Oh, Crap! This Jock's Getting Married

Oh Crap This Jock s Getting Married The beloved JOCK series started in with My Roommate s a Jock Well Crap and will continue in the winter of when No Jocks Don t Date Guys is published with Dreamspinner Press But what about t

The beloved JOCK series started in 2012 with My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap and will continue in the winter of 2015 when No Jocks Don t Date Guys is published with Dreamspinner Press But what about the THREE YEARS in between Fear not, this JOCK SHORT is a collection of four chapters, written to fill in the gaps So grab your tissues and pull up a chair, and prepare yThe beloved JOCK series started in 2012 with My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap and will continue in the winter of 2015 when No Jocks Don t Date Guys is published with Dreamspinner Press But what about the THREE YEARS in between Fear not, this JOCK SHORT is a collection of four chapters, written to fill in the gaps So grab your tissues and pull up a chair, and prepare yourself to find out what Cole, Ellis, Rob, and Russell, from JOCK 1, got into before JOCK 2 comes out.Chapters include Graduation, In The Meantime, He Said, I Do , and Where Do We Go From Here

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Oh, Crap! This Jock's Getting Married

  1. Wade Kelly lives and writes in conservative, small town America on the east coast where it s not easy to live free and open in one s beliefs Wade writes passionately about controversial issues and strives to make a difference by making people think Wade does not have a background in writing or philosophy, but still draws from personal experience to ponder contentious subjects on paper There is a lot of pain in the world and people need hope When not writing, she is thinking about writing, and than likely scribbling ideas on sticky notes in the car while playing taxi driver for her three children She likes snakes, can t spell, and has a tendency to make people cry.

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  1. That s right Cole and Ellis finally tie the knot Life s not perfect but that s ok they re together and they re getting married.This was a free read provided by the author to let us all catch up with the characters from her book My Roommates a Jock Well Crap first off let me just say if you haven t read this Ms Wade freely admits that she is aware that it needs editing and I have to agree she tells no lies there and it s free.While I enjoyed getting another peek at Cole, Ellis, Rob and Russ and s [...]

  2. I think I would ve liked this one a bit better if I d had time to re read book 1.The first chapter about Russell moving to Japan, leaving Rob fairly devastated, I wasn t quite sure what to make of.The second chapter was kind of hot, if not a bit unbelievable, regarding the amount of sex they had And the whole back to back sex deal Kinky, cute thought, though.The third chapter was actually my favorite, with a wedding scene that I actually found touching, for once.The fourth chapter, where both of [...]

  3. I saw this follow up story for a book I enjoyed tremendously and had to grab it It s been a while since I read the first one so it took me a bit to figure out who was who and where things were at This is a short one and brings the college students forward a few years to graduation and what comes next I enjoyed getting caught up with Rob and his frustration that all his friends are going different directions and then Cole and Ellis as they hunt for jobs and get ready for marriage Ellis and Cole a [...]

  4. Ok That was short and sweet I ll be honest, the first chapter just confused the hell out of me and I can only surmise that there must be another novel in the pipeline explaining Robin and Russell s behaviour and friendship That out of the way, the remainder was a very sweet introduction to Cole and Ellis wedding, the days leading up to and the days following, their love for one another and the stresses and difficulties of newly married life Sweet, funny and a teeny bit teary happy teary and grea [...]

  5. 4 follow up chapters leading to Cole and Ellis wedding I have questions than answers from this what is going on with Rob and Russ Did I miss something about Cole s job The wedding was nice

  6. I thought I remembered the first book better than I did but I realized quickly I had no idea who these characters were any I had to go back and go over reviews of the first book to jog my memory and figure out why this short story was starting off with this Rob person and his inner meltdown at learning that Russell was moving to Japan after college graduation I remember who all the characters are now, but I still don t get why this story started this way It really has nothing to do with Cole an [...]

  7. In an excellent follow up to the first book in this series, Oh Crap This Jock s Getting Married offers glimpses into Cole, Ellis, Rob, and Russel s lives during the three years following the events in volume one I loved visiting with each of them and enjoyed their stories a lot Recommended for everyone who read My New Roommate is a Jock Well, Crap and wanted Graduation is narrated by Rob and is a brief look at the watershed that separates being at college and protected by all his friends and th [...]

  8. Ask fifty people why they read romance novels and, and you will get fifty different answers For me they are an affirmation of love and hope Humans have a great capacity for destruction war, hatred, intolerance, violence against children, school shootings, etc etc We need to be reminded that love is a beacon of hope that exists as well.Those of us who are like Ellis and Cole and have found THE ONE to love and cherish are truly blessed Wade thank you for allowing us to attend Ellis and Cole s wedd [...]

  9. Original Blog Post Review Oh, Crap This Jock s Getting Married Jock 1.5 by Wade KellyReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 4 of 4 Stars Based on ShortLight Read Category I absolutely loved My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap Jock 1 and when this 1.5 came out I could not read it I sobbed Many sobbed It was given out to fans for free at an even the author attended Thankfully, she made this available, for Free, to her other fans once the meet was done Of course, this was gobbled up by yours truly.Mainly [...]

  10. Thanks to Wade Kelly for this free short Makes me wish I had re read My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap , but it was nice to catch up with everyone and see Ellis and Cole settling down together I m looking forward to seeing what was going on with Russell and Rob in future books.

  11. i didn t like it at all was supposed to be funny, but it wasn t there was so much sex that probably it was supposed to be hot as well Unfortunately it wasn t And the whole wedding thing it should be sweet and all, i wouldn t even mind too much if it was all sunshiney rainbow kittens happy In reality it was boring, dull, meaningless and annoying.

  12. Oh Crap This Jock is getting Married Jock 1.5 by Wade Kelly takes place three years after it all began for Cole and Ellis, and caught me up with what they have been doing along with their friends and families.Ellis is his usual optimistic self, determined not to let anything bring him down He realizes Cole still struggles with the idea of being together and will often say or do things he doesn t mean, simply because he can t imagine why Ellis loves him and pessimistically is afraid it won t last [...]

  13. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3 Marital Bliss Stars Oh, Crap This Jock s Getting Married is a short story in the Jock s series, best if read after the first installment I don t recommend reading this out of order, or as a standalone Wade Kelly is known for light hearted humor and sweet romance, and this story was no different To best describe this book would be Where are they now showing how distraught Rob was after Russell moved to Japan, and a year later h [...]

  14. Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews When I first heard that Wade Kelly had given copies of this four chapter novella out to the attendees at GRL this year, and it wasn t available on line, I was not very happy Thankfully that has been rectified And did I mention it is FREE We rejoin the cast of My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap for a brief interlude between college and the events that will occur in the second Jock book which is due out sometime soon Wade does a good job at bri [...]

  15. 2.5This would probably work much, much better if read shortly after My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap , which I m now hoping I had reread before jumping in with this novella Six months in between the two just left me baffled in the beginning for the life of me I couldn t figure out who Rob and Russell are and by the end needing to see the less snarky side of Cole.

  16. Super cute HEA for our beloved Cole and Ellis from My Roommate s a Jock Well, Crap because we get a little short story around what happens in the year after they graduate from college and then get married.I worry about Rob and Russell because they have problems right when they should be getting closer to becoming adults I will by the next book in the series because this was a wonderful fun gay for you romance 50 ish pages and freebie3 stars

  17. Very nice short story which Wade Kelly wrote as a freebie gift for her readers attending GRL and then made available to everyone I have to admit I didn t remember Rob and Russell from the first book but I read it so long ago that I assume either I forgot all about them or that Wade Kelly is building up for a new story I have to admit that separation intrigued me and I wouldn t mind seeing of them But in this one, my favorite part, of course, was the wedding, the vows, and the song My heart was [...]

  18. I loved the wedding.d I love touching base with Cole and Ellis again Was confused about the interlude with Rob and Russwe never see what happens with themwhy that section of the story was added Are we going to find out what s going on with them Also, would also have liked to know what Code s job was that he was so nervous to tell Ellis about.Cute story but had a few missing or unresolved pieces Perhaps they ll be addressed in the next book.I hope

  19. A short 4 chapter update on Ellis and Cole.This is a quickly written story as stated by the author and at times it does feel a bit disjointed.Cole and Ellis are getting married provided Cole s doom and despondency doesn t spoil the day.Whilst there are harsh truths college degree does not equal job there are also some leaps two new jobs, one less than part time equals money to buy a house.But overall a fine update, though Russell and Japan needs expanding

  20. I was glad to catch up with Ellis and Cole and catch glimpses of Russell and Rob as well as family members In only a few months, Jocks 2, No Jocks Don t Date Guys will be out and we can catch up some Chapters include GraduationIn the MeantimeHe said, I Do Where do we go from here

  21. It was nice to see Cole and Ellis have their happily ever after However, I was hoping there would be about Rob and Russell After finishing this, I don t really know what to do with that one little chapter I really thought they d appear again later on and was admittedly pretty disappointed when they didn t Plus, what about Matt and Darian

  22. I think I m actually confused reading this but I m hoping that the answers come in book 2 This was a really quick read to get caught up in the time between the last book and the next book, I did have a hard time remembering all the secondary characters.The author has stated that it is unedited and there were quite a few errors but since it was stated and free I can deal

  23. This was cute and sweet 3.5 stars An adorable couple of extra chapters bring Ellis and Cole to their wedding day The first chapter clearly sets up another book to come though I don t believe it s either of the next two planned in the series But a nice little addition to the first book.

  24. 5 Stars Just because it s Ellis Cole The ever sweetest Ellis, Oh I love Wade Kelly for making this short but sweet glimpse of Ellis Cole s relationship Hmmm, I smell something fishy with Russell, I can t wait

  25. Jock 1.5This is like a series of short stories from the perspectives of 3 of the main characters in the first book of this series, but it s FREE, so who cares It s mushy than it is funny, but it s still good.Read November 6, 2015 e book

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