULTRY, DEADLY THESE ARE THE SECRETS THAT LURK IN THE BAYOU Bent on revenge, Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman, the witch Annie Matthews, for help Her ability to hear auras had allowed her to discover Tombi s friend mystically trapped by forces that could destroy them all The accompanying message of a traitor in their midstHOT, SULTRY, DEADLY THESE ARE THE SECRETS THAT LURK IN THE BAYOU Bent on revenge, Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman, the witch Annie Matthews, for help Her ability to hear auras had allowed her to discover Tombi s friend mystically trapped by forces that could destroy them all The accompanying message of a traitor in their midst meant Tombi could trust no one Dare he bring Annie along on his quest to fight shadow spirits Putting his faith in someone outside his tribe, especially one who pulled at his tightly controlled desires, could prove just as dangerous as his mission

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Bayou Shadow Hunter

  1. 2017 RITA Finalist for Paranormal Romance in the national contest sponsored by the Romance Writers of America Debbie Herbert, a USA Today bestselling writer, pens romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment She s always been fascinated by magic, romance and Gothic stories Married and living in Alabama, she roots for the Crimson Tide football team When not working on her upcoming books, Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling and jet skiing with her husband A past Maggie finalist in both Young Adult Paranormal Romance, and a finalist for the Rosemary Award, YARWA, she s a member of the Georgia Romance Writers of America Debbie has a degree in English Berry College, GA and a master s in Library Studies University of Alabama.

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  1. Choctaw legends, hoodoo mystique and unexpected passion come together in this southern tale of ancient things that go bump in the night Herbert does it again telling a gripping story with fascinating details from various southern traditions.

  2. An Original, Enchanting ReadI really enjoyed this book Debbie Herbert has crafted a refreshingly original, enchanted world If you re a fan of Paranormal Romance, I highly recommend this book I loved the magical characters, the bewitching story line and the charming HEA I look forward to amazing stories by Debbie Herbert I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  3. A steamy page turner Well written and exciting, this book was hard to put down I enjoyed the characters journeys of self discovery and how they saved each other from loneliness and fear Great read

  4. Great bookI enjoyed this book set in the bayou of Louisiana When hunters are a fighting evil and Annie finds a new life and love

  5. BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER fascinates with believable originality From characters with unique capabilities to a very creative plot, the story is intriguing all the way through There are plenty of unexpected turns that often shake up the lives of those trying to defeat evil, and I often fretted over who was going to be the victor when any battles arose The Nocturne line regularly has innovative stories, and those written by Debbie Herbert are often some of the most imaginative The Bayou Magic miniseries [...]

  6. Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert5 starsReviewed by Char for Late Night Books and ReviewsBayou Shadow Hunter is a very good romance set in the Louisiana Bayous It has a unique story line that features will o the wisps, Hoodoo magic and Native American lore I ve never read anything about those things before and I loved it.Annie Matthews was staying with her grandmother on the edge of the woods in the bayou Her grandmother was a well respected witch and Hoodoo practitioner, who was teaching An [...]

  7. This paranormal story takes place in the Bayou where an evil entity captures and traps spirits It s a battle of good versus evil Tombi is the leader of the Shadow Hunters His quest to free the spirits and put an end to this malignant creature is proving to be very difficult Annie is a witch who hasn t reached her full potentials She can hear auras, a gift or curse that she would give anything to get rid of as the medley of noises gets in the way of leading a normal life She is currently visiting [...]

  8. Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert is one of the best books I ve read lately While Bayou Shadow Hunter is a departure from Debbie s Dark Seas trilogy, I am already craving the next book in THIS series Yes, Bayou Shadow Hunter is THAT good You re wondering what makes it so good, right Well, buckle up because it s a long list.First and foremost, I ADORE the setting Bayou la Siryna It strongly resembles the area where I grew up Being a native of the Alabama Gulf Coast and married to an avid fish [...]

  9. I was SUPER lucky to get a signed copy of this book and HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK IS HOT I love Annie she has this really cool power, that she hates, but if she can just learn to control it, the power is a very important and helpful tool in defeating evil Annie sees a light one night and goes into the woods to investigate The light is the trapped soul of a man that asks her to find a guy named Tombi and deliver a message As soon as the soul disappears she runs into this incredibly hot guy, that turns [...]

  10. I was lucky enough to receive a sighed copy of this book from the author Oh, man The only reason I didn t devour it was because of work and illness I fell for Herbert s writing in her mermaid series, and this new series promises the same kind of enchanting writing the author is known for She crafts dynamic characters and unique paranormal worlds you want to live in Meet Annie, a young woman that can hear auras Super cool ability The story kicks off when she goes to a swamp to investigate a stran [...]

  11. Let our shadow hunters guide us to safety from what is evil and let the sun shine bright Loved how book took place on the Bayou Gave it a little creepiness since it s dark and swampy I truly loved the plot of this story This was the first book I have read that brought Native American beliefs with a little magic Made this book very interesting To have Annie who to most is considered a witch with abilities to hear others thinking and sounds from afar, be the savor of Tombi and his shadow hunters I [...]

  12. A woman who is always referred to as crazy Annie, a shadow hunter who wants revenge and a dark evil presence who wants to destroy them all.Annie Matthews throughout her life was always called crazy Annie She can hear music from people s auras Where ever she was, even in school, work and everyday normal life But when she is called to the Alabama bayou by her grandmother Tia She comes to help But she doesn t realize she has a greater purpose for being there and it s not just to help her grandmothe [...]

  13. First, I came across this book thru a review request I did not know what book I would read This is an engaging and quite enjoyable paranormal romance story set in the Bayous of Alabama with some of the characters being of Native American descent which brings in some fascinating elements of Native American magic, folklore, and danger.In this story we are acquainted with Tombi Silver, who is a Shadow Hunter, and is very moody, dark, but handsome We also meet Annie Mathews, who is a type of seer wh [...]

  14. I have a paperback copy of this book Harlequin are a must have for your shelf.I love, love, love this suspenseful paranormal book This is the first of Debbie s books I have read I absolutely love Harlequin books This is a love story between Annie and Tombi They themselves are pretty interesting characters the story line is interesting as well, about Hoodoo magic and Native American lore I have to say these are a first for me as well It was intriguing to read It is one of those stories that for m [...]

  15. I ve really enjoyed everything that I ve read by Debbie Herbert, but this one is by far my favorite Ms Herbert put a lot of care in making believable and spirited characters who are so easy to connect with I liked them so much that I wish they were real and that I could get to know them in real life This is a story about trust, family, passion, and learning to be happy with who you are Just a fantastic read, nothing else to say I highly recommend it to anyone who loves magic, mystery, and storie [...]

  16. The mysterious bayou pulled me in to the story immediately By exploring the folklore and legends of the Choctaw tribe, this romance novel offers meat for the reader The relationship between Tombi and Annie offered no surprises, but the reader still gets a good love story I would have liked it to have been a longer story, so it could have dug deeper into the legends that the author only had time to touch upon In accordance with FTC guidelines, please note that I received a free advanced copy in [...]

  17. Wow, this book gave me such a fascinating insight into Choctaw traditions and folklore, as well as hoodoo magic, which I hadn t heard of before As always, Debbie Herbert packs so much detail into the description of the paranormal elements and mythology, and the level of research she must have done on these topics is impressive.And the romance was heartfelt and touching, and I may have sniffled a bit at the end Such a great read.

  18. This was a departure from Herbert s previous Bayou La Sirena books in that it was tightly focused on the hero and heroine with none of the villain s POV That s what lost the fifth star for me Ms Herbert does villains so very well, and I really missed it, but I can see how the plotline needed the villain POV to not be included Beyond that, the setting and the romance are sultry, and I enjoyed the inclusion of both Native American and Voodoo lore Definitely worth a read

  19. I m a fan of all of Debbie Herbert s books I love her suspenseful, paranormal romances and Bayou Shadow Hunter did not disappoint The Love story between Annie and Tombi was truly magical and I enjoyed the Native American and Hoodoo aspects of the story As always, I loved the mix of suspense, mystery, paranormal and romance Debbie always creates the perfect blend to keep me turning pages until I reach the end I can t stop reading her books once I start them.

  20. Being a huge paranormal fan it takes a lot for me to get into a book, so many plots have been over done That being said I instantly fell in love with this book from the original plot to the incredible characters, I couldn t put this book down I don t want to give to much away because it would take away from the enjoyment of the book I suggest you pickup a copy and enjoy this magical adventure.

  21. Debbie Herbert s use of words will captivate you Every detail is thought provoking and so vivid Your imagination will run wild and this story will enchant you Tombi and Annie s bond is one for fairytales It s undeniable and so special This book has so many layers and it will suck you in.

  22. Nice sexual tension between Tombi and Annie and well drawn characters make for an engaging read There s also a nice bait and switch in the plotline that readers won t see coming 4 stars, RT Book Reviews.Miniseries Bayou Magic

  23. This was such an intense reads Filled with action, danger, secrets, betrayal and an extremely emotional struggle Tombi and Annie are out there fighting to save the world from the darkness and also blending Native American Legend with Bayou Magic a picture perfect blending of two worlds First time reading from this author and I m sure it won t be last.

  24. Debbie Hebert brings multi faceted Supernatural and beings into her books and this one is no different We have Annie a human woman who hears auras, and wants nothing than to make them stop and be normal Her grandmother a hoodoo priestess warns her that her gift will one day be what saves her Enter Tombie a Shadow Hunter of American Indian decent, who is trying to release his best friend Bo s spirit to the heavens after Nalusa a black malevolent spirit who can take many forms , imprisons his spi [...]

  25. Good StoryNew author for me This book came recommended in another author s news letter, Lia Davis Great story, loved the hoodoo witch mixed with tje Choctow mythology The main characters were hard to like in the beginning The H, Tombi, is a hard, cold man The h, Annie, is childish, looking for a quick fix for her problems He is a strong and devoted leader and she has a kind heart A ancient evil was released in the bayou, and Tombi and his hunters are trying to recapture it and free the souls it [...]

  26. Will O The Wisps, Hoodoo magic and Native American Shadow Hunters and evil that is after you all in one book telling an amazing tale This is the first book I ve read that has all these elements and some I haven t read about before Annie just wants to stop hearing the music of people s aura s and Tombi wants to stop Nalusa When Annie s grandmother Tia calls her home she hopes that she ll learn how to stop the music but instead she ends up meeting Tombi and working with him to fight Nalusa in exch [...]

  27. I was given this print in return for and honest review Annie Matthews visited her grand mother a her mother wanted nothing to do with the hot weather, snakes, crocs, and swampland Annie was hoping to stay out of the public s presence until her grandma showed how to control her curse She heard people s auras and being around too many people at once drove her brain nuts It was the full moon and a noise that woke her and a blue wisps lured her away from the cabin and into the forest in the middle o [...]

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